You might be an experienced graphic designer, illustrator or website designer looking for more freelance design job opportunities or you might be a student in graphic design looking to build a portfolio and earn money while at it. Whatever your situation, you can find and take up freelance graphic design jobs on online freelancing platforms. You will be surprised by how popular your services can be online!

freelance graphic design jobs

Take the leap!

You have the talent, the skills and the will, but do not know where to start? AppJobs is the perfect place to begin your journey to land on numerous freelance graphic design jobs. On our job search website you can look up the available online platforms for freelancers in your city in the easiest way. You can find gigs for freelance illustrators, freelance designers and freelance website designers for all levels of experience! So, you don’t have to be working for too many years to start your freelance career. Just go for it!

Just go for it! Check all possibilities in UK: Leeds, London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, in US and Canadian cities: Miami, Chicago, Vancouver, Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Toronto, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, Leeds, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, NYC or in other cities around the world: Auckland, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Still feeling insecure?

freelance graphic design jobs

If you feel you lack some knowledge, skills or competencies, why not take some extra training in what you need? AppJobs can help with that, too. Check out Simplilearn, one of the world’s leading certification training providers, and take the training you need to feel more confident and secure!

More tips for success in freelance graphic design jobs

freelance graphic design jobs

Create your profile with care. Present yourself adequately. Choose a professional looking photo, don’t forget to mention details about your experience, studies and anything relevant, like, e.g. awards you may have received. A link to a portfolio always helps clients understand your aesthetics and see if you are a right fit for what they are looking for.

When you finally land on projects, make sure you respect the deadlines and you communicate politely with your clients. Communication skills can get you far. Clearly understanding what the client has in mind will save you time from projects going back and forth. Plus, being friendly and open will earn you good reviews, which will attract even more clients.

How about insurance, taxes and salary when taking up freelance graphic design jobs?

freelance graphic design jobs

What you will earn depends on how many hours you will work, what your pay rate will be and how simple or complex a project is. You can usually negotiate the price with your clients accordingly. Your earnings are usually paid online and either deposited to your bank account or paid via PayPal or similar platforms. You can check out more about how freelancers are paid on our blog post here.

When it comes to your taxes and insurance, two much debated topics in the gig economy, there are things you should be aware of and make sure you search for what applies in the specific country you are working. You may want to get advice from a local accountant and make sure to visit our blog post about financial planning to get an idea of what you should pay attention to when it comes to these matters.

Ready to start? Explore your opportunities!

AppJobs can help you find the right platform to join to find freelance graphic design jobs.

Visit the following links or choose your city on AppJobs and then the Freelance category.

Freelancer in Milwaukee, Bologna, Perth, Portland, Warsaw, Hong Kong.

PeoplePerHour in Gold Coast, Dublin, Bucharest, Columbus, Istanbul, Utrecht, Singapore.

Hubstaff Talent in Munich, Houston, Rome, Krakow, Sydney, Singapore, Auckland

Upwork in London, Leeds, Birmingham, El Paso, DC, New York City

Thumbtack in Jacksonville, Denver, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Albuquerque.

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