Have you ever sent someone a video of the opening number of the musical Hair when asked about your zodiac sign? Or do you belong with those people who don’t know anything about horoscopes? Or perhaps you just don’t care at all… Well, if you’re a real Aquarius, you dearly care about a lot of things. Your loved ones, for example. Your Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces friends and family members have already received their dose of astrology from us. It’s time for you to think a tiny bit about yourself and your future and discover what jobs are considered to be the best jobs for Aquarius.

Job ideas for Aquarius to succeed!

1. What type of person is an Aquarius?

The Aquarius never forgets the cause they work and/or live for. They might need to close the doors from the inside to shut out the world for a while but they never stop caring. The Aquarius is the humanist sign of the zodiac that moves on a scale from being shy and reserved to confident and outgoing. Aquarians are driven by their passion to better society and the ecosystem. They love freedom and independence.

1.1. What is an Aquarius good at?

Aquarians love science and enjoy solving problems. Sometimes they tend to immerse themselves so much in their work that they ignore the people around them. When they pursue their dreams and perform their tasks, authority is what an Aquarius doesn’t want. They’re ready to share their knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm and to fight for a good cause whatever they believe in, but their environment does matter. The best jobs for Aquarius include social worker, judge, artist, professor, activist, archaeologist, (ESL) teacher, and caregiver.

2. The best freelance jobs for Aquarians on Appjobs

2.1. Driver

Bus drivers may follow a route in cities but not every driver has to face the same restrictions. For them, work is more like a series of adventures. Aquarius people love freedom and independence and care a lot about people. Getting a job as a driver could provide them with the opportunity to help a large number of people every single day without sinking into boredom.

Depending on the passenger’s personality, you can adjust yours. Your can choose between your timid and lively self. Not everyone loves a driver who can’t stop sharing, but some certainly enjoy intellectual talks about the latest scientific discoveries. Aside from taking passengers to their destinations with platforms such as Lyft, Uber, Fetii, Curb, Wheely, xooox, Bidvine or iDriveYourCar, you could help others and the environment by carpooling with Waze or Liftshare. To boost your income, put some ads on your car with Wrapify or Nickelytics and spread the world while driving. Many drivers also sign up for delivery platforms (for example Postmates, DoorDash ,goPuff, Shipt, Uber Eats, TaskRabbit) to create even more income streams.

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2.2. Online Teacher

What do teachers do? They care for people, share their knowledge, and pursue their passion for science or the arts among other things. The Aquarius can do all that! No doubt, working as a teacher counts as one of the best jobs for Aquarius. The circumstances do matter for them, though. For example, online teaching matches the strengths and the weaknesses of the Aquarius as online teachers usually don’t report to anyone but run their businesses. They are not forced either to go to the same building, maybe even the same classroom, every single day.

As learning includes lots of repetition irrespective of subjects, you must take a deep breath and suppress your dislike for repetitiveness. You won’t walk on an adventurous path alone but with students who would love to learn more about marketing, languages, math, physics, musical instruments, technology, yoga and other sports, etc. Based on your interests, qualifications and skills, you can kick-start your online teaching career with the help of Qkids, Bidvine, CareToShare, italki, College Nannies and Tutors, Preply, Lingoda, Savvy, Verbling, Thumbtack, The Graide Network or Udemy.

Bonus idea: In recent years, coaching has gained more popularity among individuals and organizations. If you’re skilled enough to coach others in an area of life, explore the opportunities with Coach.me.

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2.3. Local Guide

When an Aquarius wakes up and feels extroverted, maybe even a crowd is too small to match their energy level. When their shell begins to grow again, they might not want anyone to see them at all. Going from one extreme to another… What has this to do with local guiding? It’s a type of job that requires people to spend time with strangers and entertain them: tour guides lead small and large groups visiting remote and frequent areas in a city.

They talk about their city, iconic buildings and off-the-beaten-track spots only locals know about. And every time a new tour starts, new people arrive and ask new questions, so no one gets bored. However, you MUST control your enthusiasm not to be absorbed by the joy of work, so you would ignore your guests’ needs. Get started as a local guide with online portals such as GuruWalk, Pick Your Day, U2GUIDE, Vayable, ToursByLocals and Triple, you can publish several tours tailored to the needs of a certain number of participants. How many of them to guide? You decide. If your adventurous side tells you to offer something more specific, consider selling experiences and/teaching new skills to eager students with Dabble or Airbnb.

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2.4. Caregiver

Considering the Aquarius personality, care jobs could and could not be shortlisted for the Aquarius 2020 careers. One the one hand, the Aquarius would like to contribute to achieving a better world, which makes them great candidates for care jobs. Also, the care sector will see an increase in jobs soon as society is aging in a lot of places. Not everywhere of course, but European countries and the USA are good examples of that. According to the forecast, the boom will happen in a few years (maybe decades) from now (2020). On the other hand, Aquarians’ tendency to experience mood swings and despise authority may prevent them from performing well and committing fully to their clients.

Caregivers usually assist the elderly or the sick—to make sure they take their medicine, to cheer them up, to talk to them, etc. Looking after people would challenge you mentally and physically but you will do it with great passion. Why? You’re an Aquarius, a humanist, and you care. Showcase strength in managing your mood to adapt to your patients’ needs. A lot of senior people only want a companion who may do some household chores too. Find another intellectual who’s also interested in sciences and have similar views of the world with sites such as Care.com, Join Papa, CareLinx or ElderCare.com.

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2.5. Pet Sitter

best jobs for Aquarius
Walk cute dogs and discover new spots in your city—and see your balance grow.

An Aquarius with no allergies? Starting a side hustle or a part-time/full-time job as a caring pet sitter sounds a plausible plan. Sure, it means they need to follow a routine but every day will be slightly different—especially with more pets to look after. Some pet sitters build a pet-sitting business from scratch to control every aspect of their lives while others accept on-demand requests on an irregular basis. With being one’s boss comes freedom and independence Aquarians truly love.

Most of the online sites dedicated to connecting pet parents and pet sitters will allow you to work with pets you like. With a kick-ass profile, detailed information on your preferred animals and commitment, you will attract many visitors to your page shared on Rover, Wag!, PetBacker, PetSitter.com, Host a Pet, Care.com, Sittercity, Gudog, PetBacker, Tailster, Hello Buster, Pawshake, Cat in a Flat or Barkly Pets.

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2.6. Creative Freelancer

The Aquarius strives for a better society through their work. Creative freelancers are equipped with skills that organizations with the same ideals can benefit from. Aquarians identifying as communication or marketing specialists, copywriters, photographers and even entertainers or performers can offer their services to support a good cause. But that’s not all. All of these professions let the Aquarius utilize a strength: their imagination, broad knowledge, or excitement for experimentation. One way to avoid boredom is to work on various projects simultaneously. Client and passion projects complement one another perfectly.

Are you a shy Aquarius who finds it difficult to attend events to network and meet new clients? No problem. You don’t have to leave leave your home to find clients on Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Verblio, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Hubstaff Talent, Fotolia, Byrd, Toptal, GigSalad, MNFST, Jop, Jobble or Thumbtack.

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2.7. Web Developer

Plenty of social enterprises have been launched in recent years. Some of them are tech-based, which means a developer is certainly needed to help them grow and achieve their goals. The Aquarius with a social conscience will find this type of work satisfactory. And this is not the only reason why web developer jobs have made the list of the best jobs for Aquarius. They combine science and problem-solving, two things Aquarians are fond of.

Since developers and programmers usually work alone or in small teams, the tendency of ignoring coworkers because of their passion would not become an issue. For companies hiring freelance programmers, visit Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Hubstaff Talent, Upwork,Freelancer.com or Toptal. In addition to joining teams for a brief period, you may primarily sell your templates, plugins or codes on sites like Codester.

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3. Ask others about the best freelance jobs for Aquarius!

Aquarius people never stop looking for new ways to use their time and talent to help others. Because of this, you may have come up with other ideas about the best jobs for Aquarius people. Why not share them with other Aquarians online or ask them what they do? Who knows, their stories might inspire you to change your career path and start a job that suits your personality and interests better. Good luck with your job hunt!