Astrology doesn’t interest everyone, and that’s fine. Some people even despise this field, think it’s a humbug, and try to avoid reading about it, which is not that always easy. Several newspapers and magazines dedicate some space, or even some pages, to telling all about your future. And your search history could result in seeing websites describing your zodiac sign, your personality, love compatibility, etc. We, by no means, intend to convince you to join the other side, only to discuss some job ideas with you. Consider it as a free consultation, especially if you’re at an age when you must decide what to do for the rest of your life. Although it’s never too late to take a U-turn and change careers. Give it a shot and discover the best jobs for Leos. It’ll be fun, we promise.

Job ideas for Leo to succeed!

1. What kind of person is a Leo?

Introvert Leos may sound like an oxymoron since Leos are believed to feel the most energetic and alive when their talent is on display, but not everyone likes the attention. However, that doesn’t stop people born between 23 July and 22 August from achieving their goals set and using their voice to fight injustice in the world. Leos are creative and loyal, and many consider them natural leaders. Nonetheless, they may evoke feelings of dislike in people when they act pretentious, melodramatic or stubborn, or decide to utilize their strong presence to dominate others.

1.1. What is a Leo good at?

Leos don’t lack confidence, ambition, enthusiasm or optimism, and they show everyone—their peers, colleagues and employees included—how loyal, generous, happy and encouraging they can be. Even their negative traits listed above come in handy when doing particular jobs. Some of the best jobs for Leos include acting, teaching, woodworking, investigative reporting, creative freelancing, pet sitting, and advocacy work.

best jobs for leos
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2. The best flexible careers for Leos on Appjobs

2.1. Teacher

Considering all the positive traits Leos possess, we can’t imagine a better job for Leos than being a teacher. Teachers need to be energetic and passionate, and, of course, loyal to students they guide and share their knowledge with. And they basically need to perform during lessons. Thanks to tools that make it possible to attend meetings in a virtual room, teaching doesn’t have to occur in traditional classrooms anymore.

Online platforms, such as Udemy, Bidvine, Preply, Lingoda, Savvy, Tandem, Qkids, College Nannies and Tutors and Thumbtack, invite either trained and experienced teachers (of various subjects) or people ‘only’ with a passion for this old profession. If you decide to offer drama/acting lessons, you don’t have to hide your melodramatic self either… However, you must listen to your students and change your methods, materials or style a tiny bit if necessary to succeed as a 5-star online teacher.

For undergrad or graduate students only:
If you’re still attending college, grading assignments with The Graide Network is also a possibility.

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2.2. Pet Sitter

Pet owners tend to treat their pets as their children. Some couples even adopt a dog first to see how well they do as (pet) parents. But no matter how good parents they are, sometimes they need some help to take care of their cute, flurry, and energetic pooches. And a passionate and loyal Leo can save the day!

Pet sitting is regarded as one of the best jobs for Leos because pet sitters must showcase how great of a leader they are. Instead of noisy and eager students, you will look after lively dogs. You will decide on the breed, the age, and the size of the dog, and list the services (e.g. dog walking, dog boarding, dog grooming, cat sitting, etc.) you want on sites such as Rover,,, PetBacker, Wag!, Pawshake, for example. As an animal trainer, you will occupy the center of attention and you won’t stop until you accomplish your mission. You make sure dogs know how to behave and listen while off-leash. Who said stubbornness can’t pay off? However, you must not lose your temper and turn into a hysterical child while with a pet.

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2.3. Stylist

best jobs for Leos
Do you aspire to become a fashion designer one day perhaps?
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Not all Leos but many adopt chic as their middle name and explore the world of style and fashion. Leos who want to stay out of the spotlight can use their energy and passion to pull the strings as stylists. A memorable outfit could go viral and become the most discussed topic on the Internet among fashionistas within minutes.

It takes time to succeed in the fashion industry, but advising other women on their choice of clothing with Stella&Dot or offering your services via Thumbtack or Fiverr go just fine with little to no relevant experience. Running a business or freelancing requires lots of patience and may cause stress, so you must learn that stubbornness doesn’t always bring the results wanted. When that happens, use your stubbornness to find new ways to go further.

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2.4. Beautician

The fashion industry is not only for stylists, fashion designers and models but also for makeup artists or beauticians. Even the most creative Leos must attend a course or relevant training and earn a certificate in skincare to become beauty therapists. Driven by enthusiasm, they never stop learning and signing up for new courses on makeup, nail art, facial massages, skin therapy, etc.

Your stubbornness may help you achieve your (financial) goals but it’s advised to loosen up while treating clients you met via STYLEBEE, StyleSeat, Urban, Freely, Missbeez or OryxHub. Providing good service and keeping your clients happy will lay the foundation for building a solid clientele.

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2.5. Writer

A Leo doesn’t have to stand in front of a camera to express their creativity and passion. Writing a book, a speech, a marketing text, a press release or a feature article needs as much energy and enthusiasm as performing or presenting. Writing jobs have diversified and proliferated in recent years, partially thanks to the increased interest in content. Today’s writers are called copywriters, content writers, speechwriters, journalists, ghostwriters, technical writers, grant and proposal writers, public relations and marketing communications specialists, translators, proofreaders, editors, travel writers, novelists, poets, and many more.

Do you think it’s time for you to embrace your loyalty, energy and passion for your craft and show companies what they would gain by hiring you? If full-time or part-time employment doesn’t suit your current lifestyle, go freelance and follow your own routine and let off steam whenever. Freelancing entails lots of uncertainty but will undoubtedly teach you and other Leos how to adapt to situations where you don’t have so much control. Successful freelancers deliver projects based on briefs, so it’s not enough that your clients listen to you but you must develop the project in accordance with their needs. Always. It doesn’t matter whether you complete tasks for your Verblio,, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Upwork or Hubstaff Talent clients, or compiling statistics as a sports data journalists with Sportradar. Your great advocacy skills make every negotiation with clients simpler for sure.

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2.6. Visual Artist

Those Leos who prefer to express themselves visually would make excellent designers, illustrators, caricaturists, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, ceramic artists and so on. Visual artists need confidence and ambition to succeed and make a living as a creator. The other reason why the field of visual arts provides some of the best jobs for Leos is that artists often address and draw attention to injustices.

Whatever encourages you to explore this territory, Thumbtack, Toptal, GigSalad, MNFST, Jop, twago, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Hubstaff Talent, Upwork, are possible sites to kick-off your freelance journey. Use your stubbornness to get started and your enthusiasm to keep going, but always keep in mind what your clients want. Your loyalty and professionalism will be appreciated.

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2.7. Coach

best jobs for leos
Leos enjoy being in the center of attention, which makes it easier for them to present.
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The attention-seeking Leo skilled with great leadership and advocacy skills should not waste their talent but look into how to establish themselves as coaches of some kind. Holding a workshop in person or a webinar online creates the perfect opportunity for Leos to shine. Once in the limelight, Leos have an excuse to perform while boosting their listeners’, readers’ and viewers’ confidence, ambition, enthusiasm and optimism.

Companies don’t usually hire coaches full-time but invite them to energize their employees from time to time. In case you would like to build a reputation as a career coach, read about If you’ve got plenty of time to design courses, join Udemy or share your expertise while talking to people in real time through theONE. As a certified personal trainer, you’ve got what it takes to coach others with Bidvine. Many fitness instructors and personal trainers head to the gym after their day job, which is an option for you, too. Coaching sounds like an ideal side job for a Leo, but don’t forget to manage your temperament.

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3. Bonus tip for Leos

Leos are born to hold leading positions. Aside from climbing the corporate ladder, plenty of opportunities await you on Jobs that allow you to choose when and where to work. To become a CEO quite simply. When you’re on the top, your inner drive to help and lift up others can manifest. It’s free to launch your business with Etsy or Vinted.

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