Employers throughout the country are ramping up efforts to hire as many new employees amidst a massive talent crunch. As a result, people looking for jobs have many options – there were a record 11.3 million job openings in February – and workers have the upper hand in negotiating for increased pay. Besides nearly 4 million people quit their jobs last year, searching for better opportunities or to pursue their independent businesses.

According to the latest YoY data released about the quarter ending in December 2021, U.S. wage growth increased 4.4% overall for all employees. However, job switchers saw an outsized 8.0% wage increase.

So if you are thinking of switching jobs, this could be the perfect time for you. Read on to know more about securing a high-paying job.

When Should I Start Looking for a Higher Paying Job?

While money is an important factor to consider when looking for a new job, it is vital for you to also find a role that you enjoy. Even if you love your job but feel you aren’t being paid enough, it might be time to ask your boss for a promotion or raise. If this isn’t on the cards, perhaps it’s time to start looking for higher paying jobs. Here are a few other situations:

Improved performance

The longer you stay in your job, the better you’ll get at it. You’ll gain experience in your role, honing your skills and perfecting your craft. Eventually, you’ll become a valuable asset to your company with improved performance and increased productivity.

When this happens, you might feel like you deserve a raise or a promotion. On the other hand, if your efforts aren’t acknowledged, you may seek new opportunities elsewhere.

Increase in responsibilities

Once you’re trusted in your role at your company, your seniors will begin assigning you new roles and responsibilities. Opportunities like these allow you to take advantage of the situation and ask for increased compensation.

If you take on more responsibilities and work longer hours, you will feel that you deserve a raise. If your company fails to deliver on this, it might be time to start looking for a new role that pays you what you deserve per the work you are doing.

When you’ve outgrown your role

There comes the point where you’ve been in your role for so long that you might feel you might have outgrown it. If you’ve improved your skills, and they now exceed the requirements of your current position, you should consider getting a role that matches your skillset.

10 tips to get a higher paying job

Keeping the above factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of things you can work on if you want to improve your overall performance, skill set, and growth as an employee.

Here are 10 tips that can help you on your way to a higher paying job:

1. Excel in your existing role

If you have an excellent record of producing positive results for your company, you can stake your claim for a raise. You show that you are a valuable asset to the company by performing consistently. This can help you leverage your position, not only within your company but also with outsiders.

2. Expand your network

Networking is an essential part of getting a higher-paying job. Having a list full of resourceful professionals can help you stay aware of new opportunities. You might even find there are roles and companies you didn’t know existed, yet they might be the right fit for you.

Always keep your visiting card on you; you never know when you’ll need it. You might strike up a conversation with the HR of another organization during a corporate event, which could lead to a new job offer in a few weeks!

Keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t be afraid to socialize.

3. Improve your skillset

When looking for a higher-paying job, you may be needed to take on additional responsibilities that your current role does not require. Adding a new range of skills and talents to your arsenal is a great way to open up more options, leading to higher-paying job opportunities.

If you’re looking for a job that requires a skill set that you currently don’t have, use friends, family, and online resources to learn more about them. You can spend some time learning these skills alongside your current job until you feel you are proficient enough to use them in a new job.

Better yet, try incorporating a new range of skills into your current job. This could make you a more valuable employee, and the company might offer you a raise. If your new talents aren’t acknowledged, you can always look for better opportunities elsewhere.

4. Embrace new responsibilities

In addition to developing the necessary skills for a higher role, it is important to demonstrate experience in taking on roles and responsibilities that you would be expected to complete in a higher-paying job.

Look for new responsibilities in your current role that will allow you to highlight your new skill set – something that many of your colleagues might not have.

When searching for higher-paying jobs, you can highlight these new responsibilities as evidence that you are underused in your current role.

This will also help you stand out from the crowd in your present job and increase your chances of being noticed and offered a raise, or you could be offered a higher-paying job entirely.

5. Put yourself out there

When you’re prepared to change jobs to pursue a higher-paying role, you want to get as much exposure as possible. The more recruiters you can present your credentials to, whether directly or indirectly, the higher your chances of landing a company that is a good fit.

Use social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to put yourself out there. Showcase your portfolio, and maintain a professional demeanor online. Hiring managers tend to notice this, increasing your chances of securing the job you’re looking for.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask

This is something that is often overlooked. One of the easiest ways to get new opportunities is to ask. Unfortunately, many individuals often miss out on opportunities they might have otherwise taken advantage of had they just asked.

Never hesitate to ask whether it’s an added responsibility in your current job or a job opening at your dream company. It means you’re trying.

The worst that can happen is you’ll be turned down. If you can endure the disappointment of being rejected, you’re showing signs of a resilient and persevering professional.

7. Take calculated risks

Sometimes, you may feel that a particular job or role is beyond your capabilities. But if you never try, you’ll never know.

It’s important to take risks that you otherwise wouldn’t go for. Be smart with your risks, but try to reach for things that might seem a little beyond your grasp.

Be prepared to take on challenges that are outside your comfort zone. Ignore the things that weigh you down. If you come across a job that you feel you can justify, by all means, go for it.

Be confident in your abilities and remember the value you bring to a company. Show a new company that you’re looking for new challenges and opportunities.

8. Improve your education

One way to get ahead of the queue is to pursue further education relevant to your career path. Multiple degrees and certifications can make your resume more attractive to hiring managers.

You can try taking online classes, digital courses, or volunteering to add more to your profile. Look for courses that let you stand out from the crowd or try and learn a new skill that would help you excel in your current job.

If there’s a problem area that needs addressing, educate yourself and jump ahead of your colleagues to be the first person to solve the problem.

Not all forms of education need to be two-year degrees; online courses can provide plenty of value within a short period.

9. Hire a career coach

Career coaches are specialists who understand how to highlight the most valuable aspects of your professional expertise and showcase them to prospective employers in the most appealing way.

A career coach can teach you how to draft the perfect resume, network effectively, and even develop a long-term professional strategy to guide you on your career path.

If you can afford a career coach, they can be a great resource of information and advice to help fast-track your career.

10. Become a leader

Leadership is a talent that is constantly in demand. You can continuously hone your leadership skills, even if you’re already in a leadership role.

If you have no experience leading a team, you can still develop leadership skills in many ways. You can offer to mentor an intern or an entry-level employee. You can also hone your leadership skills outside the workplace by serving on the executive committee of a nonprofit or a similar organization.

Leadership cannot be rushed. It needs time, patience, and experience. Even as a leader, you will make mistakes. Learn from these mistakes and use them to guide you.


If you’re someone who’s looking to build your way up on the professional ladder, you’re in luck.

With so many companies competing for new employees by offering attractive signing bonuses, increased compensation, improved benefits, and more flexible work hours, there has never been a better time to look for work.

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Remote jobs have become the norm over the past couple of years, with up to 59% of the American workforce working from home all or most of the time. According to the same study, 61% of the population continues to work at home even though their offices have opened up.

However, while one set of the population enjoys the benefits of working from home, a large proportion of the population has spoken about various problems. In this piece, we’ve spoken about seven daily struggles an office worker faces while working from home and given tips on how to fix them.

Getting distracted

Working from home comes with plenty of distractions. For example, if you live with your family, you might have to entertain your kids, get the door when your Amazon delivery arrives, or take your dog out for a walk.

A few of your other remote-working friends might come over to your place so that you can all ‘work’ together. We know how that turns out.

Since you aren’t bound by fixed hours or a cubicle, you might think, “I’ll come back from lunch and complete this. It’ll only be a couple of hours.” But, unfortunately, this could come back to haunt you, and your boss won’t be happy.

If you get distracted, you could miss out on deadlines or calls. You won’t be a hundred percent focused, and it’s likely that your productivity levels go down.

However, as a remote worker, it’s not necessary you work from home all days of the week. For example, if there’s a nice, quiet cafe a few minutes away, you could spend a few hours working there.

We think it’s best to have a designated workspace at home where you can be free of distractions. Try and work around a loose schedule to separate your work and leisure time. Communicate this to friends and family, and your work timings will be much more organized.

Work-life balance

There’s a fine line between your workspace and your personal space. Your home is a place where you’re meant to unwind, relax and enjoy time alone or with your family.

When you work from home, you cannot go to a place where you can leave the day’s work and stress behind you. You have to overcome the mental allocation you had once given to your home; the couch you sit on to watch football is now the same couch where you have to present reports to your boss.

Many employees who work from home feel like they never stop working. Beyond your fixed working hours, you’re still inclined to reply to emails and texts. This leads to longer working hours, a lack of motivation, and higher stress levels.

It may take some time to overcome this mental block. You need to draw boundaries and learn to turn off when you aren’t working.

A lack of culture and communication

One of the biggest challenges as a remote worker is not being able to communicate with your team members. Nonverbal communication is vital if you want to communicate effectively.

When you meet in person, you can communicate quickly, assigning roles and conveying feedback without much hassle. At home, all you have is a webcam.

Another major issue with working from home is not being able to befriend your colleagues. If you’re a new employee, it can be challenging to break the ice and get to know your team members properly.

Having a friendly relationship with fellow employees can help you have a more fulfilling and productive experience at work. Microsoft found that shifting to a remote work environment made their employees less interconnected and more isolated.

If you don’t live with your family or a housemate, working from home can get quite lonely. Likewise, if you work for a company that employs workers from all over the world, it can be challenging to find overlapping working hours, let alone find the time to get to know your colleagues.

While the number of working hours may go up, remote workers lack a human connection. It’s important to feel like you’re part of a team that you can celebrate with when you achieve your goals.

Struggling to stay motivated

Working from home makes it much easier to procrastinate. You might feel like going for a walk, scrolling through Instagram, or watching The Office during your lunch break.

Your boss and your team members won’t be there to motivate you. You need to stay motivated and manage your time on your own. Working from home comes with a lot of flexibility, but it’s important not to take it for granted.

One-hour breaks turn into three-hour breaks, and now you’re behind schedule. If it’s a Friday, you may think, “I’ll just do it over the weekend.” Before you know it, it’s Monday morning, and your boss wants that presentation.

Maybe that Harry Potter rerun wasn’t really worth it.

Technical issues

You’ve been waiting all week to tell your boss about your latest project. You absolutely smashed it, and you have your eyes on that shiny Employee of the Month badge. You’re just about to attend your meeting, and the power goes out.

Your boss will probably think you’re late; he isn’t buying any of your excuses. Unfortunately, technology hiccups are a common issue with remote workers.

Working from home can also be challenging for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Getting software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to work can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t have good WiFi.

You can always choose to work in public areas like your local cafe, but they may not have the best internet connection or be the quietest. You can also opt for coworking spaces, but keep in mind that you’ll have to commute there if it isn’t close to your home, and you’re also likely to end up paying for a membership.

Measuring performance and output

What criteria does your boss use to evaluate your work performance? If you’re the boss, what metrics do you use when you have to assess a team’s monthly output?

Even in a physical office, some bosses frequently fail to keep track of precise ways to measure their employees’ performance. Some simply keep track of how long their employees spend sitting at their desks!

Sitting at your desk shouldn’t qualify as working. However, in many workplaces, as long as you show up on time and sit in your cubicle for eight hours, you’re good to go. This isn’t productive but it’s still a way of measuring performance.

With remote workers, it’s impossible to tell. Your boss could be in another time zone, so there’s no way for you to be supervised. This could lead to high levels of procrastination and slacking on the job.

As a remote worker, it’s important for you and your boss to be clear on what their expectations are of you, and how you can measure whether you’re doing your job well.

No networking

Remember those work parties, industry events, and trade shows? You’d meet a hundred people, exchange business cards, and be excited for new opportunities in case they came your way.

Unfortunately, you can’t attend company events as a remote worker. A lot of remote companies don’t even have offices or headquarters.

Working from home makes it extremely difficult for you to network and build a nexus of contacts. Whether you’re a freelancer, full-time employee, or entrepreneur, networking can lead to a number of opportunities.

If you don’t network, you lose contact with individuals who have the capacity to add growth to your career or company and make it successful.

As a work-from-home employee, it’s important to stay connected with your professional network. Participate on social media, take the initiative to establish contact, and make sure you stay relevant so that nobody forgets who you are.


Working from home is not a new concept – people have been doing it since 2005. Companies are particularly fond of it because they save money on office space, and they benefit from a wider talent pool.

However, remote work is evolving. Even ‘Zoom’ has become an official verb. And as it evolves, so do the problems that come with it. As a remote worker, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of working at home and what you can do to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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If you find yourself wishing you had a little bit of extra money each month, you may have heard of passive income apps. These are apps that allow you to earn some money without doing anything other than what you already do on a daily basis. When used correctly, using passive apps to earn money can help line your pockets when you need some help between paydays.

With so many passive income apps out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are the best ones for you. There’s honestly a huge variety of passive income apps, and this list is designed to help you find a passive income app that fits your lifestyle.

Most Passive App Options

These app options require the least amount of effort from their users. You simply download the app and let it run in the background – the app does the rest!

Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a company that has been around for a long time and is well versed in gathering and utilizing information. With fewer people using cable television, which is where Nielsen has gathered a lot of information for decades, they have now designed an app to collect data.

All you have to do is download the app and let it run in the background. Nielsen then gathers information based on how you use your phone, including data usage, phone call lengths, and the number of text messages you send and receive. Don’t worry though! If safety is a concern for you, Nielsen never keeps records of the contents of your text messages or records phone calls so you can feel safe using it!

You can expect to receive about $50 a year from the Nielsen Mobile Panel, which you can use to get gift cards to some of your favorite companies.

Ember Mobile Performance Meter

This passive income app is a lot like the Nielsen one. In fact, they actually send the data they collect to Nielsen, but without recording phone calls or storing any messaging content. This app also runs in the background, but it collects information about how your network is performing and how you use your phone.

The Ember passive income pass sends small payments (usually $0.10-$0.40 a day) and you can cash out once you hit $5. Ember has gift card options, or you can send the cash directly to your PayPal account. This is a great option for a passive earning android app but is not currently available on Apple devices.

Mobile Xpression

This app is much like the other two before it, as it is a data collector app. You can expect to receive about $5 a month from Mobile Xpression for the data they collect from your phone, which you can use to cash out for various gift cards. Like the others, Mobile Xpression doesn’t collect your personal data, so you can feel safe using it.

Cash Back for Shopping

Some passive income apps offer you the ability to earn cash back by simply shopping with the retailers you normally do. If you do a lot of online shopping, or even in-store, these apps are a great option.


Rakuten is one of the most well-known cash back apps today. You simply check their website or app for their current cash back offers and then shop through their link, just like you normally would. Rakuten then gives you cash back in your account, which you can cash out via PayPal or a check in the mail. With over 2,500 retailers that work with Rakuten, you’re sure to earn some cash back on what you’re already buying!

Rakuten also offers a $10 bonus for new users and a browser extension to automatically alert you to any cash back offers for websites you are on.


Ibotta is like Rakuten in that they pay you cash for items you’re purchasing. However, instead of paying cash back on the total, Ibotta will offer cash back on certain items (though sometimes you can earn cash back on your whole retail purchase).

The easiest way to use Ibotta is to simply connect your favorite store’s loyalty account to your Ibotta account so that they work together to check for offers. Another option is to upload photos of receipts where you purchased qualifying items. With more than 100 stores, including grocery chains, you will find lots of opportunities to get cash back on items you’re already purchasing.

Ibotta lets you cash out once you earn $20, and you can receive your money via PayPal or Venmo. If you prefer gift cards, you can choose one of those as well!


Dosh pays you cash for shopping, eating out, or booking hotels. To start earning, you simply connect a card to your Dosh account. Once you make a qualifying purchase with that card, Dosh gives you cash back. You can send the money you earn to your bank, PayPal, or Venmo accounts.

The average cash back rate is 2%-3%, but you may find up to 10% back from time to time.


Drop allows you to earn cash back on online stores from specific retailers. When you sign up for Drop, you will choose five retailers or brands that you shop at the most. From there, simply make your normal purchases with these brands and Drop will do the rest by giving you points on those purchases.

Once you have a decent sum of points, you can turn them into gift cards from a variety of different retailers.

Other Passive Income App Options

Depending on what your day-to-day life looks like, there is a variety of passive income apps out there for all kinds of different activities. We’ve found some great ones to get you started!


Sweatcoin is an app that pays you for the steps you’re taking every day. Since most smartphones today track your steps, you may as well get paid for them! Sweatcoin simply tracks the steps you take and then pays you one Sweatcoin for every 1,200 steps.

You can store up these Sweatcoins and then redeem them for various offers with their partners, including Audible, the Calm app, and many more. The only downside to Sweatcoin is that it doesn’t offer cash back in the traditional way as many other apps do.

Swagbucks Search

With most people making many searches on the internet a day, wouldn’t it make sense to start making some money for doing it? Well, the Swagbucks Search Engine was designed to do just that. Instead of using your regular search engine, simply download the Swagbucks Search Engine and make your internet searches through there instead. Swagbucks will then pay you for every search you make.

Swagbucks Search is one of the higher paying passive income apps on this list and you can expect to make as much as $50 a month if you are an active user. Plus, Swagbucks offers many other ways to make extra income, though not all of it is passive in nature (surveys, playing games, and things like that).


Can Anyone Use Passive Income Apps?

Different apps have different requirements for who can use them but, if you own a smartphone or a computer, you will be able to find a variety of options you can use. Some apps only let you make passive income with Android phones or a browser extension for your internet browser of choice. So not everyone can use every passive income app, but most people can find a variety of them to use!

Are Passive Income Apps Worth It?

Any extra money is nice to have, which is what passive income apps promise to give you. Now, don’t expect to be able to quit your full-time job and only make a passive income. However, if you like to have a little bit of extra money between paychecks or enjoy being able to earn money to spend at your favorite retailers, then passive income apps are a great option for you.

You will get out of them what you put into them, and you will be more likely to make a good sum if you are using multiple passive income apps at once. However, note that some apps won’t let you use two at once. For example, the browser extension for Rakuten will not work at the same time as Ibotta for an online shopping trip. If that’s the cash, check and see which is offering more money and use that one.


Passive income apps offer an easy way to earn a little extra money. Regardless of what your daily routine looks like, what smartphone you have, or where you shop, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of ways to make passive income with phone apps. Plus, don’t forget that you can download and use a variety of these apps, letting you earn passive income in a ton of different areas of your daily life. Before long, you will be making sure to earn cash back with every trip to the store, online search, or text message you send!

The advance of mobile technology and the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic vaulted many delivery services to the forefront of people’s minds. The gig economy is now alive and well thanks to these two things — and other factors — and one of the leading options for people looking to make money through these apps is Instacart.

Instacart is a service focused on delivering grocery food items directly to the homes of customers around the country. The company uses a combination of part-time employees and independent contractors to not only deliver the orders but to fulfill them in-store.

There are many options to work for them if you’re looking to make extra money, but how much can you make off Instacart is a question that many people ask. Let’s take a closer look at how Instacart pays its workers, and how much you make off Instacart when you work for them.

Where Instacart is Available

Instacart currently operates in approximately 5,500 cities in both the United States and Canada. It’s not just the major cities that benefit from Instacart, though. Smaller cities and even suburban areas are served by the grocery delivery service.

If you’re wondering whether Instacart serves your area — or an area where you’d like to work — you can either navigate to their website or download their mobile app and search by ZIP code.

How You Can Work for Instacart

Instacart offers two categories of workers, and what you do affects how much you can earn with Instacart.

The first category is what they call a full-service shopper. These people serve as independent contractors for the company — meaning they are paid via 1099, which they then must claim and deduct on their annual taxes.

The full-service shoppers are responsible for both shopping for a customer’s groceries in-store and then delivering it to their home. Like many other gig app jobs, Instacart full-service shoppers are able to work whatever days and hours are most convenient for them.

The role of a full-service shopper is available in any location that Instacart operates.

The second category is an in-store shopper. These workers are part-time employees of the company, and they get benefits such as a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

An in-store shopper’s duties are limited to only shopping for the items in the stores. They are not responsible for delivering the orders to customers’ homes.

If you want to be an in-store shopper and find out how does Instacart pay, you need to work between 15 to 20 hours each week, and that includes working on either Monday or Sunday.

Instacart makes these jobs available on a temporary basis in a lot of areas in an effort to help them meet demand. The positions generally are expected to go for at least 90 days.

The Requirements for Working for Instacart

Before you figure out how much do you make off Instacart, you need to figure out what is required of you to work for them.

First, you have to be 18 years old at least. If you want to take a position that would deliver alcohol, some states will require you to be at least 21 years old. These positions generally get higher tips.

You also much be able to lift 30 pounds at least, and as much as 50 pounds in some cases.

You need to have a smartphone, because that is how you will log the in-store shopping and track your deliveries. Currently, you must have either an Android phone running 5.0 or later or an iPhone with iOS 9 or later.

Instacart requires all of its workers to pass a background check. It takes roughly 10 business days for you to be cleared on average, according to the company, though that timeframe could vary depending on where you are working.

Finally, you need to have either a savings account or a checking account. That’s because you will be paid through direct deposit (more on that in a bit).
If you want to be a full-service shopper, you also have to have access to a car, as well as a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage that meets the requirements of your state.

You also must have thermal-insulated bags that you will use to transport food and beverages to customers. These bags have to hold at least four paper grocery bags that are standard size. They have to close all the way and be approved for food contact.

You can buy these bags directly through Instacart. The other option is to have a cooler to transport the groceries in.

How Does Instacart Pay?

As mentioned before, Instacart pays all of its workers through direct deposit, which is why you need to have either a savings account or a checking account with a bank. Instacart will pay its workers on a weekly basis via the method of their choice.

Instant Cashout is an option that’s available to full-service shoppers only. This allows them to immediately transfer all their earnings to a debit card, which would allow them to get access to what they earn with Instacart faster.

After a full-service shopper completes five batches, they can use that method. After that time, this option is available at any time, and can be used five times each day. The only requirements are that you have earned at least $5, with a $3,000 limit per day on Instant Cashouts.

Tax Implications of Working for Instacart

As part-time workers, in-store shoppers will have taxes automatically withheld by Instacart when they are paid. If you’re wondering how Instacart pay these workers, it’s on a W2 basis — just like if you got a regular paycheck at another company.

By contrast, full-service shoppers are treated as independent contractors. This means that what you make off Instacart now will be taxed at a later date. Depending on your situation, you could be required to make estimated tax payments on a quarterly basis. You should check with a tax professional if you have any questions about how that works.

How Much Can You Make Off Instacart?

The biggest question on most people’s mind is how much can you earn with Instacart. The answer, of course, isn’t simple and straightforward. How much you make off Instacart depends on a number of factors, including what type of work you do, your location and how much you’re tipped.

As part-time, on-staff workers, in-store shoppers receive an hourly rate that is fixed. While this varies depending on their location, it’s a set amount that they will be paid for every hour they work.

Full-service shoppers, by contrast, will earn different amounts with Instacart. How much can you earn with Instacart as this type of workers depends on the particular order.

Instacart will provide every full-service shopper with an estimate of what they could potentially earn for each order. They also guarantee that they will earn $5 at least for every batch that’s delivery only, and between $7 and $10 for every batch that is both in-store shopping and delivery.

The different factors for each order that determine how much you can make off Instacart include the type and number of items in an order, how far you have to drive for the order, as well as the effort that would be required for fulfilling the order.

Larger orders, then, will typically result in you earning more with Instacart than smaller orders. You also can earn higher rates depending on the highest demand times, such as on Sundays, during holidays or when a big event is going on.

If you’re a full-service shopper, how much you can earn with Instacart also depends on the tips customers give you — since you keep all of these when you complete a delivery for them.

With the gig economy continuing to grow, you may have noticed Postmates being mentioned in conversations about delivery driving. Since there are multiple delivery driving opportunities in today’s economy, it can be hard to decide if one is right for you.

This article will break down the details of Postmates in comparison to other delivery driving gigs out there. We hope by the end, you’ll know if Postmates is the right choice for you.

What Is Postmates?

Postmates is an on-demand delivery app that delivers pretty much anything you can imagine right to your doorstep. From restaurant food to beer and tech gadgets, Postmates can have it to you shortly after you place the order.

On the driver’s side, Postmates drivers simply pickup orders that have been placed, take photos of the receipt, drop the order off, and get paid. Drivers get to set their hours, which offers a lot of flexibility. If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, let’s keep going.

Postmates Driver Requirements

Like all delivery driving gigs, Postmates has requirements that their potential drivers must meet. One of their advantages is that their requirements aren’t as strict as some other gig jobs out there.


To apply for Postmates, you must be 18 years old or older. This is different from other opportunities (UberEats, Lyft, and Uber), where drivers must be 21. This lower age requirement makes this a great opportunity for recent high school graduates or college students.

Background Check

Postmates requires their drivers to pass both a criminal background check and a DMV check. They want to ensure their drivers don’t have violent crimes, felonies, sexual offenses, or drug charges in their background. In addition, they want to make sure there isn’t a history of dangerous or reckless driving, including DUIs, lots of tickets, or hit and runs.


Postmates is more flexible when it comes to vehicle requirements than other delivery driving gigs. While some companies require that your vehicle be a certain size, condition, age, or even that they pass a mechanical inspection, Postmates is different. All they require drivers to have is a vehicle that is in running condition. These vehicles can be cars, motorcycles, scooters, or even bicycles. In fact, depending on your location, you can even travel on foot if it’s conducive to delivery distances.

If you’re driving a motor vehicle, it is important to note that you’re required to have valid car insurance.

Postmates Application Process

The Postmates application process is straightforward and quick. If you’re wanting to work for Postmates, apply by following these steps.

Create a Postmates Account

Creating an account will include giving Postmates your basic information: name, date of birth, photo, phone number, and address. It’s important to make sure your address is put in correctly because Postmates will send your welcome packet to that address.

Fleet Agreement

Next, you’ll read over and agree to the terms and conditions. This will include all the fine print about working as a Postmates driver. You’ll want to give these terms a good glance over before signing, so you’re informed about the details of your job.

Background Check

When you apply for Postmates, you have to pass both criminal and DMV background checks. These checks ensure that Postmates drivers are up to company standards for upstanding drivers and citizens. You can expect your results to come back in 3-10 days.

Set Up Direct Deposit

Once you pass your background checks, you’ll want to set up your direct deposit so you can get paid for the deliveries you make. You will receive your direct deposits weekly from Postmates, though there is an option for instant pay. Instant pay will give you your earnings ($5 or more) immediately, but with a $0.50 fee per transfer.

Working for Postmates

Once you’ve completed your application and been hired by Postmates, you can immediately start taking delivery orders. Let’s walk through what to expect with your first delivery.

An order will pop up in your Postmates app and you will have the opportunity to accept the order or decline it. Upon accepting, the app will give you the quickest route to the store or restaurant where the order was placed.

When you arrive at the store, the order may be already made for you. However, sometimes you have to get the order together yourself, or you may have to wait for the workers to finish putting the order together. Either way, don’t sweat – you’ll get paid for any shopping or waiting time at the store.

Some orders are paid for in the app, so you simply pick the order up and you’re on your way. If the order isn’t prepaid, you will use your Postmates credit card sent in your welcome kit. After making the purchase, take a picture of the receipt and upload the photo into the app. Either way, you won’t ever have to use your own money to cover an order.

With the order in hand, the Postmates app will give you the quickest route to the delivery address. Make sure to check for any specific delivery instructions, like gate codes or where to place the delivery. Once you arrive, simply drop off the order and take a photo.


How Is Payment Calculated?

Postmates Drivers are paid based on the time it takes to shop/wait, pickup, and drop off a delivery. In addition, drivers are paid a rate per mile traveled. The rates that are paid out are dependent on your location – bigger cities tend to pay more per order. Regardless of your location though, all Postmates drivers get to keep 100% of the tips they receive from customers.

Are There Tricks to Earn More Money?

If you make deliveries during peak times, you’re more likely to make more deliveries and be paid more per delivery. These peak times tend to be during lunch and dinner hours as well as during the weekends. They also can trigger Blitz orders, which are orders that pay out a premium due to how busy it is in your area. You can also watch your email for promotional bonuses that happen from time to time, where you can make extra money if you complete certain requirements.

What Happens if an Order Is Cancelled?

If an order is canceled before you’ve arrived at the store or while you’re waiting to pick it up, then you will receive a small payout for that order. However, if the order is canceled when you’re on your way to the delivery address, you will receive the full payout. However, you shouldn’t expect to receive any tips on these orders. If you have the order on hand already, you can choose what you do with the items in the order.

Postmates Versus DoorDash

DoorDash is one of Postmates’ biggest competitors, so you may be wondering which one is a better choice for you. Let’s break it down for you.


DoorDash lets you schedule work shifts ahead of time if you prefer to plan your hours out in advance. However, you’re also able to DoorDash on demand by clicking the “Dash Now” button in their app.

On the other hand, Postmates doesn’t have the option to schedule ahead, so you can just choose to make deliveries whenever it’s convenient for you. Postmates has more hours available though because it is available 24/7.


DoorDash will show you if an order is guaranteed to be paid out, regardless of its outcome. This isn’t a perk that Postmates offers.

However, Postmates won’t lower your rating if you refuse deliveries. Refusing an order on DoorDash can hurt your rating.


Postmates is currently available in 189 cities in the United States, with about 80% of households having access to it.

DoorDash is currently available in 4,000 cities in a variety of countries, giving it a global advantage over Postmates. DoorDash is also available in smaller cities and towns more often than Postmates, so your location may be a deciding factor.

Summary – Is Postmates Worth It?

Postmates is a solid option if you are considering a delivery driving gig opportunity. While there are many competitors out there for you, if you are in a bigger city, Postmates is a great choice for you. With the ability to order so much more than just groceries or fast food, Postmates opens the door to being able to deliver almost anything you can imagine.

It’s important to note that being a Postmates driver requires a large amount of self-discipline to make a decent amount of money. With peak hours often including nights and weekends, you may have to make some schedule sacrifices to make the money you are hoping to make. Plus, you will need to have the drive to make yourself work since you won’t have a set schedule.

Overall, if you set your expectations for yourself ahead of time and don’t waver on them, then Postmates can be a great opportunity to make money while having the flexibility many gig workers are looking for.

З початку війни понад 2 млн громадян України вже покинули рідні домівки в пошуках безпечного притулку, і ця кількість тільки зростає. Сусідні та більш віддалені європейські країни власними конкретними цільовими діями та програмами спростовують думку про те, що постраждалі від війни нікому не потрібні. Після перетину кордонів дружніх держав українців зазвичай зустрічають дуже тепло — пропонують тимчасове житло, їжу, одяг, базові гігієнічні речі тощо. Однак, з часом у громадян України постає важливе питання — як далі влаштовувати своє життя в новій країні, як починати будувати все з нуля. У цій статті ми зібрали корисні ресурси, які допоможуть українцям, що втекли від війни, знайти житло, роботу та отримати соціальний захист у різних європейських країнах.

Пошук роботи здійснюється через низку різноманітних сайтів і дощок оголошень. Однак, ми радимо розпочати пошук з порталу Appjobs, де розміщуються вакансії для роботи у вихідні та для часткової зайнятості.

Ви можете знайти більше інформації про це в наступних статтях:

Допомога українцям у Польщі

Найперше місце, де постраждалі від війни можуть отримати допомогу в Польщі — рецепційні центри уздовж кордону з Україною. Там українці можуть отримати всю інформацію щодо перебування в Польщі.

Важлива інформація! Громадянам України, постраждалим від нападу Росії, не потрібно жодних додаткових дій, щоби легалізувати своє перебування. Штампу в паспорті, що підтверджує прибуття в Польщу після 24 лютого 2022 року або довідки, що була видана на кордоні, достатньо. З цим «набором» документів ви маєте право легально перебувати в будь-якому місті чи селі на всій території Республіки Польща. З часом в українців буде можливість подати заяву на отримання ПЕСЕЛ номеру, що відкриватиме доступ до низки публічних послуг у Польщі.

Доступ до медичного обслуговування

Усі українці, що прибули до Польщі після 24 лютого 2022 року, мають такий же доступ до медичних послуг, як і громадяни Польщі, без жодних додаткових оплат. Республіка Польща повністю покриває вартість медичних послуг для біженців з України. Консультації доступні у всіх медичних закладах країни. Безкоштовну медичну допомогу пропонують такі заклади:

На базі Центру Даміана була створена гаряча лінія з україномовною підтримкою +48 225 662 222. Також українцям доступна телемедицина для отримання консультації лікаря телефоном за номером 800 137 200. Безкоштовна гаряча лінія українською мовою також відкрита для українців, що страждають від епілепсії за номером +48 503 924 756.
Якщо ви погано себе почуваєте, хворі чи вам потрібен рецепт для купівлі ліків — ви можете звернутися до найближчої поліклініки або на безкоштовну гарячу лінію для подальшої консультації: 800 190 590. Допомога за цим номером доступна 24/7, у будні, вихідні та святкові дні.

Для екстрених випадків (при невідкладному стані: втрата свідомості, раптовий сильний біль у грудях, порушення роботи серця, кровотеча, травми, що знерухомлюють) телефонуйте на номер Служби швидкої допомоги 999.

Пошук роботи в Польщі для біженців з України

Усі українці, що прибули в Республіку Польщу можуть влаштуватися на легальну роботу. Почати підготовку до пошуку роботи в Польщі можна за допомогою сервісів Зеленої Лінії Уряду праці: отримати інформацію про працевлаштування іноземців, допомогу в написанні резюме та його перекладу, пропозиції щодо працевлаштування та навчання, інформацію про перекваліфікацію. Також інформацію українською мовою про ринок праці можна отримати на Порталі Державної Служби зайнятості.

Пошук роботи здійснюється через низку різноманітних сайтів і дощок оголошень. Однак, ми радимо розпочати пошук з порталу Appjobs, де розміщуються вакансії для роботи у вихідні та для часткової зайнятості. Пошук здійснюється шляхом підбору відкритих вакансій до ваших вмінь. Наразі на сайті на території Польщі доступні сотні вакансій з найбільших міст країни — Краків, Варшава, Гданськ, Вроцлав тощо. Реєструйтеся на сайті та подавайте заявки на вакансії, які вам цікаві.

Пошук житла в Польщі

Після нападу Росії на Україну, та появи перших біженців, що втікають від війни, з’явилася низка онлайн сервісів, що допомагають знайти безкоштовне житло в Польщі. Це такі вебсайти, як:

Також про потребу в житлі можна заявити на державному порталі #PomagamUkrainie. Знайти житло для тривалої оренди за власні кошти можна на порталах з оголошеннями: на сайті аналогу українського ОЛХ — olx.pl з’являються найсвіжіші пропозиції; на сайті gumtree.pl зручний пошук та перегляд; портал otodom.pl має перелік зручних фільтрів, що дозволять обрати житло як за площею, так і за ціною.

Чи можна дітям піти в школу в Польщі?

Діти віком від 7 до 18 років мають право на безкоштовну освіту в державних школах на території Республіки Польща. Щоби дізнатися, як влаштувати дитину в школу напишіть листа на електронну адресу: [email protected] або зателефонуйте за номером: 22 34 74 708.

Допомога українцям від польських банків

Низка польських банків приєдналася до допомоги українцям, що втекли від війни. Банки, що надали можливість безкоштовно переказувати гроші на рахунки українських банків:

Безкоштовно відкрити банківський рахунок або отримати значні пільги на обслуговування можна в банках:

  • Getin Bank
  • Millenium Bank (також є гаряча лінія українською мовою за номером: +48 22 598 40 45, що працює з 8 до 20 години по буднях)
  • PKO Bank Polski

Безкоштовні послуги польських мобільних операторів для біженців з України

Про безкоштовні послуги, хвилини для дзвінків в Україну та на території Польщі, мегабайти мобільного інтернету можна дізнатися на вебсайтах таких мобільних операторів:

Республіка Польща та польські громадяни продовжують надавати всебічну допомогу українським громадянам. Радимо також доєднуватися до місцевих груп (за назвою міста, де ви знайшли прихисток) у соціальних мережах і до каналів у месенджерах. Актуальну інформацію про допомогу в Польщі можна отримувати через Telegram канали:

Часто там публікуються оголошення й щодо державних/місцевих ініціатив, а також пропозиції допомоги від приватних осіб.

Де шукати допомогу в Молдові

До допомоги українцям, що втекли від війни, приєдналася й Молдова. Держава створила урядовий портал DOPOMOGA.GOV.MD, який покриває всі важливі питання, щоби допомогти українцям, що шукають мирного притулку.

Насамперед вам варто пам’ятати, що ви можете просити притулок у будь-якому пункті перетину кордону Молдови, у відділеннях поліції чи офісі Бюро Міграції та Притулку. Навіть якщо у вас немає закордонного паспорта — не хвилюйтеся, у притулку вам не відмовлять.

Де знайти житло в Молдові

Для біженців з України доступне державне та муніципальне тимчасове розміщення. Для цього потрібно вийти на зв’язок з Інформаційним Центром Бюро міграції та притулку за номером: 0 8000 15 27. Також тимчасове житло можна знайти в групах взаємодопомоги в соціальних мережах:

Також житло для біженців пропонують на відомій дошці оголошень Молдови 999.md у розділі Житло для біженців та на сайті оголошень makler.md у розділі Допомога біженцям. Також у цих розділах можна знайти пропозиції роботи для українців, що втекли від війни, допомогу речима, іграшками, продуктами. Окрім цього, сайт 999.md створив єдиний інформаційний центр де зібрав актуальну інформацію про допомогу та ініціативи, які започатковують небайдужі громадяни Молдови, які хочуть допомогти українцям у біді.

Де знайти роботу в Республіці Молдова біженцям

Громадяни України будуть мати право працювати на території Республіки Молдова без отримання права на тимчасове перебування в цілях трудової діяльності тільки на базі індивідуального трудового договору на визначений термін або як особа, що подає клопотання про надання притулку. Міжнародний Центр Тренінгів та Професійного Розвитку оголосив про всебічну допомогу для українських біженців у сфері працевлаштування та перекваліфікації.

Низки компаній уже опублікували свої вакансії, доступні для українців:

Медична допомога біженцям у Молдові

За словами прем’єр-міністерки Наталії Гаврилиці, українці будуть отримувати медичну допомогу від COVID-19 та термінову медично-хірургічну допомогу безкоштовно. Низка медичних центрів на території Молдови оголосила про безкоштовну допомогу для біженців з України. Серед них:

Повний список центрів, що готові консультувати та лікувати за посиланням Медична допомога.
Також, за ініціативою лікарів, був створений відкритий Google Документ із переліком спеціалістів, що готові надати безкоштовні консультації в різних сферах медицини: Список лікарів, що можуть допомогти.

Мобільний зв’язок для біженців з України в Молдові

Можливість спілкуватися з рідними наразі така ж базова потреба, як і всі інші. Мобільні оператори Молдови пропонують низку ініціатив, що полегшать біженцям з України прибуття та перші дні перебування в країні.

Молдова швидко відгукнулася на гостру потребу в допомозі. Низка програм, міграційних послаблень і громадянських ініціатив значно полегшує перші дні перебування, пошук безпечного притулку та можливості для повноцінного життя для українських громадян, яким довелося втікати від війни.

Куди звернутися по допомогу в Угорщині

Усі українці, що прибувають до Угорщини після 24 лютого мають право на тимчасовий захист в Угорщині. Українці, що мають закордонний паспорт можуть залишатися на території Угорщини впродовж 90 днів за умовами безвізового режиму. Якщо ж в особи не має закордонного паспорта або вона хоче отримати пільги, що надає статус особи, що шукає притулку (відрізняється від статусу біженця), потрібно подати прохання на отримання захисту в Угорщині. Подробиці про статус і як його отримати можна знайти в документі.

Як знайти житло в Угорщині

Якщо вам потрібне тимчасове житло в Угорщині, ви можете звернутися до волонтерських сайтів і ініціатив:

Для пошуку житла на тривалий термін скористайтеся вебсайтами дощок оголошень:

Для пошуку на цих сайтах вам знадобиться допомога Google-перекладача у веббраузері.

Робота для біженців з України в Угорщині

Статус особи, що потребує захисту, дає можливість працювати за тими ж правилами, що і громадяни Угорщини. Для громадян, що знаходяться в Угорщині на умовах безвізу потрібно буде отримати дозвіл на роботу, що готується з допомогою вашого працедавця. Деякі компанії готові надавати житло своїм робітникам. Пошук роботи можна здійснити на таких сайтах:

Пошук роботи здійснюється через низку різноманітних сайтів і дощок оголошень. Однак, ми радимо розпочати пошук з порталу Appjobs, де розміщуються вакансії для роботи у вихідні та для часткової зайнятості.

Щоб отримати консультації щодо працевлаштування в Угорщині, допомогу з підготовкою резюме, поради з пошуку роботи тощо, звертайтеся до Асоціації Менедек та Угорської Асоціації Next Step.

Медична допомога в Угорщині

Якщо вам потрібна екстрена невідкладна допомога, звертайтеся за номером 112. Якщо ви почуваєте себе погано, але це не екстрений випадок — зі своїм закордонним паспортом або іншим документом особи ви можете отримати медичну допомогу в більшості лікарень та поліклінік. Усі витрати будуть покриті Угорською Касою Медичного Страхування.
Щоб отримати медичну допомогу для дітей зверніться за консультацією в лікарню Хайма Пала або на гарячу лінію за номером +36–80–200–223 (допомога доступна також українською).

Для допомоги з гінекологічними проблемами або щодо ведення вагітності та пологів зверніться за безкоштовною допомогою до центру Duna Medical Center за адресою 1095 Будапешт, Lechner Ödön fasor 5, або за номером телефону: +36 70 698 06 96 (допомога українською мовою).

Більш детальну інформацію щодо допомоги в Угорщині, що доступна біженцям з України, можна знайти на сайті: Ukrainehelp.hu. Уся інформація перевірена та поділена на категорії. Також на сторінці надано перелік організацій, що допомагають українцям знайти безпечний прихисток.

Яку допомогу можна отримати в Румунії

Усі громадяни України, які тікають від війни, можуть прибути до Румунії через будь-який пункт пропуску. Якщо ви в’їжджаєте в країну з вашим закордонним паспортом, ви маєте право перебувати до 90 днів за умовами безвізового режиму. Просити про притулок (терміном на 1 рік із правом продовження) мають право як українці з закордонним паспортом (негайно після прибуття, або в будь-який інший момент перебування в країні за умовами безвізу), так і взагалі без документів (після перетину кордону з Румунією). Більш детальну інформацію про перебування в Румунії можна переглянути на сайті Dopomoha.ro.

Де в Румунії знайти житло для біженців

У Румунії відкрили 6 центрів для розміщення біженців у містах Тіміш, Марамуреш, Сучав, Джурдж, Тульч та Бухарест. У таких центрах прибулі можуть отримати дах над головою, інформаційну підтримку, першу медичну допомогу, харчування.

Однак обов’язку залишатися в таких центрах немає. Якщо ви знайдете житло самостійно або прямуєте до друзів чи родичів — можете вільно вирушати до них. Пропозиції безкоштовного житла можна зайти на сайтах, створених спеціально для допомоги українцям:

Якщо ж ви в пошуках житла для тривалої оренди, скористайтеся популярними в Румунії сайтами дощок оголошень:

Пошук роботи в Румунії для українців

Пошук роботи здійснюється через низку різноманітних сайтів і дощок оголошень. Однак, ми радимо розпочати пошук з порталу Appjobs, де розміщуються вакансії для роботи у вихідні та для часткової зайнятості.

Для працевлаштування українцям у Румунії не потрібно отримувати спеціальний дозвіл чи візу. Почати пошук вакансій можна з груп допомоги у Facebook:

А також у Телеграм спільнотах:

Також, список вакансій для біженців з України можна знайти на сайтах:

Українці, що вже перетнули кордон із Румунією могли помітити, наскільки тепло громадяни цієї країни приймають своїх сусідів, що тікають від біди. На кордоні біженцям дають мобільні картки операторів Orange, Vodafone з передплаченими тарифними пакетами для безкоштовних дзвінків в Україну та мобільним інтернетом. Також українські діти можуть навчатися в школах Румунії безкоштовно.

Допомога українцям у Словаччині

Як і в інших сусідніх з Україною європейських державах, у Словенії без перешкод приймають українців, що тікають від війни. Ознайомитися з загальною інформацією про легальність, умови перебування та отримати всі контакти можна на державному сайті ua.gov.sk.

Після перетину кордону кожен українець може отримати гуманітарну допомогу, притулок, харчування, забезпечення базових гігієнічних потреб і медичні послуги. Також, біженцям з України є безперешкодним доступ до ринку праці Словацької Республіки.

Житло для біженців з України в Словаччині

Відразу після перетину кордону українцям можуть допомогти з житлом представники урядових та громадських організацій. Для отримання безкоштовного тимчасового прихистку можна також заповнити форму з контактними даними та описати вашу потребу в житлі: Заявка на розміщення в Словаччині. Також запит як на допомогу з проживанням, так і на транспорт можна залишити на сайті: ktopomozeukrajine.sk.

Самостійно житло на довготривалу оренду можна шукати на сайтах:

Робота в Словацькій Республіці для українських біженців

Пошук роботи здійснюється через низку різноманітних сайтів і дощок оголошень. Однак, ми радимо розпочати пошук з порталу Appjobs, де розміщуються вакансії для роботи у вихідні та для часткової зайнятості.

Після того, як громадяни України отримують тимчасовий притулок у Словаччині, вони можуть приступати до роботи й від них не вимагається спеціальний дозвіл на роботу. Допомогу з пошуком надають громадські організації, що зустрічатимуть вас на кордоні (треба тільки запитати та виявити ініціативу). Також вакансії українською мовою можна знайти за посиланням Онлайн ринок праці. Ще роботу можна знайти на сайтах:

Інша допомога в Словаччині

Важливо також згадати, що якщо ви прибули з дітьми, то в Словацькій Республіці вони мають право безкоштовно відвідувати школу за місцем вашого перебування. Також важливо знати, що деякі місцеві банки надають пільги для переказу коштів в Україну, для зняття готівки без комісії та відкриття рахунків. З усіх питань можна звертатися на гарячу лінію для українців: +421 918 366 968 або на електронну пошту: [email protected]. Також про допомогу доступну для українців можна дізнатися на сайті ukraineslovakia.sk.

On February 24, 2022, the world was shocked at the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Statements have been released by governments and companies around the world condemning Russia’s actions and calling for all military action to be immediately ceased. Sanctions have been placed on Russia by the US, EU, UK, and individual businesses including Apple, Boeing, IKEA, and many others are pulling operations out of Russia. Russia’s airlines have been banned from airspace around the world and while the sanctions are appearing to bring the country’s economy to its knees with the Russian Ruble now worth less than one US cent, so far this has not stopped the relentless attack on Ukraine and its people. As the situation unfolds, a million people have escaped Ukraine to neighboring countries, often with little more than just the clothes on their backs. If you are watching this on the news and on social media and feel compelled to help these people, there are lots of meaningful things that you can do to offer your support.

Who is Impacted the Most?

UN data suggests that in 2021, the crisis in Ukraine impacted one and a half million people, with half a million of these minors and children. As is the case with most crises, children, women, marginalized communities and the poor are likely to be those who are most affected by these situations. Parents in Ukraine are already taking unthinkable measures to protect their children, including sewing information about their blood type into their clothes in case of bombings and shootings. Civilians in Ukraine have been sheltering in subway stations to protect themselves and their families from air raids and there have been reports of women giving birth in these situations along with babies that have been moved to a makeshift ward underground after the hospital was bombed when they were in the NICU.

How Can I Help People?

When confronted with a crisis like this, it is often normal to feel helpless, especially if you are sitting in your home safely from thousands of miles away. Survivor’s guilt around the world is very real right now, but the good news is that you can use the position that you are in right now to be supportive of others and make a difference in the lives of these people who are facing some of the toughest and most traumatizing events that anyone will ever go through. Here’s a summary of the main ways that you can do to help Ukrainians right now.


There are various global and local organizations that are currently actively supporting people who are still in Ukraine and people who have escaped the situation in neighboring countries with humanitarian and medical aid. Some of the best organizations that you can donate to in order to put your money to good use helping the people in Ukraine include:

Save Life: This Ukrainian fund covers the needs of defending Ukraine. This includes supplying technology, training, medical care and ammunition to help save the lives of Ukrainians and help soldiers defend Ukraine. This organization does not use funds to buy weaponry. The funds are only used for defensive initiatives to keep the civil population safe.

The Ukrainian Red Cross: This organization does a lot of humanitarian work including aiding refugees on the ground and training medical professionals.

People in Need: This organization provides humanitarian aid to more than two hundred thousand people on the ground. They provide food packages, safe drinking water, coal for heating, hygiene items, and emergency accommodation to the people who need it the most.

International Medical Corps: This organization is currently on the front lines in Ukraine. They are prepared to assist citizens with a range of emergency health care service along with mental health support. Throughout the crisis in Ukraine, they are also keeping the COVID-19 pandemic a major priority by providing items and services to help reduce the risk of displaced citizens also being affected by COVID-19.

CARE: This organization is responding to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine by helping citizens with needed food, access to water, access to cash, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support services.

UNICEF: This children’s charity is currently actively working in Ukraine by providing an emergency response to children who have been affected by the conflict. They are also repairing schools and other children’s services that have been damaged by Russian aggression.

Nova Ukraine: This non-profit organization is working hard to deliver aid packages to Ukraine containing a huge range of essentials from hygiene products and baby food to household supplies and clothing.

OutRight Action International: This organisation is helping to support LGBTQ+ organisations and groups on the ground in Ukraine and among refugees in neighbouring countries. They are providing safety for citizens and setting up shelters. All donations that you make go directly to the cause.

UNHCR: The UN’s refugee agency has boosted its operations during this crisis and is directly working with governments in neighbouring countries to help them keep borders open to people seeking protection and safety.

Save the Children: This organization is working to respond to the most urgent needs of children who have been affected by the crisis and their families. They provide life-saving assistance including food and water, access to cash, and safe places for children to go to as they flee with their families. They are working to make sure that children who have been affected by this crisis will have access to the support that they need.

United Nations World Food Program: This organization has deployed emergency operations in Ukraine and the surrounding countries to provide assistance with food to people who are fleeing the conflict.

Voices of Children Foundation: This organization provides psychological support to children who have been affected by war to help them overcome the consequences of experiencing armed conflict, and the impact that this will have on their development.

National Bank of Ukraine: The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a current account designed for the purpose of accepting donations for humanitarian purposes.

Take Action

Along with donating to a cause that is actively helping in Ukraine right now, there are various other ways that you can help by taking action. Taking action could be something as simple as showing your support on social media to joining people who are travelling to Ukraine to help with the defense of the country. Remember that no action is too small, as around the world the support shown for the Ukrainian military and people has helped to boost morale and let the people that are in the midst of this crisis know that even when people cannot be beside them to help, they are in the minds and hearts of people all around the world.

Join the International Legion of Territorial Defense

If you have military or combat experience and believe that you are in a good position to help on the ground, Ukraine is welcoming an army of volunteers to support the military and civilians that are currently fighting against the Russian invasion in their country. To join, you should contact the Embassy of Ukraine in your country and let them know your intention to join. You will receive information on the equipment that you will need. Before you can go to Ukraine, you will need to report to the embassy with your documents for an interview and visa clearance.

Donate Needed Goods

You can help by donating needed items to various organizations in your local area. Check social media for Ukrainian clubs and groups in your local area that may be taking collections of the most needed items right now to take to the Ukrainian borders in Poland, Moldova, and Romania to help refugees who have lost everything. You will usually be able to find more information on items that are most needed. Right now, survival gear, warm clothes, hygiene items, and first aid items are high up on the list. You can also donate tactical gear and medication for the military through organizations like ArmySOS.

Help Refugees at the Border

If you want to help in person then there are several ways to help refugees who are crossing the border. With over a million people who have now left Ukraine to escape the violence from the Russians towards their country, borders are packed with people who need support on the next steps to take. You can volunteer to help with a range of organizations that are helping out at the border such as the Red Cross.

Join a Peace Protest

Since Ukraine was invaded by Russia, peace protests have been happening all around the world with citizens everywhere showing their support and calling for an end to this senseless war. Even in Russia itself, people have been defying the regime to go out and protest against the war and call for peace, which has led to several people being arrested. If you want to do what you can but are not in a financial position to donate or help out in person, then joining a peace protest is a good way to show your support and get involved.

How to Stay Informed

The best way to make sure that you are in a position to help vulnerable people in Ukraine is to stay informed about what is happening and learn about how citizens are being affected by the invasion. You can do this in several ways including finding Ukrainian people on social media to get their stories directly along with following reputable sources of news such as:

With this crisis unfolding around them, your help and support no matter how big or small can make a difference to the lives of the innocent people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Are you wondering how to start your own carpet cleaning business? Starting your own carpet cleaning company could be a good way to achieve your dreams of owning your own business. It is a service that is in high demand. As a business owner, you can control every part of your business. And running a successful business can be very financially rewarding, making all your hard work worth it.

However, running a carpet cleaning business will require some specific knowledge. Read on to find out more about everything involved with setting up as a commercial carpet cleaner.

How Profitable are Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

A carpet cleaning business has the potential to be very profitable depending on how you run it. Most cities have a large need for both commercial and residential carpet cleaners. If you have the right equipment, you can get started with looking for jobs online on job sites or through social media. Carpet cleaning professionals can earn between $25-$75 for cleaning one room. And, the business is always in demand since there will always be clients who need to keep their carpets clean and fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Contractor Jobs – What Equipment Do You Need?

You will need to invest in some professional carpet cleaning equipment before getting started. One of the most important decisions to make before setting your business up is the type of cleaning you are going to offer. There are various types of carpet cleaning including dry chemical cleaning, hot water and steam cleaning, or dry foam cleaning. Dry foam is considered to be the least effective method. Dry chemical cleaning, on the other hand, is a popular choice as the carpet does not require any drying time, which can help you land more clients.

Whichever method of carpet cleaning you choose to offer, it’s a good idea to look out for second-hand equipment when starting out. This will allow you to save money and reduce your initial start-up costs, which can help maximize your profits.

Carpet Cleaning Job Description – What Will You Do?

The type of jobs that you will be taking on as a carpet cleaner will depend on several things. This includes whether you offer only commercial carpet cleaning or a combination of both commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaners will usually spend a typical day visiting different business clients to carry out carpet cleaning services. You may be cleaning carpets in offices, retail stores, and other workplace and commercial environments where good hygiene is important.

If you offer dry chemical carpet cleaning, then you can carry out this cleaning at any time of the day. However, many carpet cleaners work evenings and weekends since these are the times when these commercial premises are more likely to be empty. By working outside of business hours, you will be able to get your jobs done faster with fewer distractions and no people to work around.

If you also offer residential cleaning, this will involve visiting people’s homes to clean carpets for them. People hire professional carpet cleaning for their homes for many reasons. These include keeping up with regular maintenance, end-of-tenancy carpet cleanings, and preparing a property to sell.

How to Find Carpet Cleaning Job Vacancies

Setting up as a self-employed carpet cleaner is easier than ever thanks to the gig economy. There are various job boards and websites where you can find either one-off or long-term carpet cleaning clients. Check out social media, too, where businesses might post asking for carpet cleaner recommendations. Ask satisfied clients to recommend you to anybody that they know who is looking for a professional carpet cleaning service to boost your chance of getting booked.

Since carpet cleaning is a job that most individuals and businesses need to be done on an ongoing basis, you should ideally look for long-term clients. You may want to consider offering packages, for example, allowing clients to save money after they have booked a certain number of cleans, or an annual fee for a set number of cleaning services per year.

Is Carpet Cleaning a Hard Job?

Thanks to modern carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning is not as difficult as it once was. There is no need to wash and scrub the carpet thanks to methods like dry chemical cleaning. As long as you have the right equipment, running a carpet cleaning business does not have to exhaust you. Cleaning carpets is quite similar to vacuuming, and it can also be a very satisfying type of work to do. However, it does involve some physical work, along with moving around in between offices or homes and transporting your equipment from place to place.

Where To Find Carpet Cleaning Job Vacancies

Since most homeowners and business owners do not need carpet cleaning every day, they will usually work with contracted carpet cleaning professionals to provide a certain number of cleans per month or year. How often will depend on their requirements. You can usually find businesses that are looking to work with a carpet cleaning company online, as they will post on job boards, social media, and other relevant networks. You can also pitch your services to businesses in your area as you never know who is looking for a carpet cleaner. Setting up your own business lets you stay busy by taking on a range of different clients who will all require carpet cleaning services at different times.

How to Get Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs

Once you have set up your commercial carpet cleaning business, the next step is to find work. There are several things that you can do to achieve this.

Firstly, it is a good idea to have an online presence since most business owners will search online as soon as they need a carpet cleaner. Set up a website and a Google My Business. Be sure to include your location and other relevant information so that local businesses will see your company in the results when they search for carpet cleaners near them.

Social media is also a good way to advertise your carpet cleaning business and get more work. When you clean a carpet, you can post a video of the transformation or before and after photos. This will show proof to your prospective clients that you are good at what you do. They’ll see it is worth getting in touch with you if they need to have their carpet cleaned.

Can I Start a Carpet Cleaning Business From Home?

Carpet cleaning is an easy business to start from home as long as you have enough storage space for your equipment and somewhere to park a van. It is also worth setting up an office space in your home where you can manage your business. If you take bookings over the phone, consider getting a second phone line set up at home for this purpose. Alternatively, use a mobile phone that is separate from your personal one.

Do I Need Insurance to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Once you have set up your carpet cleaning business, you will need to make sure that you have the right insurance in place before you go and start cleaning carpets for businesses or homeowners. Insurance is usually always required for carpet cleaning professionals due to the risk of property damage and injury that this type of work can present. The last thing that you want is to accidentally damage something belonging to a customer while cleaning their carpet and have to pay for it out of your own pocket. There are several insurance types that you may need while running a carpet cleaning business. These include:

General Liability: This is usually the minimum requirement and will protect you from any costs that are related to accidents where somebody is hurt or damage to somebody’s property.

Professional Liability: This insurance is worth getting since it will help with your legal costs if you are accused of making a mistake that has harmed somebody or caused them to lose money.

Commercial Auto Insurance: You will probably need a van or truck to transport your carpet cleaning equipment to clients. Usually, your regular auto insurance will not cover this type of business vehicle use. You will need to get commercial auto insurance to protect you from any expenses related to damage or injuries involving your business vehicle.

Equipment Insurance: Since carpet cleaning insurance is not always cheap to obtain, it’s a good idea to have it insurance. Insurance will pay out in the event of your carpet cleaning equipment becoming damaged or if it is stolen. This gives you peace of mind that you will be able to use the money to repair or replace your equipment and continue running your business.

Professional carpet cleaning is a service that most offices, landlords, and even some households are always going to need. If you don’t mind working with your hands and are happy to travel to different clients, starting a carpet cleaning business might be an ideal job for you to consider.

If you own a pressure washer, enjoy cleaning things, and want to be a freelancer or start your own business, pressure washing could be an ideal option for you to consider. Pressure washing jobs are popular these days among people that want to be their own boss rather than working a regular nine to five job. And with plenty of success stories about people working in this industry, it’s no surprise that you might be giving it some thought. However, it’s important to know what you need to do to survive and thrive in this niche, especially as there is growing competition.

How to Bid on Pressure Washing Jobs

The first thing that you need to know is how to bid on pressure washing jobs. You can have your own website and social media for people to find and book you. However, most of the time you are going to get work from people who put out an ad requesting a pressure washing survey. Once you find an ad, you will bid on it, along with other people who also offer pressure washing.

While it might seem like the logical thing to do is to try and offer the cheapest price, this type of tactic to undercut your competitors can backfire. This is because if your prices are too low, it might put your potential clients off and make them think that you’re not going to do a quality job. Instead, offer reasonable bids that are slightly below the going market rate, especially if you are just starting out.

As you grow your reputation as a professional pressure washer, you will usually find that clients are happy to give you the work even if you cost more than others. After all, they can trust you to do a good job based on your reputation.

How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs

Pressure washing is a job that you will usually do freelance, self-employed, or as a gig worker. You can set up your own business offering professional pressure washing services and even take on employees to help you out and get more work done.

Most people head to the internet when they are looking for somebody to do pressure washing jobs for them. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have your own website, social media pages, and a Google My Business page. This will make it easier for prospective clients in your area to find you.

Make sure that your website is as informative as possible. Share photos of before and after your work, detail the services that you offer and what is included, and share any positive customer reviews that you get. Be sure to turn on reviews in Google, Facebook, and other sites. Often, reading good customer reviews can be what sways a potential client in your direction.

How to Price Pressure Washing Jobs

If you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to have a look online to see what other professional pressure washers are charging for their services. If you are new to the industry, then you will probably need to start out by offering a lower price to make up for your lack of experience and reputation. As you get better at pressure washing jobs and build a glowing reputation with your customers, you can bid higher and raise your prices.

How to price a pressure washing job will depend on a number of factors. Consider how long the job is going to take. You will probably charge a lot more for an entire day of pressure washing a driveway and a large garden compared to an hour pressure washing a small decking area.

The type of equipment that you are using might also impact the prices that you can charge. If you have expensive, top of the range pressure washing equipment then your customers are likely to be willing to pay more. A quality pressure washer is better than a basic pressure washer that they could purchase themselves from a local DIY store. You should also consider your transport costs. If you are offering pressure washing services outside of your local area then consider your gas expenses and add this to the bill.

How to Get Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs

Commercial pressure washing clients can be some of the most lucrative. Unlike residential clients who may book a professional pressure washer as a one-off when moving into a new home or preparing a property to sell, commercial clients are likely to be ongoing. It is important in most industries for a commercial building or land to be clean and tidy. Businesses often have ongoing partnerships with cleaning professionals, including pressure washing professionals in their area.

You can find commercial pressure washing jobs by searching online for ads posted. Another option is to pitch your services directly to clients. Hand out business cards or email local business owners letting them know about the services that you offer. Even if they don’t need a professional pressure washing service right now, they may know of somebody who does that they can recommend you to.

What Do You Need to Find Pressure Washing Jobs Hiring Near Me?

Most of the time, pressure washing is a service that companies need every few weeks or months. Therefore, they are unlikely to hire a full-time employee to do it. Some companies have cleaning employees who have pressure washing on their list of skills. However, most of the time they will work with a contracted pressure washing company or individual. This means that you are self-employed and will need to provide your own equipment.

Some companies may have equipment that you can use, but you should not expect this. You will need to buy or hire a jet washer or pressure washer at the very least. Bear in mind that you will want to use this for several clients and jobs, so avoid going for the cheapest option. Investing in a decent pressure washer at the start can help you save more money over time, as it’s less likely to break down and need replacing.

What Do You Need to Get Pressure Washing Jobs From Home?

Pressure washing as a freelance or self-employed job is one of the easiest to do from home. As long as you have an internet connection and somewhere to store your pressure washer safely, you can get started. If you use chemicals along with water for pressure washing, then make sure that you have somewhere secure to store these where they won’t pose a danger to kids or pets. These days you can easily run your pressure washing business from home if you have a computer and a phone.

It’s a good idea to consider setting up a home office space where you can manage your business. You can take bookings online via your website or ask prospective clients to call. You can also bid on ads for pressure washing that you find at online job boards.

Do I Need a Vehicle for Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs?

Since many pressure washers are quite lightweight and easy to carry, you might not need to have your own vehicle if you are only offering your services to people in your immediate area. However, in most cases, you will need a vehicle as a professional pressure washer.

A small van is a good choice. This will provide you with enough space to store your pressure washing equipment, rubber boots for while you are on the job, and any chemicals that you use for cleaning. You may also need to transport other tools for cleaning the site after pressure washing, such as long-handled brushes.

Do I Need Insurance to Offer Pressure Washing?

If you are offering pressure washing as a service to commercial or residential clients, then you will need general liability insurance at the very least. Operating without insurance can be very risky and many clients will want to see proof that you are insured before allowing you to pressure wash on their property.

Even if you know how to use it correctly, pressure washers can cause some damage if aimed at the wrong thing or too close to something. Accidents do happen.

General liability insurance will make sure that you are protected in the event of somebody getting hurt or property being damaged while you are carrying out a job. In addition to this, you should also get professional liability insurance. This will cover your legal costs if you are accused of doing something that causes a client to lose money.

You will also need commercial auto insurance on the vehicle you use to get to and from jobs. In addition, you should consider insuring your pressure washer and any other equipment that you use. This means you are financially covered if it breaks down or is stolen.

Pressure washing is fairly easy to learn. It is a service that is in high demand with both residential and commercial clients.

If you have a large enough vehicle and are happy to handle junk and trash all day long, then you could earn a living with a junk removal company. People everywhere accumulate things that they no longer need and often pay somebody else to get rid of them.

Junk removal services are needed when moving house, when clearing out a property after somebody passes away, or after DIY and renovation projects that create a lot of mess. While some people are happy to remove their own junk, others struggle due to not having a large enough vehicle or even not having a vehicle to use at all. That’s where you come in as somebody who can save the day by getting all the junk out of there and disposing of it safely on behalf of your clients.

What Does a Junk Removal Job Involve?

Junk removal could mean working with a wide range of clients. You might be moving one heavy appliance that has broken or an old piece of furniture that clients no longer want. Or you could be helping to clear an entire house of junk, which could take a few trips depending on your vehicle size.

You will need to find somewhere suitable to dispose of the junk such as a recycling center. Some people who remove junk will expand their earnings further by taking and selling on anything that they remove that is still useable. One example is furniture that may be a little bit shabby but is still functional.

How to Get Started Doing Junk Removal Jobs

To get paid to remove junk, you will need to have a suitable vehicle. While you can remove some trash and junk with a car, this can hold you back from the better-paying jobs. These are often posted by people who do not have a vehicle large enough to fit the item in themselves.

A large truck or van is usually the best option for junk removal. Not only will this allow you to take away larger junk items for your clients, but it also means fewer trips on those big jobs. This will help you save gas and keep your costs low to maximize your profit.

How to Find Junk Removal Jobs

There are several things that you can do to find junk removal jobs.

First of all, it’s a good idea to look on job boards where people post ads for junk removal that you can bid on. Remember that other people offering a junk removal service are also likely to be bidding on these jobs, so you should price yourself competitively and give potential clients a reason to choose your service over the others.

Along with this, it is a good idea to set up an online presence for your junk removal service. You can give your business a name and easily set up a website with a DIY website builder. Include information on the service you offer, what kind of junk you remove or don’t remove, any licenses and insurance that you have, your contact information, and a booking/enquiry form.

Google My Business will also help you get found by people who are looking for junk removal in the local area. When they search for junk removal near them, you are more likely to come up in the local search results and get hired.

How to Price Junk Removal Jobs

There are several factors that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to pricing your junk removal jobs.

One of the main things to consider is your time. How long the job is going to take you to do will be a huge factor in determining how much it is worth. A small job where you are simply collecting a couple of trash bags from a garden will probably be done in around ten minutes. On the other hand, if you are doing a full house clearance, then this could involve a full day of heavy lifting and trips back and forth to dispose of the junk.

The type of junk that you are taking can also affect the price. If you offer a service for removing bulky items or hazardous materials that need to be disposed of safely and professionally, you can charge a premium.

Finally, consider what the other junk removal professionals in your area are charging their clients and make sure that your prices are competitive. You don’t want to completely undercut your competitors, as this can make you look cheap. However, you don’t want to keep losing out to them if your prices are too high, either.  

How Much Work Are Junk Removal Jobs Near Me?

Junk removal can be a job that requires you to be fit and strong, especially if you are doing it on your own. It is a good idea to invest in some specialist equipment such as trolleys that you can put larger items of furniture that you are moving on rather than lifting them yourself. There is a risk of injury in junk removal. It is important to make sure that you educate yourself on safe lifting and handling techniques for heavy goods to avoid damage to your back and spine.

It might be worth paying somebody to come along and help you with the larger junk removal jobs. This is useful when jobs involve carrying out large amounts of junk or heavy items that are often two-person jobs.

How Many Junk Removal Jobs Can I Get?

The best part about starting your own business or working as a self-employed contractor is that you can get as many jobs as your time allows. The main thing about junk removal as a service is that it will always be in demand. When people decide to throw out an old sofa that might not fit in their car, they will hire a junk removal service to come and take it off their hands.

What Other Services Can I Offer?

Along with junk removal services, if you have a suitable vehicle, you can maximize your income by offering other services when you’re not getting as many jobs to remove junk. A ‘man with a van’ service is one such popular option.

As a courier, you will be helping people transport their items from one place to another. This could involve picking up bulky items from stores and auction houses on behalf of clients. You could help clients get items that they have bought online on eBay or Facebook marketplace to their homes. You could also help clients move house by transporting their bulky items in your vehicle.

What Insurance Do I Need for Junk Removal?

If you want to start a new career as a self-employed junk removal contractor, it is important to consider the types of insurance that you are going to need.

You will require a vehicle to carry out this kind of work. Therefore, the most important thing to make sure is that you have the right commercial auto insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident. If you are also planning to use your vehicle for other services such as collections and house moves, then you should also consider getting an insurance policy that covers the items that you are transporting. This will protect you if you are moving an item for a customer and something happens en-route, causing it to become damaged.

General liability insurance is another important one to get when you are operating as a self-employed junk remover. This insurance policy will protect you from any damage that your business might accidentally cause to somebody’s property or person.

Professional liability insurance is another policy that is worth getting, to protect yourself financially in legal battles where you are accused of doing something that has caused somebody to lose money. If you use other equipment aside from your vehicle to transport junk, you should also consider getting equipment and tools insurance. This will protect you financially in the event that these are damaged, break down, or are stolen.

Why Remove Junk as a Job?

If you don’t like the idea of working in the regular nine-to-five office life and want to be your own boss, removing junk is a good business idea. While it might seem like a basic service to offer, many people struggle to remove bulky items or do full house clearances on their own. This means that your service is always going to be in demand. It will be something that people are willing to pay for. People with small cars or no car at all might have no choice but to hire somebody to remove junk from their property in certain circumstances. This ensures you will always be able to find work.

If you have a suitable vehicle and don’t mind a job that involves some heavy lifting and handling trash, starting a junk removal business could be a good option for you. Why not give it a try?

Gutters are an essential part of any home. They are effective at collecting water from the roof and directing it through specific channels away from the property. However, gutters also collect other debris including dirt and leaves.

While cleaning gutters is a job that homeowners can do on their own, many prefer to hire somebody to do it for them. Not only are gutters high up on a property meaning that you need to climb ladders to clean them, but it can also be a time-consuming and messy job. Gutter cleaning businesses visit clients’ homes to remove debris like branches and leaves that has collected in the gutters over time.

Gutter cleaning is a part of the building exterior cleaning industry, which has seen a huge 5% annual growth over the past five years. If you don’t mind dirty work or heights, gutter cleaning can be a lucrative option for a potential business owner.

How to Start Your Business and Find Gutter Cleaning Jobs

The first step to starting your gutter cleaning business is a clear business plan. This will help you identify business specifics, discover more about the industry, and find out what you are going to need succeed. Your plan should include things like what you are going to name your business and how much you will charge customers. Figure out who your target market is and get a ballpark figure for the start-up and ongoing costs.

Gutter cleaning businesses are not always expensive to set up. In fact, you can start your own gutter cleaning company for less than $2,000 if you have some suitable equipment already.

What Do You Need to Get Gutter Cleaning Jobs?

To start your own business cleaning gutters, you will need some basic equipment.

You will need a vehicle such as a van or truck that can easily transport a ladder. When it comes to ladders, a sturdy one that will reach the gutters is essential. 24-32 feet is usually enough for most jobs. You should also invest in a safety system to keep the ladder stable when you are working.

You will need some heavy-duty rubber gloves to wear to protect your hands when cleaning debris from the gutter.

A hard hat and other personal safety equipment is also recommended.  

You will also need buckets and tarps for collecting debris, and a tool belt so that you can safely go up and down ladders with your equipment.

Leaf blowers are a good investment for quickly cleaning dry debris away.

You may also want to invest in a pressure washer for quick cleaning of gutters and downspouts.

How to Get Gutter Cleaning Jobs

When you are first starting out, you might find it helpful to get started on sites where people post jobs that they need doing including gutter cleaning. You can then bid on gutter cleaning jobs and offer your services. However, this can be a very competitive way to do things. Chances are that you’re going to be up against more established gutter cleaners in the area. Because of this, it’s important to widen your options by considering other ways to find jobs too.

Having your own website for your gutter cleaning business can help you find more work. This is because a website shows that your company is legitimate and provides prospective customers with more information. You can include a photo of yourself at work for a more personal touch and pictures of work that you have done to show potential customers what they can expect when they decide to hire you.

The good news is that building your own website for your gutter cleaning business has never been easier. You can find a range of great DIY web building tools like Squarespace or Wix to get started, even if you have no website building experience.

Another way to find more gutter cleaning jobs in your area is to set up your business profile on Google My Business. Make sure that you include your location, a photo, and as much information as possible. When your profile is active, anybody who searches for gutter cleaning near them in your area is more likely to see your business appear as a local result, which can help you get more business.

Along with this, you can also turn on reviews. When you do a good job and the customer leaves you a positive review, this can encourage more customers to book as the review will generate more trust in your business.

How to Price a Gutter Cleaning Job

One of the main things to consider when starting your gutter cleaning business is how much you are going to charge customers. There are several factors that you must keep in mind when you decide how much your work is worth.

The first thing to do is check out the websites and price lists of other gutter cleaning companies in your area. Knowing how much your competition is charging will make it easier for you to set your prices competitively.

Going a little bit under market value is usually ideal. Too high and your customers are going to choose your competitors instead. But offering much lower prices than your competitors can mean that customers are wary of booking you. They’ll suspect that for the price, you are not going to do a quality job.

The price for gutter cleaning can vary quite a lot. In general, homeowners pay an average of $100 for a typical two-story home and $75 for a ranch house. Requesting some quotes from your competitors can help you determine how much to charge if you are struggling to find out the going rate in your local area.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Knowing your target market is the first step to finding work for your gutter cleaning business. Most of the time, you will be carrying out work for homeowners who can afford to pay for some maintenance. However, other clients may require gutter cleaning services.

Landlords, for example, might need gutter cleaning carried out on the properties that they rent out. Tenants who are responsible for some maintenance on the property that they are living in may also hire you.

You can also advertise your gutter cleaning services to commercial clients including retail stores, hotels, offices, and anywhere else that has a roof and gutters.

What Insurance Do You Need?

Before starting your gutter cleaning business, it’s worth exploring the types of insurance that you are going to need.

General liability insurance is a must-have. This ensures you are financially protected in the event of harm or damage coming to somebody’s property or person as a result of your business activities. You will also need commercial auto insurance on the vehicle that you use for your business. Professional liability insurance is also worth getting to protect you if you are sued by a client for an action that caused them to lose money. Consider getting any tools and equipment that you use including ladders, safety systems, pressure washers, or leaf blowers insured against damage or theft.

How to Make More Profit

Gutter cleaning business owners can earn around $200-300 for a day of work. However, this might not always be a daily thing. The work tends to be seasonal with more customers looking for gutter cleaning services during the fall compared to other seasons. The rest of the year, you might find that it is harder to schedule a full day of work.

To make your business more profitable, there are several other services that you may consider offering. Many gutter cleaning businesses also offer minor gutter repairs or the installation of skylights. Other services that you may get more demand for throughout the year include window and skylight cleaning services.

Do You Need a Permit?

Many areas require gutter cleaning businesses to obtain a seller’s permit, which enables the state to record and collect taxes from the sale of taxable services. Failing to get the necessary licenses and permits can lead to large fines or could even cause your business to get shut down.

You should check with the city, town, or county clerk’s office to find out more about any permits or licenses that you will be required to obtain for your gutter cleaning business. The US Small Business Association also offers a local business resources directory that you might find helpful. You may also need to get other permits regarding the vehicle that you drive for your business. If you use a tow truck you will usually be required to have a Class B CLD license to operate.

Gutter cleaning is ideal if you want to start a business offering a service that is always needed. It helps if you don’t mind working outdoors in all weathers and are comfortable with working at height. With the right equipment and vehicle, you can get started from home and begin finding gutter cleaning jobs straight away. Why not give it a go this year?

Earning extra money is always nice. Perhaps you are saving for something over the long-term and want to hit your goal faster or just want more spending money available to you each week. The good news is that there are plenty of options for making extra money on the side. No matter your job, you can do online side hustles or make money in your local area with a side hustle.

Freelance Ways to Make Money

Picking up two jobs can be hard work. If you are already working full-time then you probably don’t want the extra commitment of more employment on the side. Freelancing is one of the best ways to make an additional income. The best part is that when you freelance, you have the freedom to choose when you want to work. So, there’s no need to go to work on a Friday night if you are tired or just want to party instead.

Content Writing

If you are a good writer then consider selling content to make extra money. All businesses need content for their websites, blogs, and social media pages to engage with and sell to their customers. But creating written content can be time-consuming and not every business is good at it. Here is where your services can come in.

Graphic Design

If you are artistic and creative, it may be worth offering freelance graphic design services. Designing logos, advertisements, and more is a great way to make money on the side and it can be a lot of fun too. You don’t even have to be a professionally trained graphic designer to make money from this. As long as you have a good eye for design and know how to use a program like Photoshop, you can sell your services.

Web Design

You can make money from designing websites as a freelancer if you have this skill. Websites are something that every business is always going to need. Perhaps you have friends or family members who are running their own business or are thinking of starting a business. You could build the website for their business and get them to recommend you to anybody else they know who needs a website building.

Social Media

If you are always on Instagram or Twitter, then why not consider making money from it? All businesses need to be on social media these days but managing all those profiles can be time consuming. You could offer your services as a freelance social media manager and create posts for businesses to upload.

How to Get 500 Dollars Fast

If you need a quick injection of cash and do not want to borrow money, you can try and make it. The good news is that you can get $500 quickly if you know what to do. Some options to consider include:

Sell High Value Items

First of all, go through the things that you own. Do you have anything of high value that you don’t use very often and could sell? Perhaps an old smartphone that has been sitting in a drawer, a pair of expensive trainers that you rarely ever wear or jewellery that doesn’t suit you. Selling a high value item is one of the quickest ways to earn a lot of money. You can sell on eBay or try Facebook Marketplace for faster, in-person selling with no fees.

Sell Low Value Items

If you don’t have a high-value item to sell, then don’t worry as you can still make money from selling. But you will just need to sell more. This will take you a little bit longer but will be rewarding. Go through your home and clear out anything that you do not need. You may be surprised what people will buy when they are getting a bargain. Post everything for sale on sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Do some research into the items to see what kind of price you can expect from them.


Is there nothing in your home that you want to sell? If that’s the case, then reselling might be something you are interested in. However, this option is only for you if you are okay with spending some money first. The idea of reselling is to buy items cheap and sell them on for a profit. You can do this by searching online auctions, buying second-hand items from social media or charity shops, or buying returns pallets. Be aware of the risks with this method, however, since there is no guarantee that the items you buy will sell.

How to Make an Extra 500 a Week

Side hustles are the best way to make an extra 500 per week on top of your regular job. Aside from freelancing and selling things, the gig economy is an ideal option. Gigs have made it easier than ever to boost your income doing various tasks.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, pet sitting could be a great side hustle option for you. You might be able to find customers for dog walking in your local area or watching pets when their owners are on holiday. Rover is a good app to use to find pet jobs in your area. You can set your rates for your services and see what the competition is like in your area. Usually, you can earn an average of $20 per visit.

Rent a Space Out

If you have an unused space at your home, you can make some extra money from renting it out. This could apply to any space that can be used. It doesn’t even have to be inside your home. For example, if you have an empty shed, somebody might be willing to pay you to put some stuff in there. You can also find various sites and apps where you can rent out an extra parking space. This can be a great way to make money if you live near or in a big city where car parking is often very expensive. If you’re happy to share your space with somebody else, consider renting out a spare room in your home.

Rent Your Car Out

If you drive a car then you can definitely make money back from it. Apps like Getaround are a good choice for this. You can rent your car out to other people when you are not using it and get paid. When you download the app, you will be connected with people in your area who need to rent a car, and renters can book your car in the app.

Food Delivery

If you have the right insurance, you can use your car or bike to make money delivering food. Ordering food is becoming more and more popular and there are lots of companies making this happen. If you know your local area well and prefer to get out of the house to earn money, this could be ideal for you. All you need to do is download your chosen food delivery app, create a profile, and start getting jobs. Jobs will usually appear on the home screen for you to choose.

Micro Tasks

If you live in a big city or close enough to a big city, then you can make some extra money quickly doing microtasks with apps like Gigwalk. Using this app, you can find small tasks like taking photos or visiting businesses to answer some questions. You will get paid per task, so the more you do, the more you can earn.

TV Extra

If you have always liked the idea of appearing on TV, then signing up to be an extra can be a great way to make some extra money. How much you can earn will depend on the role that you are in and is usually a daily rate. Additionally, you will also get paid for any extra days you are needed that don’t involve filming like costume fittings and COVID-19 testing, and even if you don’t end up being on camera, you will still get paid for your time.

Handyman Work

If you are good with your hands and like doing odd jobs, you can make money from helping people out. TaskRabbit is a good app to use for this. People download this app to find others who are happy to help them do jobs like putting flat pack furniture together, painting walls, cleaning yards, moving house, or general household cleaning. You can set up your profile based on what you are good at and choose the rate that you want to work for based on your skill and experience offer. You can browse the app to find people who are looking for somebody with your skills and send your offer.

If you want to make an extra $500 quickly or get an extra $500 a week on a regular basis, there are more options for making a side income available than you might think. You can freelance from home, sell or resell items, or take advantage of the growing gig economy.

Cashback apps are the easiest way to save money without doing any extra work. Have you ever been shopping and wondered how you have managed to spend so much? The best cashback apps will provide you with a way to earn some extra money back even if you are already being frugal and trying to save.

You might have already heard about the hundreds of apps available that you can use to get cashback on various purchasing such as groceries, utility bills, restaurants, and luxury shopping. Here are some of the best cashback apps to try.

Best Apps for Getting Money Back

If you want to make some money back on your purchases, then a cashback app is the best way to do this. There are several cashback apps to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular to help you find the right one for you.


Rakuten is a coupon app that allows you to earn money back every time you shop. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten has paid out more than a billion dollars in cashback so far. All you need to do is download the app and go shopping to get cashback up to forty percent on your purchases. Referring friends and family to Rakuten can also help you increase your earnings. You get paid in cash and can easily collect it through PayPal. The app for Android and iOS will send you a reminder before you buy if you forget to activate Rakuten before making an online purchase, so you can avoid missing out on deals.


Dosh is a simple, straightforward cashback app to consider. All you need to do is download the app, link your card, and go shopping. You don’t have to search the app for deals or scan your receipts, and you can get cashback for shopping with some common brands. You can also earn bonuses for doing simple tasks like logging in and recommending the app to others.


If you want to get cashback on items other than everyday grocery shopping, Drop could be the right cashback app for you. Unlike some other cashback apps where you can earn cashback for buying specific products or signing up to certain services, with Drop, you can earn cashback no matter what you buy from a certain brand.

There are five basic selections to choose from. Once you have done this, the app automatically processes a percentage of what you spend as points that can be redeemed for cashback. Cashback is paid out in vouchers for the brands that you shop at the most, rather than actual cash.

Best Rebate Apps 2020 – Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback app that you can download to your Android or iOS phone. Along with earning cashback, you can also complete tasks like fun challenges to boost your earnings further. Once you download the app, you will need to unlock the rebates and check the list of stores that are participating.

Whenever you shop at a participating store, all you need to do is save the receipt so that your purchase is verified. The cashback you earn can either be withdrawn as cash or used towards future purchases.


Honey is one of the best ways to earn automatic cashback when shopping online. You can download the app for iOS or Android or use the browser extension with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. While you are browsing through the products that you like and are considering buying, Honey will work quietly in the background, sending you a notification when it finds a better deal or a voucher code that you can apply.

When you find and purchase one of these deals, you will earn ‘Honey Gold’, which is similar to points earned with other cashback apps. You can redeem these points to get benefits, vouchers and gift cards from selected brands.

Along with this, you can also use Honey to earn up to twenty percent cashback on purchases from various stores. Honey works with more than four thousand retailers to help you get a better deal. And you can even earn bonus points for certain purchases.

Apps That Pay You Cash – TopCashback

TopCashback is one of the most popular and reputable cashback sites out there, allowing you to earn benefits for shopping. The platform works with a wide range of brands in different industries, allowing you to save money no matter what you are buying.

Signing up is simple and straightforward. Once you have joined, all you need to do is browse through their list of partner brands and select a deal when you find something that you want to buy. TopCashback is affiliated with many energy, broadband, insurance, and other utility companies, and you can earn a decent amount of cashback just for signing up for the things that you need.

Sometimes you can get 100% cashback to get your stuff free of charge, and the site offers easy cashback payouts through PayPal. You can also increase your earnings on TopCashback by sending referral links to your friends. You will get $10 free credit in your account each time a referral signs up.

App That Gives You Money for Downloading Apps – MyPoints

MyPoints is an automatic cashback app that offers redeemable points and cashback offers for various purchases. It works with over two thousand stores and retailers that you probably shop at quite regularly. The app is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is buy something at an affiliated store to earn points.

Depending on the stores you shop at and the products that you buy, you can earn up to forty percent cashback. You can then redeem this as cash through PayPal or in the form of discounts and gift cards.

Along with shopping and earning cashback, you can also use the MyPoints app to earn points by playing games, watching videos, and taking surveys. When you sign up for the first time, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus.

Receipt Apps to Make Money – ShopKick

If you would prefer to get discounts and money off rather than cash for your purchases, ShopKicks could be an ideal cashback platform for you. This app has lots of amazing discounts and gifts on offer whenever you shop in the stores that they are partnered with either online or in-person.

Each reward that you earn is known as ‘Kicks’. You get a $5 gift card just for downloading the app and signing up. Once you are a member, you can browse the list of stores and products, and earn rewards whenever you make a purchase. You can also complete shopping targets and other tasks to earn even more.

Free Apps That Make Real Money – How They Work

The idea of downloading a cashback app on your smartphone is to earn cash rewards or discount vouchers when you are shopping for certain offers at different stores. Unlike coupons, however, where you receive a discount when purchasing, these apps work more like a rebate. Once you have shopped for an eligible deal, you will earn money back in the form of cash or gift cards.

Cashback apps provide links to products sold online. All you need to do is download the app and either click the links in-app to go to the store to make your purchase, or scan receipts to prove you have made the purchase. When you are ready to shop, you should go through the cashback app rather than directly to the online store to make your purchase.

Best Cash Payout Apps – What to Look For

There are several things to consider when you are choosing which cashback app to join. Most of the best options are free so it’s worth avoiding any cashback apps that charge you to join. You should also do plenty of research into the app to make sure that it is legitimate and credible. Read reviews from other users to find out more.

Some of the main things to consider when choosing a cashback app include:

  • Payout threshold: Some apps will require you to build up a certain amount of earnings before you can request to be paid. Others pay out regularly and you will receive your earnings each week, month, or quarter, for example.
  • Payout frequency: Cashback apps and sites will usually have varying payout conditions and periods, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with this.
  • Payout qualifications: The reward percentages for different retailers can vary from app to app, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best ones.
  • Payout method: Finally, consider how you want to get paid. Some cashback apps offer vouchers and gift cards that you can use towards your next purchase at certain stores, while others will pay you in cash that you can withdraw to PayPal or your bank account.

No matter what you are buying, cashback apps are a great way to save money by earning something back for your purchases.

If you want to earn some extra money or find full-time self-employed work, delivering food is an option to consider. Food delivery drivers and riders are in high demand as more and more people decide to order food in on a regular basis. As a food delivery driver, you will usually be taking on jobs known as gigs. These will depend on the number of people who have ordered food in your area and the other drivers and riders you are in competition with.

If you have a car or bike, you will be able to get started as a food delivery driver with a range of companies including UberEATS, Doordash, and more.

What is the Best Food Delivery Company to Work For?

Finding the best food delivery company to work for will depend on several factors. Where you are located, for example, might play a part in helping you figure out the best food delivery company for you to sign up with. This is because some companies have a larger presence in some areas compared to others.

Along with this, you will also need to consider the popularity of certain food delivery companies in your area. Consider which one people tend to use the most for ordering food as this is where you are going to find the most jobs.

The Best Food Delivery App for Drivers

Food delivery jobs are usually found using an app with a simple and straightforward interface. UberEATS is one of the best food delivery apps for drivers currently since it can be integrated with various maps apps including Google Maps and Waze. This will help you make sure that you deliver food on time and to the right address.

Once you open the app as a delivery driver, you will see markers on the map that represent orders nearby. All you need to do is click on one to find out more information about it such as where the order is located and what food they want you to go and pick up for them. If you want to take an order that is available, all you need to do is select it and you can then go and collect the food to deliver it to the customer.

How to Find Food App Delivery Jobs

Finding food app delivery jobs is now easier than ever. Although you can go down the traditional route of applying for employed delivery jobs with restaurants and takeout services, the gig economy is a more popular option these days. This is because with food delivery apps, you can be in charge of where you want to work, which orders you want to fulfil, and how many orders you want to pick up. In comparison, if you get a job working for a restaurant as a delivery driver, you will usually need to work a set number of hours at set times. You will therefore not have this level of control.

What to Expect When You Work as Food Delivery Driver

There are a few things that you will need to get you started as a delivery driver. Once you have downloaded the food delivery app that you want to use, you will usually be asked to provide proof of several things. These include:

Vehicle: There might be some restrictions on the type of vehicle that you own and use to make food deliveries. Most of the time you can use a car, motorcycle, moped, or a bicycle to deliver food.

Driver’s License: You will usually need to provide proof of a valid driver’s license before you will be able to start choosing jobs and making food deliveries.

Insurance: Make sure that you are insured to make food deliveries before you get started. You will usually be required to provide proof of this to the delivery company. Bear in mind that this might be different compared to your regular auto insurance. You may need to get a separate insurance policy or an add-on to cover the transport and delivery of goods.

Reasons to Consider Food Driver Delivery Work

You have probably already heard of some of the best companies to work for as a self-employed delivery driver such as Doordash, UberEATS and Just-East. Perhaps you already have these apps on your smartphone and use them to order food for yourself. Since these food delivery apps are becoming more and more popular, they are becoming an ideal way to make money on the side or start a self-employed job where you have more flexibility.

If you want to find flexible work that allows you to choose where and when to work, becoming a food delivery driver might be a good option to consider. You can fit it around your current full-time job or do it full-time while being your own boss.

As long as you have a car, bike or other suitable vehicle and the right license and insurance, it is fairly easy to get started as a food delivery driver. Some of the main reasons to consider this type of work include:

Easy Way to Make a Side Income:

Working as a food delivery driver is one of the easiest ways to make a side income if you have a car or bike with the right insurance. All you need to do is open the app whenever you have some spare time and find deliveries in your area to pick up and deliver to customers. You will be paid per delivery, so the amount of money that you can earn depends on the amount of work that you do.

Interesting and Fun

Working as a food delivery driver can be interesting and fun. This is because you are going to be out on the roads while working as opposed to sitting at home on a computer. If you like driving and getting to know your local area, then you are going to enjoy this kind of work.

It’s Flexible

Another great reason why more and more people are deciding to work as a food delivery driver is the flexibility. With this kind of work, you can get to choose when you want to pick up orders for money. This makes it a great choice for people who prefer self-employment or for anybody who needs a flexible side hustle option.

Best Times to Make Money as a Food Delivery Driver

If you have decided to sign up with one or more of the most popular food delivery apps, then you may be wondering when the best time to make money is. Consider when you normally order food and try to log into the app and find orders to pick up during these times. While you can make money at any time of the day, some of the busiest times include lunch hours, evenings, Friday nights and weekends.

Along with logging in at optimum times, you can also increase your earnings by travelling. You are not restricted to one area with this job. Some drivers will travel out to busier cities and towns or close to universities and colleges where there is usually more work to be found.

How to Get Good Ratings

Most food delivery apps allow customers to rate their driver and leave a tip. You can improve your chances of getting tipped higher if you get good ratings for your work. The good news is that there are several simple things that you can do to get rated higher and earn more. These are:

Check the Order

When ordering food online, the last thing that anybody wants is for their order to be wrong. While customers might know that this is the fault of the restaurant rather than the driver, you can help avoid this. Checking orders before you leave a restaurant and take the food to the customer only takes a couple of seconds. But it can help you make sure that you are delivering everything on the order, leading to more satisfied customers.

Deliver On Time

Food delivery apps will provide an estimated time frame in which customers are likely to receive their orders. It is important to make sure that you deliver on time as nobody likes to wait too long for their food. Even better, try and deliver early wherever you can.

Keep Food Fresh

You will need to invest in a bag of some kind to keep your food fresh in while you are transporting it. Customers are not going to be happy if their food is cold and stale when they receive it.

Show Good Customer Service

You’re more likely to get a good rating and even a tip if you demonstrate good customer service while making deliveries. Even if you are in a rush to get to your next order, a smile and wishing the customer a nice day can make all the difference.

Food delivery driving can be an ideal way to make a self-employed income or money on the side. As long as you have a car or bike to use, you can get started with various popular food delivery apps.

As remote working becomes more normal around the world, there are more ways to make money from home to choose from. Whether you sell items online, start a podcast, or offer your services virtually, there are more opportunities than you might realise to make money without leaving your house. Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a traditional job that you can do from home, there are lots of options to consider.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in remote job postings in lots of industries. But you don’t need to be employed by a remote company to make money from home. Here are some ideas to consider.

Best Way to Make Quick Money from Home by Selling

Selling your unwanted stuff online is easier than ever today. And it is one of the best ways to make some extra money from home. You can use online selling sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay to list things that you no longer want for sale and earn some money for them. Simply clearing out your home will likely leave you with a few piles of things that you don’t use or need any more. If these items are in good condition, list them online.

If you prefer, you can use local selling marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to sell your stuff. However, depending on what you want to sell, you might get more money by using a marketplace designed for selling these items. For example, Depop is a good marketplace for selling clothes and other fashion items.

I Want to Make Quick Easy Money – Virtual Assistance

As the workforce around the world makes the transition to working remotely, the demand for virtual assistants is on the rise. Virtual assistants are professionals who work remotely to help with a variety of admin tasks either for companies, teams, or individuals. If you decide to do this job from home, you will usually have a workload that involves doing things such as answering phone calls and emails, doing research, booking appointments, running social media accounts and more.

As a virtual assistant, you can work for one client or several. You can find clients in a range of different ways including through social media channels like LinkedIn, on freelancing platforms, or at networking events.

How to Make Quick Money from Home by Freelancing

If you have a skill that you can use to make money like graphic design, web design, content writing, video creation and more, then you can make money from home as a freelancer. Platforms like Freelancer, Fiver, and Upwork are some popular online marketplaces where you can get connected to clients as a freelancer. All you need to do is list your services on the site and check out the opportunities available to apply to.

How to Make Quick Money in One Day from Selling Photos

If you enjoy taking photos and have a lot of great snaps on your phone, then you can use them to make quick money from home. You can sell photos, video clips, illustrations, vectors and more to a wide range of stock image sites. Stock image sites are always looking to increase what they offer, and business and individuals will always need good images that they may be willing to buy.

You can either sell your images directly to stock image websites or upload them for people to pay for and download. Sites like Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, and iStock are good options to consider.

How to Make Money from Home with Affiliate Marketing

While affiliate marketing might not be an ideal way to make a large amount of money straight away, it can be a quick way to bring in an extra income once you have gotten set up. And if you already have an audience on social media or your own website or blog, then making money from affiliate marketing could be quicker than you realise.

Affiliate marketing refers to earning commissions on selling somebody else’s products. One common way to do this is to place an affiliate link to another company’s website, products, or services in your content. Whenever somebody clicks on your link and buys the product or signs up for the service, you will get a percentage of the sale.

There are various reputable affiliate networks that you can use to get started. Amazon Associates is a good option as this allows you to promote products that are for sale on Amazon, which is a popular site that most people trust.

Podcasting to Make Money from Home

Whether you want to tell stories or share your opinions, podcasting is replacing blogging as one of the best ways to make money for people who want to work from home. Advertising budgets are shifting from text-based to sponsoring podcasts, and more and more people are listening to them.

Growing an audience for your podcast can take some time, so it’s not always something that you can start making money from immediately. However, there are several ways to make money from your own podcast including adding affiliate marketing links, selling advertising time, hosting live events, selling merchandise, crowdfunding, coaching, and more.

Make Money from Home with an Etsy Store

If you are a creative person and enjoy making unique and interesting things, then you can make money from your hobby with an Etsy store. Etsy is the go-to marketplace for anything handmade, personalised, and unique, and no matter what you make, you can be sure to find a market for it here. Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, make clothes, make jewellery, or something else, you can list your handcrafted items for sale on Etsy to make money.

Making Money from Home On YouTube

If you enjoy making videos, then you could consider YouTube as a way to make money from home. When it comes to video monetisation, the momentum has been picking up over time, and vlogging is likely to take over from podcasting in the near future.

If you have a YouTube channel, then adding content to it regularly is important to start making money from home. There are various ways to make money from YouTube including being a part of the YouTube Partner Program, running paid promotions, and monetising ad views.

Make Money at Home from Twitch Streaming

Do you enjoy playing games on your PC or Xbox? If you are a gamer, Twitch streaming gives you an opportunity to make money from home doing what you enjoy the most. Once you have streamed for a certain number of hours and met the criteria when it comes to views and followers, you can become a part of the Twitch Affiliate program, which will qualify you to earn money from streaming.

Earn Money at Home by Sharing Your Expertise

If you are an expert in any subject, then you can earn money from home by creating resources to help other people learn more about it. While putting the content together will take some initial effort, once you’ve gotten started and people begin paying for and using your resources, you can earn a passive income from home.

Today, more and more people are looking for new ways to learn new things online using resources like eBooks, webinars, ad online courses. You can use educational platforms like Skillshare and Udemy to share and sell your resources.

Work from Home Jobs

Alternatively, there are more remote jobs available to apply for than ever before. In the past couple of years, the workforce has shifted to remote working and more and more companies are now fully remote. This means that when it comes to working from home, you may not always need to start your own business or a side hustle. You can find plenty of job opportunities that do not require you to leave your home that can be applied for just like any other job.

Alternatively, if you are already working for a company that has been offering remote work over the past couple of years, you may have the opportunity to carry on working from home rather than going back to the office.

Tips for Success with Working from Home

If you want to make extra money from home, it’s important to understand that growing a venture can take some time. Along with this, most people will need to organise a few different streams of income in order to make a decent income from home. For example, your primary way to earn money from home might be from working as a virtual assistant, but at the same time you might have a blog where you make money from affiliate programs. Using a few different options at the same time can help you maximise your income and create a successful way to make money from home.

Today, working from home is becoming more popular. Whether you are looking for a full-time remote job or are interested in a side hustle that you can do from home to earn extra cash, there are lots of options available to consider.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert is not usually relevant when it comes to how successful you are likely to be in a certain job. However, most of the time, people who are more naturally introverted tend to find themselves seeking out work that is more independent since they are less outgoing. The good news is that there are plenty of job opportunities out there that are well-suited to introverts, allowing them to use their independent skills with just the right amount of interaction with other people.

What are Introverts?

While it’s commonly believed that an introvert is somebody who is very shy and avoids social interactions as much as possible, this is really just a stereotype. Introverts do tend to be more reserved and quieter compared to extroverts, but they can still be very sociable and often have great interpersonal skills. Both introverts and extroverts can take on the same responsibilities successfully. However, introverts tend to prefer working in jobs that allow them to best use their strengths.

Great Jobs for Introverts – What to Look For

If you have an introverted personality type and are looking for a new job, there are a few things to look out for. Introverts should aim to find positions where they can work independently rather than as part of a large group. Most of the time, introverts will also do better when they work somewhere that allows them a quiet space to work in, and with open-minded people who have good listening skills.

Generally, introverts tend to do better in the workplace when they have the opportunity to focus on one task at a time rather than having to shift their attention to several different places at once. The good news is that there are many ideal jobs for introverted people out there.

The Best Jobs for Introverts That Pay Well

If you are looking for a new job and are an introvert, you might be wondering which jobs are suitable for introverts and also pay well. These jobs meet the criteria mentioned above. They tend to be more focused on working independently and have quieter work environments.

Many jobs that are good for introverts do not involve a lot of working with other people and even offer freelance opportunities where you can work from home and at your own pace.

  1. Behavioural Therapist

Behavioural therapists work with patients who are suffering from mental illnesses and disorders. They listen to their patients to find out more about their challenges and help them access the tools they need to change their behaviours.

  • Therapist

Introverts often make good therapists as they tend to have a lot of empathy and a good ability to listen to others, which is what working as a therapist is all about.

  • Actuary

An actuary is tasked with working with numbers and assessing risk for insurance companies. Most of the work is independent and done in front of a computer, making it a great, low-stress job option for introverted people.

  • Accounting Manager

An accounting manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of an accounting department. It is a good business role for introverts who want to stay away from the more social sides of the company like sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Auditor

An auditor is responsible for reviewing financial statements and records. They will often work for various clients to prepare tax statements and other documents. While it is generally a low-stress job choice for introverts, tax season can be a little busier.

  • Photographer

Working as a photographer is an ideal job for introverts who feel that they see the world differently to others, which is what working in this role is all about. Photographers often work alone or as a part of a small team which can be ideal for introverts. It’s a good job for creative people who can create lasting memories of weddings and other events.

  • Artist

Working as an artist is a good job for creative introverts. It usually involves working alone to create aesthetically pleasing art pieces for sale.

  • Filmmaker

Filmmakers often have a wide variety of tasks that they are responsible for in the creation of films. This role requires a creative person as filmmakers are in charge of the project’s vision and production.

  • Writer

Working as a writer is a fairly solitary job that often has just the right amount of social interaction for introverts. You can find work as a technical writer, which involves creating guides and manuals to help people understand programs and products better. Along with technical writing there are various other types of writing to consider including content writing, creative writing, and copywriting.

  1. Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer is an ideal choice for introverts as it often means working on designs alone and is a great option for freelancing or starting your own business. Graphic designers use a range of tools to create visuals for clients.

  1. Editor

If you have a good eye for spotting mistakes, working as an editor might be an ideal option for you. Most of the time, editors work alone to review text for spelling, grammar, and style mistakes before it is published.

  1. Landscape Designer

If you are introverted but enjoy working outdoors, a role as a landscape designer might be ideal for you. In this role you will use a combination of creativity and experience to develop plans to improve spaces like walkways, water fountains, or ponds.

  1. Translator

If you speak more than one language, you can use this skill to work as a translator, which is an ideal job role for introverts. Translators convert information from one language to another. They are needed to work in a wide variety of settings including assisting law enforcement and in court rooms, in schools, and for private clients.

  1. Librarian

Working as a librarian is often a dream job for introverts who love to read. In this role, you will help visitors find the books that they are looking for and make recommendations to people who are looking for certain materials.

  1. Archivist

An archivist is responsible for organising large amounts of information. They will often work alone without much social interaction at all. Projects tend to be very detailed and highly time consuming.

What Makes an Introvert Dissatisfied at Work?

Generally, introverts who aren’t happy at work tend to feel this way due to factors that cause them to feel frustrated and burned out. Many offices are set up in a way that is filled with lots of distractions and noise, which can get in the way of the introvert being successful at work. Working in an open plan office is one of the worst situations for many introverts, who prefer having their own quiet space to work.

Along with this, many companies tend to put a lot of emphasis on team-based work, which might not always work for everybody. While most introverts are happy to work with a team from time to time, they will usually prefer a job where they can get a balance between working with others and working alone.

What Are the Introvert’s Strengths at Work?

While many managers and team leaders unfortunately do not recognise the strengths that an introvert can bring to the table, there is no denying that introverts have lots of excellent qualities that they can offer in the workplace.

Introverts tend to be highly focused in the right work environment. They can usually be trusted to be productive in using their time at work wisely without the need for monitoring. Most people who have an introverted personality type will take the time to fully understand a work task before they rush into completing it. They are usually good at actually getting the job done rather than just talking about it.

Despite the stereotypes, introverts are not usually people who have no or little social skills. Even though they tend to prefer working alone compared to working with large groups of people, introverts often have great listening skills and tend to be highly empathetic. This makes them a valued part of the team and somebody who is able to get along with just about everybody, even if they are not always the most talkative.

Finding the Right Job as an Introvert

Picking the right job for you is important whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Just because you prefer to work alone or in a quieter environment, the good news is that this does not mean you need to choose from fewer opportunities. In fact, with the growth of remote positions these days, there are more options than ever before for introverts who would prefer to work from their own home and in their own space in a wide range of industries.

While introverts might not be as sociable as extroverts, they have many strengths to bring to the table at work, and there are many great job options available for them.

Today’s sharing economy has made it easier than ever for people to earn money from ride-sharing. Using your car, you can sign up as a driver with companies like Uber as long as you meet the requirements and start taking passengers to places in return for a fee. According to Uber, over three million people currently work as drivers in more than sixty different countries. Around fourteen million trips were made daily using Uber in 2018, and estimates suggest that this has grown to over eighteen million daily trips since.

Many people decide to work as an Uber driver to make some extra money, while others work full-time. Here’s everything that you need to know about the requirements to work as an Uber driver.

Uber App Minimum Requirements

To get started as an Uber driver, you will need a car and access to a smartphone, which will allow you to connect with passengers. However, this is not all you will need as Uber has a list of minimum requirements for drivers that you will need to meet before you can start driving and earning money under their brand.

Uber Driver Apply Requirements

All Uber drivers need to meet requirements regarding their age, driver’s license status, and driving experience. Before you can start driving you will need to pass a driver screening which provides a review of your driving history. Your criminal record will also be checked, and you will need to provide proof of residency, car registration and auto insurance.

There are also car requirements to consider before you can start driving for Uber. You will need to have a car that meets certain requirements in regard to its age, condition and size.

There are also insurance coverage requirements that will vary depending on your state. Uber offers insurance coverage to drivers that will be active when you are logged into the app and driving passengers.

As an Uber driver, you will be considered an independent contractor, so you will need to set money aside to pay income taxes, Medicare, and Social Security.

What are the Requirements to Drive with Uber?

To become an Uber driver, you will need to meet these minimum requirements:

  1. You must meet the minimum age to drive in your city or state
  2. You need to have had your driver’s license and experience driving for at least one year. If you are under the age of twenty-three, you will need to have at least three years’ driving experience
  3. You will need a valid US driver’s license
  4. You will need a four-door vehicle that meets requirements, which vary by region

Uber Driver Required Documents

When you sign up to become a driver with Uber, you will need to share the following documents before you can start driving:

  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. Proof of residency
  3. Proof of car registration
  4. Proof of auto insurance
  5. A driver profile photo which should be in passport photo format and different from your driver’s license photo
  6. Commercial auto insurance in areas where this is required

Uber Requirements – Driver Screening

Before you can start driving, Uber will require you to complete an online screening which reviews your criminal history and driving record. You will also be required to provide Uber with your Social Security Number to perform this screening and for future tax purposes.

Bear in mind that if you have moved to a new state recently, you may need to provide additional information to verify your driving record. You will need to have your driving license and insurance from your old state to do this.

What Do You Need to Be an Uber Driver

To become an Uber driver, you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete the driver application form either in the Uber app or website. When asked, you should upload all the requested documents. You can call Uber for support or visit a local Uber office if you are having trouble with this step.
  2. Provide consent for background screening. You will need to wait for a response which can take up to ten days.
  3. If your application is successful, your driver status will be activated. You can then enable driver mode in your Uber app and start accepting rider requests that you will be paid for.

Uber Car Requirements – What Insurance?

You must have the correct auto insurance to drive for Uber. The type of coverage that you will need will depend on your state. You can get coverage from Uber, but bear in mind that this will only be valid when you are logged into the Uber app and picking up customers. When you are not driving for Uber, you will not be covered so you will need to get your own personal auto insurance.

Uber’s coverage will cover third-party liability if your personal auto insurance does not apply. If you are logged on and waiting for a pickup request, it covers bodily injuries and property damage up to various amounts. Comprehensive insurance is not included.  

If you are en route to pick up a passenger or are actively driving a passenger, Uber’s insurance will cover more if an accident occurs. This includes a $1m limit on third-party liability insurance, insurance for bodily injury by an uninsured or underinsured driver, and comprehensive collision insurance as long as you have this included with your personal auto coverage.

Car Requirements to Drive Uber

Different locations have different requirements for cars. Once you sign up to drive, Uber will provide you with more information on the requirements that your car has to meet in order to be eligible to start driving for them. Most of the time, your vehicle will need to be a four-dour vehicle that can seat four or more passengers, not including the driver.

Your car should not have a reconstructed, salvaged, or rebuilt title, and should not feature any commercial branding. You should also make sure that your car is in good condition. You’ll need to have it inspected for any potential faults before you start picking up paying customers. This is done for free at an Uber centre and is repeated once per year or after 50,000 miles, depending on which comes soonest.

The tier of Uber that you want to drive for may also factor in when it comes to the car requirements. For example, if you want to drive for UberXL, your car must be able to take at least six passengers. To drive for Uber Black, you will need to have a luxury vehicle that is within a certain age range.

If your car does not currently meet Uber’s requirements, you may be considering buying one that does. A used vehicle will usually be sufficient as long as the requirements are met. If you buy a new car, it’s important to be aware of the potential wear and tear on the car.

Leasing a car that meet’s Uber’s requirements is another option to consider. However, before you sign a lease, it’s important to make sure that you are fully aware of any mileage restrictions. Uber partners with a variety of car leasing and rental companies that offer deals and discounts exclusively for Uber drivers that are worth looking into.

How New Does Your Car Have to Be for Uber?

To drive for Uber, you will generally need to have a car that meets all the above requirements and is fifteen years old or newer. However, this can vary depending on your area. You might find that if you want to drive in a busier city, for example, you may be required to drive a newer car model.

How Much You Can Make

Depending on the location where you drive for Uber, you can make anything from $5-$26 hourly before deducting any expenses for car maintenance, tax, and gas. New drivers for Uber can also sometimes take advantage of bonuses. For example, in the past they have offered $500 to Lyft drivers who switch to Uber.

You can maximise your earnings when driving for Uber with a range of strategies including:

  1. Driving a hybrid or electric car, which can help you save money on gas costs.
  2. Driving during surges, which are busy periods where Uber charges passengers peak pricing.
  3. Using the Uber Eats app to make food deliveries as well as picking up passengers.

What Costs Are Covered by Uber?

Before you get started with driving for Uber, it’s a good idea to understand which costs you will be responsible for and which you need to cover yourself. Since Uber drivers are independent contractors, you will be responsible for car-related expenses and fuel costs. However, Uber will reimburse some cars including fees paid by riders for any damage that they cause to the vehicle and reimbursement for any tolls included on a driving trip. These will be added to the rider’s fare.

If you have a suitable car or are considering buying a new car, driving for Uber can be a good way to make an income full-time or on the side.

When done right, affiliate marketing can be a very profitable business idea. Around the world, thousands of people earn money every day from promoting affiliate programs, with over $5bn spent on affiliate marketing annually. Over 80% of brands on average use affiliate marketing programs to boost their sales.

Why are the Top Affiliate Programs So Popular?

Advertisers like affiliate marketing since this form of marketing only requires them to pay when the desired action is completed. Unlike other forms of marketing like email marketing or search campaigns where advertisers must pay for thousands of messages or clicks that might not always lead to an action, affiliate marketing means that an action will always occur before the advertiser pays.

Affiliate marketing involves sharing a commission of a sale or lead with an affiliate. This is often a less expensive option compared to display advertising or pay per click advertising.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

Whether you want to use affiliate marketing as your main source of earning an income or as a way to generate some additional cash on top of your regular job, choosing the right affiliate marketing program is important for your earning potential.

Unfortunately, with hundreds of affiliate networks and countless affiliate offers to choose from, the process of searching for the best affiliate marketing program for you can be quite challenging.

How to Choose Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, the first step is to sort through the hundreds of different affiliate programs and networks to choose from. Not all affiliate networks are created equally so it’s important to understand your requirement and learn more about what’s on offer to find the right option for you.

When getting started with affiliate marketing, you can choose from large affiliate networks that maintain various programs from different advertisers, or smaller networks that are specialised in a certain niche or industry. If you run a website or blog that targets a specific niche, you will usually be more successful by looking for a network that manages affiliate programs in your industry. This will help you find better and more relevant affiliate programs.

On the other hand, a larger and less specialised network might be easier to find and get started with. These networks often include thousands of offers from a wide range of advertisers. However, the quality of the offers and conversion rates might not always be as good, and it can take longer to sort through all the offers to find one that is going to be relevant to your audience.

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money – Why Work with an Affiliate Manager?

If you can, it’s a good idea to get support from an affiliate marketing manager. This can make all the difference to your success, especially if you want to earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing. An affiliate manager will work on your account to increase revenue for the affiliates and the network. They can help you make better decisions about the affiliate program types that you choose to run and the offers you choose.

Along with this, an affiliate manager can also help out with other issues such as troubleshooting technical problems or handling payment issues.

What to Consider to Find the Best Affiliate Partners

There are several steps to consider when choosing the right affiliate partners for you. First of all, it is important to have a solid understanding of your audience and niche. When you understand who your audience is and what they’re looking for, you can generate an audience that is more focused and dedicated, since your content will remain within a certain niche.

You can find out more about your audience by conducting research on them. Ask them about their interests and any problems that they are trying to solve to give you a better idea of the content and offers they might prefer. This allows you to then promote products and services that meet their needs.

Finding the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketplaces are the best way for beginners to get started with an affiliate program. One such option is Amazon Associates, where you can promote a wide range of products that are listed for sale on Amazon on your blog or website. Since Amazon is a site where a huge range of different products are sold, it is easy to use this affiliate program to find relevant offers that you can promote to your viewers.

Along with this, Amazon is often a top choice as it is a trusted and well-known site, meaning that people might be more likely to buy a product that they find listed through your affiliate link as they recognise the site where it is sold. 

What to Look for in the Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

The price of the products or services that you want to promote is an important factor to consider when choosing the right affiliate program to make money. In general, the higher the price of the item or service that you are promoting, the more commission you will earn.

Most of the time, affiliate markers will try to maximise the number of customers that they appeal to by offering a variety of price points for the products and services that they offer. However, don’t fall into the trap of believing that just because something is cheap, people are going to buy it.

Promoting cheap products might help you get more clicks and, in some cases, more successful purchases, but they will often be low on commission. This means that you will need to sell more compared to a high-value product. While expensive products can be harder to promote, all you need is one sale to potentially make a lot of commission.

What are the Most Popular Affiliate Products?

If you want to get started as an affiliate marketer, understanding the most popular affiliate products can help to drive your success and increase your profits. There are several different products that you can promote; however, it’s important to choose the right ones. This can vary depending on your audience and what they are the most interested in. However, some of the most popular and best-selling affiliate products to promote right now include:

  1. Home Automation
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Security Systems
  4. 3D Printers
  5. Drones
  6. Wearables
  7. Travel and Tourism
  8. Wireless Chargers
  9. Phone Accessories
  10. Car Vacuum Cleaners
  11. Gym Equipment
  12. Managed Cloud Hosting
  13. Shapewear
  14. Gaming
  15. Food Delivery Services
  16. Pet Grooming Products
  17. Office Accessories
  18. Jewellery
  19. Safety Gear
  20. Subscription Boxes

As you can see, there is a large and varied range of products that tend to do well in affiliate marketing campaigns. Affiliate marketing is currently one of the biggest sources of eCommerce orders. Choosing the right affiliate products to promote and sell can be tough, but there are some main things to consider before picking the right one.


First of all, consider the popularity of the product. If you want to promote a highly popular product that is taking off, like virtual reality, or something that people are always going to want or need, like financial products or insurance, then it might be worth creating a dedicated site. Comparison sites are an ideal way to promote your affiliate products and services.


If you already have a website or blog that you plan to use for affiliate marketing, then consider how relevant the products or services are to your site. No matter how popular a product is, you will not get much luck promoting it to the wrong audience. If you run a fishing site, for example, you probably won’t get many conversions promoting jewellery.


It’s also important to consider the pricing of the affiliate products that you want to promote. Remember that the higher the price, the more commission you will be able to earn. Consider promoting products with a range of price points so that there is something to appeal to everybody and your profits can be maximised.

Site Reputation

Before you choose a product or service to promote, it’s important to think about the reputation of the site or business that is selling it. Remember that people do have to purchase a product before you can earn commission, and most customers will not be willing to make a purchase on a site that looks dodgy. For the best results, only promote products and services sold by reputable and trustworthy brands.


Consider how long you are going to be able to promote a product or service for before you might need to rethink things. Some items are always going to be needed, while others are trending and might become less popular over time, which is why having a plan for the future is crucial.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services to earn a commission when they sell. When done right, it can be an effective way to make an additional income.

Dogs are a popular pet and there aren’t many reasons not to like them. But people who have dogs often find that their pet takes up a lot of time and attention that they might not always have. Dog owners are always looking for experienced and trustworthy people that they can hire to look after their dog while they are at work or away on holiday. If you love dogs and would love to get paid for looking after them, this can be a lucrative and fun side hustle. Below is a short guide on how you can use Rover to turn your love of dogs into a way of making money.

Is Rover Worth It?

Pet sitting is a popular choice of side gig with lots of services to choose from. However, Rover is a very popular and reputable choice. You can use it to hire people to look after your precious pets while you are not at home or to find work as a dog walker or pet sitter.

If you adore animals and prefer to work with animals than people, you’d probably be good at pet sitting. Keep reading to find out more about using Rover to make money.

How Does Rover Work for Walkers?

You can get set up as a Rover dog walker or pet sitter with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is visit the website, create an account, and start setting up your profile. Within five days, Rover will run a background check to make sure that you’re legit and somebody that they are happy to bring on board. Once that’s complete, you are ready to get started.

People who are using Rover to find somebody to watch their pets or walk their dog will contact you when they come across and like your profile. You’ll then meet with them to see if you are a good match for their needs. If they (and their pet) like you, then they will book your services.

What’s Involved in Working for Rover Dog Walking?

Rover operates in many different locations so the process for bringing on new dog sitters and walkers can vary. Some locations allow you to simply sign up and get started. People in other locations will be required to go for an in-person interview with a member of the team.

A background check is also run on you when you apply in all locations in order to provide clients with peace of mind that they are leaving their furry friends in good hands. Typically, it shouldn’t take you too long to get approval. Most people don’t wait any more than a couple of weeks.

What Can You Do When You Work for Rover Full Time?

You can do more than just pet sitting when you sign up to Rover. There are various services that you might want to offer to your clients including dog walking, drop-ins, house-sitting, dog boarding, doggy day-care and more.

You can determine your own schedule when working for Rover, making it an ideal freelance or side hustle option. You can also put restrictions in place when it comes to the number of dogs that you are willing to take, the size of the dogs you’ll care for or walk, and the booking types you want. You don’t have to work a minimum number of hours – how much or how little you work is up to you.

How Much Do You Make on Rover?

Rover makes recommendations based on your experience, location, and demand in the area to help you set your rates. However, you can also choose your own schedule and pricing based on how much you think your services are worth. You set up your payment details when you sign up, and Rover deals with client payments.

The client is required to make a payment when they book. Your earnings will be made available in your account 48 hours after the booking is completed, to make sure that everybody is satisfied.

Do You Tip Dog Sitters on Rover? How to Increase Rover Dog Sitting Pay

There are plenty of ways to earn more from Rover. However, most people who join this site do it because they are huge dog lovers and like the idea of being paid to look after dogs, but don’t know much about sales or marketing. Cleaning up your profile, for example, can be a simple and effective way to boost your earnings. You don’t want to make prospective clients feel that they have a lot of work to do when they visit your profile, and you can always ask them extra questions about their pet once they book you.

You can earn tips from clients on Rover if they choose to give you a cash tip after the booking.  Tipping is more likely to occur in an area that has a strong positive attitude towards tipping, although you can encourage clients to tip by leaving a tip jar or stating that tips are welcome.

Rover Support

If you have an issue with a dog or a client on Rover, you can easily access round-the-clock support from the company. Rover is excellent at supporting dog sitters and walkers and handles a lot of situations on a daily basis. They have friendly, expert call centre staff who can help you out with any issues that you might have with a dog or its owner such as a dog getting sick, injured, or escaping. Just get in touch with the support team who can help you with solutions, answers, and suggestions to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

What is Rover Now?

Rover Now is similar to Rover, but for clients who want somebody to visit or walk their dog right now. If you are free a lot of the time, you can set up a profile with Rover Now to take dogs on half-hour walks or do drop-in visits straight away when you are booked. Currently, you can only get Rover Now in a handful of major cities.

How Much Does a Rover Dog Walker Make?

With so many people who love dogs and want to help look after them for money, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of competition on Rover. To make money using this service it’s important to have a profile that is set apart from the rest. One of the biggest mistakes that dog walkers and dog sitters make on Rover is failing to spend the time to set up a good profile. 

How to Make a Good Rover Profile

It’s important to make sure that your profile is appealing to clients and grabs attention. However, there are plenty of small mistakes that could stand in the way of this. Some of the most common errors include spelling and grammar mistakes, bad-quality photos, and too much information in the profile.

Keep your profile short and sweet – nobody wants to have to read your entire life story before they decide whether or not they would like you to look after their dog.

How Much Money Can I Make on Rover?

Coming up with competitive prices is also important to stand out and make more from Rover. Pricing mistakes are often common on Rover. Many dog sitters and dog walkers just think about how much they would like to make and then set their pricing, without considering the competition in their area or how much their potential clients will be willing to pay.

When setting your prices, it is important to consider both of these factors to help you get more requests. While this might mean offering your services for a little less, you are more likely to actually get bookings.

Increase Your Rover Pay by Investing in Marketing

Spending some time investing in learning more about successful marketing is going to be essential if you want to make money from Rover. Many people who sign up for Rover do it because they love the idea of working with dogs but don’t really know how to market their services to get more clients.

While it’s important to invest in learning more about dogs so that you can become a better dog sitter or dog walker, it’s also crucial to know how to reach out to more potential clients with your business and get more Rover bookings. The good news is that you can now find courses that are designed to help dog walkers and dog sitters learn more about mastering Rover and getting better results.

If you love dogs, then Rover is a great app for making some money and spending some time with your favourite animal too. You can sign up to Rover as a dog sitter, dog walker, or offer both along with other services like doggy day care and house sitting. Since dogs are popular and everybody wants to work with them, competition is high, so it’s important to put in the time to make your profile stand out.

As long as you meet the requirements for driver experience, driver’s license, car type and insurance, driving for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft can be an ideal way to work for yourself full-time. You can also make some additional money in your spare time. Many people who already drive for a rideshare app or are considering driving for one might want to know if they can increase their income further by driving for two different rideshare apps at the same time. But is this possible?

Can You Uber and Lyft at the Same Time?

You are able to drive for both of these rideshare companies at the same time. This is because drivers for both of these companies are classed as independent contractors, so you are not legally bound as an employee to either of them. If you are a ride share driver, you can make this method work for you to earn more money.

Maximise Your Earnings by Working for Lyft and Uber at the Same Time

How much money you can make by driving for Uber and Lyft will depend on how much and how smartly you work. By working smarter, you can reduce your gas expensive and make more per ride. And, running both Uber and Lyft apps at the same time will keep the time you are waiting for a new passenger down to a minimum, meaning that you can increase your hourly income.

Since you will earn a fee per ride that you give, your income can vary when you drive for Uber, Lyft, or both. Lyft often pays more in terms of each drive, as they give drivers more of the tip and driver promotions are more frequent. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that both companies take a percentage of the ride fare.

Studies have found that Uber drivers, however, earn slightly more than Lyft drivers depending on their location and the demand. On average, Uber drivers make $19 per hour while Lyft drivers make around $16 per hour. However, there are also expenses to consider including paying for gas, car maintenance, car cleaning, and insurance. As a contract worker, you will also need to pay self-employment tax.

Should I Drive for Uber and Lyft?

If you are a ride share driver, it makes sense to use both the Uber and Lyft apps to stay busy while you are working and ultimately make more money. This is because you are not tied to either company with an employment contract. The downside of this is that you are not guaranteed a set number of passengers from either. Some of the main reasons to consider driving for both Uber and Lyft at the same time include:

  1. Increase Income

When you are active on both Uber and Lyft, you will be able to pick up more passengers meaning the chance to earn more money. And since both companies offer passengers the option to leave a tip, you can increase your earnings even further when you provide an excellent service.

  • Be More Efficient

Since you are already in your car when you are working, it makes sense to use both apps to increase your efficiency and search for available fares constantly.

  • Reduce Downtime

Parking up and waiting for new ride requests can damage your profit. Not only are you wasting time, but if your engine is still running, you’re also wasting your gas. By using both apps, you can be on the lookout for new passengers as soon as you have dropped the last one off. Using both services means that you can look further and find even more available fares in your area.

How to Do Lyft and Uber at Same Time

If you are new to driving for ride sharing services, driving for Lyft and Uber together can be quite overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind to help you make the process as simple as possible and ensure that you are getting the most from the time and effort that you put in.

Your car is your office when you are driving for Lyft and Uber, which means that getting the right driving setup is essential for you to work productively and efficiently.

  1. Phones

Upgrading your phone can be a big expense, but the Uber and Lyft apps tend to work best with the latest technology. If you have a fairly new phone, you might not need to upgrade to the latest one – just make sure that you have the latest operating system so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

You may also want to consider using a second smartphone so that you have one phone for each app; however, this is an extra expense that isn’t always necessary. You can run both apps on the same phone. It’s worth trying this out before deciding if you need to buy a second one.

  • Accessories

The right accessories for your phone will make it easy for you to stay safe and focus on the road when you are driving for both Uber and Lyft.  Phone holders for your car are an essential to allow you to keep your hands on the wheel while still being able to see your screen. They are also useful for navigating to pick up passengers and complete rides.

A Bluetooth headset is another good option to consider if you do not have Bluetooth integrated into your car. It allows you to operate your phone using voice commands so that you don’t break cell phone laws when driving. Finally, make sure that you have a phone charger, and perhaps a spare, in your car too. Running both apps is going to drain your phone battery fairly quickly.

  • Phone Data

Running both the Uber and Lyft apps for your entire driving shift can use up a huge amount of data. The last thing that you want is to run up a massive bill while working, as this will quickly cut into your profits. If you do not already have one, it is worth getting an unlimited data plan.

Driving Uber and Lyft at the Same Time

Before you get started with driving for both Uber and Lyft together, it’s a good idea to spend some time getting familiar with each one. Drive around using Uber and get to know the interface, then do the same for Lyft. This will help you get a better understanding of each app, making it easier for you to manage your time when you are running them both together.

When using both apps together, it’s important to keep Uber active as you will be logged out otherwise and will not get ride requests. As long as you have opened it, Lyft will run in the background and keep you available as a driver, along with sending you notifications for new fares. If you have an Android handset, you can see both apps at the same time using split-screen mode.

As soon you get a ride request one on app, you should log out of the other until you have dropped the passenger off. This is because you will have a passenger in the car so you will want to avoid any further bookings while you are busy. If this happens, you will need to cancel the ride, which can land you a bad rating.

Is there an App to Use Lyft and Uber at the Same Time?

Using both the Uber and Lyft apps can seem like a lot of effort, but the good news is that you can use a third-party app called Mystro to help manage this for you. This app is available on both Android and iPhone handsets, and switches between the Uber and Lyft apps to save you time and effort. You can set preferences in the app to make sure that you get the best-paying fares.

Mystro automatically switches between Lyft and Uber to keep you active as a driver and help you find more passengers. It will save time and effort on your part by logging you out of the other app when you have accepted a ride. It will filter through jobs based on your preferences so that you are always getting the best-paying fares. You can sort passengers by several factors including the pick-up location and the destination.

Mystro offers a free trial that you can use to see what the app has to offer and determine whether or not it is something worth using as a driver. Once your free trial has ended, there are several different plans to choose from paid either weekly, monthly, or annually. Choose the plan that works best for you based on how much driving you do.

Annual plans cost $99.95 and are suitable for drivers who work for Uber and Lyft full-time. On the other hand, if you drive as a side hustle and do not always need the app service, you can get a weekly plan for $4.95 or a monthly plan for $11.95. This means that you can simply not pay for them on the weeks or months when you’re not driving often or at all.

Since Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors rather than employees, there is nothing stopping you from maximising your profits by driving for both.

Online surveys can be a good way to make some extra money in your spare time from your laptop or smartphone. Although online surveys might not be a great way to make a huge amount of cash, you can use them to top up your income. There are several different survey sites available. They work closely with companies who are looking for people to survey about products, services, habits, and more.

Can You Actually Make Money Off Surveys?

You can make money taking online surveys. However, you will usually need to take a lot of surveys to make a decent amount. Most of the time, survey sites pay pennies per survey. However, this is a good way to spend your spare time if you would normally be on your phone or laptop anyway as it will add up over time.

All you need to do to start making money from surveys is sign up for an online survey site. There are no limits when it comes to the number of survey sites that you can sign up for. Companies use different sites to get their research, so you can make more money by signing up to a few different ones. However, consider that some survey sites might have restrictions – for example, one person per household may only be able to join.

Once you have joined a survey site, you will usually be required to fill in some information about yourself. This will include basic information such as your location, age, job, and more. You may also be asked more information about things such as your shopping habits, car, hobbies, and more to help companies get a better idea of who you are. Filling out your profile will help sites match you to more suitable surveys that you can take and get paid for.

You will not always be eligible for every survey, so don’t be put off if you ‘screen out’ of surveys a few times. The key to earning money from survey sites is to be persistent and try not to get discouraged even if there are not very many surveys available for you to take. The more time you spend going through surveys and the more information is included in your profile, the better chance you will have of finding suitable options.

Is Taking Surveys for Money Legit?

There are many legitimate survey sites available that you can use to make money. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching different survey sites before you choose which one to join. Once you have chosen a few good options, make sure that your profile is completed for each site and log in regularly to see which surveys are available. Most surveys have quotas to fill when it comes to who and how many people take them, so the sooner you get there, the better the chance you will fill the survey in and be paid.

In terms of payment, most survey sites pay in a range of different ways depending on which you choose. PayPal payments are a common option, or you can have your earnings paid to you in the form of vouchers for online stores like Amazon.

Can You Make Money from Survey Junkie and Other Survey Sites?

If you take surveys on a regular basis, you can make money from Survey Junkie and other similar survey sites. To maximise your earnings, it’s a good idea to log into the survey site daily and take as many surveys as are available you. Don’t worry too much if you are not suitable for lots of surveys since this is normal. The more you persist, the more you will come across a survey that you can take.

Remember that survey sites and research companies want to get useful data from their research. Because of this, you may be removed from a survey if you are rushing through it too quickly or giving answers that do not make sense. To earn money from surveys, it is important to take your time and put some thought into the answers that you give. Don’t try to give untruthful answers to try and qualify to take a survey since this will be picked up on and your account might get blocked.

Some Trustable Survey Sites to Consider

When it comes to taking surveys for cash, there are several reputable sites to consider. Some of the best ones include:


While this might not be the best-paid survey site available, it is a good option for making quick money since the surveys available here are usually short and easy. Most surveys can be taken on your smartphone making it a good option for anybody who wants to take surveys and earn money on the go. Along with surveys you can also earn additional money from taking part in in-person research interviews or video calls.


PopulusLive is a survey site that offers quick and easy surveys that pay more compared to many other sites. If you take a lot of surveys, you can easily earn up to £12 per hour from this site, using your smartphone or computer. However, before you sign up it is worth knowing that the survey availability is not always great, and you need to earn £50 before you can transfer your cash out.

Prolific Academic

This survey site offers surveys that are created by universities, lecturers and students who have been given grants for carrying out research. This can often make the payments more generous compared to general survey sites. Many surveys pay £5 or even more, and others offer bonuses to participants who perform well.

GfK MediaView Panel

This is another good site to consider if you want to start making money from taking surveys. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money from surveys, with questions about programmes, TV shows, and more that you may have seen or heard recently. If you enjoy entertainment and want to give your opinions on the shows, movies, radio shows, podcasts, and other forms of entertainment that you like, this site could be quite fun for you to use.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular survey sites available and is great for anybody who wants to get paid straight away. When you take surveys and earn money from them on this site, you can get an instant PayPal pay-out. Surveys are reliable and regularly updated. You can also take other tasks to earn extra money.

Curious Cat

This is an app that you can download to your smartphone to take surveys. It is easy to use and super simple for when you are on the go. New surveys are added daily, and you can get notifications straight to your phone when a survey that you might be interested in is added. You will earn a certain number of points per survey, which can vary, and these are converted to pennies in your balance.


Another easy to use app that you can download to take surveys from is PollPay. You can also access the desktop version where you can sometimes find exclusive surveys to take that are not available in the app. PollPay offers surveys on a wide range of topics that are usually updated daily. You can get paid directly to PayPal for a small fee or convert your earnings to Amazon vouchers free of charge.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites out there. They are one of the most well-known market research companies with a strong social media presence. You can take surveys to earn money along with other tasks that you can do to boost your income further. This includes online shopping, playing games, watching online videos and more. They even have a Chrome extension that you can use to continue earning points in the background for your online activity.

Do Sites Like My Digital Survey Pay Out?

Once you have joined a survey site and started taking some surveys, you want to be sure that you are going to get paid for them. As long as you join a survey site with a good reputation, you can usually be guaranteed pay. You will also need to make sure that you follow the rules. If you are not answering surveys truthfully or rushing through surveys, then your account may be blocked, and you may not be able to access your earnings.

All of the above survey sites are reputable options that are known for paying out. You may not always get paid immediately. Some sites have a limit on how much you can earn before you can request a pay-out. Your pay-out time might also depend on how you have requested to be paid. You may need to wait a few days for the money to appear in your PayPal account so don’t worry if you have requested a pay-out and the money is not there straight away.

If you have some spare time and want to earn some extra money, taking surveys can be a good option to consider.

If you have a computer at home and want to make some extra money, there are plenty of different ways that you can put it to use. Whether you have a skill that you can use, stuff to sell online, or something else, the success stories of people who make real money from home using their computers is on the rise. Freelancing and selling items are just some popular ways that you can make money while sitting at your computer.

If you have a computer or laptop and want to make some extra money from home, here are some options that you might want to consider.

How to Earn Money on My Computer – Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Perhaps the easiest way to make some extra money from home using your computer is to sell your unwanted stuff. Most people collect a lot of stuff over the years and not all of it will be things that we want to keep forever. Maybe you have furniture items you no longer need, clothes you don’t wear or technology items that you have upgraded, and the old ones are just sitting around gathering dust.

Having a clear out of your home and getting a pile of things you don’t want anymore can be a good way to get started with earning some extra money. Chances are that the things that aren’t any use to you are worth something to somebody else. List them on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Ways to Make Money Using a Computer – Dropshipping

If you have a computer or laptop at home, this might be all that you need to get started with an online business. Dropshipping is one example of an online business idea that you can start with just your computer. eCommerce is becoming more and more popular with thousands of people buying items online every day.

With dropshipping, you can sell items that are shipped to your customer straight from the manufacturer, without having to buy warehouse space to store them all. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to find the products that you want to sell and set up your eCommerce website using a tool like Shopify.

Ways to Make Money Using Your Computer – Freelance Writing

If you are a good writer, then you can definitely use this skill to make some extra money from home. Businesses are always looking for freelance writers to hire to write their website content, blog posts, sales emails and more. If you can write in a persuasive way, you will be in high demand as companies always need good writers to help them paint their business in the best light and encourage customers to purchase products and services from them.

Let Your Computer Make Money for You By Writing an eBook

If you want to figure out how you can make a passive income from your computer, writing an eBook can be an ideal option to consider. Whether you want to write a fiction novel or a book that is designed to help people learn something new or achieve a goal, there are endless options to consider.

Becoming a published author is easier than ever these days with platforms like Amazon where you can self-publish eBooks to sell. All you need to do is put in the initial work of writing the book and designing the cover. Once you’ve done this and listed your book for sale, you’ll get paid every time somebody downloads it to read.

Make Money Leaving Your Computer on with Distributed Computing

Sometimes, companies or individuals will need extra computing power for processes like big data analysis or scientific research. Distributed computing refers to somebody buying or renting your computer power for their operations. You can make money by renting your computer’s CPU to individuals – all you need to do is leave your computer on and let them use the power, and you get paid.

Make Money Doing Market Research from Your Computer

If you are often spending time on your computer at home, then you can put this spare time to better use by getting paid to take part in market research. You can find lots of different survey sites where you can take surveys on a range of different topics and get paid for your views.

Companies are always looking to get more information from members of their target audience that they can use when developing new products and services. How much you can earn will depend on the amount and type of surveys that you take.

Teach English on Your Computer

If you can speak English well, then you might want to consider using your computer to become an English teacher and share this skill with others. There is high demand from lots of countries all over the world who are looking for fluent English speakers to help people learn this language. Most of the time, you don’t even need to speak a second language. You can teach English to students online from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a computer and a headset.

Sell Your Photos to Make Money from Your Computer

Another way that you can put your computer to use when it comes to making money for you is to sell your photographs. If you love taking photos and are always snapping pictures when you are out and about, you can actually make a lot of money from people who want to buy stock images. Use sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock to upload your images where businesses and individuals can then pay to download them.

Stream Videos on Your Computer

If you enjoy making videos, then you can use your home computer to make money from this by streaming. There are several sites where you can stream videos and make money like YouTube, Twitch, Ustream and more. There’s no end to the options that you can come up with when it comes to the kind of videos that you make.

‘Mukbang’ is a popular option right now involving streaming video of eating different types of food. However, if you are not comfortable eating in front of a camera, then you can stream video games online for fans to watch you play, or even just chat about a range of different topics.

Create an Online Course to Sell on Your Computer

If you have software like Microsoft Office on your home computer then you have all you need to get started with creating and selling an online course. If you are highly knowledgeable about a subject and tend to be the person that your friends go to when they want to know more about it, then you can make some money from this. Sites like Udemy and Skillshare are great platforms to consider where you can create, upload, and sell online courses on a range of topics. You can create written courses, video courses, or a combination of both.

Find Virtual Assistant Work from Your Computer

Virtual assistance is a popular choice of work from home job that you can do from your computer. As a virtual assistant, you can run your own business working for various different clients to help them with a range of administrative tasks. Virtual assistants often do the tasks that are mundane and time consuming. They help out busy people or groups with things like answering calls and emails, scheduling appointments, and managing social media accounts. If you are highly organised and happy to take on a wide range of jobs, all you need is your computer to get started.

Join an Affiliate Programme

If you are always looking for the best deals and sharing them with people that you know, affiliate marketing might be an ideal way for you to use your home computer to make some extra money. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services on your website, blog, or YouTube channel. Each time somebody clicks your affiliate link to buy the product or sign up for the service, you will earn a commission.

Create Content on Your Computer

Content creation is a career that’s booming right now, especially with the rise of platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. While you will probably need a smartphone as well as your computer to create great content that gets lots of views, it’s a fun way to make money at home if you enjoy making videos. You can create funny and engaging content that people can relate to or create content that helps people learn something new. Content creators earn money through promoting products on behalf of relevant companies. Many platforms offer advertising programs that you can use to earn through placing relevant ads in your content.

If you have a computer or laptop at home, there are plenty of ways that you can put it to better use to earn more money for you. Whether you’re interested in working on your computer to earn money or want to find a way to switch it on and earn, the options are endless.

Swagbucks may be something that you have heard of, but you might not be sure what it is. Swagbucks is a site that lets you turn your regular online activities into a way of making money. When you use the internet for shopping or entertainment, you can earn reward points with Swagbucks and turn them into gift cards that you can spend at your favourite stores.

What is the Swagbucks App?

Swagbucks is an online reward-earning platform. It allows you to perform a wide range of online activities either from your computer or smartphone to get Swagbucks rewards, known as SBs. You can redeem these using PayPal for cash, get gift cards, or in certain Swagbucks-promoted shopping platforms.

One SB is worth $0.01. You can build them up to get gift cards to spend at a wide range of popular brands including Amazon. However, you will need to earn a certain number of SBs before you can get a gift card, depending on the lowest price that is available for the one you want to redeem.

Are Companies Like Swagbucks Legit?

According to Swagbucks, their members have received gift cards and cash worth more than $500,000,000 so far. Every day, this rewards platform gives out up to seven thousand free gift cards through deals and certain activities.

Swagbucks currently ranks at number 320 among all US-originating websites and number 983 worldwide. It is highly reputable with a TrustScore of 4.3 on Trustpilot and is highly popular. Users agree that the website is legit, and many have earned gift cards and cash through completing various tasks online.

However, before you sign up, you should be aware that Swagbucks isn’t a platform promising you a way to get rich.

When you use Swagbucks, you can be sure that you’re on a site that follows global internet regulations and privacy policies. It is compliant with various USA and international laws related to the internet, and they have a data protection officer who is in charge of looking after data privacy and GDPR. They are also compliant with US tax policies, and you will need to fill out certain tax information or declarations if you reach a certain amount of SB redemptions in a year.

How to Make Money Online from Swagbucks

If you are a resident of the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, or India, you can use Swagbucks to start earning rewards points as long as you are aged over thirteen years.

To sign up, visit the sign-up page and complete the form. You can sign up using an email address or using your Facebook account. Enter any sign-up codes that you have here to make sure that you get your bonus.

Once your Swagbucks account is created, you should then complete your profile to get started with earning more SBs. You will usually be asked demographic data questions that will make it easier for you to find relevant surveys and deals you can earn SBs from.

Best Swagbucks Searches and Ways to Earn

There are various features on Swagbucks that you can use to earn SB rewards. Some of the different ways to earn rewards from using Swagbucks include:

  1. Online Shopping

When you use Swagbucks to shop online or choose SBs as cashback, you can earn rewards. Swagbucks offer a plugin that you can also install on your browser to make sure that you stay updated with the latest shopping and purchase offers and deals from Swagbucks.

  • Internet Searches

Swagbucks have their own search engine which is powered by Yahoo. You can set it as the default search engine for your web browser and use it to make searches that you will earn SBs for. You could earn up to thirty SBs just for making online searches as normal. You will need to enter a displayed code to claim your rewards when your search is eligible for SB points.

  • Take Surveys

Another way to earn SBs and get paid from Swagbucks is by taking surveys. They offer a wide range of surveys on different topics that you can earn anything between 30-1500 SBs for or even higher. Surveys last from five to thirty minutes and there are usually quite a lot available to take.

  • Watch Videos

If you watch a lot of videos online, then you can earn money by doing this through Swagbucks. You can earn SB points by watching videos, movies, and news. How much you can earn will depend on the content. Videos range from ten minutes to one hour long.

  • Free Trials

Signing up for free trials is one of the most rewarding activities that you can take part in on Swagbucks, with some trial programs paying up to two thousand SBs. You can sign up for free trials of games, streaming services, and much more to earn points. Just remember to cancel the subscription before you are charged if you sign up using a debit or credit card.

  • Play Games

If you like playing online games, then you can get paid to do this in Swagbucks. There are various free and fun games to play on the site that can earn you around ten SB points just for playing.

  • Refer Friends

If you enjoy Swagbucks and think that your friends and family should get on board, you can earn SBs for making referrals. When you invite a friend to Swagbucks and they sign up successfully, you will earn a bonus of 300 SBs along with a 10% bonus of whatever your referred friend earns.

  • Daily Tasks

When you log into Swagbucks, you will see an eight-item daily task for you to complete. When this is done successfully, you can earn extra SBs. Tasks are usually surveys, polls, or other market research.

  • Upload Receipts

Whenever you go shopping at a retail store and get an invoice, you can upload a photo of it to Swagbucks to earn more SBs.

  1. Birthday Bonus

Finally, whenever your birthday comes around each year, you will be gifted bonus SBs and a personalised email including a rebate towards redeeming gift cards.

Redeeming SB Points for Cash or Gift Cards

The best way to make use of the SBs you earn while using Swagbucks is to get gift cards to spend at brands you shop at often. You can get gift card values from $3 to $500, meaning that you can cash out and get some money to put towards your next purchase with as little as three hundred SBs. Keep checking the Swagbucks gift card store to get the information on the latest deals since the gift card offers will change from time to time.

You can also use your SBs to withdraw cash to your PayPal balance. However, this may take longer compared to gift cards since the minimum amount that you can redeem is $25.

Is Signing Up to Swagbucks Worth It?

Most users of Swagbucks find that signing up is worth it. It provides an easy way to make some extra money in your spare time by completing tasks online, or even for doing things that you would normally do like making online searches or going online shopping. Along with this, you can also find better deals and offers for products and services that you may not have been aware of previously.

With the option to redeem your SBs for gift cards that you can spend at popular stores like Amazon, Swagbucks can be a great way to help you both make and save more money over time.

If you have a bit of spare time to complete online activities, don’t need the extra income that comes with a part-time job on the side and only want one side hustle app to use, Swagbucks could be perfect for you. It is one of the largest sites where you can get paid for doing a variety of things and is an ideal option for both teens and adults who want some extra cash. Instead of wasting your spare time watching TV or surfing the internet, you can use it to get paid instead.

Is There a Swagbucks Alternative?

Swagbucks is the largest site where you can get paid to do stuff. There are some alternatives to consider, such as online survey sites; however, these do not usually offer everything that is available at Swagbucks such as a browser plugin and the option to earn points from completing a wide range of tasks depending on what you prefer.

Swagbucks is the best option to consider if you want to join a site where you have a wide range of money-making options to choose from rather than just taking surveys. You can maximise your extra income by shopping online, signing up for free trials, making online searches and more.

If you want to be more productive in your spare time and use it to earn some extra money or gift cards to spend at your favourite stores, Swagbucks is a great site to sign up for.

If you have been looking at couponing sites to save money, you might have seen deals listed for Ibotta. If you have heard of Ibotta but aren’t sure what it is or how you can use it to save money, keep reading to find out more.

What’s Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free app that you can download on most Android and iOS devices for cash-back shopping and coupons. When using Ibotta, shoppers can earn cashback when they buy certain products by performing simple tasks, purchasing the item, and then providing proof of purchase.

One of the main advantages of using Ibotta and one of the main reasons why it is so popular among customers is the savings you can make. When using this app, savings are additional to any other saving strategies that you use. These might include rewards programs, coupons, rebates, other money-saving apps, and more.

Is Ibotta Legit and What is Ibotta Reviews?

The Ibotta app is simple and straightforward to use, as reviews will tell you. There are multiple steps that you will need to take to access your savings. However, these are fairly simple steps and there are clear instructions on how to navigate and get the most from the app.

To get started with using Ibotta, you will need to have a compatible device and be signed up to PayPal. Alternatively, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose to redeem your rewards in return for gift cards from certain retailers if you prefer.

Ibotta provides users with a range of different ways to earn cashback. To get started, open the Ibotta app on your mobile device and it will open on the Offers section. Here you will see pictures of the products with offers and the total amount of cashback you can earn if you purchase each product.

Once you have found a product that you are interested in purchasing, tap ‘Earn $’ to view the tasks that you will need to complete once you have made the purchase. For most products, there are several ways to earn cash. You can complete one, some, or all of the tasks. You can increase your cashback reward by completing more tasks.

How to Get Ibotta Money?

Some tasks that you may be asked to complete include participating in short polls, posting on your social media profile, writing a short comment about the product, reading a fact, or watching a short video. When you complete at least one task per offer, the product will be added to your ‘Checklist’ automatically. This allows you to earn money when you purchase the item.

Once you have purchased a qualifying product, you will then need to provide Ibotta with proof of your purchase. There are three different methods to do this that you can use. These include:

  1. Tap ‘Redeem’ at the bottom of the screen. Then, select the store where you purchased the product and follow instructions to submit a photo of your receipt.
  2. Link your store loyalty card to the Ibotta app with some retailers. As long as you scanned your loyalty card when you made the purchase, this will confirm your purchase of the item.
  3. Make purchases within the app or buy a product from an Ibotta mobile retailer, where the app will track your purchases.

Once you have provided proof of your purchase, Ibotta will verify it. You can then earn cashback. Once you have earned at least $20, you can either redeem a gift card or cash out to your PayPal account.

There are several ways that you can take advantage of earning money from Ibotta. The most popular are:

  1. Any Brand Cash Back Deals

Ibotta provides limited-time deals that allow you to earn cashback on product purchases regardless of the brand that you choose. For example, if you are heading out to go grocery shopping and need to buy pasta, you can get rewarded from Ibotta. This is regardless of which brand of pasta you buy – just upload your receipt to prove you bought it.

  • Recommended Retailers

This is quite a straightforward category of stores. Ibotta provides a list of recommended or popular brands that they think you may be interested in and can earn cashback when shopping with. Once you click on the brand page, you can see all the different cashback offers that are available for the brand. If you have a brand that you shop with a lot and have a loyalty card for, you might need to connect this for it to work. This is a good way to see what’s available for the stores that you visit frequently.

  • Shop By Category

You can easily use this section to find a product that you are already looking to buy. When you go to this section, you can see if the store that you are planning to make a purchase from has any cashback deals available.

  • Bonus Cashback Deals

Bonus cashback deals offer some of the highest payouts available in Ibotta. This is also where you can keep track of your new member offer progress if you have just signed up. You’ll also see any time-constrained limited offers and referral bonuses here. It’s worth keeping an eye on this section to see what comes up. It makes sense to go through here if you see a product or service that you were planning on buying.

  • Special Cashback deals

You can scroll down to the bottom of the Ibotta app to find special cashback and sponsored deals. The products available can vary, but it’s worth checking them out to see if there is anything that you are planning to purchase or buy regularly.

Other Ibotta Benefits

Along with buying products for cashback, Ibotta also offers a range of other features that users can take advantage of to earn additional cash.

  1. Bonuses

The more active you are when it comes to using the Ibotta app, the more bonuses you will be able to unlock. You can head to the ‘Bonuses’ section from the main menu to see which ones are available and how to earn them.

  • Referring Friends

You can also earn cash from Ibotta when you refer somebody else who registers and opens an account for the first time. To be eligible for the bonus, your friend should sign up using your link.

All of the offers on Ibotta have expiration dates, which you can find in two different places. The expiration date will be visible in the ‘Offers’, ‘Stores Extras’, and ‘Checklist’ sections of your app. You will also see a flag to inform you of any offers that are set to expire within the next five days, to avoid missing them.

Another good feature that you can use with the Ibotta app is tracking your earning activity. You can track your Bonus Rewards, receipt submissions, friend invitations, and more. Along with this, you can also head to the ‘Withdraw Cash’ section and view the ‘Lifetime Earnings’ tab to see how much money you have made so far using the app.

Where Can You Use Ibotta?

Ibotta currently works in over three hundred participating stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. You can see the current list of participating stores on the Ibotta website.

How to Redeem Your Ibotta Cashback

Once you have taken advantage of your offers in Ibotta and verified your purchase, Ibotta makes it easy to withdraw any cashback that you have earned. Once you have earned a minimum of $20, you can withdraw your earnings. In the app, head to the account section and select withdraw. You will then be asked to select which method you would like to use. You can get a digital gift card for a brand that Ibotta works with or have money transferred directly to your bank account or PayPal account. Once you have chosen, you can then link your account and select the amount that you want to withdraw.

Is Using Ibotta Worth It?

You might be wondering if it is worth signing up to Ibotta. The answer is that it depends. They do have some great offers on products that most people buy. However, if you can’t find any products that you are not planning to buy or products that you buy often, it might not always be worth it for you. Luckily, there are lots of cashback site alternatives available that you can sign up to alongside Ibotta. Bear in mind that Ibotta works with other money-saving strategies like coupons and apps so you could earn even more if you use a couponing site alongside it. Even if there is nothing available on Ibotta right now that you like, bear in mind that offers change all the time. It is worth keeping it downloaded and checking it regularly to see if the offers are updated to include something you want to buy.

Ibotta is one of the most popular cashback apps, allowing you to earn cash back on a wide range of purchases when you complete short tasks.

These days it’s fairly easy to find grocery delivery service gigs. However, it doesn’t mean that you want to start working with just any app. With grocery delivery drivers in high demand, you can represent a brand that offers the best driver experience and increase your income.

Shipt and Instacart are two of the largest grocery delivery services to choose from. So, which one should you choose? Just because these are two of the biggest and most well-known does not mean that either one of them will automatically be a good fit for you.

Before you get started, it is a good idea to do a comparison of each of these brands. That way, you can come to an informed decision about which one is going to be the best choice for you as a delivery driver.

Instacart or Shipt – How They Measure Up

How do Instacart and Shipt perform in the following categories?

Job Availability – Which is Better Instacart or Shipt?

When signing up as a grocery delivery driver, one of the first things to consider is whether the platform is widely available in your area. Shipt is available in two hundred and sixty cities in the US. It covers all states except for West Virginia and Alaska. Instacart is even more widely available, in over five thousand cities. It has markets in all fifty US states plus Canada.

This means that most, if not all, of Shipt’s operations will overlap with Instacart. On the other hand, Instacart has several other markets that drivers can choose from. Along with this, Instacart is more popular with customers, with over seven hundred thousand downloads per month compared to just over two hundred thousand downloads of Shipt.

As Instacart has a larger availability and customer base, it is likely to take on more drivers and provide more jobs.

Is Shipt Better Than Instacart for Shopper Requirements?

When you choose to become a shopper with Instacart or Shipt, you will need to first meet certain requirements before you can start driving. The requirements for both platforms are:

  • Be at least 18
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a car or other vehicle that is registered and insured in your state
  • Be able to lift forty pounds
  • Pass a background check

Along with this, if you are applying to Shipt, you will also need to pass an interview. If you want to drive for Shipt, you may also be required to have a newer Android smartphone. The shopper app is only compatible with Android 5.1 and above. In comparison, Instacart works with Android 4.4 and above. Both apps are compatible with iOS 10 or higher if you use an iPhone.

Instacart does not have any set requirements for vehicles. However, if driving with Shipt, you will need a car that is 1997 or newer. Instacart also offers jobs for certain grocery stores that don’t require a vehicle. All you need to do is shop and pack for pickup orders.

Shipt requires drivers to wear a company-issued uniform when making shopping and delivery trips. On the other hand, Instacart has a flexible dress code. You can wear any casual clothing as long as you wear safe, closed-toe shoes.

Which is Better – Shipt or Instacart for the Shopping and Delivery Process

You may have some preferences for where you want to shop as a Shipt or Instacart shopper. Consider which retail brands are partnered with each platform. Both work with large national brands like Costco, Petco, Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, and Safeway.

With Instacart, however, you may need to go to any of almost two hundred retail partners around the city including chains like ALDI and Publix. Shipt works with fewer partners including Target and might be a better choice if you want to avoid traveling across the city.

Aside from the differences in the stores where you will be shopping, the basic delivery process is pretty much identical for both. You will accept a delivery request ahead of time and then go to the grocery store. The shopping list can be accessed from your app, and you will get the requested items. Check out with a shopper card issued by the company and take the groceries to the drop off location within the requested time frame.

You will usually have plenty of time to get the groceries and drop them off since both apps offer a one-hour delivery as the shortest timeframe option.

What is Better Shipt or Instacart for Earnings

Whatever job you choose to do, the amount of money you can earn is a huge factor. This also applies when looking for grocery shopping gigs. Data shows that Instacart and Shipt drivers make an average of around $11 per hour.

When you drive for Instacart or Shipt, you will be classed as an independent contractor. This means that you will need to manage your own income taxes and self-employment taxes.

You will receive 100% of any tips that you make on either platform. However, how the earnings are calculated is where the difference is. Shipt shoppers receive $5 along with 7.5% of the order total before delivery and service fees. Instacart’s algorithm is more complicated. It often changes, but factors in item types, item amounts, and store locations. As a result, Instacart is better at paying drivers according to the amount of time and effort that they put into working. There are also more bonuses for working during peak hours or getting five-star ratings.

Driver Support – Is Shipt or Instacart Better?

It is important to be able to get in touch with somebody who can support you if you have any issues working for the app. Whether you are dealing with an order problem or issues with your app, quick support is necessary.

Instacart offers support by phone around the clock. You can also email Community Support members for less urgent queries or get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter. However, bear in mind that social media is not an official support channel for the company.

You can also get 24/7 phone support from Shipt and email support. These are both available through the shopper app. Although you are not guaranteed a response, you can also get in touch on Facebook and Twitter. Where Shipt is different to Instacart is that there is round-the-clock live chat support that you can access from the bottom right-hand corner of the website.

Which is Best For Shoppers?

While both of these options are good choices for grocery delivery drivers, Instacart is a better option. With Instacart, you can easily start your shopper gig from pretty much anywhere in the US or Canada. Although the companies both pay around the same, you can earn more with Instacart. This is because Instacart makes it easier to earn extra with bonuses.

Along with this, Instacart is more well-known compared to Shipt, meaning that you can get more delivery requests. But on the other hand, Shipt might be better if you have preferences when it comes to the number of stores you want to visit. You also have access to live chat support with Shipt, which is not available with Instacart.


Now that you know more about the differences between Instacart and Shipt, here are some answers to common questions to help you choose the right one for you.

Where are Instacart and Shipt located?

Both services are available in most major US cities. Instacart is more widely available than Shipt and is also available in Canada. You can view a full list of locations on their websites.

Are there any alternatives?

If neither Instacart nor Shipt are appealing options to you as a grocery delivery driver, there are some alternative options to consider. Amazon Fresh is a good choice that you can sign up to deliver as an Amazon Flex driver. Or, you can deliver with Whole Foods Market. Additionally, check out local or regional grocery delivery services in your area.

Can I work full-time?

As an independent contractor, you can choose the hours you want to work with Shipt or Instacart. You can work either full-time or part-time if you like. However, bear in mind that your hours might be determined by the demand in your market.

Do I get benefits?

Remember that as you are a self-employed contractor, you will not qualify for benefits. This could include things like sick pay and holiday pay. It’s important to make sure that you plan for these instances yourself. This applies even if you are working for Instacart or Shipt full-time.

Every day, thousands of customers use Shipt and Instacart for grocery delivery. It is a great way to make money shopping and delivering groceries in your spare time or as a full-time job. Instacart is more widely available, but both have plenty of flexible options for earning cash. And unlike driving for Uber or Lyft, you get to go inside stores and shop, giving you an opportunity to stay healthier.

If you have a car and are looking for a way to earn some more money, wrapping your car is a good option to consider. Car wrap advertising is a process where you are paid to put an ad on your car. It’s also known as car sticker advertising or vehicle wrap. Ride share drivers, commuters, delivery drivers, and car owners are often targeted by car wrap advertising gigs.

How to Make Money Putting Ads on My Car

The amount of money that you can earn from wrapping your car will depend on several factors. These include:

  1. The Car Wrap Company

The company that you work with to place an ad on your car will set their own prices. Wrapify, for example, pays around $260-$500 per month. Carvertise is another company that pays around $100-$300 per month just for displaying an ad on your car.

  • Where You Drive

Where you usually drive in your car can also factor in when it comes to how much you earn. Some routes are much busier and therefore have more people who can see the ad. If you tend to drive around big cities or other busy areas, you will usually earn more.

  • Wrap Size

How big and visible the ad is on your car will also determine your earnings. Wrapping your entire car with an add or several ads will definitely pay out handsomely. In comparison, you’ll earn less for displaying one ad on a small section of the car.

  • Miles Driven

The more often you drive, the more you will earn. Most car advertising companies want as many people as possible to see the ad. Because of this, there might be minimum mileage requirements to start earning money from wrapping your car.  

How to Find Companies that Pay for Car Wrap Advertising

You can certainly get paid to wrap your car with an ad. However, it’s important to be careful when you are taking on this kind of side job. There are scammers out there that should always be avoided. Before you take on a car advertising job, consider the following tips:

  • Check out the company profile, reviews, ratings, complaints, recommendations, and accreditation. You can do this using the Federal Trade Commission or Better Business Bureau websites.
  • Don’t do any deals with companies that ask you to make an upfront payment before you can put the ad on your car.
  • Be wary of any companies that contact you directly if you don’t have any previous work history or communication with them.
  • Only work with car wrap companies that pay you with a direct deposit.
  • Be careful if a deal seems too good to be true – it’s likely to be a scam.
  • Before signing up, check that the company is legit. Legit companies will always provide contact details, a location address, detailed information about the company, and more.

How much you can get paid to wrap your car can vary depending on several factors. The company you work with, the miles you drive, and the size of the wrap can all factor into your earnings. On average, you can earn anything between $50 and $1000 per month to place ads on your car.

The Best Car Wrap Advertising Companies – Get Paid to Wrap Your Vehicle

Some good car wrap companies to consider working with include:


ReferralCars offers a car advertisement program based on both commission and non-commission campaigns. With commission campaigns, drivers can negotiate or set the amount that they wish to earn for the ad. They offer a wide range of campaigns making it an ideal choice for entry-level drivers. They only work with decal ad types that do not leave any paint residue or scratches once removed from your car.


CarBucks is a company that mainly works with commuters. They match commuters who are willing to place ads on their cars with brands that offer these opportunities. Each banner ad placed on your car can earn you $1 per hour. Drivers are paid through either direct bank deposit or PayPal.


As a car advertising company based in Canada, CarWraps is more popular in the Canadian market but also available in the US. They offer a range of different wrap types to choose from. These include commercial wraps, vinyl wraps, accent wraps, interior wraps, and complete colour change wraps.


Complete an application with FreeCarMedia to be connected to the right advertisers. The amount of money that you can earn with this company depends on your mileage and the wrap size. On average, a full wrap can pay around $400 monthly. You can earn around $50 or more for a smaller rear window wrap.


This is an advertising site that links brands with drivers who are willing to put ads on their cars. With more than 170,000 drivers signed up to this platform, there is a wide range of advertisers to choose from. They work with some very well-known and reputable brands. You could be advertising for brands like Bavaria, EasyCar Club, Carabao and more.


This company works mainly with ride sharing drivers who use apps like Lyft or Uber. They offer light, full, or back windshield wrap types. Light wrap is placed on the car doors, while the full wrap covers the entire car body. They are active in major cities within Maine, Florida, Louisiana, and Colorado.

To sign up for a car wrap job with this company, you must meet some basic driver requirements. These include:

  • Drive at least thirty miles per day. This will be calculated from your ride share app logs.
  • Drive a car model that is 2010 or newer.

Depending on the miles you drive and the type of wrap you choose, you can earn around $500 per month.


This company has been around since 2012. It was founded by Mac Macleod, a college student aged twenty-one at the time. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and serves a nationwide market from seven major cities. It operates in Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Wilmington.

Carvertise offers full or partial wraps. Full wraps cover the entire body of the car except for the windshields. Partial wraps are placed on the sides of the car. Drivers can earn $100-$1,000 monthly.

To get your car wrapped by this company, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Drive a car that is a 2008 model or newer
  • Drive at least thirty miles every day
  • Have a clean driving record


Founded in 2015, Wrapify is a company that connects a wide range of brands with drivers who are willing to place ads on their cars. They currently work with over a quarter of a million drivers in six different locations. They work in New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

To become a driver with Wrapify, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download the Wrapify app for Android or iOS and follow the sign up steps.
  2. Set up your profile and apply to available car wrapping jobs.
  3. Once your offers are approved, wrap your car, drive, and get paid.

To get your car wrapped by Wrapify, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least twenty-one years old or older
  • Drive a car that is a 2010 model or newer
  • Drive at least fifty miles per day
  • Pass a background check

Wrapify offer four different ad sizes. These are topper wrap, full wrap, partial wrap, and light wrap. Ads are usually either decals or stickers. They claim that drivers can earn between $300-$500 monthly.

Other Ways to Make Money With Your Car

Aside from getting paid to put advertisements on your car, you might also wonder if you can use it to make more cash. The good news is that there are more and more opportunities to earn money with your car. Using it to pick up passengers or make deliveries are two of the most common options.

Rideshare Apps

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are a good option for making money from your car. As long as you have a clean driving record, meet driver experience requirements, and have a suitable car, you can sign up. You get paid per passenger that you pick up and can earn tips on top of fares. As an independent contractor, you can work as much or as little as you want.

Food Delivery

Delivering food is another common way to earn money from your car. Unlike ride sharing the car requirements are usually more relaxed. However, you may need insurance that covers food delivery depending on your area. DoorDash and UberEats are two common food delivery platforms to consider.

Grocery Delivery

You can also use your car to delivery groceries for customers using apps like Instacart. You will go to the store, shop for the groceries, and then deliver them to the customer within a given time frame.

If you have a car and do a lot of driving, placing an ad on your car can be a simple way to earn money.

The #YouCanCare week, between 25 February and 3 March this year, is held every year to raise awareness of how rewarding a caring role is. And this awareness is of great significance as we live in an ageing society with an increasing demand for jobs related to caring for the elderly. There have already been discussions about how new technologies, robot companions, or apps on smartphones can offer solutions in elder care instead of doctors. But we all know that nothing can replace that human connection, care and communication.

If you agree and are looking for a way to earn money flexibly or working full time, then you might want to consider a relevant job in this care sector – you don’t exactly have to be a professional, like a nurse, for example. You can find different ways to offer your care services to seniors, parents, pet owners and your community through AppJobs

– let’s explore them all!

Photo by Freepik

Jobs in the Care sector through AppJobs 1.Caregiver

You can choose to be a caregiver/caregiver for seniors through Care or ElderCare.

Both apps offer you opportunities to be a full-time or part-time caregiver. You can work in a flexible way and select the services you’ll provide, which can range from personal care, home care, nursing care, administering medication, preparing meals, or physical therapy, for example. The needs vary greatly for each family, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a related career or specialized knowledge – doing light housework, providing companionship, and making sure the elderly take their medication on time, for example, are things that everyone can do.

Check out Care in the USA: San Antonio, Sacramento, Orlando, El Paso. Check out Care in Europe: in London, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam.

Check out ElderCare in the USA: in Houston, Miami, FortWorth, Nashville.

But these two platforms are not the only ones you can register with to offer your elderly care services.

Can’t find your city? Enter AppJobs!

2.Shopping, pet care and cleaning services

Older people sometimes have mobility problems or get tired easily, so you might want to make their

grocery shopping through Instacart, Grubhub, or Shipt, for example. You can also try Envoy, which is mostly for grocery shopping but also for doing other small tasks for seniors, like picking up their medicine, clothes, or buying a birthday card.

Photo by Freepik

Check out Grubhub in SanBernardino, Indianapolis, Orlando and othercitiesin theUS. Check out

Shipt in Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and other cities in the US. Check out Envoy in Phoenix, LasVegas, LosAngeles, Houston.

Check out Instacart in the USA: NewYork, ElPaso, SanJose.

You can also take your senior’s dogs for walks. Especially on days when it’s cold or icy, they probably can’t take their best doggy friends for their morning walks. You can help them by registering with Rover, PetSitter, Wag! DogHero, or PetValet for example.

Photo by Freepik

Check out pet sitting jobs in the USA: in Nashville, Chicago, LosAngeles, Houston. Check out pet sitting jobs in Europe: in Paris, Milan, Liverpool, Madrid, Rome. Check out pet sitting jobs in other parts of the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

And what’s more, you could also clean their homes for them with TaskRabbit, 4home, Femplea or MerryMaids. Most elderly people get tired quickly or can’t be physically active enough to do these simple tasks like vacuuming, dusting or taking down the curtains for washing, for example. They will really appreciate your help!

Photo by Freepik

Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in the USA: in Miami, NewYork, Houston, Orlando and manyotherUScities.

Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in Europe: in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam.

Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in other parts of the world: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, MexicoMonterreyGuadalajara.

Offering senior care services can be very rewarding! Especially if you’re a person with highly developed empathy and compassion, taking care of other elderly people will make you feel like you’re doing something really important – and it is! Because in addition to helping your seniors with different chores, housework, and errands, you’ll be offering (most importantly) conversation and companionship – in other words, a great friendship!

More and more people nowadays use an app to order a taxi instead of waiting for one to pass by on the street, so if you’re thinking of starting driving with an app in UK as a part-time or full-time driver,

now is the time! You’ll be able to explore your city, interact with all kinds of people and earn good money.

Although there are some requirements you will need to complete in order to register with one of the apps available in the UK such as ViaVan, Haxi, GoCarShare, LiftShare, Hopp or AnyVan, for example.

But even if you don’t meet all of them, you can still find a way to get all the prerequisites with a little help from AppJobs!

Image by Freepik.com

Requirements to consider when registering as a chauffeur in the UK

Each driving platform usually has specific requirements and you need to check AppJobs to see what they are. For now, here’s a list of the most common ones:

There is usually a minimum age limit – with some apps it’s over 18 while with others it’s 21 years of age. age.

You need to have a valid UK driving licence. Your vehicle must be insured.

You need a smartphone (Android or iPhone) that will be compatible with a driving app that you will join. To receive your money, you will need a bank account or a PayPal account.

Some apps may require special licenses – to join ViaVan, for example, you will need a PCO license and a PHV vehicle license.

With some apps there are certain car specifications to meet – AnyVan suggests you use a Transit Van.

(SWB, MWB, LWB+), Luton Van, Flat Bed and 7.5t HGVs, while ViaVan requires your car to be at most 2010 or newer. If you meet the main requirements to join the app you want in the UK, take the plunge and explore your possibilities for chauffeur jobs with AppJobs. If not, you don’t have to worry, or give up the idea of becoming a driver! AppJobs

can help you! Read on!

Check out all the driving apps in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds.

Here’s how AppJobs can help you meet all the necessary requirements to start working as a driver in the UK.

You might have a driver’s license, but you don’t have your own vehicle yet. Or you might lack proper insurance. Does that mean you should give up on the idea of joining a driving app? Not at all!

AppJobs can help you with these types of requirements to get you started!

Rent a vehicle

Check out Splend UK through which you can rent a new car or new model in UK.

United! You can also get membership discounts, which means you can save on car waxes, tax and accounting services, health insurance and much more. And if you refer a friend you’ll get up to

£100 bonus!

ReadmoreaboutSplend, an innovative concept that will give you access to a suitable vehicle and insurance when driving with an app.

Image by Splend

EasyRentCars UK has UK-wide coverage and is the car rental platform of choice thanks to the many benefits they offer, such as best price guarantee, no credit card fees and free cancellation. You can also choose an insurance package in case of damage or theft.

Image by EasyRentCars

Try Quiqup which gives you the opportunity to rent a car (as well as scooters and bikes) so you can start working as  a courier and earn money.

Check out Hiya, a car sharing platform that allows drivers to rent out their cars to save time, money and stress, including

insurance that protects all parties involved.

Image by Hiya

Get insurance

Get appropriate insurance through Check out ZEGO UK. Policies available at Zego

include cover for private hire work, Social Personal Driving Insurance, Domestic & Pleasure and Hire & Reward cover for home delivery and home catering services.

Image by Zego

Get the right insurance through Tapoly UK, the company that offers on-demand insurance for people like you who work with apps, so you don’t have to worry about commercial risk and have more time to focus on doing what you love.

Are you out of work or stuck in a job you hate and need a new job fast? Being unemployed can be tough, but so is having a job you can’t stand going to every day. Let us give you some advice and information on how you can speed up the process and find a new job or better job opportunities quickly!

1. I need a job right now’ – Where do I look?

When you find yourself in the situation of needing a new job as soon as possible, you should look for a new job.

strategically suitable.

Photo by Norwood Themes on Unsplash

You can search for job openings that match your qualifications and experience on online search engines, but keep in mind that many companies post these openings on social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, before posting them elsewhere. There may even be special Facebook Groups in your city for specific job fields – ask a member so you’re always in the know. You can look for jobs in local newspapers or, if you’re interested in clerical work, walk around your town or a nearby mall and check out any “hiring” signs in store windows.

You are welcome to join our groups and connect with others:

Join our Facebook Group forAppJobers JoinourFacebookGroupforCleaners JoinourFacebookGroupforPetSitters Join our Facebook Group for Child Caregivers Join our Facebook Group for Freelancers JoinourFacebookGroupforOnlineTeachers JoinourFacebookGroupforLocalGuides

Join our Facebook Group for Drivers/Deliverers

You also have the option to subscribe to email alerts from specific job search websites or companies, choosing the keywords that should appear in the job offers, and receive job offers in your email as soon as they have been advertised. This way you will have the opportunity to be among the first applicants.

The golden rule is that, whenever possible, you should have personal contact. You can for example call or visit the company you are interested in, use your professional and social contacts to get in touch with those people who work at the company you are interested in working for, or even find the recruiter or manager of the position on LinkedIn and send them a personal message.

2. When you need a job quickly, you need to look for it efficiently.

Applying for a job can be time-consuming. Do yourself a favor and follow a few helpful tips that will save you some time. valuable time:

-apply for jobs that match your skills.

be sure to include key words from the job in your CV and Cover Letter.

Have a sample Cover Letter ready, but always tailor it to the specific job you are applying for.

-try to find an online or in-person connection to the job you want among your contacts who can help you to

attract attention to your request.

Do a Google search for in-demand jobs in the specific area where you live. Understandably, there will be more job opportunities in those fields. For example, construction workers, truck drivers, home health aides, and nurses were in high demand in the US in 2018.

3. Are you looking for solutions that will give you a job right now?

Applying for jobs will take up a fair amount of your time – if your need for work is really urgent there are always ways to skip time-consuming recruitment processes, CVs and interviews!

You can register with AppJobs, where you can easily find all kinds of jobs through online platforms.  Just type your city in the search area and see what apps are operating in your area with different categories such as freelance, Delivery, Babysitting,Pet Sitter, Driver, Cleaning, CarRental, Maintenance, Online Teacher, Home Chef, for example. Most of the jobs available on AppJobs have a very short registration process – from immediate to two weeks.

Another option for you is to download the Job Today app on your smartphone – an app that promises you can get a job in restaurants, shops, etc. within 24 hours!

Remember: When you need a job fast, the shortest way to find one is through your online and offline contacts. Tell your family, friends and former colleagues. Tell them you need a job right away. And you can always start working immediately with an app-based job to get the money coming in right away – find the right one for you on   AppJobs!

Are you a business owner or freelancer who needs some help with your entrepreneurial tasks? Do you go the extra mile and have to follow a strict budget? Fiverr is your solution: one of the biggest platforms for digital services, where you can land reasonable deals for freelancers who will get the job done in a great way. Prices for tasks can start from the low price of $5 per task but can go up depending on the complexity of your request. Keep reading this post to find out about the 10% discount that AppJobs has secured for you, for some specific services through Fiverr!

The type of services you can find on Fiverr are services related to the administration of your business, such as accounting, virtual assistance, document translation, legal or financial consulting, or services related to the promotion of your business such as logo design, web design, programming, video production, SEO, blog post writing, web analytics or email marketing. With all these services, Fiverr can help you grow and succeed in whatever you do!

Photo by Fiverr

Here are some more specific ideas about the services you can outsource with Fiverr

  • If you’re planning to start your new business, you probably need a name, logo and business cards. Outsourcing these services to Fiverr will save you a lot of money, as local designers can be very expensive.
  • If your business sells products, you should have professional product photos on your website and other online and offline materials, such as brochures. You can easily find photographers on Fiverr.
  • If your business has a website, it should be tastefully designed, even optimized for search engines, so you’ll need a good web designer and SEO expert.
  • You can hire someone to produce explainer videos about your services or products for your YouTube channel or make transcripts of videos that are great for YouTube SEO.
  • Optimizing the speed of your website is also important and you should consider outsourcing the optimization of the images you use.
  • When you don’t have time to do everything yourself, but also don’t have the money to hire an assistant, you can hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr – it will be a cheap and efficient solution.
  • If you also have to deal with legal issues, like writing privacy policies and contracts or filing for patents and trademarks, a legal advisor on Fiverr can help. And you can also find answers to your tax questions with the help of an accountant.

Remember, these are just a few of the services you can get help with affordably and efficiently with Fiverr: These are just a few of the services you can get help with affordably and efficiently with Fiverr. There are so many

categories and subcategories of services, that whatever you need, you’ll find it easily!

Why choose Fiverr to hire freelancers for your business needs?

1. It’s cheap! You’ll see the best deals and for some tasks, you’ll pay as little as $5! Fiverr is the perfect place to find help if you don’t have a lot of capital to invest for your business.

2. You can make an informed decision about who to hire. On Fiverr, everything is transparent. You’ll have access to all freelancer profiles, as well as their reviews, ratings, number of jobs or tasks completed and cancellation incidents. All this information can help you make the right decision for your needs.

3. Because you can search and find what you need very easily. All available services are categorized under 8 major categories, which in turn, are divided into subcategories. You can also search for what you

you need using specific keywords. In addition, Fiverr offers very useful filters for specifying your search. For example, you can narrow the results and find the perfect match for you on the price you are willing to pay, delivery time, seller language or level.

Photo by Fiverr

What to avoid on Fiverr

Fiverr has some fantastic services, but others should be avoided. Beware of profiles that promise you real social media followers in a matter of hours or days. These promised followers are most likely fake. The same goes for profiles that claim they can share your blog and social media posts with a large audience. And be extra careful with freelancers offering business plans and financial bunnies – they should have credentials to prove they know what they’re doing.

You don’t want to get in trouble for fake advice.

In general, avoid offers that sound too good to be true. Trust your common sense. If you don’t think anyone can do something right that they offer for as little as $5, go with someone who suggests a higher but justified price.


AppJobs offers you a unique partnership with Fiverr!

Find Fiverr on the AppJobs Services page to take advantage of this fantastic deal! FinancialhelpwithFiverr

Want to promote your freelance services and earn money with Fiverr?

Find all job offers with Fiverr in the USA: ElPaso, ElPaso, Orlando, Austin, LosAngeles.

Check out job offers in Europe: Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, London, Munich, Berlin, Rome, Madrid. Check out job offers with Fiverr in other cities: in Bogota and BuenosAires.

Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Extra Bonus: Watch our YouTube video about the top 5 craziest deals on Fiverr

It’s 2022 and the way people look for jobs has changed a lot since people used to buy the daily newspaper to look for jobs in the area. The advancement of technology has not only changed the job market, making some jobs obsolete and creating many new ones, but it has also changed the way people look for jobs. And while networking and creating new contacts is still number 1, looking for a job online is usually your next best alternative.

Let us show you some online job search platforms that you can use on your computer or download as apps on your mobile phone. Because life can be busy, using your mobile phone can often be more convenient. When you don’t have much time to invest in looking for a job, you could find your dream job, while riding the subway, waiting at the supermarket checkout or during a break at your current job via your mobile phone.

Photo by Freepik

1.   Monster

According to Search Jobs 2021 Monster, the monster is “one of the most visited job websites in the. world according to Alexa and remains consistently among the top five job sites in the United States.”

When you register with Monster, you enjoy many benefits. You can upload your CV and have it evaluated for free, for example. You can make your CV visible to employers and recruiters so that the job finds you (and not the other way around) and you can set up job alerts for the types of jobs you’re interested in. This way you can find out more about these jobs immediately when they’re posted and have a chance to be among the first applicants, which is very important. You can even download the Monster app on your phone to access new jobs and make sure you don’t miss out on your next great opportunity.

Photo by Monster

2.   Indeed

There are many useful features Indeed has to offer! In addition to creating

a free account, create an Indeed CV to quickly apply and search for jobs by location, and you can also filter results based on your requirements. You can use available filters and specific search terms to get better results based on job type, distance, salary, location, company and experience level.

And once you’ve found an interesting job, you can find more information about a particular company through Indeed’s CompanyPage to read reviews, see photos, job openings and average salaries. If you want to prepare well for the big question at every interview about your salary expectations, you can search for

average salaries by company and job type on Indeed’s Salary Page. And don’t forget: for job hunting on the go, you can always download the Indeed app on your phone and search for jobs, save them for later or easily apply with your Indeed resume.

Photo by Indeed


If your goal is to find a flexible job to do on your own schedule and above all and most importantly to find a job that you can do on your own schedule, then you need to find a job that you can do on your own schedule.

a job **without having to deal with applications and CVs, then AppJobs is the website for you!

Search for app-based jobs like Airbnb, PeoplePerHour, Foodora, Postmates, PetSitter, etc. By city and category in the easiest way! Some of the job categories you can find are: babysitting, pet sitting, delivery driver, chauffeur, online sales, etc. Read full descriptions and helpful reviews about the jobs you are interested in before deciding which one is best for you. You can easily find information about average earnings, requirements and how to register, so you can compare between different jobs. You can subscribe to theAppJobs YouTube channel to watch useful videos, join the AppJobs Facebookcommunityto exchange information and you can find all kinds of tips and news about app-related jobs in the AppJobsBlog section.

4.   Career Builder

Career Builder was founded in 1995 and has over 24 million unique visitors each month. It offers tools innovative job search features, such as a unique job recommendation search engine that helps you find jobs with keywords that are on your CV. Once you’ve applied for a job you can see how you’ve done compared to your competition with Career Builder’s Internal Hiring Report.

Of course, you can customize your searches and set up job alerts to be sent to your email. In addition, there is a Salary Calculator at your disposal to help you figure out how much you can earn. You also have the option to download Career Builder to your phone and have notification alerts to let you know who has seen your CV and when.

Photo by Career Builder

5.   Snag

How to find a job that is hourly, part-time or full-time? Try snag! It has a great

hourly jobs database that is updated frequently and once you have signed up as a job seeker you can have personalized local job alerts sent directly to your email or you can filter jobs by schedule (e.g. part-time, seasonal, summer work, hourly), industry (e.g. education, healthcare, catering, etc.), position (e.g. receptionist, teacher, childcare, etc.) company and location.

You can quickly apply for jobs that interest you and you can also send jobs to friends if you think that’s what they’re looking for. You can also find tips and videos from job search experts that can help you be more efficient when looking for a job! You can use Snag both on your computer and as an app on your phone – download it here.

Eighteen is a long-awaited moment: it’s the age when you become an adult. This means that your parents will no longer be responsible for any of your actions. You can make your own decisions – you can even get married if you want to! And one of the best things about being an adult is that you can work at whatever you want – no restrictions, except in the USA, where restrictions on alcohol apply until the age of 21, so you can’t work in a bar or buy alcohol for other people, for example.

But what jobs are there for 18-year-olds? You can do jobs that fit your personality, your interests or, even better, a job that gives you first-hand professional experience in what you want to study or what you want to work in all your life. It’s great to have this experience at such a young age! And how wonderful to be able to earn money on your own!

You can create a profile on AppJobs and search for all kinds of jobs by category: pet sitting, babysitting, freelance, online teacher and much more.

Let us give you some more concrete ideas!

Jobs for over 18s that will give you professional experience Care Services

If your goal is to study and work with social services or a job related to medicine, you may want to

work as a caregiver. You can provide care for seniors or children, with ElderCare or Care.com, for example.

Image by Freepik.com

Check out ElderCare in the USA: in Austin, Nashville, LasVegas, Sacramento.

Look at Care in the USA: in SanFrancisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, SanJose. And in Europe: in Brussels, Madrid, London, Paris, Amsterdam.

Find more cities and more caregiving job opportunities on AppJobs.

Pet Care

If pets are your thing and you want to become a vet or pet trainer, what a fantastic way to become a vet or pet trainer! to learn more about how to care for them!

Check out PetSitter in the USA: in SanBernardino, LosAngeles, Miami, Houston.


Check out Rover in the USA: in Chicago, Dallas, NewYork, Miami. In Europe: in Leeds, London, Manchester, Birmingham.

Find more cities and more pet care job opportunities on AppJobs.

Online tutor

Is it your dream to become a teacher? Start practising now! Teach a language, mathematics,

programming or whatever you are good at and offer online courses. There are many platforms where you can offer your courses on anything you can imagine.

Image by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Watch Verbling in the USA: in LasVegas, Houston, Dallas. In Europe: in Barcelona, Rome, Manchester, Munich, London. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Check out Udemy in the US: in SanAntonio, Phoenix, Houston, SanJose. In Europe: in Hamburg, Lisbon, Milan, Berlin. Elsewhere in the world:BuenosAires, Bogota

Find more cities and more online teacher job opportunities on AppJobs.

Freelance jobs in IT or marketing

If you want a career in IT or marketing, doing web development, coding, designing, blogging or

social media, there are many freelance platforms that you can join and do projects that are relevant and will offer you good money and valuable experience.

Image by Freepik.com

Check out Codester in the USA: in Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Miami. In Europe: in London, Paris, Berlin. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Check out Upwork in the USA: in Miami, Dallas, LosAngeles. In Europe: in Leeds, Munich, Naples, Vienna. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires,

Check out PeoplePerHour in the USA: in LasVegas, SanDiego, Chicago, Austin. In Europe: in Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Find more cities and more freelance job opportunities on AppJobs.


Are you good at the arts? Do you like to paint, design your own clothes or create jewellery? Maybe you want to become a photographer, actor or musician, you can start selling your art online, do acting jobs, do photoshoots at events or do gigs at parties

with your band!

Image by Freepik.com

Check out Etsy in the USA: in FortWorth, SanAntonio, PhoenixPhoenix, LosAngeles. In Europe: in Munich, Valencia, Barcelona, Liverpool. In other cities around the world: BuenosAires.

Check out GigSalad in the USA: in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville. Find more cities and more artistic freelance job opportunities on AppJobs.

There are a large number of jobs for over 18s on AppJobs and in different fields. Take the plunge and see what platforms are available in your city by typing the name in the search area. You may discover something you would never have thought of. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for useful videos and follow us on Facebook.

Is it winter where you live? If so, you’re probably watching this under a soft blanket on your sofa, sipping a hot cup of tea and counting down the days until spring arrives. Or maybe you’re one of those hardier people who doesn’t mind the cold weather and likes to spend time outside despite the harsh conditions.

Whatever your style, we have some interesting ideas for you to earn money with winter jobs. Maybe you want to save for your next summer trip or need some money to complete your new year’s resolutions.

Let’s look at opportunities for you who prefer to earn money at home and don’t mind the weather outside.

1.  Winter job ideas if you want to stay inside Kitchen at Home

If you enjoy the comfort of your own home and like to cook, why not become a chef at home and make dinner parties For travelers visiting your city or locals who want to meet more people, it will be  fun for  you and you can spend those cold nights in the comfort of your own home, while earning good money!

Check out home chef jobs in the USA: Miami, Los Angeles, NewYork, Austin. Check out home chef jobs in Europe: Lisbon, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, London.

Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Online teacher

Prepare your courses and offer them online from home! Offering courses online means you don’t have to move around town to visit your students – your workplace can be your living room, bedroom or sofa!

Stay inside, stay warm and offer your knowledge to the world, while wearing slippers.

You can teach everything from languages to coding to cooking to marketing! You’ll earn good money that way.

Take a look at online teaching jobs in the USA:

Nashville, SanFrancisco, Chicago, NewYork.

Check out online teaching jobs in Europe: Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Leeds. Check out online teaching jobs in other parts of the world: Bogota.

Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Online stylist

Is fashion your thing? Do you spend time discovering and reading about new fashion trends? You could work as an online stylist with Stella & Dot and advise clients on their clothing, accessories and jewellery choices. Many will appreciate your contribution and seek your advice, which will put money in your designer pockets. And the most important part: you can run your business from home – no need to go out in the cold winter!

Take a look at Stella & Dot in the USA: LosAngeles, Tampa, Dallas

Online Retailer

Does winter make you stay at home and get more creative? Have you started knitting, making jewelry or your own decorations? Start selling online through Etsy! You can set up your workspace at home and do the rest online. The only reason to go out is to ship orders to your customers. Is it or isn’t it the perfect job for winter?

Check out Etsy in the USA: Orlando, Miami, LosAngeles. Check out Etsy in Europe: Amsterdam, Naples, Manchester, Munich. See Etsy in other parts of the world: BuenosAires Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Child care

Winter comes with holidays for children. You can do babysitting jobs and help families when parents need to work during their children’s vacation or you can try other child-related jobs, such as tutoring or babysitting at winter camps.

Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

Check out childcare jobs in the USA: New York, San Jose, Houston, Nashville. Check out childcare jobs in Europe: Madrid, Rome.

Take a look at childcare jobs in other parts of the world: MexicoCity. Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!


Remote freelance jobs are great for the winter and you can do them exclusively online using your computer, your internet connection and your skills and talents, of course! You don’t have to get out of your pajamas to get the job done. Just sign up to freelance platforms that offer you work opportunities for all kinds of tasks including IT, marketing, administration, coding, etc.

Check out freelance jobs in the USA: New York, Dallas, SanFrancisco, San Bernardino, Check out freelance jobs in Europe: Milan, Lisbon, London, Paris.

Check out freelance jobs in other places around the world: Bogota, BuenosAires, MexicoCity Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

2.  Winter job ideas if you don’t mind being outdoors

If you are a ski or snowboard coach, then you already know what you can do. For you, who have not yet acquired these skills, we have other ideas on how to earn money during the winter.

Home delivery driver

Are you brave enough to ride your bike around town delivering food to people who don’t dare to go outside on a winter’s day? Then consider home delivery. As the proverb says, there is no bad weather, if not bad clothes. So wrap up warm with warm clothes, gloves and wool socks and start earning money delivering food. There’s also the option of delivering by car, if you have one, for a less rugged experience.

Before you decide, watch the following video about Emilio, a rider with Foodora who delivers food even in the freezing cold of Stockholm. Nothing is impossible!

See all delivery driver jobs in the USA: Nashville, New York, Indianapolis. See all delivery driver jobs in Europe: Hamburg, Berlin, Rome.

Check out delivery driver jobs in other parts of the world: BuenosAires, Bogota, MexicoCity. Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!


You can go shopping and deliver food to people who don’t feel like going out in the cold winter day. They might be feeling very cold, sick or don’t have time to do their shopping. Take the first step and help them by doing their shopping for them with Instacart.

See all Instacart jobs in the USA: Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, Tampa. Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!


When it rains, snows or the thermometers show negative temperatures, people prefer to spend as little time as possible waiting for a taxi or bus on the street. And they probably use one of the driving apps to get a ride to their destination. You can, earn good money by working while driving with your car.

See all driving jobs in the USA: San Francisco, NewYork, Chicago, Indianapolis. See all driving jobs in Europe: Madrid, Barcelona, London, Liverpool.

Check out driving jobs in other parts of the world: MexicoCity, Bogota, BuenosAires. Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Pet Care

Winter means holidays for many. But what happens to those adorable pets while their owners are skiing or somewhere in the sun? They need to be cared for! Your time to shine! Offer boarding care or grooming services to adorable pets to earn good money in a fun way.

Check out pet sitting jobs in the USA: Nashville, Chicago, Indianapolis, NewYork. Check out pet sitting jobs in Europe: Madrid, Liverpool, Frankfurt, Paris.

Take a look at pet sitting jobs in other places around the world: BuenosAires, Bogota. Can’t find your city? Search for it on AppJobs!

Interest in distance learning is on the rise and all over the world. People go on the Internet for everything, and their education also follows this trend. It is also a consequence of the movement of people and globalization: it is easier nowadays for people to move all over the world, so distance learning, although it requires more in personal motivation, seems to be a very convenient solution in many cases. In addition, people need to be updated about new trends and technologies and need to constantly acquire new knowledge and competences to be able to compete   both locally and internationally.

So, if you are a professional teacher or a person with a passion for a particular subject, do online teaching jobs. A good idea with a good reward.

Image by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Your options for online teaching jobs

Being an online tutor can be a little scary at first, especially if you’re not a teacher in the online world. How do you How do you find students and how do you organize everything? Fortunately, there are many teaching platforms for

online teachers that already know how to sort out all these details for you, so that if you decide to become an online tutor, the road to success will be a smooth one.

What can you teach online?

Practically everything! There are platforms that give you the opportunity to teach what you are passionate about and what you have a good knowledge of.

Explore all your online teaching opportunities in the USA in Madrid, Bogota, Orlando, BuenosAires, LosAngeles.

Online teaching jobs exclusively for languages

Image by Verbling

A big category of online learning is language tutors. There are people who want to regain their skills with a language and go online to find and practice with native speakers of that language. For others who plan to move to a particular country, it is a very easy option to be able to prepare the language in their own free time with professional online tutors. Many others learn languages as a hobby and prefer the option of taking online courses from the comfort of their own home.

AppJobs is the perfect place to find the right platform for you to join as an online language teacher. You can quickly find out how each platform works, what tools they offer to prepare your lessons, what fees they keep for services (if any) and other useful information.

But the most important thing is that you pay attention to the requirements for online teaching jobs! The good thing is that not all platforms require you to be a certified teacher or have previous teaching experience – on some platforms it’s enough if you are a native speaker!

Explore all your online teaching job opportunities in Europe in: Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam

With Lingoda and Tutoroo, for example, no qualifications or certificates are required as long as you are a native speaker of the language you teach. Verbling requires you to be a native speaker and to have previous experience teaching your language, but a certificate, although preferable, is not necessary. italki, on the other hand, requires you to be a native speaker or an advanced certificate level (C2), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Tandem requires you to be a certified language tutor.

Explore all your online teaching job opportunities in other parts of the world: BuenosAires, Bogotá.

Online teaching jobs for anything you can think of

If languages aren’t your thing, you can always go to other platforms to offer a great selection of topics, besides languages, such as coding, music, painting, mathematics, statistics, economics, marketing, photography, design, business, makeup, acting, calligraphy, shoe making, cooking, personal development or even spiritual awakening. The list goes on and on! And you can find students from all over the world interested in what you want to teach.

As with language teacher jobs, AppJobs can be your guide to choosing the right platform for your skills. Be sure to read all the details about the different apps and pay special attention to the requirements that may vary from app to app.

Savvy, Preply and Udemy, for example, require you to have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the subject you want to offer classes on – you don’t need to be a certified teacher. Don’t forget that all online teaching job platforms offer students the opportunity to review your classes and it’s to your own benefit to have good reviews and ratings. Positive reviews will come if the level of your courses is high enough, the content is clear and your attitude is friendly! And to achieve this, you really need to know what you’re talking about!

Explore all your online job opportunities with AppJobs!

The term ‘digital nomad’, once treated as something of a mystery, has shed all secrecy and become fashionable. Small, artsy coffee shops selling lattes on the go and co-working offices located all over the world house these individuals who want to earn their money by freelancing remotely.

As long as there is a stable internet connection and some gadgets are provided, digital nomads will hop on planes, boats, trains and buses to find fulfilment and excitement in their lives. The question arises though: How to become a digital nomad today?

Let’s see how!

  1. Education
    We can agree that education is a good place to start – in virtually everything that has to do with
    to do with work, jobs and careers. Digital nomads are a very diverse group, so no course will tell you how to become one. However, by specializing in certain areas or subjects, you will have a big advantage over other people.

IT jobs and everything related to the digital world, with almost no face-to-face meetings, will give you all the flexibility to earn money as a digital nomad. Based on where you live, be it any continent, country or city, you can look for courses in programming, writing, video creation and editing, marketing, or even project management.

All ideas are welcome.

  1. Gain Experience
    After or even after college, you can think about putting the skills you’ve learned to use in your life.
    real. We know that students – soon to become digital nomads – at Hyper Island must work with clients throughout their education, but that may not be the case at your university.

No matter the job, you can find a place to practice your skills. For example, you can register with several companies, such as theOne or UpWork registered on AppJobs. Their numbers are growing all the time.

In addition to all official employment, offer your services to friends, family, acquaintances, etc. You always need a few references

  1. Work Environment
    So you’ve studied, you’ve got experience and your clientele is growing. Now it’s time for you to start really as a digital nomad, you must decide where to work.

• Do you prefer to create a home office?
• Do you like to spend time in a coffee shop?
• Have you heard about co-working spaces and want to give them a try?

We hope you know what you want and what you are passionate about so that it is not such a complicated decision. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. What you need to think about is whether you can concentrate with people talking in the background, laughing or walking near you.

If you never liked sitting in a library while studying, we suggest you work from home or a quiet corner of a co-working space in the country of your choice.

  1. Self Management
    Don’t worry, we won’t give you advice on how to live your life. Our only goal is to remind you of the
    importance of some things that may seem trivial. Like your daily routine. As you browse the internet, you’ll end up on pages dedicated to how to work efficiently and effectively regardless of your location. Not all, but many freelancers work as digital nomads.

If you’re planning to make a living as an independent contractor, you should create a system that works for you and allows you to get organized and complete all of your projects before a deadline. If you enjoy looking at flowers and like to breathe in the ocean breeze, travel to a more southerly region.

Asia is considered a cheap area, why not take jobs from Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur?

  1. Finance
    Even if it’s number 5, we need to talk about finances. For starters, you’ll need to have a small amount of money saved before embarking on the journey of being a digital nomad. Of course, hitchhiking is free, but you certainly don’t want to spend hours driving to Colombia. What about Asia and Australia?

Keep in mind: Digital nomads have a lot in common and can learn from each other, but you are unique. We wish you all the best!

Explore all the opportunities for digital nomads with Appjobs!

Every year thousands of people decide to move to other countries for work, love, or fun. Sometimes they choose another continent to experience other cultures, but many decide to play a safer card and stay in a region that resembles their own.

In 2018, an HSBC “Expat Explorer” Survey was conducted and the results are in. It contains 3 sections: economic factors, experience and family groups. will 2019 follow the trend, it seems so!

Let’s take a look at the best destinations for you as a future expat!

1. Singapore

Singapore is in first place for the fourth time in a row. Considering both economic factors (e.g. politics, career progression, etc.) and experience (integration, making friends, culture, etc.) and family groups (health, quality of childcare, social life), it is at the top.

The city-state is a financial cradle, so expats from all over the world choose this place as their temporary home, but it will take some getting used to. However, you will have to get used to the density of people – hopefully it will only take a few weeks and no longer!

2. New Zealand

While some are quite likely to move to New Zealand for Lord of the Rings, many other reasons may lead expats to live on this island. In terms of work/life stability, it is in the top two, but in terms of savings and disposable income, expats responded that they were not so happy with this point. However, this is a fantastic place to start a business.

3. Germany

One of the most powerful countries in the European Union is definitely leading in terms of economic motives. One can also see that making friends and socializing are not among its strong points. However, families with children can take advantage of fantastic services.

Are you looking for a job in Germany?

Find jobs in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart!

Courtesy of HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2018

4.                                                                                                                                               Canada

Canada is the only North American in the top ten, probably not a coincidence. According to expats, it’s a great place for families with children, but they have to overcome many challenges in order to make friends. Work-life balance is not a myth in Canada, and career progression is very common, but individuals may be concerned about increasing their savings.

5.                                                                                                                                               Bahrain

This island-state ‘only’ reached the number 9 spot in 2017, but has almost reached the podium in 2018. The reason is money, as Bahrain is a financial cradle. According to more than 22,000 expats who responded to this survey, they can have a better work-life balance. Based on the graphs, it can be concluded that expats were not so positive about their physical health or cultural experience in their new home.

6.                                                                                                                                               Australia

Perhaps another paradise for expats in terms of experiences, but Australia is only ranked number 7, considering the economy, and even worse in terms of family groups. Still, this island in the southern hemisphere can provide expats with a great work-life balance. They also enjoy a stronger entrepreneurial spirit.

Courtesy of HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2018

7. Sweden

The only Nordic country in the top 31 is Sweden. It is said that most Swedes who live elsewhere, come back when they want to start a family. Well, there’s a reason for that. Expats with families can easily manage their life and work here while enjoying government and workplace support. If expats can deal with the winter darkness, then it’s an amazing place to live and work.

8. Switzerland

In the heart of Europe, this mountainous country known for its banking system and watches among others, maintains its number 8 spot on the list – due to economic factors. No surprise! While expats say the schools are fantastic in Switzerland, they fail to make friends, and integration can be complicated. However, if expats are looking for a place to earn and save money, they should consider emigrating from their home country to Switzerland.

9. Taiwan

Politically speaking, Taiwan is an interesting case, but expats feel safe and well integrated there. Although work sometimes overtakes private life, making friends is not a headache for any of them. Financially speaking, expats say they can save more money than in their home countries.

Why stand still when the world keeps turning? Why settle and live a life with schedules when you can travel, see the world and fill your life with amazing experiences? But you might think, I need money to live and travel… Of course, you need money. But money doesn’t need to come from a 9-5pm office job. It can come from remote marketing jobs that you can do while you’re on the move, while you’re on a terrace watching the stars or while you’re enjoying a refreshing exotic drink at a beach bar. All you need is your computer and a good internet connection!

Why marketing and creative jobs are perfect for remote work

Jobs related to creativity and digital marketing are easy to do outside of an office. They are about

all writing, content creation, digital and influencer marketing, design, SEO and other relevant tasks that don’t require your presence in an office. Sometimes they can demand you to be out of the office – it’s true: how can you write about Bolivian cuisine if you don’t experience it for yourself? And in case you need to attend a meeting, communication is easier than ever through the internet. That’s why remote marketing jobs – along with IT – are among the most popular jobs on different online platforms for freelancers.

Search your options for remote marketing jobs with AppJobs

Live your life the way you want by doing marketing jobs from wherever you are!

1.   Verblio

Verblio is the ultimate app to join if you want to write blogs and content for clients. You can choose your topics that you find interesting and the best thing is that you can have a different subject every day! What are the chances of getting bored? Almost zero! Just make sure your content is 100% original and you’ll get paid every Monday for blogs that are purchased.

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities with Verblio in San Antonio, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix y Houston.

2.   Fotolia

Fotolia is the place to sell your photos, videos,  vectors  and  illustrations.  With the increase of content from digital marketing and social media, there’s a huge demand for original visual content and yours will be published on

both Fotolia and Adobe Stock Photo – which translates into great visibility! You’ll earn money from royalty fees, which means you can make money while you sleep… Great, right?

Explore all your remote marketing job opportunities with Fotolia in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Nashville.

3.   The Right Fit

Do you have a large following on Instagram and are you considered an Influencer? With The Right Fit, you can connect with businesses to earn money with remote marketing jobs such as producing content or promoting services or products through your social media accounts. If you’re a digital nomad who travels, you can easily combine business with pleasure by offering content about travel, food or even content about your favorite activity, like

skiing or surfing!

Explore all your remote marketing job opportunities on AppJobs.

4.   Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is an app for all types of freelancers, but marketing-related tasks are among the most popular.   You can do writing, copywriting, editing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, content marketing, SEO and much more! You’ll get to many remote marketing jobs and the great thing about Hubstaff Talent is that you don’t have to bid to claim assignments!

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in the USA with Hubstaff Talent in: Miami, SanBernardino, LasVegas, Austin.

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in Europe with Hubstaff Talent in: Brussels, Valencia, Hamburg, Paris, Paris, Madrid, Naples, Lisbon

5.   PeoplePerHour

Another platform where you can find many remote digital marketing and creative tasks is on

PeoplePerHour. You will earn money per hour or per project and you will get jobs related to Design, Animation, Illustration, Social Media, Writing, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Note that with PeoplePerHour you will have to bid on projects to get them done and you get 15 free bids per month.

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in the USA with PeoplePerHour in: San Diego, Nashville, Indianapolis, Orlando

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in Europe with PeoplePerHour in: Munich, Rome, Berlin, Manchester

Can’t find your city? Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in the rest of the world on AppJobs.

Things to consider when doing remote marketing jobs

The world may be calling you, but you need to stay focused and be disciplined in order to deliver.

with deadlines. There may be no boss to tell you when and how to work, but you still need to get it right with your clients. Don’t forget that all apps work on reviews and of course, good reviews can take you a long way (even to a far away exotic island).

So, you should read through the details of each app, and look for any fees involved and how you will receive your money. For example, Verblio doesn’t charge you anything and PeoplePerHour allows you to place 15 bids a month for free, and after that, you’ll need to buy additional credit. As for payments, they’re all done online and secure, and you’ll have it available through PayPal, similar platforms or bank transfers. With Fotolia, specifically, you can request to get paid when the total sum reaches $50.

As for fees and insurance, if you’re travelling you might want to decide where to base your business and perhaps consider private insurance to cover you wherever you are. Check out our blog to read more about life as a digital nomad.

Christmas is that time of year when your pockets are sure to empty quickly – seriously, how can you resist all the holiday shopping that will make your loved ones happy? At the same time, you’re probably filled with real feelings of love and happiness (unless you’re the Grinch…) and you’d like to do something to help the world be a better place.

Did you know that there are ways to earn money and contribute to a better world at the same time? Yes, you can make be part of social change through your smartphone! There are many opportunities on AppJobs that you can take advantage of, earn that extra money you need at Christmas AND contribute to social change. It’s a win-win for your pockets, your conscience and society – maybe it’s your new year’s resolution for 2019!

Car sharing and parking space rental

Doing something good for the environment can be as simple as sharing your car or parking space.

with other people in your city. Sharing your car means there are fewer vehicles on the roads and less CO2 emissions. Renting your parking space, when you are not using it, also helps cars to be using their engines a little less inside the city. And both options can help you to earn money!

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash

Check out SocialCar in Valencia, and Amovens in Madrid.

Check out Kerb in Valencia, JustPark in Madrid, Spot Hero in Miami and SPOT in LosAngeles.

For more options, select your city on AppJobs and explore hundreds of opportunities around the world!

Local Guide

Did you know that you can offer guided tours to tourists who visit your city, earn money and also give money to the charity? Well, you can do all this with U2Guide – U2Guide donates 50% of its net profits to trusted local NGOs! And you can donate part of your own profits if you want.

Check out the U2Guide in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and LosAngeles.

For more options, select your city on AppJobs and explore hundreds of opportunities around the world!

Electric Scooter Charger

The new trend for 2019 is about the city and its electric scooters – it really does make a difference in the environment, and it’s also really fun for users. What you can do to earn money is to collect all the scooters and load them into your personal space.

Check out Lime in Madrid and Monterrey. Check out Bird in SanDiego, Dallas, LosAngeles.

For more options, select your city on AppJobs and explore hundreds of opportunities around the world!

Delivery man on bike

What better way to help your city breathe a little easier than by delivering food or packages by bike? No!

you will only contribute to a cleaner environment, but you will also exercise (for free) while earning good money!

Get on the move with DoorDash in Miami, Orlando, LosAngeles, ElPaso, SanAntonio Check out Favor in Austin and Dallas.

For more options, select your city on AppJobs and explore hundreds of opportunities around the world!

Online sales

What else can you do for the environment? You can sell your unused stuff online! Maybe you’re

wondering how this can help the environment. Well, by selling your stuff, you will reduce the need for production of new products, which means less CO2 emissions from all those units produced and factories around the world.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Check out Letgo in Los Angeles and Miami; Shpock in Barcelona and Madrid; Vinted in Valencia and Madrid; Etsy in Bogotá and Guadalajara.

For more options, select your city on AppJobs and explore hundreds of opportunities around the world!

Equipment rental

In addition to selling your items online, you can also decide to rent them out. Think about all those things you have but that you use very occasionally, like speakers for a party, a wood-chopping saw, or other things that are piling up in your closets, like a baby seat. The result is the same as selling your stuff: more money in your pocket and less need to buy new products.

Check out Vinted in Madrid, Surfy Nomads in Barcelona and SanFrancisco; Zilok in Phoenix and Houston; Rent Like A Champion in SanAntonio and Chicago.

What are you waiting for? Visit AppJobs to find jobs in your city that will help you earn money and make a positive contribution to society!

The reasons why people may need a part-time job can vary. As always, internal and external factors play a major role in making decisions in our lives. Think about it!

What would prompt you to sign up for another job?

By examining your needs and talking to other people, a few reasons can be perfectly identified:

  • Students who want to support themselves while studying full or part-time.
  • Recent graduates looking for their dream job who need some experience and easy money.
  • Full-time workers who want to change their careers and/or need extra money.
  • Retired people who want to supplement their pensions and/or wish to remain in the labour market.
  • Parents with young children who are planning their return or prefer to stay in the game while at home caring for their children.
  • Unemployed people who expect to be able to get back to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Without a full-time job, recently relocated expats who want to earn a salary by doing part-time work.
  • And the list could go on and on.

We’re sure you have some good and relevant ideas. But for now, we aim to talk about the most promising part-time jobs for 2019.

1.  Home and Pet Care

By house-sitting, you can certainly maximize your earnings and forget about rental fees. Sometimes housesitters earn even more by pet-sitting in a sunny or cloudy corner of the continent. (Changing your accommodation in the city on a frequent basis can also be an option).

Pet sitting can give you and many others the ability to create a flexible schedule. Traditionally, these types of part- time jobs are accessible to both more and less experienced animal lovers. WithRover, if you have a certificate it can increase your chances of finding clients more quickly. No matter where you are in your professional or private life, doing part-time pet sitting jobs can help pave the way to opening your own pet sitting facility in the near future.

2.  Freelance Online

Don’t you like to get up early, go to the office and stand in front of the screen for minutes while you wait for the caffeine kick in? We hear you, that’s why we want to point out that freelancing can be beneficial for your body and mind. Looking for and accepting easy jobs on Porch or selling your marketing services on TheONE could be your (beneficial) way to do what you want whenever and wherever you want. You can create a good impression with a detailed but concrete profile (mentioning skills, rates, languages you speak, previous experience, etc.) – on any platform. Flexibility and freedom are guaranteed.

3.  Recharge Scooters

Our society is constantly on alert about the consequences of climate change and companies that are promoting the use of electric scooters are here to perform. And someone has to pick up and charge their fast vehicles overnight. We once saw a person carry three scooters at once! We couldn’t believe his creativity and stamina. It’s

true that you have that attitude too. As a scooter loader, you don’t have to quit your full-time job or skip any classes. You’ll take command of your schedule and earn extra cash in an instant by plugging in and charging a few of these vehicles.

4.  Delivery driver

Some predictions have also been made regarding flexible delivery jobs. In the future there will be a

increased food ordering through a tweet or a virtual assistant, a TV or with your eyes.

Being a freelancer, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced freelancer, you know all too well the difficulties of being completely independent. You have to take care of everything from client meetings, to schedules, to finances. And to recognize a great opportunity, let’s say the best freelance jobs possible, you must have first or second-hand experience.

Here are some ideas and some of the best freelance platforms that AppJobs can show you!

  1. The One

This platform is where all kinds of experts register and sell their services. Regardless of your profession, field or sector, you can create a profile and wait for customers to come to you. Thanks to technology, your clientele can consist of people from different countries, regions and continents. Considering the number of experts who have already signed up, we could say that the One counts as one of the best platforms for freelancers.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

With a detailed profile, you could easily convince your potential clients that you are the expert freelancer they are looking for. The more you know, the more services you can add on this freelancing platform. You’ll be earning by the minute.

See all The One offers in Europe

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia. In South America in BuenosAires. In the USA in Miami and LasVegas.

Enter here and find all the job opportunities with The One.

This multifaceted freelance website shares some similarities with the previous one, but, with this one, you’ll be able to earn money by hour. Some freelance jobs can be more profitable this way. You and your colleagues will be used to working

by the hour. At PeoplePerHour, you can sell your translation, legal, IT, marketing, PR, etc. services in your city or worldwide.

Earn money working flexible hours as a landscape architect!

It’s essential to show your portfolio to the world – and aim to get good reviews. On this freelance platform, clients can search according to popularity (like 5/50+ completed projects). Think about getting insurance as well.

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Explore job opportunities in South America in BuenosAires and Bogota. In the US with PeoplePerHour in Houston, Austin, LasVegas, LosAngeles.

Don’t see your city? Click here and see if PeoplePerHour is available in your city!

This platform invites freelancers interested in photography. You’ve probably heard the names of

content manager, content writer, content producer and the like. Stock photos are a great way to make every website more attractive. With Adobe Stock, you can watch your balance grow when someone finds your photos that are perfect for their purposes.

Take pictures of nature, cars, people, animals, etc. You decide!

Photo by Adobe Stock

Do you want to work as a freelancer? Check out all the possibilities in Europe in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia. In South America in MexicoCity, BuenosAires, Bogota, Leon, Monterrey. And in the USA in Miami, Dallas, SanFrancisco, SanDiego, LosAngeles, NewYork.

Can’t find your city? Click here and check out all the freelance opportunities in your city!

Undoubtedly, one of the top freelance platforms, where there is no work to be done really, is Hiving.

All you have to do is complete one survey. Sometimes you will be able to fill out several surveys in a day, sometimes one is the maximum. This particular freelance job won’t help you too much in finding your dream job but it’s a great way to earn some extra weekly money. We also recommend that you plan your finances in advance.

No skills required.

Photo by Hiving

Check out all the opportunities to work with Hiving in: Europe in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia. In South America in Mexico City,Monterrey,Guadalajara,Leon,BogotaandBuenos Aires.And in the USASan Jose,San Francisco,SanAntonio, Houston.

If your city is not listed, click here to see if Hiving is available in your city!

This freelancing platform is one of a kind. It is the place where you can sell all kinds of services. Its

name indicates the standard earnings one can earn for doing a job; that’s five dollars. Of course, your expertise can cost more. Always check out other offers to learn more about your competition.

Personalize someone’s online dating profile!


Yes, those kinds of offers pop up from time to time on this freelance platform. You can be really professional, but an older person might not. So it’s your time to shine and let him or her shine online too.

Check out Fiverr jobs in Europe: in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and othercitiesacrossEurope. Check out Fiverr jobs in South America: Bogota, BuenosAires and other cities inSouth America.

Find all Fiverr job offers in the USA: in ElPaso, SanBernardino, Orlando, Austin, LosAngeles and othercitiesin theUSA.

If you need to know more about the world of freelance work, we invite you to visit the rest of our blog. Whatarethebestfreelancejobs?guideforstudents,expatsandstay-at-homemoms and dads Onlinejobsyoucandoremotely

Are you good with words? Work as a freelance writer

On Appjobs you will find jobsinapplicationsorplatforms that cover different types of work.

In short, you will have the possibility to find full time, part time, weekend only or even just extra jobs.

How can you find out which job platforms are available in your city?

To be able to join an online platform that offer work as a delivery person in Madrid Glovo, Airbnb and many more, is as follows:

It is very easy.

Search for your city on Appjobs where you will discover all the job categories available in your city. Once you’ve chosen a platform you like, register and you can apply for the job using the Quick Apply button.

You may still have doubts, so we wanted to save you time and stress, and here below you can find the answer to all your questions.


  1. What is AppJobs?
  1. Is Appjobs.com an application?
  1. What is an application job, job performing task or app job?

1.3.2. Do I need to pay to be a member of Appjobs?

  1. Who is Appjobs for?
  1. What types of jobs are available on Appjobs?
  1. Why search on Appjobs instead of searching for jobs on the internet?
  1. Can you make money by recommending jobs to others?


  • How to register on Appjobs?
  • How do I complete my profile on Appjobs?
  • What is the “Resources” tab in my Appjobs profile?
  • How to apply for a job step by step
  • Can I apply for different jobs at different companies?
  • What if I can’t find my city on Appjobs?
  • How can I find out more about the companies I want to work for?
  • What happens if I click on “Quick Application”?
  • How long does it take to get a job?
  • I have already sent my documentation and the company has not contacted me yet, what should I do?
  • Who should I contact if the company has not responded to me)?
  • Will the companies that are on Appjobs hire me?
  • Will Appjobs hire me?
  • How will I get paid?
  • How long does it take to get paid?


  • What are the requirements to start working?
  • Do I need a resume to find a job through Appjobs?
  • Do I need previous experience to find a job through Appjobs?
  • I am under 18 years old, can I work?
  • Do I have to speak the local language to work?
  • Do I need a visa to work with an application company?
  • Will I be working in a fixed location?


  • Is all my personal information secure, even when I give my credit card number so I can see my winnings?
  • Will you provide insurance?
  • What are the benefits of part-time/self-employment?


  • How can I contact the Appjobs support team?
  • I can’t access my account.
  • I can’t access my account on the company’s website.
  • I don’t want to receive emails from Appjobs, how do I unsubscribe?
  • How do I delete my Appjobs account?

Register, create your account and take a look at the jobs available in your city and their requirements.


  1. 1.1.       What is AppJobs?

Appjobs is the world’s largest part-time and freelance job platform. We offer our users thousands of job offers in over 500 cities around the world.

It is a free job search site that connects people looking for jobs such as: Cabify, Cornershop, Bird, and many more.

We connect people with jobs tailored to their preferences and qualifications and without any need to send out resumes. Please note that we are not a recruitment agency, we are a platform that gathers essential information about part-time and freelance jobs to help you find your ideal job.

1.2.       Is Appjobs.com an application?

Yes and no. Appjobs is a job search site where users can find the platforms of available jobs in their city and it is

free to use. The site is also compatible with all mobile devices.

Appjobs has developed some applications:

Auto Gigs app Check out how it works: video in English. Household Gigsapp Check out how it works: video enespañol.

1.3.       What is a job in applications, a job performing tasks or an app job?

An app job is a way to work and increase your income using an app. You can work with mobile apps such as Uber (driving), uShip (delivery), pet sitting with Rover, maintenance with Habitissimo and many others.

You can apply for a job, find clients, complete tasks and get paid securely through your mobile phone. Jobs through apps can be either full-time or part-time and you can apply for more than one job at a time.

Remember that in most cases you need to have a bank account, as payments are usually made online (direct deposit, bank transfer, PayPal, etc.).

Sometimes applications have a feature that allows you to add a tip directly and in other cases, the tip is received in cash. You can access all available jobs in your city.

You can read more about it at:

5 Ways to make money using your phone

Useful tips if you’re out of work and need a job right now

1.3.2 Do I need to pay to become a member of Appjobs?

No, Appjobs is 100% free. We know you’re looking for a job and we’re here to help you get it.

1.4.       Who is Appjobs for?

Anyone with an internet connection and (usually) over the age of 18 can find a job through Appjobs. Low-skilled workers, casual workers, students, parents who need to work from home, part-time and full-time employees, digital nomads or expats, and many others can also check out the hundreds of job offers on our website. You don’t need a

resume, nor previous experience to begin with.

This blog might interest you:

Turning 18 is an important moment in your life, it’s the time to be more responsible and even start working.

1.5.       [What types of jobs are available on Appjobs?

On Appjobs you won’t find traditional job offers. Instead, you will have access to different platforms or apps that you can download on your smartphone and with which you can start earning money.

Which in most cases means:

You will be able to apply for a job through your smartphone or computer. You don’t need a resume.

You do not need to attend job interviews. Only in some cases do companies conduct face-to-face or telephone interviews.

You can start working without previous experience.

(In some cases work experience and/or a license or certificate is required).

On Appjobs you can choose from different apps and categories: delivery driver, chauffeur, cleaning, pet care, child care, online sales, online freelance, online teacher, home chef, rental and much more.

Please note that you will not have a fixed employment contract with the company or application you want to work with. Instead, you will be considered an independent contractor.

1.6.       Why search on Appjobs instead of searching for jobs on the internet?

The best thing about Appjobs is that we find job opportunities for you. Appjobs is a 100% free platform that allows you to choose from hundreds of job opportunities in your city.

We are here to support our users in finding a job. After selecting your city on the website, you will see all the information about each app job: description, benefits, requirements, earnings and reviews.

We also have special offers for users who register with certain companies through Appjobs. You can find a job compatible with your requirements and the information you have given us in My desktop. In addition, we will send you new job offers in your city every week that most closely match what you are looking for.

Appjobs helps its users by offering them job offers available in their cities or remotely. With some of the services we offer, our users can track their earnings and expenses, save money on taxes and access tailored insurance. On our website you will also find services and tools to help you get a job, increase your productivity in your part-time job or handle various administrative procedures.

1.7.       Can you make money by recommending jobs to others?

Yes, you can join the AppjobsAffiliateProgram and earn money by promoting Appjobs on your website, your social networks, forums, etc. We are the largest platform for freelance and app-based jobs worldwide. We post thousands of job offers in more than 500 cities around the world and our website is currently (as of January 2020) available in 12 languages.


  • How to register on Appjobs

To register for the first time go to Appjobs and click on “Register”.

Remember to check the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box.

Then you can create an account with your password or register with your email or Facebook account. Click on “Sign up” to confirm.

You will receive a message in your email to confirm your email address. You are now ready to continue.

  • How to complete my Appjobs profile Add the following information to your profile:

Personal information (name, year of birth, phone number)

City of work (choose the one closest to where you live) Preferred job categories (driver, delivery person, babysitter, etc.)

Resources (tools you own or use to earn money, e.g. a vehicle, insurance, licenses) Reviews (your opinion about previous experiences with app jobs)

This will help us find the best jobs for you.

  • What is the “Resources” tab in my Appjobs profile

Resources are for example: Insurance, Licenses and Certificates, if you own a vehicle, or a smartphone, among others. The more information you provide, the more we can help you find jobs that are more compatible with you.

Log in to MyDesk and find custom jobs based on the information you provided above.

2.4.       How to apply for a job step by step

Once you have registered, completed the information in your profile and verified your account (you will receive an email to that effect) you can start applying for jobs.

Enter the name of your city:

Choose the job categories you are interested in:

Find job offers:

For example, if you have chosen the Cleaning category, you will find all the cleaning jobs available in your city.

Click on the title of the job offer you are interested in and you will find more detailed information about the job.

To apply for the job, click on Quick Application. When you click you will be directed to the company’s website. There you will need to fill out a form with your information and/or download the application, follow the instructions to register and apply for the job.

2.5.       [Can I apply for different jobs at different companies?

It depends on the companies you want to work for. For example, there are workers who combine working as a driver with working as a delivery driver.

They take passengers as Uber or DiDi drivers and deliver packages when they have few passengers or the rides are not very profitable.

You should always check if you are allowed to work in two companies at the same time, especially if they have a similar profile.

Let’s say you find cleaning or caretaking jobs at both companies. If their website doesn’t mention anything about it (e.g. under Help or Support), check if their Terms and Conditions say anything about it. You can even ask the company directly via email or phone before registering with them.

2.6.       What if I can’t find my city on Appjobs?

If your city does not yet appear in the search bar, it means that we are not yet present in that city. If for example you live near the capital, choose the capital as your city. Don’t worry, we are growing fast.

You also have the option to request your city if it does not appear in the search bar. You always have the option to

try another city nearby and/or start working online from home or anywhere in the world.

Find out more and get inspired by reading the following blogs:

Remote marketing jobsThebestfreelancejobs

  • What happens if I click on “Quick Application”?

Once you have applied for a job, you will need to follow the instructions given to you by the company you applied to. They will contact you when they have done all the checks. You will also receive an email with the next steps (where to get the equipment, if you will receive any equipment in the mail, etc.).

2.9.       How long does it take to get a job?

Most companies need a week to get in touch with you. In some cases it can take up to three weeks.

Companies have to process and/or review the applications and documents that people have submitted.

If you haven’t received an email confirmation of your application within a couple of weeks, perhaps something went wrong during the application process. In that case we suggest you try again.

2.10. I sent my documentation some time ago and the company still hasn’t contacted me, what should I do?

Some companies may take a while to receive your paperwork and do all the verifications. You can expect a response from the company within seven business days.

Remember that companies usually send an email after completing the registration process. If you have not received this email, it may mean that something went wrong during the process and we suggest that you resubmit your application.

2.11.         Who should I contact if the company has not responded to me?

If you don’t receive a response from the company within x number of business days (check what it says on their website about this), we’ll be here to help you. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

2.12.          Will the companies on Appjobs hire me directly?

No, Appjobs is a website that connects job seekers with jobs. After registering on Appjobs, you’ll find different ways to work in your city. For example, you can deliver food with Deliveroo, teach online with Preply, clean with Care, or pet-sit with PetBacker.

This means that you will not have a fixed contract of employment with the company you choose to work for. Instead, you will be

considered an independent contractor.

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Insurance for part-time workers Increaseyourincomeworkingas adelivery driver

2.13.         Will Appjobs hire me?

No, Appjobs won’t hire you, but we want to help you find a job. We are a 100% free job search website. We connect job seekers with services like Uber, Cornershop, Doordash and many more. Our goal is to match job seekers with a job tailored to them (based on their preferences and qualifications), without the need to send a resume.

2.14.         How will I get paid?

In most cases all payments are made through the company you choose to work with.

Some companies that function as a platform to connect your service with potential customers, ask you to agree on the payment method with each of your customers.

Each company has a different policy, so we recommend that you review that information during the registration process.

These are some common things in the vast majority of companies:

You must have a bank account to receive your money.

Payments are usually processed every week or every two weeks. PayPal is a very common tool to receive your money.

2.15.         How long will it take to pay me?

Payments are usually processed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, in some cases you may have the opportunity to request your pay whenever you want. You will probably have to pay a small fee to do this.

For this reason we ask you to review the terms and conditions during your registration process.

How often you get paid depends on the job category you choose.

For example, by taking online surveys you will receive points that you can redeem for cash after completing a certain number of surveys.

As an online teacher, however, your price per lesson/hour may increase depending on the number of lessons you have taught.

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  • What are the requirements to start working?

Each job has different requirements. This also depends on the city where the company provides the service. You can check all the information on our pages dedicated to each job offer.

In most cases, the basic requirements are:

Have a valid ID card or passport.

You must have permission to work in the country where you reside if you are a foreigner You must not have a criminal record

You must be at least 18 years old You must have a bank account

You must have a smartphone (with internet access) that is compatible with the application.

3.1.2 How do I know if I meet all the requirements to start a job?

First you have to completeyourprofile

Resources are tools that could be requirements for certain jobs, for example: If you want to be a driver with Cabify → you need to have a car.

If you want to work as an online teacher with Udemy → you need a computer If you want to work as a delivery driver with Uber Eats → you need a bike or car.

For any of these jobs you will need a smartphone with an internet connection. The tools (car, computer, bicycle, smartphone, internet) are resources.

Remember to choose resources in your profile to help us give you a better result in your job search.

3.2.       Do I need a resume to find a job through Appjobs?

You don’t need a CV to start working. In most cases there are no interviews either. This is one of the advantages of application-based jobs. You just need to read the requirements of each job and check if you have the necessary resources to start working. For this reason it is very important that you always keep your profile updated. The more information you give us, the more we can help you find the right job for you.

However, the registration process can involve several steps. The most common ones are: You must verify your identity

You must provide a criminal record. (In some cases you may be asked to pay for it.) You must take some tests or assessments.

You must do a test project. Freelance clients may ask you to show them your portfolio or do a test project. This varies from client to client and may be required for large budget projects.

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Tips for being a cleaning professional

3.3. Do I need previous experience to find a job with Appjobs?

In most cases you do NOT need previous experience to work. Choose the job you like and register. Some jobs require some experience: For example, babysitting, elder care, massage or online classes.

Before applying for the job, you should read the requirements and check if you have the necessary resources to start working. For this reason it is important that you keep your profile updated. The more information you give us, the more we can help you find the job you want.

You can also take a look at the following blogs:

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Remote work: digital nomads

3.4. I am under 18 years old, can I find a job on Appjobs?

The vast majority of companies require their employees to be over 18 years of age. However, there are some companies that accept teenagers over 15 years old with the authorization of the person who has parental authority. For this reason we recommend that you review the terms and conditions of each company.

3.5. Do I have to speak the local language to work?

It depends on the type of job. In most jobs you will be able to work speaking only Spanish. There may be companies that ask you to speak other languages, or there may be companies that still only have an English version (especially remote jobs). Anyway, you will find this information in our job descriptions.

Here you will find blogs about language requirements in jobs:

Working with basic English

Working in Sweden without speaking SwedishWorking in Amsterdam without speaking Dutch

3.6.       Do I need a visa to work?

The vast majority of job postings on Appjobs require you to have a legal visa status to work. As in the case of jobs like Uber (driving), TaskRabbit (maintenance), Postmates (delivery), and many others. So, be sure to take a look at the requirements of each job offer.

On the other hand, if you choose to work remotely, you don’t need a visa. The only requirement is that you have an internet connection. This is the case for freelance jobs like Lingoda (online teaching), UpWork (creative freelancing) and Etsy (online selling).

Check out the following blogs:

Dodigitalnomadsneedavisa?JobsintheUKChauffeur jobs in CanadaChauffeurjobsin the U.S.

3.6.1        Will Appjobs give me a visa and cover my travel costs if I choose to move to another country and start a job?

No. Appjobs will not help you with legal documents or travel costs.

3.7.       Will I be working in a fixed location?

It depends on the type of work. If you work remotely, for example as an online freelancer, you can be based in Spain and work for a client in any other country. All meetings, communication and details with your clients can be carried out through messages and video calls.

If the job requires your physical presence (for example a cleaning, pet-sitting or delivery job), each application will give you instructions on where to go to perform your service.

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4.1.        [Is all my personal information secure, even when I give my credit card number so I can see my earnings?

Yes, all your information is secure and complies with the law. For more information, read our TermsandConditions and ourprivacypolicy.

You also have the option to delete your account within your profile and your information from our database.

4.2.      Will you provide insurance?

Some companies can insure you, others charge you a fee for the insurance.

We recommend that as a freelancer or part-timer you take out insurance before you start working. In both cases, whether the company insures you or you have to take out insurance, the money for the insurance will be deducted from your earnings.** Having insurance** helps you stay more focused on the job, rather than worrying about your safety while you work.

Check out the following blog:

Pet sitter insurance

4.3.      What are the benefits of part-time/self-employment?

You won’t have bosses supervising you at every moment, or telling you when, where and how many hours you have to work. You will be able to choose your working hours.

You might be interested in this blog:

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  • 5.1.       How can I contact the Appjobs support team?

We don’t have an office in every country or city, but remember that there are people all over the world who are having the same difficulties as you. You can contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.

5.2.       I can’t access my account.

If you can’t access your Appjobs account, you’ll need to reset your password. Click on Forgot your password and you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to choose a new password to access your account.

5.3.       I can’t access my account on the company’s website.

If you can’t access your account on the platform of the company you want to work with, please contact them through their helpdesk.

5.4.       I don’t want to receive emails from Appjobs, how do I unsubscribe?

To stop receiving our emails, you have to click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email you have received. If you need help, please write us at [email protected]

5.5.       How do I delete my Appjobs account?

We’re sorry to hear you want to leave, hope we’ve been helpful. You can delete your account here by clicking “delete my account” at the bottom of your profile page. If you have any comments on how we can improve our service, please write to [email protected]

Working as a childminder involves a lot of responsibility and, although children are often adorable and playful, caring for them properly can be a challenging task!

Although certificates are not required to work as a caregiver, meeting certain requirements gives you a much better chance of being hired into a loving and caring family. Today we’ll look at the basic responsibilities and skills a caregiver should have!

First Aid Certificate

Organizations like the Red Cross offer free First Aid courses all over the world. If you have attended these classes, it will make your profile work like a charm.

Having CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training is the essence of these courses, and while you will only have to deal with minor cuts and grazes that children may get, it is imperative that you know what to do during an emergency.

Responsible child care skills

If you already have childcare experience, this will give you a great advantage when looking foryournewjob. But don’t worry – caring for your younger brothers and sisters counts too! The most important quality and skill for a childminder is to be able to be relaxed with children, be patient and enjoy spending time with the little ones in the house. You should also be able to lift and carry young children without difficulty. Babies and younger children need to be carried when necessary, so a minimum of physical skills will be required.

Multitasking skills

Personal attributes such as self-control, responsibility and multitasking are most desired in childcare workers, as they sometimes have to take care of more children or do different tasks at the same time. You should expect to do tasks such as sweeping, bathing, combing hair, housework and even cooking for children, so make sure you feel good about doing all of these before you startwork.

Empathy and Creativity

Caregivers often become beloved members of the family, which is rewarding for both the family and the caregiver. To get to that point, however, a caregiver needs to be and feel close to the child. This means being familiar with the child’s likes, dislikes, behaviors, freedoms, and restrictions. A touch of empathy will help you understand the child and form a better bond with the family. Plus, you can even add a little more sugar if you have a little creativity and add a touch of education to each game.

If you think you can already work as a caregiver, then look forall theoptionsinyourcity!

Maybe you have more questions. In that case, join our Facebookgroup for professional childminders.

About 1 million people work as freelance employees in the United States. In fact, the on-demand method of work is attracting more and more workers, especially in the delivery and driving sectors. But why are these jobs so popular and why do they pay more than you think?

Find out why here!

  1. High demand: People want what they want now.
    The boom in customer demand is also creating a boom in flexible jobs, in particular in the
    deliveries. In fact, people have become so accustomed to having their food, products and various services delivered to their homes that more and more on-demand workers are needed. Postmates, for example, increased its workforce by 150,000 couriers in the United States. earnings, according to a recent economic impact port , the company indicated that its couriers are earning on average about $18.32/hour. This is a higher number than the best minimum wage rates in the U.S., such as in Washington DC ($11.5/hour) and the District of Columbia ($12.5/hour).

Plus, UberEATS boasts 300,000 delivery drivers worldwide – and those numbers keep growing! As delivery companies continue to compete for more part-time workers, it’s your time to get on the playing field and start making money!

Check out all the delivery driver jobs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco and many other US cities.

  1. A flexible schedule allows you to earn more money
    Working your own hours allows you to combine more part-time jobs and earn more money. You can
    work with Uber, or Lyft during the morning and evening rush hours when people are going to and from work, and also work with DoorDash at lunchtime when everyone wants their lunch.

without having to move. This way you will have the maximum amount of income that both jobs can offer you. Customize your workday with different tasks!

Check out all the chauffeur jobs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco and many other US cities.

  1. Sharing economy is the future
    The sharing economy as a whole has been growing steadily over the past few years.
    AppJobs is proof of this! In figures, AppJobs brings together more than 500 companies to work with in more than 100 cities around the world.

What’s the next step? Select yourcity, and see all the delivery driver and chauffeur jobs available. Start earning money in no time!

If a friend texts you and tells you that he or she has started working as a delivery driver, you’ll probably think of companies like [UberEATS,] right? Yes, these are the most common delivery apps out there, but they’re not the only ones! There’s a lot more out there than you think, and food delivery is one of your options. You can deliver packages, products, and online orders, help other people carry their stuff when they move, deliver laundry and dry cleaning, or even deliver exclusively in the hospitality industry if you want to gain experience in that field.

  1. Food delivery
    There’s always someone hungry, and with the busy lives we all lead, ordering food delivery is very common. That’s why you’ll never run out of deliveries to make! On Appjobs.com, some of the jobs you’ll find in different food delivery cities include: [UberEATS,] Deliveroo, Instacart and Doordash.


The initial question before joining one of the delivery apps is, “Do you have a mode of transportation and a smartphone?” If those two are covered, you can continue to look at requirements like age. UberEATS asks you to be over 19, and Instacart over 21. The most common accepted vehicles are bikes, scooters, and cars, but vans are also accepted in some cases, though they’re not the most practical option for delivering food. Make sure you have a valid driver’s license and insurance (if you don’t use a bike). Keep in mind that one of the conditions to start working as a delivery driver may be that you have at least 1 year of driving experience and some apps may ask for a background check. Last but not least, you’ll need to be fit enough to carry some weight, especially with Instacart, which involves grocery shopping for other people and possibly carrying heavy bags to their doors.

Start working as a delivery driver in San Francisco, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, and many other cities around the world.

  1. Package delivery
    If you don’t want to deliver food, then you can opt to deliver envelopes, packages, online orders, products, large items, or anything that people need to receive in your city. You can be a courier or delivery person with Postmates, Streetstream, or Syft (for deliveries within the hospitality sector).


As with food delivery app jobs, make sure you have a means of transport and a smartphone available. However, Streetstream also allows you to deliver on foot. Some apps will ask for a background check, proof of identity and address, as well as a clean driving record. Of course, if you’re delivering by car, motorbike or van/truck, you’ll need to have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Specifically, Syft will also give you an introductory session to discuss your skills and desired jobs in the app.

Start working as a delivery driver in San Francisco, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, and many other cities around the world.

  1. Long distance deliveries and removals
    Is there such a thing as out-of-town delivery? Of course, there is an option for that. With Roadie, you can choose to deliver to your neighborhood, your city, your province or the entire country. It can be anything from a forgotten phone charger, a sofa or even a pet.


To deliver with Roadie, make sure you are over 18, have a valid driver’s license and car insurance and choose the items that can fit in your vehicle. When accepting jobs, be sure you can handle the weight of the items.

Start working as a delivery driver in San Francisco, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, and many other cities around the world.

Casting Delivery (Yes, it exists!)
People are so busy these days that even taking care of their laundry is something they would happily let someone else do for them. You can be that person! Work with Rinse in your city. Your tasks will be to pick up and deliver laundry from homes to Rinse’s cleaning partner locations.


To be a Rinse Valet, you must be over 18 and have your own methods of transportation and a *smartphone. A valid driver’s license, an uneventful driving record and 2 years of driving experience are in the requirements. In addition, you must have a car that has 4 or more doors. Oh, and make sure you’re available to work between 7:15 PM and 10:45PM, as those are the hours you’ll be working exclusively with Rinse.

Start working as a delivery driver in San Francisco, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, and many other cities around the world.

So if you are considering starting a delivery driver job, you should know that you have more options than you think and that you can choose the one that best suits you. Choose the category of delivery driver jobs, see if you meet all the requirements of the available apps and that you have all the necessary documents ready. Take the plunge and take a closer look at the different delivery driver jobs in your city on AppJobs – we’re available to chat if you have any questions!

Your reasons for working in cleaning may vary. You may have decided to earn extra money the easy way or pay your bills until you find your next job opportunity in your fieldgooddecision.Cleaning may require little or no special skills and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to be a successful cleaner – you just need to have a good eye for dirt and a hard worker’s attitude, right? Well, actually with cleaning jobs there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. But don’t worry – we’re here to clear it all up!

Check out all the cleaning jobs available in Berlin, Amsterdam, NewYork, Phoenix, MexicoCityand many othercities around the world.

If you really want to get the most out of your cleaning jobs and maximize your profits in the most efficient way, you should treat them as your real business and not as “just a cleaning job”. What do we mean by this?

Everyone likes quality service.

Make sure you do quality work. Clean up thoroughly just like you would in your own home, because in your customers there is a great opportunity: they can become regular customers offering you a steady income or they can refer you to other people!

Communication is the key

Make sure you establish good communication with your clients. Talk to them about their cleaning expectations and agree in advance what cleaning services you are going to offer. It can be helpful to have a printed to-do list to help you stay organized. You should be discreet while you’re in their space and make sure that

pay attention to detail; ask about any possible allergies your clients may have or if they have any preferences for the cleaning method you should follow.

Plan ahead

Create your own efficient cleaning system. By standardising your work and following specific steps you will not  only save valuable time and effort, but you will also ensure that you deliver the same high level of cleaning service every time.

Inspires loyalty

Offer discounts and other offers to your loyal customers. They will take this into consideration and will surely refer you to their network.

Now that you know how to be your own best version of a cleaner, let’s talk about your options for getting started in the cleaning industry. Check out companies like Housekeeper and Care.com in yourcity.

All set to start your cleaning adventures? Select your city, and, in the cleaning jobs category, browse your options – go ahead, our tips are sure to help you maximize your earnings as a cleaning assistant!

Once you decide to become a pet sitter, you’re not only doing something fun and exciting, but you’re also providing a service. So it’s important to think about – and mitigate – the risks to which both you and your pet are exposed. Bottom line: what happens if something goes wrong while you’re pet sitting?

If you have insurance, there’s not much to worry about. Take a look at what pet care insurance typically covers and why it’s important.

Start working as a pet sitter in Los Angeles, Chicago, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and hundreds of other cities around the world.

1.   Care

Includes coverage for injury or loss of a client’s pet – adding emergency vet care, death of the animal, escape recovery expenses, animals in transit while you care for them, and even rewards for returning the animal safely.

2.   Responsibility

This part includes general and professional liability, as well as coverage if damage is caused to the contents of the client’s home while you are caring for the pet.

3.   Property

This includes coverage for lost keys, equipment breakage, and professional contents.

As you can see, having this type of insurance will give you the peace of mind and support you need in case something unexpected happens. Plus, it’s good for business. Why?

Having insurance shows that you take your job seriously. So, being able to promote yourself as a pet sitter with insurance will make you stand out from other pet sitters and help you to get more and more


Learn more about CareGuideinsurance. Learn more about Roverinsurance.

Learn more about DogBuddyinsurance.

Now you have everything you need to take care of pets safely! Selectyourcity and start earning money TODAY as a pet sitter.

Last but not least, if you have any questions and want to share experiences, join our private Facebookgroup for professional pet sitters!

Both Ping Lim and Rachele Santoni are dog sitters/walkers with Rover. Ping started pet sitting because she wanted to find the perfect type of dog to adopt. Even after adopting her own dog, she couldn’t stop, she loves doing this job! And Rachele is an international student who manages to pay her rent and help her family with this amazing part-time job.

How did you discover Rover?

I came to Sweden because my husband and I were working with electronics, and we have been living here for almost 4 and a half years old. We love dogs, and had always wanted to have them. But we had never had the opportunity because we were always traveling and moving so many times, so now was the perfect time. We moved into a new apartment, a new place, so we thought “okay, let’s see what kind of dog we’re going to get”. And we    discovered the Roverapp!

How are you doing? Do you have a lot of reservations?

We have had 28 bookings since we started in May. It’s fantastic. I don’t even have to advertise it. They come to

me because as of today I have nineteen 5 star reviews. Every week I got a dog. And the summer was perfect because some people went away for 10 days, so we had like 6 dogs over the summer break. it was awesome!

And the first one was a puppy (French Mastiff). He was only 4 months old when I took care of him. It was so much fun, we fell in love with him, and now we take care of him on a regular basis. Now we are going to take care of him      also at Christmas for sixteen days. He is wonderful, we love him! So we have a visit from him at least once a week, we spend time with him, and his owner has become a good friend.

What are the main benefits of being a pet sitter?

Having a good time with a dog and earning money in return. That’s what I love. And I’m also getting to know everything different kind of dogs. Now we can’t think about not having a dog. Right now we are looking for more space to

be able to have more dogs. Our own dogs but also for those who come and go.

What is the biggest challenge?

The real challenge is not being able to say ‘No’. For example, when you have a triple booking. “OMG I have all these dogs but I can’t take care of them because I don’t have enough space and it’s hard, so…” And today I found out that I can only have two dogs.

How does the Rover app work?

Pet owners request a reservation, and you can choose whether to respond or not. If you do respond, you get agreement to get to know each other, and if you like each other, so much the better. But most of the time they (the owners) don’t have the time to get to know you and I just go to get their dog or the owners bring it to me. They come to your house and you just spend some time with the dog. Usually an hour goes by so they can calm down. And you do your business. This way I have time to do my own thing while the dog adjusts to the new place. It’s like having your own dog. And when we don’t have it, we miss it.

Start working today!

Work as a pet sitter/walker in the U.S.

All dog sitting and dog walking apps in Orlando, NewYork, Austin, LosAngeles, SanFrancisco and Chicago. Visit AppJobs to see what opportunities are available in your city!

Working as a pet sitter/walker in Europe

All the dog sitting and dog walking apps in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. Visit AppJobs to see what opportunities are available in your city!

Work as a pet sitter/walker in South America

All the apps to take care of and walk dogs in the rest of the world BuenosAires and Bogota.

What does this job mean to you?

As a student it was very helpful for me because I have to deal with all the challenges of student life and

I also have to help my family. Everything in Sweden is beautiful, the people are friendly and I’m enjoying it. But it also means that there are some costs to deal with. So I am helping my family through this app. Also, people are asking more and more for dog day care, which means they need you to stay with their dog for a whole morning or afternoon. This is great for me because it’s part time and I need to study.

Why Pet Sitting?

I had this idea to start working on this because my mother is a dog trainer. So I started to

And I was surprised because I discovered that I have certain skills that I hadn’t experienced before. For example, organization, keeping in touch with people, providing photos and videos of their dogs, making the dogs have a good time. I am enjoying it, I will do it more often and I also advise it to other students.

What are the benefits of the app?

I’ve been trying to get clients through Facebook, but it’s not the same. I remember one time a woman

contacted me about her dog and she was a bit disappointed because I asked for 20 euros per day as it is on the app and she thought half the price would be enough . In fact, it depends on the needs of your dog. If you just want me to stay with the dog in the house, if you want to housebreak it. Because some people need help with their dog’s behavior.

What’s that like?

It’s similar to caring for a child. It’s helpful when someone can give you a different perspective on raising them. Sometimes the people say, “my dog is getting better with you, he used to have this intense behavior and now with you, he’s better”.

Usually people ask me what it’s like to work with dogs. And apparently it’s easy, but if you want to do a good job, it’s not easy at all.

What does it take to be a good pet sitter?

In this work it is very important to be updating the notifications because there is a great demand, and as soon as the how you respond, you’ll get the job. How you respond to potential clients is also important.

You have to be a positive and open person even if you don’t have a close relationship with them. After receiving the notification, you have to approve the purpose of the dog care (walking, day care, etc) and the clients can answer you positively or not. Then they go to your house, or you can go to theirs to receive the keys. It is also a job with responsibility, people put faith in you.

It is important that you send pictures and videos of you playing with the dog to show them that their pet is

having a good time and you are educating them. This is very important to succeed in this job because they can leave you a good review that will help you grow in the process of having new clients.

What are the biggest challenges?

In my case, what was a bit complicated is that I had an Italian bank account and not a Swedish one. But you can order borrow an account from a close friend.

What about profits?

I can actually pay my rent by pet sitting. One thing I’ve learned about this job is that

you have to be very organized with your calendar. Because if you want to earn more in one day you have to fit all the bookings to have more jobs in the same day or week. Honestly, I advise that if you have a big dog, work separately.

There are times when leaving your house or apartment every morning is not an ideal option for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a buck while spending hours in your living room sitting on your comfy couch or at your minimalist natural wood table.

Some freelance jobs don’t require you to have offline interaction with your clients. Nowadays, online conferencing works like a charm.

Who are you?

That’s OK! We’re not asking you to think about yourself and try to reread your identity in a few sentences. It’s we want to hear is the reason you spend time at home.

Are you:

  • parent with a young child?
  • a retired person who wants to work?
  • a person with a disability who finds it difficult to get around?
  • student with a creative career and add more work to your portfolio?

Whoever you are, you’re sure to find freelance jobs that will allow you to earn money every day, week, month; part- time or just on weekends.

You can start your new adventure at AppJobs.com! Select your city and take a look!

Freelance jobs you can do

Based on your skills, interests, qualifications and availability, you can do different things. We are

trying to get you to analyze all those points to come up with some answers. Some people suggest that everyone should write down their SMART (Specific, Measurable, Relevant, Achievable, and Time-bound) goals. If that helps you, go for it, if not, try other ways. Here are some tips on what kind of freelance work you can do from home.

Online teacher/tutor Marketing & Writing Developers & Designers

Online stylist and virtual assistant Jobs without experience

1.   Online teacher/tutor

Teachingonlineortutoringcouldmake youveryhappyFrom languages to science to technical support, you can offer something to eager learners all over the world. For example, if you are over 18, you can register with Savvy in Phoenix, SanFrancisco, Nashville, SanDiego, FortWorth, SanAntonio and othercitiesin theUS. You can teach almost anything at a rate between $40 and $250 per hour. No certificate is required, you just need to be knowledgeable about the subjects you want to teach. The hours are flexible, so you don’t have a fixed schedule to follow. It’s a dream come true!

Check out online teaching jobs in Phoenix, SanFrancisco, NewYork, Dallas, Miami, LosAngeles and othercitiesin theUSA.

Check out all the online teaching jobs in Europe in cities such as Madrid, Rome, London, Leeds, Berlin, Barcelona and elsewhereon thecontinent.

And all the online teaching jobs in other parts of the world in Bogota, Buenos Aires and other places around the world.

Courtesy of Savvy. As of February 2019 you can choose from 8 categories.

2.   Marketing and Writing

Workingas agraphicdesignerordoingcopywriting can mean a steady paycheck, especially if the client

sends you requests on a regular basis. Companies all over the world want to produce and showcase content andoftenhire freelancersforshort orlongprojectsOthercompanies andevenindividualsmay also contact you to ask you about certain topics.

This is the case with TheOne, for example, which is available in San Bernardino, Madrid, London, Buenos Aires and many other places around the world. With TheONE, you create your profile, add your services, which you can sell by the minute.

A fair price can be between $1 and $15 per minute or €0.80 and €13 in Europe. Even if you only talk to a client for 5 minutes, you will get your money back. It is not necessary to provide a certificate but you should be able to answer all questions related to your subjects. As always, you plan your schedule.

If you like writing blogs and content for clients, Verblio is the ultimate app for you. You can choose the topics you’re interested in and you can have a different topic every day, so you’ll never get bored. You can read client requests and respond with a draft that the client can accept, reject or ask for changes. There are in-demand jobs for writing from 300-3,000 words. There will always be work available for you, and clients need new content every month. At first, you can earn around $18 per blog post, but this will change once you get more reviews and can do longer posts.

Check out all the appsfor freelance writers and freelancemarketing!

See all freelance jobs also in Brussels, Barcelona, Munich, BsAuierneso manyotherplacesaround theworld.

, MexicoCity, Madrid, Bogota and

Courtesy of TheONE. As a marketing expert, you can use hashtags like these.

3.   Developers and designers

With a strong knowledge of computer science (such as programming language), you could get into several jobs freelancers worldwide. Developers and designers can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development resources with Codester, an online marketplace. By selling your products such as scripts, themes, templates, codes, plugins, app source codes, you can earn good money and enjoy the advantages of being a freelancer – work whenever you want from wherever you want.

Earn up to €140 per task and receive your money securely via PayPal or bank transfer once a month. Codester will keep 30% of your earnings as a service fee, but they don’t require any exclusivity, meaning you can continue to sell your products on your own website or wherever you want!

Also, check out other websites for programmers and designers.

Check out freelance IT jobs in Paris, Madrid, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Barcelona and many other places around the world.

4.   Online stylist and virtual assistant

With the new (technological) era, new types of work appear. Nowadays no one would raise their eyebrows in amazement if they you apply as a virtual assistant in Las Vegas or New York, or as an online stylist with Stella & Dot in Phoenix, Houston,

Austin, LasVegas, Dallas, LosAngeles and othercitiesin theUSandCanada.

To register with Stella & Dot, you must be 18 years of age or older, a US/Canadian citizen or permanent resident and have a valid Social Security number or a *Green Card/Canadian Social Security number. If you have an ares, find a stylist who wants to sponsor you. If this is not possible, the company will assign you one. As a part-time stylist you could **earn around $4,000 per month. Before you start, choose your starter kit (the Essential Kit for $199; the More To Love for $499, the Ultimate Kit for $699).

Courtesy of Stella & Dot. You can estimate your monthly earnings on the website

5.   Jobs without experience

Without specialized skills or years of experience, filling out online surveys and taking online tests could be part of the your daily tasks. With Surveys On The Go in Los Angeles or Miami, you could earn up to $2-5 per form while waiting for friends, at the dentist, in a restaurant or at a cafe. The app can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad or Android phones. All users must be at least 13 years old. In order to receive your money you will need a PayPal account. It’s a great online freelance job also for teenagers.

You can also check out Hiving in Barcelona, Sacramento, MexicoCity, Cali, Buenos Aires, Madrid and othercities. With Hiving you can earn money according to the length of each survey and you can earn around $20, £20, 75-220 MXN, 12,600-37,800 COP, 170-500 ARS (depending on where you are). You have even more chances to win by inviting friends to take surveys or by participating in fun lotteries, contests and competitions. All users must be 15 years or older.

Courtesy of Survey On The Go. You’ll earn money for giving your opinions and giving your opinions.

How to prepare yourself to work from home

We can’t emphasize enough that freelancing from home can be both rewarding and challenging.

at a time. Despite that, you’ll be able to get through it all. Let’s give you some ideas that have worked for us.

1. Always dress for work!

2. If possible work in a room other than your bedroom. Set a schedule and/or write a list of things to do 4. Start your day by reading and answering emails.

5. Plan breaks.

6. Let your coworkers know when you are available. At the end of the day, it’s all about self-discipline. Leave a comment and share your tips!

Want to start freelancing? Check out all the possibilities in the UK in Leeds, London, Birmingham and Liverpool, in the USA in cities like Miami, Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York in Europe in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Paris and other parts of the world in Bogota, BuenosAires, MexicoCity, Monterrey.

Finding a job in a new city or country can be a real challenge – especially if you don’t speak the local language. But don’t worry! Even if you don’t speak fluent Dutch or have just moved to Amsterdam and are looking for opportunities to increase your portfolio – you can find the right job for you on AppJobs.

That’s one of the great things about AppJobs – you don’t need to apply with a CV and many of the companies don’t require you to have any professional experience or be fluent in the language. BUT the requirements vary between different companies, so please check them out before you sign up!
How to find a job in Amsterdam?

Whether you have just moved here and are just starting to learn the local language, are a traveller or an exchange student – you can find plenty of part-time job opportunities for yourself in Amsterdam. It’s always an advantage if you know a little Dutch, but it’s not compulsory. And if you are trying to learn – getting a job and having contact with the locals is always a great way to practice!

Check out the following 3 companies below that don’t require you to speak Dutch and start working and earning money!

  1. Djeepo
    Djeepo is a platform for sharing storage space by connecting people with unused storage space in
    This allows you to earn extra money from your free space in a stress-free way while helping other Amsterdam neighbours who will be really grateful!

Djeepo gives you the freedom as a storage space owner regarding your bookings. You can choose when and at what price you want to advertise your storage space and you can always adjust your registration. Djeepo takes care of the payments, so you can focus on renting your space and don’t have to worry about anything.

Learn more about Djeepo here!

  1. Pawshake
    Pawshake puts you in touch with pet owners in Amsterdam, so you know where to go and how many pets you can find. dogs care to earn money! If you love animals this is your dream job. Working with Pawshake will also give
    you great flexibility.

You can earn money in different ways and you can always select dog boarding, day care, walks, visits or in-home care. Pawshake gives you some general rate ideas but you can set the rates you want. You can also select your availability depending on your schedule – perfect if you’re a student or have another part-time job!

Learn more about Pawshake here!

  1. Renthia
    There are two ways to earn money with Renthia – you can earn money by renting out your property or by working as a If you’vealwayswanted toknowwhatit’s like toworkas areal estate agent,thisisyourchance!

As a local agent with Renthia, you will be the person responsible for meeting the landlord and gathering all the information about the property, scheduling viewings, showing the houses and apartments, conducting inspections once the tenants have moved in, and – most importantly – handing over the keys. You can work with Renthia very easily while you study or have other part-time jobs, and you do NOT need previous real estate agent experience. The only requirement is that you work at least 10 hours per month – remember that more hours = more money!

Learn more about Renthia here!

And don’t forget to check out the AppJobs page for more part-time and flexible job opportunities!

It’s great to have more than one source of income and earn extra money on top of your regular paycheck. But there are only 24 hours in a day.

Whether you’re trying to save up to renovate your home or want to put some money aside to pay for your kids’ college, you may be looking for ways to earn money passively.

You’re probably wondering what passive income is. Well, long story short, it’s a way to earn money while you sleep! Passive income is money that you earn with little to no effort. Check out all the examples and ideas below!

  1. Rent your house or apartment
    This is the most common way to earn passive income. Whether you are a homeowner who once invested in a house or have an extra room in your apartment – you can earn money fast with apartment sharing platforms like Airbnb

Airbnb is probably one of the most popular hosting platforms out there. One of the best things about Airbnb? You decide what your space costs per night! Rentals can be long or short term, depending on your availability and preferences. Worried about safety? Keep in mind that the Host Guarantee reimburses for damages to suitable hosts up to $1,000,000!

Plus, registering your property is completely free – you need to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your home. You have nothing to lose, so whynot give itatry?

  1. Rent your car or parking space
    Well, you may have thought about renting out your apartment but… did you know that you can also earn money by rent your parking space or rent your car when you don’t need it? If you have a parking space in Barcelona that you don’t need every day, then you could be earning money thanks to Kerb.

It is very easy to earn money with Kerb. In Barcelona and elsewhere in Spain. Add your parking space, set your rates and detail the availability of your parking space. People interested in your parking space in Barcelona will send you a message. No need to worry about contracts or payments. If your (rarely used) parking space in Barcelona is reserved, you will see the money in your bank account in no time.

  1. Rent your storage space
    Do you have a basement, garage or storage unit that you’re not getting the most out of? Why not
    rent it out to someone who needs it and make money from it? With Spacer you can make money with any space, which means you can rent out your garage, parking space, spare room or basement. New York is a city where your free space is worth a lot of money, take advantage of that and whether it’s in Los Feliz, Bel-Air, or Valley Village, Angelenos will appreciate being able to use your space!

In contrast to many other rental websites, Spacer does not charge you anything for your ad and even when you enter into a contract with a tenant, you don’t have to pay anything. This means that you keep 100% of your earnings, as the commission will be paid by the tenant, but not by you.

  1. Rent your objects
    See how renting is the easiest way to earn passive income? You can rent just about anything these days
    thanks to Zilok. This platform allows you to rent your tools and different items you don’t use to your neighbors. Zilok connects people with tools and different things they don’t use on a daily basis with people who want to rent it for a short period of time – and pay for it.

As you do your annual spring cleaning around your home, you’ve probably discovered many items that you’ve completely forgotten about. It could be holiday items you bought for Halloween 3 years ago, a toolbox you use every now and then for small home repairs, or unused electronic equipment. With Zilok, you can make money on all of it!

  1. Create an online course
    While this one may require a little more work and time, it’s worth it! Udemy allows you to design your course online and share it with millions of students around the world. Udemy is the place to go even if you don’t have professional teaching experience. All you need is experience in the subject you want to teach.

As an instructor for one of the largest online learning marketplaces, you can teach your course from anywhere in the world.

device at any time. This gives you great flexibility to work on the course in your own time. You can teach any subject you have experience in, from math to programming. All you need to get started is the material you need to create high quality videos.

  1. Make friends with a furry friend
    If you’re a true animal lover, this is probably your dream job. Is it possible for you to work as a
    If you work from home and feel a bit lonely during the day, then startpetsittingwithPetBacker to increase your income!

Pet walking and pet sitting are some of the most adorable ways to earn money right now. Many animal lovers are signing up for PetBacker to earn money while doing what they enjoy the most. You’ll receive secure payments and also have access to anytime support and access to training and certifications. The best part? It’s so easy to get started! However, some companies, like PetBacker require you to review your profile before you can get started.

  1. License your photos
    Are you a creative mind who enjoys taking pictures in your spare time? Do you have lots and lots of landscape and landscape photos? panoramic views saved on your hard drive? Now you could be earning money easily by licensing those photos. This
    can be an excellent form of passive income if you are interested in photography and take lots and lots of good quality photographs in your spare time. However, it can take some effort to get started and learn about the different ways to license your work.

Before you start collecting your money, you’ll need to decide which type of license is best for you – whether it’s a commercial rights, non-commercial rights or a single-use license. And of course, find the best platform to share your photos. There are many sites like iStockPhoto or Flickr. Google will be your best friend when you start. Spend some time doing your research and choosing the platform that best suits your needs.

You can also try platforms like Byrd, to become a freelance photographer.

Sell your stuff online
Whether you’re cleaning out your closet and want to get rid of some clothes you don’t wear anymore or you’re an avid closet cleaner, you’ll be able to get rid of some of your old clothes. creative person who is excellent at making DIY decorations and handmade jewelry – there are many options to earn
money by selling your items online.

Vinted, is the platform to go to if you want to sort your wardrobe and earn money at the same time. You will sell all your used clothes in a few easy steps and without fees. You’ll ship the sold items to their new homes and get paid instantly. Note that Vinted also provides a prepaid shipping label.

If you have a knack for handmade items, you’ll love Etsy. If you’re good at painting, knitting or have handmade items, you can start your shop and make money from your creativity. Keep in mind that all items on Etsy must be handmade, vintage or craft supplies.

What do you think of these ideas? Give them a try! Join AppJobs today.

Thanks to this great variety, students with  different  backgrounds,  origins,  and  reasons  for  working  could join one or more online communities. Depending on where you live and study, you might have to pay a lot of money for study fees and/or also need to cover the costs of your room. And what about the weekly party in your residence hall or the endless get-togethers with friends on holidays?

Student life is all about finding the perfect balance between having hundreds of fun activities and acting like an adult, which can include working part-time. Managing your time and savings will become essential, but all while still enjoying your college years. With a flexible part-time job, you could reassure your parents that you’re going to start earning extra money again by doing app work after the holiday season.

Whether you want to work because you have to or because you want to, here are some ideas to increase your earnings in your bank account/pockets before, after or during the holidays: Delivery driver

Pet sitter Freelancer Other fun jobs

1.   Jobs delivery man

Working as a delivery person with GrubHub for example, you will have the ultimate flexible schedule. Think about the dates of your classes, exams and parties, so you can take the shifts that best fit your schedule. Your money will be paid into

your bank account and well-deserved tips will find their way into your pocket. Here are some numbers to help you distribute your earnings:

Europe: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in Europe and find all the delivery platforms where you can earn money.

South America: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in South America and find all the delivery platforms where you can earn money.

USA: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in the USA and find all the delivery platforms where you can earn money.

2.   Pet Care Jobs

Golden Retrievers, Huskies, and many other types of dogs are waiting for their beloved caregiver to arrive. The

Pet sitting jobs are popular with students because it gives them the opportunity to work on their own terms. You can work mornings, afternoons and even evenings. You will enjoy the freedom and the easy money you will receive.

Here are some quantities to give you some more perspective:

Europe: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in Europe and find all the pet care platforms to earn money with!

South America: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in South America and find all the pet care platforms where you can earn money.

USA: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in the USA and find all the pet care platforms to earn money with!

3.   Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs will never go out of fashion. They are too attractive: set rates and deadlines,

work from home (from your parents’ house or your dorm room) or from a small cafe in a trendy part of town, follow your passions and earn extra money doing what you love. Or give company to an elderly person in their homes when you are available.

Some platforms and quantities:

Europe: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in Europe and find all (freelance) platforms where you can earn money!

South America: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in South America and find all the platforms (for freelance jobs) where you can earn money!

USA: If you work 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

Select your city in the USA and find all the platforms (for freelance jobs) where you can earn money!

4.   Other fun jobs

Well, we could say that everything is fun if we or you perceive it as such, and sometimes, not working as well. can increase your monthly earnings. For example, being a mystery shopper or scooter loader could fall into these categories.

Further reading

Are you looking for a job and you are a student? Check out our posts related to student jobs on our blog:

Most of the money we earn is known as ‘active income’, which means that we receive the funds in return for actively doing something for them, for example, delivering goods from A to B or working a shift in a bar.

In contrast, passive income is funds that are generated with minimal effort (or no effort at all!) If you earn interest on money in your savings account, this can be defined as passive income. On a larger scale, the money that people earn from rental properties or via dividends on stocks can also be classified as passive income.

Of course, the ability to generate income with minimal effort is something we all dream about but it could be easier than you think. While most forms of passive income require some form of initial investment, there are ways to earn money without making an investment and without putting in much effort at all.

What is Cashback?

Retailers and companies are always eager for business, which is why they issue incentives for consumers to use their services. A retail store might knock 20% off their prices to persuade you to shop there rather than visiting a competitor, for example.

Cashback is another type of incentive. When a company or credit card firm runs a cashback scheme, they’re essentially offering to give you a portion of whatever you spend back. If you get 5% cashback and spend $50, for example, you’ll get $2.50 back!

Using cashback incentives can be a great way to generate passive income. When you combine cashback rewards with your regular shopping habits, you won’t be spending any more than you usually do but you’ll be getting some of your funds back.

Of course, different firms have varying types of cashback schemes, so it is important to verify exactly how a particular company operates. Alternatively, you can use dedicated cashback apps or websites to simplify your rewards and streamline your passive income.

To get started, take a look at our curated selection of easy-to-use cashback apps now:


When you sign up with Dosh, you can link one credit or debit card to your Dosh account. Then, when you spend money using that card, you’ll earn cashback via Dosh. While many credit card companies offer cashback, few debit cards do, which makes Dosh an innovative way to earn cash back if you prefer to use a debit card online or in stores.

However, if you choose to link a credit card to your Dosh account, you could essentially earn double cash back. Simply link a credit card that already offers cashback to your Dosh account to increase the amount you get back every time you make a purchase.

You can earn money through your Dosh account at thousands of retailers, which makes it easy to incorporate cashback into your day-to-day spending habits. What’s more – you can access your cashback funds via your bank account or PayPal or choose to donate it to charity.


Using CoinOut means you won’t have to link any cards to your account or disclose any financial information, so it’s a great choice for people who want to protect their privacy. To earn cashback with CoinOut, you simply need to scan your receipts and let the app take care of the rest.

Take a photo of your receipt on your phone and upload it to CoinOut in seconds to earn cashback on your purchases. One of the main benefits of this app is that there are no limits on where you can shop to earn cashback. Providing your receipt specifies a transaction date, store name, individual purchases, and prices, as well as the transaction total, you can earn cashback on it!

Users can select whether to receive their cashback in the form of a bank transfer, Amazon gift card, or PayPal deposit and depending on which method you choose, there are no minimums. This means that you won’t have to reach a certain threshold before requesting your funds, so you can have your cashback transferred to you as quickly as possible.

Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app also works on the principle of uploading images of your receipts to earn cashback, but it injects a little fun into the process of saving money. Receipt Hog has made a good job of gamifying the experience, so you can boost your cashback and enjoy yourself in the process.

To earn cashback, you simply need to take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app, and you’ll receive cashback in the form of coins. Currently, 1,000 coins equates to $5, 2,900 coins to $15, 4,300 coins to $25, and 6,500 to $40.

Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 coins, you have the option to redeem them in the form of a PayPal transaction, a Visa e-gift card code, or an Amazon e-gift card code. Note that there is no option for a direct bank transfer, which might be off-putting for some users.

Some receipts earn coins, while others earn spins or sweepstakes. A spin gives you the chance to earn coins via a mini-game random slots wheel, while an entry in the monthly sweepstake draw gives you the chance to win 5,000 coins.

If you prefer the simplicity of uploading receipts and earning cashback, Receipt Hog might not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to add some fun and excitement to your money-saving endeavors, it might be the best option out there!


Ibotta is one of the most popular cashback apps on the Apple store, although it’s available to Android users too. With a high rating and almost a million reviews, it’s clear that Ibotta is doing something right!

Before you shop, use the Ibotta app to find the retailer you want to shop at and see what offers are currently listed. Then, you can earn cashback in three different ways. Firstly, you can take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app. Secondly, you can link your store loyalty card to your account and earn cashback automatically within 48 hours of making a purchase. Thirdly, open the Ibotta app, and from there, choose which app you want to use to make a purchase. Once you’ve made the in-app or app-to-app purchase, your account will be credited with cashback.

Don’t panic if you forget to check Ibotta before you start shopping. Providing the retailer doesn’t require you to link your loyalty card to the app, you can upload your receipt information within 7 days of making a purchase and still earn cashback.

Once you’ve earned $20 via the app, you can request your cash in the form of a PayPal or Venmo deposit, or you can select a gift card instead.

Are Cashback Apps Worth It?

Providing you choose the right app for you; cashback apps can be an easy way to get more out of your money. After all, if you’re going to be spending money, you may as well retain as much of it as possible.

There are plenty of cashback apps out there, so be sure to do your research before you get started. By selecting an app that aligns with your regular shopping habits, you can incorporate cashback savings into your day-to-day routine. Whether you want to gamify the experience or find the quickest way to save a few bucks, a reputable cashback app can make it easy to save money and boost your savings.

Being proactive about money management can transform your financial situation and give you the confidence you need to build wealth. From time to time, however, it may be necessary to speculate in order to accumulate. If you want to secure more work, for example, you may decide to upgrade your work ‘tools’, such as a vehicle or license. Alternatively, you may want to enroll in a sector-specific course to increase your credentials and enhance your expertise.

Of course, an unexpected bill or expense can put you on the back foot too, which is why you might be looking for quick financial solutions. If you need to make urgent home repairs, get your car back on the road, or simply make ends meet while you take on more work, the right financial solution can give you the flexibility you need.

To learn more, take a look at how you can access the funds you need swiftly and simply:

Consider Your Options

When you need a chunk of cash fast, it’s easy to slip into panic mode. However, excessive worry or anxiety will cloud your judgment and make it harder to identify an appropriate solution. No matter how stressed or overwhelmed you feel, take the time to calm down so that you can address the situation calmly and objectively.

There is always a range of solutions available when a problem arises, although some may be better options than others. If you need cash quickly to resolve an issue, for example, you’ll want to consider what income you expect to earn in upcoming days or weeks and assess what your borrowing power is. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of investing in your future so that you can secure more work, you may want to assess which courses or programs offer the best return on investment.

Research Different Types of Borrowing

If you need to borrow funds, there are various ways to do this. You might decide to ask friends or family if they can lend you the money you need, for example. However, do be aware that borrowing money from people you know can be fraught with complications. If you are going to go down this route, take extra steps to ensure that financial matters don’t sour your relationship.

For a more reliable and stress-free option, you may want to consider borrowing from a bank or loan company. Short-term or long-term loans can be a viable way to manage your shortfall, for example. For some people, credit cards or even payday loans seem like a suitable solution but it’s important to take interest rates into account. Typically, credit cards have relatively high interest rates and payday loans are even higher. This can make it extremely difficult to get out of debt once you start borrowing money in this way.

In contrast, personal loans can have a far lower interest rate, which means you’ll pay less overall. With regular monthly repayments, personal loans can also make it easier to budget in the future, which gives you the opportunity to get your financial situation back on track.

Check Your Credit Score

Every adult in the U.S. has a credit score, even if they don’t realize it. There are three main credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian), which collate credit-related information. This is then used to calculate your credit score. Generally, a credit score can be anything from 300-850 and the higher your credit score is, the more attractive you are to potential lenders.

Before offering you a loan or credit, potential lenders will check your credit score and accept, adjust, or deny your application accordingly. If you have a low credit score, you may be offered a higher rate of interest or be able to borrow less, for example.

However, having a low credit score doesn’t need to prevent you from taking out a loan. Many reputable lenders offer loans and credit to people with bad credit, so shop around and discover the best deal you can get. Note too that successfully repaying a loan is an excellent way to improve your credit score going forward, which helps make future borrowing cheaper.

Review Your Credit History

Your credit history is taken into account when your credit score is calculated, so the information the credit agencies hold about you must be accurate! If a lender incorrectly reports that you’ve missed repayments, for example, this could reduce your credit score and make it harder for you to access credit in the future.

Similarly, if you’ve been the victim of fraud and someone has taken out credit in your name, this will have a knock-on effect on your credit score and your financial future.

If you check your credit history and something seems amiss, there are procedures you can follow to have the entry rectified. Although this can take time to achieve, it’s well worth contacting the relevant credit reference agency to ensure that your credit history is corrected.

Compare Lenders

Now you’ve got an idea of the type of borrowing options that are available to you, you’ll be able to compare lenders in a little more detail. If you want to take out a personal loan, for example, you’ll need to compare interest rates from various lenders to determine which is the lowest. However, this isn’t the only detail that’s relevant when you’re taking out a loan.

If you plan to pay off your loan more quickly than the contract states, you’ll want to check whether there are any charges or fees for doing so. Choose a company that has no prepayment penalty like Upstart or Upgrade can be advantageous if you want to repay your loan more quickly, for example.

Similarly, you’ll want to check how long it takes to secure a loan and receive your funds. After all, if you need to access cash quickly, you won’t want to wait for weeks for your application to be processed. Fortunately, reliable lenders such as Upgrade and Upstart offer one-day funding, so you can access your loan within 24 hours.

Update Your Budget

When you take advantage of quick financial solutions, it’s important to update your budget accordingly. If you take out a personal loan to consolidate other debts, for example, your new, single monthly repayment might be much lower than the multiple repayments you were making previously. If so, this could actually reduce your monthly outgoings and give you more disposable income to spend or save.

Alternatively, if you’re taking out an additional loan, the repayment might be an extra expense that you need to account for. In this instance, you’ll need to adjust your budget so that you can comfortably afford to make the repayments on the agreed date every month.

Creating a budget or using a dedicated app are both viable ways to manage your finances, so experiment with different tools to find a system that’s easiest for you.

Improving Your Finances as a Gig Worker

Whether you’re a full-time gig worker or you’re supplementing your existing income with freelance work, the gig economy gives you the chance to increase your earnings and enhance your finances.

Indeed, the flexibility and the option to work a schedule that fits with your existing commitments is just one of the advantages of being a gig worker. No matter what your financial situation is currently, taking on additional gigs, using your skills to increase your earning power, and finding the right financial solutions can give you the tools and opportunities you need to elevate your finances.

The holidays are always a busy time of year, particularly for gig workers who want to boost their earnings and generate extra income. Whatever your specialist skills are, you’ll find that a variety of businesses need your support during their busiest times.

Whether you’re looking for work-from-home gigs, babysitting jobs, driving routes, or hospitality roles, working over the holidays can be a great way to enhance your career as a gig worker. For inspiration, take a look at the types of roles that are routinely on offer over the holiday period and start planning your work now:

Parcel Deliveries

The rise in online shopping means that delivery drivers are in high demand throughout the year but when the holidays are approaching, you’ll find even more opportunities on offer. Depending on the firm you choose to work with, you may be able to use your own vehicle or gain access to a branded, company bike or car. Providing you have a valid driver’s license and appropriate insurance, parcel deliveries are an excellent way to generate income as a gig worker.

There are many different arrangements in place when it comes to how much you earn as a delivery driver but, often, gig workers are paid according to how many parcels they deliver. This means that you can work as often as you like and boost your earnings accordingly. What’s more – the demand for super-fast deliveries means that you can often deliver parcels outside of normal working hours.

If you want to supplement your regular income with an evening or weekend freelance gig in the run-up to the holidays, for example, parcel deliveries are a superb option.

Food Deliveries

If you want to increase your income with a freelance driving role but parcel deliveries aren’t right for you, how about food deliveries? A large number of restaurants and cafés now offer a delivery service and it’s only via specialist delivery networks that they’re able to provide this service to their customers.

Major companies are already in operation and it’s easy to sign up as part of their team. You’ll work as an independent contractor and retain a significant amount of flexibility, which is why so many gig workers love to do these types of jobs.

Food deliveries are most popular during the evenings, so there’s plenty of work available from 5 pm onwards. However, a considerable number of eateries are open throughout the day too, so signing up for food delivery work from 11 am or 12 pm onwards can be a savvy way to beat the competition and generate income.

Chefs and Food Prep

For restaurants and bars, the holidays are the busiest time of year, which means they need as many staff as possible. Of course, business owners rarely want to hire permanent staff for a seasonal increase in custom, which means gig workers are the ideal solution. You’ll find that many hospitality venues are hiring freelancers on an ad hoc basis, so you can choose which shifts you’d like to work and essentially build your own schedule.

You’ll need to have experience and relevant certifications to undertake some roles in a commercial kitchen but don’t panic if you’ve never worked in this environment before. Plenty of venues will be looking for extra front-of-house staff too, so use your skills to work as a freelance waiter, hostess, or server.

 Office Work

Although some offices shut down for the festive season, the build-up to the holidays can be a busy time for many businesses. Employee absences often increase during this time of year as the cold and flu season arrives, which means that a significant proportion of companies are short-staffed. Additionally, a lot of firms require their employees to use up their allotted holiday hours before the end of the year, which means staff are eager to take days off.

The drive to get projects wrapped up and tasks completed before the end of the year also means that businesses are under pressure to be extra efficient in the run-up to the holidays, which is why they rely on gig workers to provide the extra support and expertise they need. Whether you want to work remotely or on-site, you’ll find plenty of opportunities available at this time of year.

From specialist tasks, such as graphic design, web development, or digital marketing, to more general roles, such as virtual assistants and administrators, freelancers can work until their heart’s content at this time of year!

Pet Sitting

If you’re responsible and you love animals, pet sitting could be the ultimate side hustle. Taking care of people’s pets while they’re out of town or working long hours can be a fun – and lucrative – way to supplement your income.

Pet owners will want to be confident that they can trust you, so do everything you can to enhance your reputation and, when you take on more clients, ask them to recommend you to their circle of friends. Once you become known locally as a reputable pet sitter, you’ll find that your services are in high demand.

Of course, the holiday season means that many people are away from home for longer periods, which is why they require the services of a pet sitter more often. From dogs and cats to rabbits and reptiles, there is a surprising amount of seasonal work available for talented and trusted pet sitters.

Taxis and Rideshares

Becoming a fully-fledged taxi driver can take time but signing up as a driver for well-known rideshare companies like Lyft or Uber is a fast-track way to launch your career as a gig worker. During the holiday season, people are far more likely to leave their own vehicles at home and use a driver instead, so you can earn a significant amount by choosing this type of gig.

When people are enjoying a night out with friends, celebrating with family, or attending a work do, for example, they routinely use rideshares to get from A to B. Similarly, if people are out shopping for the festive season, a rideshare service enables them to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport. As a result, demand for drivers increases throughout the holiday season, and you have the opportunity to expand your role as a gig worker.

Securing Seasonal Work

With a variety of different gigs available, it’s important to be ready if you want to secure seasonal work. Refining your CV ahead of a holiday season can be a good way to ensure that you’re hired quickly while completing your online profile and setting up notifications will enable you to respond quickly when jobs are available.

Furthermore, you’ll want to consider the types of events that occur throughout the year and how they impact gig workers. There is always an increased demand for gig workers or temporary staff in the run-up to Christmas and New Year, but this isn’t the only holiday season to consider.

In the summertime, for example, there are plenty of outdoor gigs available, such as garden maintenance and lawncare roles. Similarly, marshaling at major events, working a food truck, or providing fitness training, are popular gigs during the summer season.

Whatever time of year it is, you’ll find that there are plenty of seasonal roles available for gig workers. By using your skills to provide the support that businesses need at critical times of the year, you can secure as much work as you like and enjoy a varied and exciting role as a gig worker.

A great CV can increase your chances of securing lucrative freelance gigs and make it easier than ever to build up a client list. However, creating a curriculum vitae as a gig worker can be tricky, particularly if you’re new to the industry or you’re used to preparing resumes for standard full-time roles. Fortunately, you can find out everything you need to know about creating an excellent CV as a gig worker right here.

Read on to learn how to formulate, draft, refine, and distribute your CV to boost your freelance career.

Break It Down

Traditionally, CVs or resumes listed a person’s career history in date order, starting with their most recent position first. However, the way we work has changed and this should be reflected in the format of your CV. Now, it’s common practice to use different sections to highlight your attributes and provide potential commercial partners or employers with the critical information they need.

You might choose to begin with a brief personal profile, for example, followed by a skills section, a list of notable achievements, and then a sample of your work history. As well as providing the reader with vital information, this also gives you the chance to showcase your core competencies and advanced skills.

Once you’ve decided what format to use and have broken your CV down into sections, you’ll find it much easier to decide what to include and where to mention it.

Keep It Short

The best CVs are short yet contain a considerable amount of useful information, so bear this in mind when you’re drafting your resume. Sometimes, trying to fit a lot of information into a short piece of work is trickier than creating a lengthy document, so don’t feel disheartened if you want to include far more than you have room for. With some clever wording and simple structuring, you’ll be surprised at just how much information you can convey in a short CV.

Ideally, your CV should be no more than two A4 pages in length (and don’t be tempted to reduce the font size to 6 to cram more information onto the page!). Hiring managers view hundreds of CVs on a regular basis and they don’t have time to scrutinize each one in detail. To overcome this obstacle, you need to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd, and keeping it short, simple, and direct will help you to achieve this.

Write Your Personal Profile

Many people assume that writing a personal profile is the easiest part of compiling a freelance CV, but this isn’t always the case. In this section, you might choose to include your contact details as well, so you won’t have too much room to write about yourself. Alternatively, add your contact details to the end of the document if you want to maximize space. You’ll need to pick the most relevant, interesting, and unique points if you want to catch the reader’s attention and make them take a more in-depth look at your resume.

Remember – your personal profile should tell the reader why you’d be a great person for them to work with. If you’re submitting your CV for a specific role, be sure to update your personal profile so that it’s tailored to the requirements. Alternatively, if you’re preparing a more general freelance CV, use your personal profile to give people an insight into your work ethic and personality.

Create a Skills Section

Start by creating a long list of your skills, so that you can decide which ones are most impressive to potential hirers. You’re likely to include just 5-10 skills on your CV, but don’t limit yourself when writing your draft list. This encourages you to think outside the box and consider every skill you have, which will make it easier to create a unique and impressive skills section.

Once you’ve got your draft skills list, work through it, and cross off anything that isn’t relevant. If you’re an excellent juggler but you are looking for freelance driving jobs, for example, you probably don’t need to add it to your skills section!

Additionally, take the time to cross off any skills that are commonplace within your sector. Most office workers can use Word or Excel competently, for example, so you probably don’t need to add this to your CV unless you have advanced knowledge and it’s relevant to the type of roles you’re applying for.

Include a List of Achievements

Not everyone includes a list of their professional achievements on their CV but it’s well worth doing if you want to impress the reader. A list of achievements allows you to highlight your professional success succinctly and tells future clients what you can do for them.

When you’re writing your list of achievements, try to include the value the business obtained from your work. If you’ve worked as a freelance delivery driver and consistently overperformed, for example, you could include the details here, such as:

‘Improved delivery time estimates by an average of 20% while retaining a 5* customer rating’

This type of information tells the reader so much in just a simple sentence. Not only does it highlight your efficiency, but it also tells the reader that you’re conscientious, polite, and have a good work ethic, as well as an understanding of the importance of great customer service.

Add a Brief Work History

You don’t necessarily need to include the details of every gig or job you’ve ever had on your current CV, so choose the roles that are most relevant to the type of gigs you’re applying for. Your skills list and list of professional achievements have already impressed the reader, so a work history will simply add more detail and give an example of the types of clients or employers you’ve worked with.

Gig workers may have worked with hundreds of clients or hirers and attempting to include all (or most) of them would be foolhardy. Similarly, you don’t necessarily need to only focus on your most recent gigs. If roles from six or 12 months ago are most relevant than gigs from last month, include the ones that are going to deliver the most valuable information to the reader.

Proofread Your CV

Before you submit your CV to anyone, be sure to proofread it. Then proofread it again! Spell-check might catch some errors but don’t rely on it too much. Instead, read through the document carefully and refine it where possible. In addition to this, ask a trusted family member or friend to proofread your CV too and then use their feedback to make positive changes.

As well as looking for grammatical mistakes or missing words, be sure to double and triple-check your contact details. After all, a potential employer can only hire you if they’re able to get in touch with you!

Creating an Impressive Freelance CV

A CV isn’t a document that should remain unchanged for months at a time, so get into the habit of continually updating your resume with relevant information. Equally, if you’re applying for a particular role or gig, make sure you tailor your CV to the opportunity to give you the best chance of success.

With an increasing number of people joining the gig economy, landing the best roles requires a great reputation and a stand-out CV. By putting the effort in now and creating a freelance CV that showcases your experience and skills, you can significantly increase your chances of getting a new job and broaden your horizons.

The gig economy has revolutionized the way we work. It gives people the opportunity to carve out their own, bespoke careers. Whether you’re supplementing your income with ad hoc gig work or replacing a full-time 9-5 with a more flexible role, the gig economy can enable you to develop your skills and build a reputation in your preferred industry.

Although there are many benefits associated with being a gig worker, there can be some drawbacks too, and dealing with your tax liability is one of them. Attracted by the chance to boost their earnings and work on a custom schedule, many people overlook the importance of completing tax declarations, self-assessments, and tax returns when they first join the gig economy.

Alternatively, some people are put off becoming gig workers because they assume that the tax and administrative liability will be more hassle than it’s worth. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all!

With our handy guide, you can find out everything you need to know about managing your taxes as a gig worker and streamline your admin. To get started, take a look at our top tips for managing your taxes as a gig worker now:

Know Which Rules Apply to You

Luckily, this doesn’t generally mean that you’ll need to pay tax in a whole host of different jurisdictions. Instead, you’re typically taxed according to the regulations and laws where you reside. If you’re based in the U.S. and have clients in the UK, Japan, or Australia, for example, you’ll only have to file your taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

If you’re a freelancer who enjoys travel, however, you’ll need to consider whether this will affect your tax liability. If you travel abroad for an extended period and continue to work remotely, for example, this could affect your status as a taxpayer. Due to this, it’s vital to check which regulations apply to you and determine where and who you need to pay tax to.

Register as Quickly as Possible

Tax authorities won’t automatically know that you’re working as a freelancer or independent contractor, so it’s best to let them know straight away. When you do, you’ll gain access to a range of resources that can help you to manage your tax liability.

In some cases, the registration can take a fairly long time to complete, which is why it’s generally best to register well in advance of upcoming deadlines. Remember – you’ll need to register with whichever tax authorities you’re liable to pay tax to. This may be the IRS in America, for example, or HMRC in the UK. Once your registration is complete, you’ll be able to log in to an online portal and access information that’s relevant to you.

Look Out for Self-Reporting Options

When you’re a gig worker, you’re responsible for telling the tax authority how much you’ve earned in income. In many instances, you’ll be able to self-report, rather than hiring a professional to verify your submissions for you. As well as keeping your costs down, this can simplify the management of your freelance career and enables you to keep up to date with your tax liabilities more easily.

Do be aware, however, that some tax authorities will require you to register for self-assessment separately from registering as a freelancer, sole trader, or sole proprietor. The first will enable you to submit your income details, while the latter merely notifies the tax authority that you’re generating revenue.

Keep Records of Your Finances

One of the most important things you can do as a freelancer is to keep detailed financial records. When your finances are well-managed, it makes dealing with your tax liabilities so much easier. In fact, you will be able to identify your earnings, expenditure, and profit in seconds when you keep your finances up to date.

There are many ways you can do this, from handwriting a spreadsheet to using an app on your phone, so simply find one that works best for you. Many tax-related apps and online platforms can be linked to your bank account or your invoicing software, which can simplify your tax management even further. If you want to streamline your tax declarations as a gig worker, finding the right app and digitizing your finances is usually the easiest way forward.

Deduct the Right Expenses

As a freelancer, you’re most likely to have to pay income tax on what you earn. However, work-related expenses can sometimes be deducted from your earnings before your tax liability is calculated. This reduces the amount of tax you have to pay but it’s extremely important to check which types of expenses can be deducted before you submit your self-assessment.

If you work from home, for example, you won’t be able to deduct the cost of a new shirt from your earnings, even if you wear it for virtual meetings. However, you may be able to deduct the cost of a new keyboard, providing you only use it for work purposes.

Although tax authorities like the IRS provide extensive information regarding legitimate deductible expenses, it can be complex. If you’re unsure about whether or not expenditure can be deducted from your income, it’s always advisable to seek help from a professional, such as an accountant or tax advisor, or from the tax authority itself.

Set Money Aside Every Time You’re Paid

When you’re an employee, you’re usually taxed at source, which means that the amount of income tax you owe is taken out of your wages before you get paid each month. In contrast, freelancers and independent contractors are required to pay income tax once their liability has been calculated.

You’ll usually need to pay tax on a quarterly or annual basis, depending on regional or local regulations, so it’s important to set some money aside so that you’re able to pay your tax bill on time. By calculating your tax liability in advance, you can find out how much you need to set aside from each invoice for tax purposes.

Depending on the app or online platform you use, this information might even be calculated for you, which makes it easy to ensure that you’re setting aside a sufficient amount to pay your tax. Financial penalties do typically apply when you pay your tax late but getting into the habit of saving a portion of your earnings for upcoming tax payments will help you to make the relevant payments on time.

Managing Your Tax Liability as a Gig Worker

Dealing with a tax declaration and self-reporting your income can seem overwhelming at first, particularly if you’ve never done it before. However, it’s much easier in practice than it sounds. With millions of people successfully generating income via freelancing gigs and side hustles, managing your own taxes is becoming increasingly common.

What’s more – there’s plenty of help available. From online guides and official helplines to personal accountants and handy apps, you can access expert advice and independent support at any time.

Once you’ve set up a simple and straightforward tax management system, you’ll free up your time to focus on your career. As a result, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of freelancing, boost your earnings, and enjoy becoming a successful gig worker.

These days, working from home has become the new normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns led to people in a wide range of industries working from home, remote working has become more and more popular. Many people who were able to work from home during the COVID-19 lockdown found that this type of work improved their work-life balance and was a much better experience compared to commuting to an office every day, leading them to actively look for remote working for their next position. Some people prefer to work from home as it makes it easier for them to fit their job around other commitments that they might have, such as studying for a university degree or raising children, while others find that it is a better fit for their health and wellbeing.

Are Home Based Jobs Worth Doing?

If you are looking for a new job role, you may be wondering if working from home is worth considering. This will entirely depend on the type of person that you are and the kind of work that is going to be the best fit for you. Some people are more sociable and extroverted and find that working from home full-time is too isolated for them. In this case, if you still want to work from home, it might be worth finding a position at a local company where you have the option to work from home some of the time and go into the office on some days, so you’re not as isolated compared to working from home all of the time.

A home based role might be a good option for you if you are looking for work that you can easily fit around other things. Some people need a type of work that they can be very flexible with, which is provided by a lot of home-based work. For example, if you are a stay-at-home parent, working from home can be an ideal way to fit working around your life since there’s no need to get childcare for the days that you are working. Or, if you are a student, you may find that working from home is much easier compared to working in an office or other workplace, since there’s less time spent commuting that you can use to focus on studying instead.

What Are the Best Home Based Jobs UK?

Today you can find a wide range of jobs in the UK that can be done from home. As the COVID-19 pandemic led to more and more employers pivoting to a remote working model, there are now more opportunities for home-based jobs that ever before. Customer service jobs, for example, are now more often available to do from home with the rise of web chat and the use of VoIP to communicate with customers over the phone, which is easier to set up compared to traditional business phone lines. If you prefer the idea of being self-employed and taking on gigs when working from home rather than working full-time or part-time for an employer, you can find various roles including design, data entry, content creation, and more.

Where to Find Jobs from Home UK

Today, most job boards will now include work from home roles due to the popularity of remote working in the UK as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You will usually be able to find remote working roles advertised on popular job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. If you are looking for work-from-home gigs, check out the gigs on AppJobs which you can narrow down based on your past experience, skills, and qualifications to find the perfect options for you.

Some Easy Jobs from Home That Require No Experience

Not everybody who is looking for a work-from-home job wants a long-term career option. Perhaps you are looking for a job that you can easily do from home to make some extra cash or are looking for something simple that you can do alongside working full-time in other employment. The good news is that there are lots of work-from-home jobs that anybody can do, with little to no experience required. Many can be started on the same day that you apply and can usually be done on your own schedule.

Micro Jobs:

Micro jobs are small online tasks that you’ll receive a small fee for. These jobs are usually very small and short, and the pay is equally as tiny – often a few cents or a few dollars if you are lucky, so you will need to a lot of them to make any sort of decent income. While they’re not recommended for people who want to work full-time from home, they can be a decent way to make a bit of extra cash alongside working full time.

Data Entry

Online data entry is a work-from-home position that is growing in popularity. The rise of new technologies has made it easier than ever for companies to work with independent workers for data entry projects. While working from home, you might be accessing the company’s infrastructure remotely, or use crowdsourcing technologies to get the job done. This can include a range of fields, with some requiring no experience. Others such as general transcription will often require some basic transcription experience before you can get started.

App and Website Testing

If you tend to be opinionated about what works and what doesn’t when browsing the web, website and app testing might be an ideal work from home role for you. When doing this work, you may be able to review websites or apps that are still being developed, making it a great way to learn more about things before everybody else gets to. Some developers want to get the viewpoint of a beginner, so you don’t need to be a tech guru to do this kind of work. Testers are usually asked to perform tests based on their demographic, before being given questions or tasks to perform such as registering on a website and then giving feedback. Testers will not usually be paid until their feedback is accepted by their client.


If you have good spelling and grammar and an eye for spotting typos and spelling errors, you might be suited for a work-from-home role as a proof-reader. While you can get hired for this role without any previous experience, you will usually be required to take a test before you can work to prove your skills. It can also be worth taking a proofreading course to improve your chances of finding work in this role to do from home.

Search Evaluator

Search engine evaluation is a growing role that you can do from home. In this role you will examine search results online and provide feedback as to whether they are relevant, accurate, and free from spam. While you can get into this role with no experience, you will need to have some knowledge of current culture. Sometimes, people with a degree might be preferred for this role and many roles are designed for people who are bilingual, although you can find some English-only roles.

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the most popular work-from-home roles that you can do without any prior experience. In this role, you will be carrying out work that is similar to that of an office assistant but working from home. You’ll need a certain skill-set to succeed in this role, including good communication skills along with being very efficient and organised. Your tasks will typically involve maintaining records, filing, scheduling, and answering emails and calls. This work from home role is becoming more and more popular as more companies switch to hiring virtual assistants.

What are the Benefits of Jobs You Can Do from Home UK?

If you are looking for a new role, there are many benefits of working from home to consider. Working from home often means a role that is flexible with many options that you can do on a freelance or self-employed basis, making it easy to fit around a current full-time role that you have if you are looking to make some additional cash.

For those who want to work from home full-time, there are employment opportunities available along with a number of freelance options that you can easily do full-time with enough work to go around. Working from home offers a range of benefits including more flexibility and a better work-life balance, making it easier for you to uphold other commitments in your life and find time to do the things that you want to do such as working on your hobbies and passions without the need to reduce your working hours. You may also find that you save more money when working from home, as there’s less fuel to buy or public transport tickets to get when you’re not commuting to an office or other workplace daily.

Working from home has become more popular than ever before, and there are plenty of work-from-home roles available for people with little to no experience.

Employers have an obligation to pay their employees the correct National Minimum Wage or above. It is a criminal offence for employers to not pay somebody the National Minimum Wage, and employers who discover that they have paid an employee below this amount must immediately rectify the situation by paying any arrears.

Who Gets the Minimum Wage?

People who are classed as workers or employees and at least school-leaving age are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. Any workplace contracts that are for payments below this amount are not legally binding. Part-time workers, agency workers, casual labourers, trainees, apprentices, and foreign workers are also entitled to the correct minimum wage. The National Minimum Wage should also be paid to workers that are paid by the number of items that they make, agricultural workers, offshore workers, seafarers, and disabled workers.

Who is Not Entitled to the National Minimum Wage?

Some people are not entitled to receive the National Minimum Wage. These include:

  • People who are self-employed as a freelancer or running their own business
  • Company directors
  • Members of the armed forces
  • Voluntary workers
  • People working on a government employment programme
  • People who live and work in their employer’s home such as au pairs
  • Workers below school leaving age
  • Students on a work placement for up to one year
  • People shadowing employees at work
  • People working on a Jobcentre Plus Work trial
  • Prisoners
  • People living and working within religious communities
  • Share fishermen

How is the National Minimum Wage Calculated?

The minimum wage that an employee is entitled to will depend on the nature of the work, for example, if they are an employee or an apprentice, and their age. The National Minimum wage refers to the minimum pay per hour that almost all employees are entitled to. No matter the size of the business, any company that employs staff needs to pay the minimum wage or higher.

Employees and employers can calculate the minimum wage and check that the right minimum wage is being paid, using tools on the Gov.uk website. There are separate calculators for workers to check that they are getting the correct minimum wage and for employers to check that they are paying the right amount.

How Much is the National Minimum Wage?

The National Minimum Wage is currently £8.91 per hour. People under the age of 23 are entitled to a lower minimum wage. Apprentices also have a lower minimum wage, at £4.30 per hour. This is the minimum that employers are required to pay their employees. New rates for the National Minimum Wage are expected to be introduced in April 2022.

What is the Minimum Wage for a 16 Year Old?

Sixteen and seventeen year olds are entitled to earn a minimum of £4.62 per hour when working full-time or part-time. However, workers of this age who are working in an apprenticeship role, rather than employment, will be entitled to earn a minimum of £4.30 per hour.

What is the Minimum Wage for a 17 Year Old?

Seventeen year olds are entitled to a minimum wage of £4.62 per hour from April 2021, unless they are an apprentice, in which case the National Minimum Wage for apprentices is lower.

What is the Minimum Wage for an 18 Year Old?

The National Minimum Wage rises once a person reaches the age of eighteen. At ages 18-20, employees are entitled to a minimum wage of £6.56 per hour. However, age does not make a difference to apprenticeship rates, so bear in mind that an 18 year old who is working in an apprenticeship role will only be entitled to earn £4.30 per hour, although some employers do pay more in line with the minimum wage requirements for the age of the worker. However, this is not a legal requirement and is down to the discretion of the individual employer. At nineteen and after the first year of the apprenticeship is completed, an apprentice will be entitled to the National Minimum Wage for their age group.

How the National Minimum Wage Works for Apprentices

Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice minimum age rate if they are either aged under 19 or are in the first year of their apprenticeship at any age. An apprentice will become entitled to the National Minimum Wage for their age group if they are aged nineteen or over and have completed the first year of their apprenticeship.

What to Do If Your Employer Has Underpaid You

If you have been paid less than the National Minimum Wage, your employer is obliged to pay any arrears that they owe you. The first step in this situation is to go to your employer to try and get the issue resolved. You can do this even if you no longer work for the company. Most of the time, you will find that not being paid the correct minimum wage is an error that many employers are willing to correct quickly and easily, since failing to pay the correct minimum wage is a criminal offence.

If you are unable to resolve the issue by going directly to your employer or former employer, you have two options to consider. You can either report your employer to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) who will start an investigation or make a claim to an employment tribunal to get your lost earnings back from your employer. Bear in mind that you cannot do both of these at the same time.

Resolving the Issue Directly

Raising the issue directly with your employer is usually the best option if you have been paid less than the minimum wage. If there has been an error in your payment, sometimes, an informal conversation can be the easiest way to resolve it. You may be able to speed up the resolution of the issue by bringing a copy of calculations of the National Minimum Wage from Gov.uk to show how much you should have been paid, and a copy of your payslip.

If you cannot resolve the issue informally, the next step is to make a formal complaint to your employer. You can also contact the Acas helpline to get support and more information on the options that are available to you. Bear in mind that Acas are unable to provide legal advice.

Reporting to HMRC

You can make a complaint to HMRC if you have not been paid the right minimum wage. You can report your employer anonymously. If the investigation find that your employer has not paid you the National Minimum Wage, they can do a number of things. These include:

  • Issuing a notice to your employer to pay any money that you are owed, going back for a maximum of six years
  • Fine your employer for not paying the right minimum wage
  • Take your employer to court

Making a Claim to an Employment Tribunal

If you have not been paid the correct minimum wage, another option to consider is making a claim to an employment tribunal. The type of claim that you make will determine the amount of money that you can claim. For example, a claim for unlawful deduction of wages allows you to make a claim to get back any money owed going back for no longer than two years. You will need to start your claim within three months of the most recent underpayment or deduction. You will need to inform Acas first before you make a claim to an employment tribunal. You will also have the option of early conciliation, which is designed to help you resolve the issue with your employer before making a claim. You do not need to pay a fee to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

When Will National Minimum Wage Increases Be Paid?

There are some instances when workers or employees will be entitled to a higher rate of the National Minimum wage. These include if the government increases the National Minimum Wage, which usually occurs in April each year, or when an employee turns eighteen, twenty-one or twenty-three. In these instances, the higher rate will be applied from the next pay reference period after the increase, which could mean that your pay may not be increased immediately. The pay reference period refers to the period of time that the pay covered. For example, the pay reference period is one month for somebody who is paid monthly.

What is the National Living Wage?

The National Living wage was previously for those aged 25 and over, but it has been extended to younger employees aged 23 and over. The National Living Wage is the highest rate of the National Minimum wage and is currently at £8.91 per hour. It was £8.72 per hour last year.

The National Minimum Wage is in place to protect employees from underpayment, and all employers regardless of the business size are legally obliged to pay employees the correct minimum wage or higher. You can use the gov.uk website to calculate the minimum wage that you are entitled to for your age and the work that you do.

Starting out young with work can be a good way for teens to make some extra pocket money and learn about the value of working along with developing important skills for their future. While most teens only work a couple of hours per week, it can be very beneficial in their development and help them decide on a future career by using their experience of working part-time to figure out what they enjoy, what they don’t like, what they are good at, and what they’re not so good at. Many teens decide to get a part-time job simply for the money, but it can provide them with so much more. For teens, working part-time can be an opportunity for friendships while giving them the chance to take on more responsibility and learn more about the world of work before working becomes essential for them to survive.

What are Some Good Jobs for 12 Year Olds and 13 Year Olds?

Twelve year olds are not permitted to work part-time, but there are several things that kids can do at this age to make some extra money and take on more responsibilities such as offering services to people in the local area, including washing cars, running errands, and walking dogs under adult supervision. The old-fashioned paper round might not be as popular as it once was due to online news taking over, but many newsagents still require people to deliver newspapers to people who read them, which can be an ideal job for a teen of thirteen to do since it only requires an hour or so in the morning before school. At thirteen, ‘Saturday’ jobs can also be a good idea for teenagers, such as helping out in a local small business with basic tasks like cleaning, for a small amount of money. It is only recommended for a thirteen-year-old to work for a couple of hours per week as at this age, since school is of course their main priority.

The Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds

At sixteen, many teens start looking more seriously for work as this is the age where they can legally work more hours and can be contracted on as an employee. Most sixteen year olds are still in school or in some form of education such as A-Levels or equivalent, so it’s usually a part-time job that they will look for in order to find something that fits around their education. Coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food outlets, clothing stores, and other retail and hospitality businesses will often be the first type of job that a 16-year-old will do, as these types of businesses will often hire teens and young people. They do not mind hiring people with no previous experience, since the jobs are often easy to pick up.

Finding Jobs for 16 Year Olds UK

Whether you are sixteen and looking for your first job or are the parent of a sixteen year old who wants to start working, there are various places to look when it comes to finding a first paid role. Job boards like Indeed are a great place to start or you can search through AppJobs for gigs that are suited to your skills. Bear in mind that at sixteen, if you are looking for your first job, you won’t have any previous work experience, but don’t let this stand in your way. Chances are that you have developed a lot of skills from school and extra-curricular activities that you can use on your CV to help you land the job. Recruiters may be interested in hearing about your teamwork skills while working on team projects or playing sports, how you have used your communication skills in school, and how you use your skills to help organise school events, for example.

Some Good Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Like sixteen-year olds, most seventeen-year olds are also in full-time education, with part-time jobs the best option for them. At seventeen, teens also have the advantage of being old enough to have a driving license, so if passing your driving test and getting your first car is a priority to you, this could also help you find more jobs. Not only does having your own car make it easier to get to work allowing you to apply for jobs that are a little further away or have start and finish times that you’d not normally be able to do if taking public transport, but it also gives you the option of considering delivery jobs too. If you have a driving license, part-time delivery work might be an ideal choice for you at 17 since this is often easy to work around college or school and other commitments. However, bear in mind that if you are going to take delivery work on a gig basis, such as signing up for UberEats or Deliveroo, you will need to get food delivery car insurance to do this legally. Alternatively, you can find part-time work as a delivery driver employed by a company, who will cover the insurance costs necessary.

Jobs for 18 Year Olds – What’s Worth Doing?

At eighteen, teens can legally buy – and serve – alcohol, which opens up more opportunities for working part-time. Eighteen is often the age that teens head off to university which may bring with it the need to start looking for a new job in a new city. Bar work is a popular option, especially in student areas where there is often a lot of bars, clubs, and pubs that are always in need of staff. Working in a supermarket might also be easier for eighteen-year-olds since at this age, they are not restricted to the jobs that they can do in the supermarket including serving alcohol to customers when working on the checkouts.

What Hours are Under-16s Allowed to Work?

There are laws in the UK regarding child employment. While it’s okay for kids to help out for pocket money under the age of thirteen, this is the youngest age that a child can legally work part-time. There are exceptions for children who are involved in theatre, television, and modelling work, for which they will need a performance license.

Teens are only able to start working full-time once they have reached the minimum school leaving age, at which point they are able to work up to forty hours per week maximum. Employers need to pay any employees who are aged 16 or above through PAYE. Adult employment rights and rules apply once a teen reaches eighteen years old.

Children who are still school-aged are not entitled to the National Minimum Wage. At ages sixteen and seventeen, teens are entitled to a minimum wage of £4.62 per hour. Registered employers need to record and report their pay as part of payroll. Other regular PAYE tasks such as making deductions will need to be carried out if the teen earns over £120 per week.

There are several restrictions to consider when it comes to where and when under-16s are allowed to work. Children are not permitted to work during school hours, before the hours of 7am or after 7pm, for more than one hour before school, in areas such as industrial sites or factories, or in any work that many be harmful to their health and wellbeing or their education. Children must take a break of at least one hour after working for four hours, and they should be given a two-week break from any work that they do during the school holidays for the year.

During term-time, children are permitted to work for a maximum of twelve hours per week, which includes a maximum of two hours per school day and on Sundays. On Saturdays, 13-14 year olds can work for a maximum of five hours, while 15-16 year olds can work a maximum of eight hours.

During the school holidays, a 13-14 year old can work a maximum of twenty-five hours per week, which includes a maximum of two hours on Sundays, and up to five hours on weekdays and Saturdays. 15-16 year olds are permitted to work a maximum of thirty-five hours a week in the school holidays, including no more than two hours on Sundays and no more than eight hours on Saturdays and during the week.

Bear in mind that there may be local bylaws that list further restrictions on how, where, and when children can work.

What are the Benefits of Working for Teenagers?

While it’s not a good idea for teens to work a lot of hours, getting a part-time job can have many benefits for teens. Working can give teens a sense of responsibility and achievement, while allowing them to develop important life skills and earn some money for themselves at the same time.

Whether you’re a teen who wants to look for work or a parent of a teenager who would like a part-time job, understanding what jobs teens can do at their age, and the restrictions on working for school-aged children, is important.

Whether you are at college or university, your studies are your main priority right now. Getting the qualifications that you are working towards will ultimately get you into your chosen industry in the future and provide you with the credentials that you need to work in the career that you want. However, most students also need a way to earn some money for themselves while they are studying. This might not always be essential if you are lucky enough to live at home for free while you are studying, but even if you’re only working for spending money, getting a part-time job can have other benefits. On the other hand, some students might find that working is essential to cover some or all their living expenses. If you’ve moved away for university, for example, you’ll probably find that your student loan isn’t enough to cover your expenses along with everything else you want to do as a student to get the best university experience.

What are the Benefits of Part-Time Jobs for London Students?

As a London student, there are lots of benefits to working part-time. Studying in London can be expensive, so if you’ve moved to the capital for university, finding a part-time job is almost always going to be inevitable in order to ensure that you have the funds that you need to cover your living expenses and have fun at university too. However, there are more benefits to working part-time as a student than just earning some extra money. Students who work part-time can learn a wide range of job skills that will help them with their careers in the future. Transferable skills like communication, time management, organisation, IT skills, customer service skills and more can all be developed while working in a range of part-time jobs and these will stand you in good stead as a graduate looking for positions in your future career choice.

Where Students Can Find Part-Time Jobs

There are various ways to find part-time jobs as a student. For most students, the first place to look is at their college or university itself. Many universities hire students to work part-time in a range of areas such as serving at the student bar, working in student cafes and canteens, and working in the library, for example. A part-time job on campus is an ideal choice for many students since it means that they do not have to travel very far to get to work, and it can often make getting hours that fit around their studies easier compared to working for a separate employer.

What Popular Part-Time Jobs Do Students Do?

Students work in a wide range of different part-time positions. Since most students don’t yet have a degree or a lot of work experience, they will often be more likely to get hired for positions that do not require either, such as working in hospitality or retail. Popular part-time positions for students include:

  • Bar work
  • Supermarket work
  • Waiting tables
  • Cleaning
  • Clothes stores
  • Tech stores
  • Pet shops
  • Fast food
  • Coffee shops

However, working in retail and hospitality are no longer the only options available to students today. The gig economy has made it easier than ever for students to find work that they can easily fit around their studies and do on a self-employed basis, putting them in control when it comes to when and how they work. For example, students who have their own car and the right insurance can deliver parcels for Amazon, or if you are a student and have a bicycle, you don’t need expensive food delivery car insurance to start delivering food to people in your area with UberEats or Deliveroo.

How Working Part-Time Can Help Students Boost Their Future Career

Working part-time can be very helpful for students when graduation rolls around, and they start to look for a more professional career that is related to the degree that they have worked for. No matter what you are currently studying at college or university, working part-time now could help you find the job of your dreams in the future. This is because the majority of employers are not interested in hiring somebody who has never had any work experience for a professional position, while part-time positions in retail, hospitality, and other sectors are much easier to get as your first job. Working part-time as a student provides you with that much-needed experience of the workplace that you are going to need for your CV once you have gotten your degree and are ready to start looking for jobs that are related to your field. You can use your part-time work experience to relate your skills to the roles that you are applying for and demonstrate to hiring managers how you would be a good fit for the role based on the work that you have done in the past.

Are There Many Online Jobs UK for Students?

Today, working online is becoming a more and more popular choice. For students in particular, working online can be an ideal option since it is more flexible and often allows students to work from home, which can make their part-time work much easier to fit around their degree or other studies compared to going out to work. The good news is that with working from home and online jobs growing in popularity, finding this type of work as a student is easier than ever. For many students, popular online job options include work such as data entry, copywriting, or virtual assistance.

However, if you have a skill that you can use to work online such as graphic design, web development, or marketing skills, you may be able to find online part-time jobs to do as a student that allow you to use these skills. Many online jobs for students can be related to the degree course that you’re studying. For example, if you are studying for a business degree, working online as a virtual assistant or upkeeping an eCommerce store can not only be a great way to earn money while studying, but an ideal option for getting work experience that is relevant to your degree and ultimately, your future career.

Where to Find Online Jobs for Students

As a student, there are many options for finding online jobs. Depending on the type of job that you want to do, you can find online work advertised on the majority of popular job boards. If you’re looking for online gig work, then use the search function at AppJobs to find gigs that are a good match for your skills and experience.

How to Successfully Balance Working and Studying

Successfully balancing working while studying is essential for your success. It is important to make sure that your studies come first and that you are realistic about the hours that you work in your part-time job and how much you can manage while getting your qualifications. Studying for a degree takes up a lot of your time and effort, so even though it might be tempting to take on more hours at work to earn more money, make sure that this is not impacting the amount of time that you have to complete your university assignments as the last thing that you want is for your part-time job to impact your overall grades or cause undue stress to you as a student.

It is a good idea to be upfront with your employer before signing your contract about your studies and how this might limit you in the workplace. Some part-time roles, such as hospitality, for example, can seriously vary when it comes to the number of hours that you are given, so your employer will need to know which days and times you are definitely not going to be available so that they do not end up putting you on the rota at the same time that you are supposed to be in a lecture. Most employers who hire part-time staff are used to having students work for them and are willing to work around your needs when it comes to fitting your work schedule around your studies.

Bear in mind that as you go through your degree, your studies are likely to become more intense. There’s usually a lot more work to do during your final year of university, for example, as this is the year that you will be working on your dissertation, which is likely to be your main focus since this makes up such a huge part of your final grade. Consider this when it comes to your part-time work and be prepared to negotiate your hours with your employer as you may find that you need to work less as your studies require more of your time and effort.

For most students, working part-time is either an ideal way to get more spending money while at uni, or essential for covering living expenses that are not covered by a student loan. But working part time can be much more beneficial, allowing you to develop skills for your future career.

Today, thanks to the gig economy, more and more people are becoming self-employed. If you are considering working for yourself and prefer the idea of working in a role where you get to call the shots and earn unlimited income based on the amount of work that you do rather than a salary, then this could be the right career step for you to consider. However, before becoming self-employed, it’s important to consider if you have done everything that you need to do when getting started. If you have taken on a new self-employed role, you should register as self-employed with HMRC as soon as possible. You will need to do this regardless of whether you are self-employed full- or part-time, whether you are doing gig work, or setting up your own business.

Do You Need to Apply for Self-Employed Positions?

Whether or not you will need to apply for self-employed positions will vary depending on the type of work that you do. You won’t need to apply to start your own business as a sole trader, but if you want to do gig work for a company like Uber, for example, then you might need to first apply to work with the company and show that you have all the required documents such as insurance on your vehicle and the right to work in the UK before they will allow you to start working with them.

Can You Be Employed and Self Employed?

Yes, you can be employed and self-employed at the same time. The gig economy has made this easier than ever to do and there is nothing stopping you from working at your regular job Mon-Fri and taking on some gig work on the weekends like delivering pizza on a self-employed basis if you want to make some extra money. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to do this – firstly, make sure that there is nothing in your employment contract to say that you shouldn’t take on any other work while working for the company, and bear in mind that your tax payments are likely to increase as you will be taxed on both jobs.

How to Register as Self Employed

It’s usually quick and easy to register as self-employed. All you need to do is head to gov.uk and register for an online account. Use your Government Gateway details to complete your registration and add all the information requested such as your contact details and trading name. You will need to provide the date that you started your business and your National Insurance number. Once you have done this, you will receive a letter with your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) from HMRC and your online account will be set up, where you can get access to digital government services.

When Do You Need to Register as Self Employed UK?

All you need to register as self-employed in the UK is your basic personal details and your National Insurance number. You will need to provide further information on the type of self-employment that you do such as what kind of service you provide and the date that you started working for yourself. To access your online account, you will need to sign in with Government Gateway, so you should also get a Government Gateway ID when registering. You will also need to decide on a name for your business – most self-employed people trade under their personal name, but there is nothing stopping you from choosing a name that makes your business stand out. However, make sure that you’re not using the trading name of another existing business if you decide to do this.

When Should You Register for Self-Assessment?

HMRC say that you should register for self-assessment as soon as possible after starting your own business. However, there is a deadline for this – you will have up until October 5th after the end of the tax year that you started your own business or became self-employed. For example, if you started your business in September 2021, you would have until the 5th of October 2022 to register as self-employed. However, it’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute to register your business, as you could end up with a huge tax bill if you don’t register by the deadline for any reason.

HMRC Register as Self Employed: Who Should Register?

Anybody who works for themselves should usually need to register as self-employed in the UK. You are likely to be self-employed if you run your own business, decide how and when you work, are able to hire stay, charge a fixed price for your work that is agreed upon with your customers, or sell goods or services for a profit. If your line of work involves any of these, then it’s likely that you will need to register as self-employed.

On the other hand, you are not likely to be classed as self-employed if you are required to personally provide a service and are not able to hire somebody else to do the work for you. You are not likely to be self-employed if your work is supervised, directed, or controlled – although this can vary depending on the type of contracts and clients that you have while self-employed, and might not always mean that you are not self-employed. However, if you have no real freedom of action when it comes to your work, for example, if you are not free to refuse a contract that you do not like, you are unlikely to be classed as self-employed. Understanding your self-employment status is essential since this will impact any employment rights that you have and how you pay tax. You can use the employment status checking tool from HMRC to find out more if you are not sure about your situation.

Being self-employed does not always mean that you are a sole trader, however. If you work for yourself on your own, you are probably classed as a sole trader, but there are other types of self-employment. If you are in a business partnership, for example, then you will need to register as self-employed but as a partner, rather than a sole trader. On the other hand, you can set up your business as a limited company, which is a little bit more complicated, as you are both the owner of and an employee of the company. Tax and National Insurance calculations will also be different if you decide to go down this route.

Choosing the right structure for your business is an important part of setting up as self-employed. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the structure that you choose; it’s a personal decision. However, it’s important to understand that limited companies are in the public domain and have expensive reporting and compliance duties, while there is no obligation to publish business information for a sole trader or partnership. On the other hand, the business is a different legal entity to yourself when you set up as an LTD company, which helps to protect your personal assets.

When Do You Pay Self Employment Tax?

Once you are registered as self-employed, there will be a number of responsibilities that you will need to keep to. You should be sure to keep accurate records of how many sales you make and any outgoings from your business. This will make it easier when it comes to filing your Self-Assessment tax return since you will have easy access to how much money you have made in the year and the expenses that are to be deducted. There are several apps that you can use, such as QuickBooks, which you can easily connect to your bank to keep track of income and expenses for your business.

By January 31st each year, you will need to file your Self-Assessment tax return, which you can fill in and send easily online. You will need to pay any tax you owe to HMRC on both the 31st of January and 31st of July, although a payment plan can be set up to make payments more frequently if HMRC agree. You will need to pay Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions along with income tax.

Help Registering as Self Employed for People with Additional Needs

Some people might find registering as self-employed more difficult. You can use the additional needs page on gov.uk if you are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hearing-impaired, have a speed impediment, or English isn’t your first language. You can also find services available to help you if you want to register as self-employed but find it difficult to process complicated information, fill in forms, or use the phone or internet, due to a condition such as dyslexia, disabilities, or mental health.

Being self-employed can be an ideal way to work if you like being your own boss and managing your own time. Whether you’re offering an online service, taking on gig work, or setting up a shop, it’s important to know what’s required of you when it comes to registering as self-employed and getting started.

In today’s competitive job market, having a good cover letter can make it easier for you to send in an application that stands out from the rest. With more and more companies now accepting online job applications and using automated applicant tracking, a cover letter that is well-written and demonstrates that you are the best person for the job due to your knowledge, skills, and experience can help you be in with a chance of the hiring managers wanting to take a closer look at your CV. You can use your cover letter to demonstrate any research that you have done into the company and tailor your application to specific jobs, which can be helpful if you are applying for several different positions.

Applying for Jobs? How to Write a Cover Letter UK

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to get clear on exactly what a cover letter is. A cover letter is a brief letter that is used as an introduction for your job application or CV. It provides applicants with a further opportunity to express their interest in a position or the organisation as a whole and gives you the chance to go into more detail about your qualifications, experience, and why you believe that you are the best candidate for the position.

How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands Out

If you want to write a cover letter that stands out and gets you noticed as an applicant, the first thing to know is that your cover letter should serve as representation for your personability and show just how enthusiastic you are about this position and working for this company in particular, which can be difficult to do with just your CV. A good cover letter that grabs attention tells a story explaining the applicant’s experience and demonstrates to hiring managers just why this person might be the best fit for the job. When your cover letter does these things, it might be able to help persuade recruiters to take a closer look at your application and get to know you better by inviting you in for an interview.

How to Write a Good Cover Letter

To write a good cover letter, consider the following:

  1. Grab attention: The whole point of your cover letter is to get the attention of the recruiters on you and spark their interest in what you have to offer, so the first paragraph of your cover letter should be attention-grabbing. You will want recruiters to continue reading, so spend some time on a good opening. You could include some relevant accomplishments or talk about your passion for your work.
  2. Be Enthusiastic: One of the main things that recruiters want to see when they are reading cover letters is enthusiasm and passion for the position and the organisation. Demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for the role in your cover letter will help to increase your chances of being invited for an interview and getting the job.
  3. Show Your Personality: An increasing number of companies are now using online applicant tracking systems to automate the process of screening resumes and applicants. These often operate best with a simple resume format, which can sadly limit how much of your personality ends up shining through. Your cover letter is your chance to demonstrate who you are as a person and how well you are going to fit in with the company culture, so make sure that it is well-communicated.
  4. Highlight Your Best Achievements: It’s a good idea to choose a couple of the most relevant bullet points from your CV and use these in your cover letter with more detail, to explain how you will be beneficial to the company. While talking about your qualifications and experience, you can use this to demonstrate how you’ve contributed to employers in the past, and how your previous experience will help you support the mission and values of the company.
  5. Talk About Your Career Goals: You can use your cover letter to explain how the position that you are applying for supports your career goals overall. The cover letter is an ideal way to show how you are going to value your experience while working in this position and that you are dedicated to working in a career in this field. It also demonstrates to the employer that you may be an applicant who is interested in growth within this organisation.
  6. Include a Call to Action: It’s wise to thank your reader for their consideration and time when you close your cover letter; however, it’s also worth thinking about it as a form of marketing yourself, in which case, a call to action is a good closing element to include. Essentially, your cover letter is a persuasive essay to convince hiring managers and recruiters that you’re the ideal candidate for the job.
  7. Tailor the Letter: It is important to make sure that each cover letter you write is targeted for the company that you are applying to and the position that you want. When you write a tailored cover letter for each position, this will give you the chance to highlight your experience, qualifications, and values in a way that makes sure that the ones that are most relevant to that company and position are front and centre.

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

A cover letter should be fairly brief, so keep it to around three to four paragraphs at most. If your cover letter is too short, you may be unable to effectively communicate what you want to communicate to your reader, while on the other hand, recruiters and hiring managers may be less willing to spend time reading a cover letter that is too long.

How to Start a Cover Letter

Deciding how to start your cover letter can be an intimidating process. The good news is that there is a simple formula to get it right. Conveying enthusiasm and authenticity is an important part of starting your cover letter. Spend some time considering your opening since the main factor here is to spark the interest of hiring managers and recruiters who will read your letter and encourage them to want to continue reading the rest of it.

How to End a Cover Letter

When ending your cover letter, wrapping it all up in a concise way that encourages recruiters to pick up the phone or fire an email over inviting you in for an interview can often be just as difficult as getting your cover letter off to the right start. It’s a wise idea to thank your reader for their time and consideration of you as an applicant, but also consider adding a call to action that will encourage the reader even further to take the next steps.  

How to Address a Cover Letter

If you know who the hiring manager or recruiter that will be reading your letter is by name, then it’s a good idea to address them by name when starting your cover letter. You can often find out the name of the recruitment manager by taking some time to examine the job description, since many job descriptions will include a point of contact for the recruitment manager for applicants who want to get in touch for further information. If this is not the case, or you are responding to an ad that has been posted by a recruitment company rather than the organisation directly, you can research the company to find out if this will help you get the name of the recruitment manager. If you cannot find their name, then a generic, professional greeting will be fine. ‘Dear Recruitment Manager’ will always work; however, you can also be more specific if you like, such as addressing the specific department that you are applying for a position within.

What to Avoid in Your Cover Letter

Bear in mind that hiring managers and recruiters will read thousands of CVs and cover letters, so there are a few things to avoid that are mostly overused and have probably been seen hundreds of times before.

Overused Phrases: Most of the time, recruiters read very generic cover letters with phrases that are only going to annoy a hiring manager or recruiter, like ‘to whom it may concern’, ‘please feel free’, ‘thank you for taking the time to look at my CV’, etc. Some words to avoid including in your cover letter due to their overuse include ‘self-starter’, ‘dynamic’, and ‘significant’.

Irrelevant Information: You should always avoid adding irrelevant information to your cover letter. While it might make sense at the time to include that story, it’s worth reading it back before you submit to make sure that everything you’ve included is relevant to your application and yourself as a professional. If it is not, it will only confuse the reader and risk them missing important points in the rest of the letter.

A good cover letter can make all the difference when it comes to whether you are invited for an interview or even if you get the job.

If you are job-hunting, then you might have found that lots of jobs ask you to send a cover letter along with your CV. Writing a cover letter is worth taking the time to do, since it can help your application stand out from the crowd and give you a better chance of being invited in for an interview when you spark the interest of recruiters and hiring managers.

What to Write in a Cover Letter

A cover letter gives you the chance to expand on your CV and show off your personality more in your application. Since most of the time, CVs tend to be concise and to the point, there is not much of an option to show who you are to recruiting managers when writing one. Your cover letter is the chance to talk further about your qualifications, achievements, and experience, demonstrating who you are as a professional and what you can bring to the company.

Why Should You Write a Cover Letter for Job?

You should write a cover letter in order to be in with the best chance of getting the attention of recruiters and getting invited for an interview. Since hiring managers and recruiters can read through hundreds of CVs per day, it’s often a good cover letter that can be the difference between a CV that gets more attention and one that simply gets tossed away.

Is a Cover Letter for Job Application Important?

While some jobs do not require a cover letter when applying, it is a good idea to write one anyway, since a good cover letter can seriously boost your chance of being invited for an interview and landing the job that you want. A cover letter is important since it allows you to go into further detail about the most important things on your CV.

What Should a Cover Letter Include?

To make the biggest impact on recruiters and hiring managers when it comes to your cover letter, you should make sure that it includes the following:

  1. Proof You’ve Researched the Position and Company: Hiring managers and recruiters will want to see that you have done your homework when it comes to the company and the position you are applying for. During the early section of your cover letter, it is important to refer to the job, the company, and anything else that demonstrates you know what you are applying for and have researched the company.
  2. Relation of Your Skills: Your cover letter is a written explanation of your CV and how what’s listed in it relates to the position. So, use your cover letter to clearly explain when you can do for the company based on your skills and previous experience. A good way to do this is to relate back to the job description when writing your cover letter, since this allows you to be specific when it comes to what the company is looking for and relate these back to your resume.
  3. Your Enthusiasm for the Position: Consider yourself in the job that you are applying for and think about how you are going to feel when working in it. If this is a job that you really want, then chances are you’re going to be very excited. One of the main things to make sure that you include in your cover letter is your passion and enthusiasm for the job. Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for signs of passion for the role in the applications that they read and showing how enthusiastic you are about this role gives you the chance to create a cover letter that will be noticed and remembered for the right reasons.

What to Include in a Cover Letter to Stand Out

Along with reading thousands of resumes, recruiters and hiring managers also spend their time reading through thousands of cover letters, so it is important to know what to include in yours if you want it to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. One of the easiest ways to do this is to close your cover letter with a call to action. As long as you have included the above three points in your cover letter, and it is written in a way that grabs attention, a call to action can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not your cover letter gets you the interview.

What to Put in a Cover Letter to Get the Job

Most of the time, hiring managers are reading cover letters looking for signs of enthusiasm for the position and relevant experience that demonstrates somebody is a good fit for the role. If you want to get the job, always refer to the job description when writing your cover letter. When doing this, you can then take the points from the job description one by one and include them in your cover letter as they relate to your skills and previous work experience, including examples of work that you have done in the past.

Where to Find Cover Letter Examples for Job Roles

If you are feeling stuck when it comes to getting your cover letter started, the good news is that you can find lots of cover letter examples online for some inspiration. You can easily search for cover letter examples to get a good idea of what to write and what not to write. You may want to consider searching for cover letters for your specific industry or role to learn more about what is likely to be expected or valued the most when it comes to the actual position that you are applying for.

Sample Cover Letter for Job Application Ideas

After looking for some sample cover letters, it is a good idea to write a rough draft of your cover letter before submitting it with your job application. Unless the job that you are applying for is on a short deadline and you need to get your application in as quickly as possible, it’s a good idea to take a day or two to get your cover letter just right. Take the time to go over your cover letter and go through everything that you have included to ensure that it is all relevant to the role that you are applying for, and to take out anything that’s too generic, cliché or overdone.

A Simple Job Application Cover Letter Template

When writing a cover letter, it is a good idea to keep to the format and layout of a typical business letter. Follow this simple template:

  • Heading: A business letter should begin by listing your contact information and the employer’s contact information if this is available.
  • Letter Spacing: Make sure that you are properly spacing the layout of your cover letter. You should include space between the heading, greeting, each paragraph, and the conclusion, before adding some space and then your signature. Your letter should be single-spaced and left-justified.
  • Fonts: A simple font like Arial or Calibri is an ideal choice for your cover letter. When it comes to font size, around 11-12pt is a good option since the font size should be no smaller than 10pt but no larger than 12pt.

Your cover letter should be laid out as follows:

  • Heading: This first section should include your contact information. You should also include the contact information for the employer if you have it. Add a space between your contact information and the employer’s contact information.
  • Salutation: If you know the name of the hiring manager, use that. Otherwise, a professional, generic greeting will work fine.
  • First Paragraph: The first paragraph should include information on the position you’re applying for. Include the job title in this section and state how you found out about the position. Briefly explain why you think you would be an ideal fit for this position.
  • Middle Paragraph: This section will include information on what you can offer the company. Mention your qualifications and experience that make you and ideal fit for this job along with any experience and skills that will help you in this position. In this section, it’s a good idea to use specific examples that demonstrate your experience and skills; you can use bullet points to make sure that they stand out on the page.
  • Final Paragraph: Conclude the letter by thanking the hiring manager for their consideration of you for this position. Provide information on how you’re going to follow up with them regarding your application status.
  • Closing and Signature: Add a simple closing and type or sign your name.

Bear in mind that it’s good to be flexible when using this template; add or remove paragraphs if needed to make sure that it fits the job description. The most important thing when writing a cover letter is to make sure that it is customised and tailored to the job that you are applying for.

A cover letter can help you stand out in the applicant pool and get the attention of hiring managers, so be sure to include these important points.

With an increasing number of people looking for career options, part-time work continues to be a popular option for a lot of people. The growing number of sectors that often advertise part-time positions is one of the biggest reasons for this. Part-time jobs were once only usually found for customer service and retail roles; however, while these industries are still popular with part-time workers, opportunities now exist in a wider variety of industries including healthcare, marketing, education, IT and more.

What are the Best Part Time Jobs East London?

The UK capital is currently the largest sector for part-time jobs, with tens of thousands of positions now offered. These include part-time roles in a wide range of industries including healthcare, engineering, teaching, finance, admin, graphic design, and more. Hours for part-time jobs also vary a lot, meaning that you could be working anything from ten to thirty hours per week depending on the role and the company that you apply for. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a temporary drop in part-time positions in hospitality and retail environments, there is still a strong demand for part-time employees to work in these areas, and since the lifting of lockdown and other restrictions, the number of these positions available has only grown.

How to Get Part Time Retail Jobs London

Retail jobs in London were less popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as non-essential stores closed to the public. However, since the lifting of lockdown and the re-opening of these businesses, part-time retail jobs have only boomed further in the UK capital, with more and more companies looking to hire good employees. You can easily find part-time retail jobs in London by searching on any job board. Retail jobs include but are not limited to working in supermarkets, department stores, clothing stores, tech stores, and many other retail environments.

What is Part-Time Gig Work?

Another popular option for those who want to work part-time is gig work. Gig work is often done on a self-employed rather than an employed basis and involves doing smaller jobs for certain clients. Rather than taking on a part-time employment contract, you can take gigs as and when you are available to do them and many people do this on top of working part-time or full-time in an employed role, such as making parcel or food deliveries on the weekend after working Monday to Friday. This could be an ideal option for you to consider if you want extra work to make some more money, but don’t want to be tied into a second employment contract.

Are There Any Problems with Part-Time Jobs?

One of the biggest issues with working part-time is that they do not often offer a lot of protection in the event that working hours are reduced. While you can find some part-time jobs that guarantee a minimum of a certain number of hours per week in work, these days, the majority of part-time jobs available today are on zero hours contracts, meaning that your employer could reduce your hours to zero for weeks at a time, with no protection in place for you. However, despite this issue, part-time jobs in the UK are booming, as companies see the advantages of having employees on more flexible contracts that can easily be changed in line with the market trends.

When to Work Part-Time

Although for some, a part-time job can cause issues with working hours and having no guarantee that they will get a certain number of hours per week, part-time jobs do offer a lot of benefits. They can be an ideal way to get some work experience and a great way to enter a specific industry, especially with an increasing number of sectors across the UK now offering part-time positions. Most part-time jobs come with a range of benefits including immediate starts, flexible working hours, and reduced candidate requirements. However, on the downside, many of these benefits are only short-term since part time jobs simply do not provide the same career development compared to full-time jobs. As a result, for most people, working part-time is an ideal choice when they need a stop-gap between working full-time jobs or when getting into a new industry.

Of course, another major benefit for many people who work part-time is the flexibility of these roles. Flexible working hours is one of the biggest perks of working part-time and is one of the main reasons why these roles are favoured by students, parents, and anybody else who wants to find work that they can easily fit around their other commitments. Along with this, many part-time jobs can now be performed from home and there are more employers advertising work-from-home part-time roles since this has become more and more commonplace after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where to Find and Get Part-Time Jobs

While it can be easy to think about overlooking part-time job vacancies if you believe that working part-time won’t provide you with the stability, income, or relevant experience needed to stand out in the industry, for some people, working part-time can be a better option. In fact, six million people prefer working part-time than full-time, since they find that it offers more flexibility. Part-time employment can be an ideal way to get a better work-life balance if you are studying, parenting young children, or simply want more time to pursue your passions. It can also be an ideal choice if you are working on starting your own business but need something to bring in an income right now.

Part-time job opportunities should be taken just as seriously as full-time positions. Searching for and applying for part-time jobs takes a similar process, and you should be diligent, organised, and professional throughout.

Look for Part-Time Jobs in Your Area

Sometimes, it can be easy to find good part-time jobs as you may notice that businesses have signs to notify you that they are hiring as you walk around your local area. Next time you are out in London for shopping or entertainment, keep an eye out for any posters or signs that businesses are looking to hire part-time workers. This is often more common around the Christmas period as businesses look to take on temporary relief staff to help them with the surge in demand around this time. However, while this is not a permanent position, it can often be a great way to get a foot in the door at a new company since many companies will keep the details of the best Christmas temp staff and invite them back later in the year if more positions become available.

Look for Part-Time Jobs Online

The best way to find a part-time job in London is to search online. You can use popular job board sites like Indeed, Monster, GlassDoor, or FlexJobs to find a suitable part-time job in the area for you. All you need to do is use the search features to find positions that match the type of job that you are interested in, in the area where you want to work. Most sites will give you the option to narrow down your results to only show part-time positions. If you are more interested in gig work, you can use the AppJobs website to find gigs that are suited to your skills and experience.

Using Your Skills to Get a Part-Time Job in London

Thinking about your skills, experience, and interests and how they can be used to your advantage when you get a part-time job is one of the most essential things to do. Consider how your specific skills and previous experience relate to the job description or how you could relate them to the position once working in it. For example, if you are looking at a part-time retail job and are quite a creative person who is good at coming up with new ideas, consider how this will work in a retail environment, such as coming up with new ways to deal with large numbers of customers or coming up with creative solutions to handle stock shortages.

Create a CV for Part-Time Work

Finally, before applying for the part-time jobs that have caught your eye, it’s a good idea to create a resume that is designed to help you get part-time jobs. Focus on creating a CV and cover letters that stand out, and can be tailored to the different part-time vacancies that you are interested in. Your CV should highlight your experiences and skills and be as engaging a read as possible for recruiters. Bear in mind that one in five employers will have already made up their minds about a CV before they have got to the end of it, which is why making sure that yours stands out from the rest of the pile for all the right reasons is crucial.

Part-time work is becoming more popular as people want more flexibility in their life and an increasing number of sectors offer part-time positions. If you want to work part-time in London, there are various opportunities available with something for everyone.

The ESFP Myers-Briggs personality type is often a natural entertainer with a strong ability to engage with and charm the people around them. Energetic, fun-loving, and spontaneous, they take pleasure in food, nature, animals, clothing, and other people in particular.

ESFP Personality:

ESFP stands for extraverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. This personality type gets their energy from spending time with other people. They prefer to focus on details and facts rather than concepts and ideas but use their feelings and values when making decisions. They prefer to be flexible and spontaneous rather than organised and planned. Due to their energetic and playful nature, they are sometimes nicknamed ‘the performer’.

Typically, ESFP individuals are talkative, warm, and social. They have an enthusiasm for life that is contagious and enjoy being in the centre of the action. They have a sense of humour that is playful and open and love helping other people have a good time.

The ESFP personality type tends to live in the moment. They enjoy everything that life has to offer and tend to be very in tune with their senses, often taking pleasure in all the smells, sounds, sights, and textures around them. They enjoy keeping busy and are often people who have a lot of hobbies and activities going on with a wide circle of friends. They hate nothing more than missing out on fun but can easily become overextended when there are lots of things to do due to their spontaneous nature.

While they are known for being fun-loving, the ESFP personality type can also be very down-to-earth and practical. They’re very grounded in reality and acutely aware of the details and facts in their environment, particularly when it comes to other people. They tend to be extremely observant of the needs of others and quick to respond if assistance is needed. They take pleasure in helping other people, especially in a tangible and practical way.

Best Careers for ESFP:

The ESFP personality type tends to prefer workplace roles where they can be hands-on and at the centre of the action. They prefer a sociable and active work environment where they are free to have some fun and be spontaneous. They will get on best with co-workers who are enthusiastic, friendly, and laid-back.

The ESFP will often choose a career path that allows them to help others since they are realistic, pragmatic, and in tune with other people’s needs. They will especially thrive in a work environment where they will be able to see real results from the efforts that they have put in. They tend to be highly skilled at solving people-centred and practical problems.

This personality type often has an artistic streak and will typically be in tune with their senses. This often means that they are drawn to career options where they can engage their five senses through music, food, art, or textiles. They will usually prefer an aesthetically pleasing work environment and a career where they’re not confined to one place.

The ideal work environment for the ESFP is one that is flexible and not too concerned with excessive bureaucracy or strict rules. They prefer to work in an environment where they can address situations as they arise, as they will generally focus on the present moment’s demands. They prefer work that has immediate results and will generally shy away from long-term projects.

Best Jobs for ESFP:

Compassionate and practical, this personality type will do well in a work environment that is creative and engaging. They are often friendly and prefer a flexible work environment where they can enjoy learning and developing skills alongside others. They will thrive in a career where they can use their strong social and creative skills to solve immediate problems, such as:

·      Teacher:

The ESFP personality type will often thrive in a teaching role due to the performative and engaging nature of the job. A good teacher needs to have the ability to create an immersive and interesting classroom where their passion for their subject and compassion for their students is clear, something that the ESFP can often do quite naturally.

·      Public Relations Manager:

As a personality type that enjoys finding action-based solutions to problems, the ESFP may be well-suited to a role as a public relations manager, where they can put their strong social and interpersonal skills along with their creativity to use on a regular basis.

·      Physiotherapist:

Typically, the ESFP will work best when they are able to work directly with other people. Since this personality type also has a high degree of empathy and a desire for helping others in a practical way, this can make them an ideal fit for the role of a physiotherapist, where they can work to create manageable and achievable goals to help their patients get healthier.

·      Social Worker:

The best social workers are caring, friendly, and warm people who love to serve their communities. Working as a social worker can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career options for the ESFP personality type since the role provides them with a productive environment where they can put this empathy to use working alongside and supporting a range of different people.

·      Dental Hygienist:

The ESFP personality type is often quite detail-oriented, which makes them an ideal fit for a role as a dental hygienist. In this role, they are able to focus on their tasks and come up with practical and tangible solutions to solve problems for their employer or patients. In addition, the warm, compassionate nature of the ESFP along with their strong social skills also makes it easy for them to put patients at ease and create a friendly and warm environment for them.

·      Entrepreneur:

The ESFP personality type is typically outgoing and driven, making them an ideal fit for somebody who wants to start their own business. Working as an entrepreneur may also be appealing to the ESFP who wants the opportunity to be as flexible and as creative as they would like in the workplace. With an excellent focus and great social skills, they can easily drive business growth, reach, engage with customers, and create a strong community in any business field.

·      Marketing Manager:

The ESFP personality type can often be a great fit for a role as a marketing manager due to their flexibility and responsiveness. They will also typically have a high degree of realism and pragmatism, which can be extremely effective when coming up with successful strategies for marketing campaigns.

·      Chef:

Working as a chef can be an ideal career path to satisfy the performer and artist side of the ESFP personality type. In the kitchen, the ESFP can put their creativity, extraversion, and their social nature to work. In addition, many ESFP personality types are natural leaders, which makes them an ideal fit for the position of head chef.

ESFP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While any personality type, including the ESFP, can succeed in a wide range of career types, some jobs are just not the best fit for the exciting, vibrant personality that these individuals will often have. These jobs are likely to be stressful and unsatisfying for the ESFP, and are best avoided:

·      Accounting:

A role that requires professionals to deal with figures and data that need to be broken down and analysed, accounting is not likely to be a good fit for the spontaneous, people-oriented ESFP. This personality type is likely to find work as an accountant monotonous and boring, and the need to follow and stick to set procedures can easily become frustrating or even stressful.

·      Human Resources:

While the ESFP personality type is likely to enjoy the interaction with other people that comes with a job in human resources, most of this career is made up of planning and doing routine work, which is unlikely to appeal to the ESFP. Sitting behind a desk, interviewing applicants, updating company policies and other routine tasks will quickly become boring and overwhelming.

·      Economist:

The ESFP personality type prefers to work in a role where they can see tangible results that can be quickly acquired. This, alongside their dislike for working on long-term projects, means that the role of an economist is unlikely to be one that this personality type will find themselves drawn to. Many ESFP individuals will not enjoy making forecasts and projections, due to their preference for instant results. Routine tasks such as writing articles for academic journals is not something the ESFP would choose to do.

·      Admin Assistant:

Most ESFPs would not be interested in applying for a job where they need to work in the office from 9-5, making the role of an admin assistant out of the question. In addition, the routine and often monotonous tasks that are involved in this role such as planning schedules, doing paperwork, replying to emails, and answering phone calls are likely to quickly bore the ESFP.

The vibrant and sociable ESFP will prefer to work somewhere where they can be in the centre of the action. They are often drawn to fast-paced jobs where they can see quick results for the work that they put in. 

The ESTP Myers-Briggs personality type is energetic and thrill-seeking. They are often at their best in a crisis and bring dynamic energy to their interactions with others. They can quickly assess a situation and think on their feet, with a strong ability to immediately respond to problems with a practical solution.

ESTP Personality:

ESTP stands for extraverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. The ESTP personality type is somebody who gets their energy from spending time with others. They prefer to focus on the details and facts rather than concern themselves with concepts and ideas and make decisions based on logic and reason rather than feelings. However, they do prefer to be flexible and spontaneous rather than organised and planned. They are often nicknamed ‘the dynamo’ because they take an active and high-energy approach to life.

Often the life of the party, the ESTP individual is playful, active, and has a good sense of humour. They have keen observational powers, which they will often put into practice to assess their audience and enable them to keep the interactions flowing and exciting by quickly adapting. They are typically very social individuals and prefer to keep things silly and fast-paced rather than serious or emotional.

As high-energy individuals, it’s not surprising to see ESTP individuals as athletes. They can navigate their physical environment with ease and tend to be very coordinated. They have a physical aptitude that they enjoy using to pursue adventure and excitement and can often be found putting their skills into practice in activities that may sometimes even be dangerous.

The ESTP personality type focuses on action in the moment. They are usually highly engaged with their environment and have a strong ability for quick practical problem-solving. They are often excellent in an emergency as they can quickly apply logical reasoning to situations where immediate action is needed. They prefer to see tangible, in-the-moment results and are less concerned with long-term goals.

Best Careers for ESTP:

The ESTP thrives best in a work environment where they are tasked with solving logical problems in the moment. Typically, these individuals will have a good grasp of a situation’s realities, and the resources that they are able to use. They have a strong understanding of present facts, which allows them to see quick ways out of difficult situations before anybody else.

In the workplace, the ESTP will rely on their past experience to make sure that they choose the best approaches for current situations. They are often hands-on workers with a strong kinetic sense of how things work. They are flexible in their approach, although they may sometimes struggle to envision an abstract idea. They will try anything once as long as it sounds logical to them.

For the most part, the ESTP personality type will be drawn to a career where they can use their natural mechanical skills, athleticism, and ability to negotiate their surroundings. They will usually prefer to work with objects rather than ideas. They hate being stuck behind a desk and favour jobs where they can be on the go.

This personality type prefers a work environment that can be a little unpredictable, where they can enjoy some adventure throughout their working day. The best work environment for the ESTP is one where they have plenty of flexibility to solve problems quickly without the need to follow set plans or procedures too often.

Best Jobs for ESTP:

With strong technical and practical skills and a great ability for quick problem-solving, even in an emergency, the ESTP is often an ideal fit for fast-paced and sometimes even risky career choices. Some of the ideal career paths for this personality type include:

·      Entrepreneur:

The ESTP is a good fit for starting their own business since a good entrepreneur needs to be a self-starter with the ability to develop a company or a project from the ground up. They possess many of the skills that are needed for success in entrepreneurship including leadership, decision-making, and self-motivation. The ESTP personality type also tends to have excellent people skills, which makes them a good fit for this role since they will bring their dynamic energy to the table when interacting with shareholders, suppliers, investors, and colleagues.

·      Sales Manager:

A sales manager role may be an ideal fit for the ESTP who may enjoy guiding the activities of sales teams for organisations. Sales managers are required to set goals and provide advice to sales representatives when it comes to streamlining operations and improving performance, which provides a lot of problem-solving tasks for the ESTP to get stuck into. The natural leadership skills and persuasive nature that a lot of ESTP individuals possess also makes them ideal for this role.

·      Paramedic:

Paramedics are among the first responders to the scene of a medical emergency. They will often work alongside other emergency responders in an emergency to provide services to patients and ensure that they are safely transported to a medical facility for further treatment. Since the ESTP often enjoys a fast-paced career and is naturally good in an emergency, this personality type is the ideal fit for this career path. In addition, their ability to make quick decisions by applying logic in stressful situations makes them especially suited to this type of work.

·      Construction Manager:

Construction managers are required to plan and supervise construction projects for a range of things including bridges, roads, and buildings. The ESTP personality type often has strong project management skills, making them an ideal fit for this role where they will be required to regularly work alongside professionals such as architects, engineers, and government officials. This career can be high-energy and active, which is typically preferred by the ESTP.

·      Police Detective:

Police detectives play an important role in the criminal justice system, protecting communities and solving cases by investigating crimes. The ESTP personality type makes an ideal police detective due to their strong critical thinking skills and natural attention to detail. In addition, this line of work is often quite active and energetic, which will be satisfying for the ESTP who craves the unpredictability and level of risk.

·      Actor:

Many ESTP individuals possess the natural ambition and drive that is required for them to become a successful actor. They are also more likely to naturally gravitate towards the spotlight. Acting is also a career where the ESTP will be able to satisfy their need for excitement and variety in their line of work, with regular opportunities to work on new projects and engage with a wide range of different people.

·      Professional Athlete:

Naturally athletic and with a lot of energy, the role of a professional athlete is another that is well-suited to the ESTP. Performing in sports at a professional level also gives individuals the chance to interact with lots of different people and take the spotlight in their role, something that the ESTP will find appealing. Professional team sports such as football are ideal for ESTPs as there will be lots of opportunities for them to apply logic to make quick decisions for the game.

ESTP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While the energy and drive of the ESTP can lead them to success in any type of career, certain professions are simply not a good fit for their natural talents and abilities, and may leave the ESTP feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and even bored at work. Some of the main careers for this personality type to avoid include:

·      Writer:

Working as a writer is often quite isolating, which will sound like a nightmare for the social ESTP who will prefer to work as part of a team wherever possible. In addition, this role does not often provide a lot of excitement or thrills and will quickly become boring for the adventure-seeking ESTP.

·      Truck Driver:

Another isolating role where individuals spend a lot of time on their own is a truck driver. Being sat in the cabin on their own for hours at a time is a role that is sure to drive the social butterfly ESTP absolutely crazy. With nobody to talk to and not very many decisions to make or much to think about, the ESTP personality type is likely to grow extremely frustrated.

·      Psychologist:

While the keen social skills of the ESTP personality type might make them good at talking to people, they are often far too logical and interested in the present moment to work as a psychologist. This type of work is likely to baffle them since understanding complex emotions and digging into the past is not their strong point.

·      Accountant:

Another job that is likely to become very boring for the ESTP is accountancy. Spending time doing repetitive tasks with little to no adventure is unlikely to sit very well with the ESTP, who often hates being behind a desk and will quickly become very bored.

Full of energy and highly active, the ESTP thrives best in an energetic and unpredictable environment where they can apply logic to make quick decisions, even in stressful or emergency situations.

The ISFP Myers-Briggs personality type tends to be a gentle caretaker. These individuals will usually live in the moment and have a low-key, cheerful enthusiasm for their surroundings that is noticeable. They are often spontaneous and flexible, preferring to go with the flow and enjoy what life has to offer. While they may appear to be unassuming and quiet at first and may be difficult to get to know, once they trust you, you will find that the ISFP is somebody who is friendly, warm, and willing to share life’s experiences.

ISFP Personality:

ISFP stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. This personality type gets energy from spending time alone and makes their decisions based on values and feelings. They focus on facts and details rather than concepts and ideas and prefer being flexible and spontaneous over being organised and planned. Because they are naturally good at creating an aesthetically pleasing experience, this personality type has been nicknamed ‘the composer’.

The ISFP personality type often seeks out beauty in their surroundings and has a strong sense of aesthetics. They are in tune with the sensory experience and often possess natural artistic talent. They tend to be highly skilled at manipulating objects in an artistic way, which often makes them great sculptors or artists.

As people, the ISFP personality type tends to be non-judgemental and tolerant of others. When it comes to the individuals, groups, and causes that matter to them to most, they can be deeply loyal. They will support and accept others, but ultimately, they will be guided by their own set of values. They often look for ways to be accommodating and may grow frustrated with others who do not do the same.

Typically, the ISFP is a modest person who may be prone to underestimating themselves. They will usually try and avoid the spotlight and prefer to take on a supporting rather than a main role. Wherever possible, they like to be spontaneous and avoid planning and organising. They are often responsive, sensitive individuals who step in to do what needs to be done and gain personal satisfaction from being able to help others.

Best Careers for ISFP:

The ISFP personality type will often seek out a career where they can feel personally engaged with their work. They will often prefer a type of work where they will be able to participate in a cause that they believe in or where they can express themselves. Typically, the ISFP enjoys hands-on work and will be satisfied when their efforts lead to a tangible result. Ideally, the right role for the ISFP allows them to see the results of the hard work that they have put in and is in an environment that is consistent with their values.

The ideal work environment for the ISFP is cooperative and courteous. They will usually prefer to have somewhere where they can work quietly but be able to access support where it is needed. An aesthetically pleasing work environment is a bonus for the ISFP, who is often very in tune with their physical surroundings.

In general, the ISFP will prefer to keep a low profile at work and shies away from positions where they would be required to lead a large group or speak in public. While they typically prefer to work alone, the ideal team for the ISFP would be made up of people who are supportive, loyal, and flexible.

Best Jobs for ISFP:

Since the ISFP lives in a world of senses, they are often most drawn to careers where they can unleash their creative side. They may also enjoy a service-oriented career where they are able to make a positive impact on others, especially if they can do so in a creative way. Some of the best career options for the ISFP personality type to consider include:

·      Artist:

The suitability of the ISFP personality type for an art career is not surprising, considering that these individuals love to have the freedom to create. With a strong eye for beauty and a desire to be able to express themselves creatively throughout their career, this is certainly one of the best choices for the ISFP, who will often be an individual with natural artistic talents.

·      Graphic Designer:

Since the ISFP personality type tends to be very artistic and creative, they thrive in the role of a graphic designer. This is often an independent and hands-on position that allows the ISFP not only the ability to be creative at work but also work independently with a lot of freedom.

·      Chef:

ISFPs are often practical and action-oriented along with creative, which can make them an ideal fit for a role as a chef. However, the ISFP is only likely to enjoy this role when they are given creative freedom to come up with their own ideas, and may quickly become bored in a role where they must follow instruction

·      Veterinarian:

Many ISFP individuals have a deep love for animals, which can make them an ideal fit for a role as a veterinarian. Vets examine, diagnose, and treat many different animals from house pets to livestock. The service-oriented and caring nature that many ISFP individuals possess will often make this role perfect for them.

·      Interior Designer:

Many ISFP personality types will be drawn to creating environments that are both beautiful and functional, which can lead to an ideal career path as an interior designer. In the hands of the ISFP, lighting, textures, and colours can easily become works of art. In addition, they will often have a helpful and perceptive nature along with excellent active listening skills that will make them highly skilled at bringing their clients’ ideas to life and creating excellent designs.

·      Occupational Therapist:

ISFPs are often creative problem solvers, and they will enjoy taking on real-world issues to come up with creative solutions to make things better for people. Because of this, they may find that a role as an occupational therapist is a fulfilling option for them. An occupational therapist is tasked with developing rehabilitation programs to restore or build skills in people who have suffered injuries, illness, or disability.

·      Nursery or Primary School Teacher:

The ISFP personality type has a passionate and creative nature, which often makes them a natural-born teacher. They are tolerant, non-judgemental, and relaxed, which along with their creative flair and ability to come up with new ideas, makes them a great fit for teaching young children. ISFP personality types excels at developing hands-on activities and creative lesson plans for their students.

·      Social Worker:

Since many ISFP individuals have an interest in making a positive impact on the lives of others, they may find fulfilment in a role as a social worker, a career path that allows them to use a hands-on approach to solving problems. Social workers use community resources to help families and individuals facing a wide range of challenges.

·      Forester:

A forester is tasked with the care and management of trees or forests. They may develop plans to protect trees from disease, deal with emergencies like wildfires, and more. They will often supervise the sustainable harvesting of trees and the regeneration of forested lands. For the ISFP who values nature and conservation, this might be an ideal fit.

·      Environmental Scientists:

Since the ISFP personality type has a tendency to love both nature and hands-on work, a role as an environmental scientist might be an ideal one for them to consider. In addition, the love of freedom that most ISFPs will possess will be satisfied by the ability to spend time both in the lab and in the field.

ISFP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While it is possible for any personality type, including the ISFP, to be successful in any career, there are some occupations that are simply not going to be the best fit for the artistic and spontaneous ISFP. Some career options that are best avoided by individuals with this personality type include:

·      Managerial Jobs:

ISFP personality types are often very individualistic, which will not usually be suited to the majority of managerial jobs. Since this personality type prefers to be spontaneous and flexible, a management job that involves planning and leadership is unlikely to be their strong point or something that they would enjoy.

·      Accountancy:

ISFP individuals tend to hate ordinary or uncreative tasks, meaning that a career in accountancy is likely to be a worst nightmare for them. While they will still get on with such tasks if required of them, the ISFP is likely to become very bored over time without the option to create, come up with new ideas, or support other people in their role.

·      Admin Work:

Similar to accountancy, an administrative role is once again likely to become extremely boring for the creative ISFP. The fixed and rigid schedule that often forms the basis of administrative jobs will often become highly frustrating for the more spontaneous ISFP to deal with.

Artistic, creative, and highly sensitive, the ISFP personality type prefers to work in a role where freedom, creativity, and self-expression are valued. They may also be drawn to roles where they can help others, especially in creative ways.

The Myers-Briggs ISTP personality type tends to be an observant artisan, with a keen interest in troubleshooting and a strong understanding of mechanics. They tend to use a flexible logic when approaching their environments and are often found seeking out practical solutions to the real-world problems that they face. They tend to be adaptable and independent and will interact with others in a spontaneous and self-directed manner.

ISTP Personality:

ISTP stands for introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. This personality type gets their energy from spending time on their own and focuses on the details and facts rather than concepts and ideas. They use reason and logic when making decisions and prefer to be flexible and spontaneous rather than organised and planned. Since they will typically be skilled with tools and mechanics, they are often nicknamed ‘the craftsperson’.

The ISTP personality type has a strong attention to detail and is very responsive to the demands of the world around them. They have an astute sense of their environment, which makes them excellent at quickly responding to emergencies. While they do tend to be the reserved type, they are not withdrawn from others and typically approach the world around them with a strong appreciation of the sensory and physical experiences that it has to offer.

This personality type tends to be very curious about the mechanics of the world that they live in. They often have a very unique ability to manipulate the tools that are available in their environments and enjoy studying how things world. They can often be found mastering the use and operation of equipment, machines, tools, and instruments. They have a desire to seek out practical understanding and are quickly bored by theory, preferring to put their technical knowledge to use straight away.

The ISTP tends to be quite detached and prefers the logic of mechanics over complex and unpredictable human emotions. They are quite reserved and independent and place a lot of value on their personal space. They prefer to be spontaneous and free to follow their own lead. With others, they can be very selective when it comes to their relationships and tend to prefer friendships with others who are happy to offer plenty of freedom for them to do their own thing.

Best Careers for ISTP:

In a professional setting, this personality type is motivated by their strong desire to achieve and utilise a strong technical expertise. They enjoy mastering and using the tools of their trade whether that is traditional practical tools or modern software and technology tools.

At work, the ISTP prefers to take on tasks that have tangible results. They will be at their most satisfied when they are able to build something concrete. They enjoy solving practical problems and troubleshooting and will actively seek out a career that allows them to apply their practical skills to doing this.

Many individuals with this personality type enjoy a profession that involves some physical activity. They do not shy aware from career paths that come with some aspect of danger or risk and typically dislike being stuck behind a desk. Often, they are energised by action and prefer a work environment where they can jump straight into getting things done rather than spending lots of time theorising and planning.

The ideal work environment for the ISTP is one that is flexible and provides logic and efficiency. They prefer work that does not overly burden them with procedure and rules, while allowing them to be action-oriented and practical.

Best Jobs for ISTP:

The ideal career for the ISTP personality type allows them to figure out how things work autonomously and at their own pace. They prefer work that is results-oriented and allows them to apply their technical knowledge to come up with solutions. They will often prefer more hands-on work.

·      Firefighter:

The role of a firefighter may be appealing to the ISTP, who will seek adventure and will not shy away from a sense of danger in their workplace. Firefighters need to perform under pressure and engage in practical decision making while mastering the tools of their trade, all of which can make it an ideal role for the ISTP.

·      Police Officer:

Some ISTP personality types may be drawn to work as a police officer since this role has a lot of potential for exposure to new and exciting situations. In addition, there may be tools to master including advanced driving or armed police roles, which the ISTP may find both satisfying and exciting.

·      A&E Doctor:

A doctor who works in the Accident and Emergency is tasked with assessing and treating patients who come into hospital in an emergency situation. To succeed, they require strong logical and problem-solving skills, which can make this role an ideal fit for the ISTP. In addition, there are plenty of tools and equipment to master, and the ISTP’s strong attention to detail will often make them fitting for this role, although the high degree of social interaction may drain them.

·      Economist:

Working as an economist requires a lot of skills that will often come naturally to the ISTP, including logical thinking and a strong attention to detail. Economists are required to collect and analyse data, research and evaluate trends in economics, study costs and review statistics using a range of tools. They work in various fields including healthcare, business, and education, and have the opportunity to work autonomously as a contractor, which can also be very appealing to the ISTP.

·      Air Traffic Controller:

An air traffic controller uses a variety of tools to maintain the safety of airports and planes by coordinating air transportation. They are required to guide take-offs and landings and oversee plane movements. They work to make sure that planes are kept at a safe distance from one another while ensuring that delays are reduced, and flights are kept on schedule. This role requires a lot of qualities that the ISTP will often naturally possess including efficiency and concentration. In addition, the ISTP may find that being responsible for the safety of others is an appealing and welcome challenge.

·      Zoologist:

The field of zoology may be an ideal fit for the ISTP who will enjoy a role where they can take part in objective observation and coming up with solutions to environmental problems. In addition, zoologists often work in a hands-on setting with work available in a wide range of environments including labs, offices and the outdoors. Daily tasks may involve the collection and analysis of biological data, studying reproductive and migration patterns, or determining the impact of human action on animals’ natural habitats.

·      Electrical Engineer:

The ISTP personality type may find the field of electrical engineering appealing due to the technical and mechanical skills that are required for success in these roles. Producing new systems and machines is very exciting for some ISTPs, making this an ideal field to consider. Electrical engineers are required to design, test, and supervise the production of electrical systems in a wide range of environments including aircraft, automobiles, power station generators, computers and more.

ISTP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While the ISTP, like other personality types, has the potential to succeed in any career path, there are some career options that may not be best suited to their natural desire for figuring out tools and mechanics, learning new things, and getting hands-on with their work. Some of the main careers that are usually best avoided by the ISTP include:

·      Historian:

The ISTP personality type may find that working as a historian is neither a rewarding nor appealing career choice for them since this role will typically require them to spend a lot of time researching. There is not a lot of opportunity for them to conduct hands-on work. In addition, historians may also be required to spend time educating the public on historical topics, which can quickly become overwhelming for the introverted ISTP.

·      Judge:

Judges will often have extensive prior experience working in the legal field. The role involves listening to cases in court and ensuring that the proper legal procedures are followed. A role as a judge is unlikely to be fulfilling for the ISTP, who will not have the opportunity to work with their hands and improve their skills. In addition, the role may require them to work with and interact with a large number of people.

·      Receptionist:

While the initial part of learning the tools of the trade as a receptionist might appeal to the ISTP, the role itself is likely to become overwhelming and boring for this personality type. Receptionists are often required to perform tasks such as greeting people and will usually be needed to interact with clients throughout the day, which is simply too much social interaction for the typically withdrawn and introverted ISTP. In addition, many of a receptionist’s tasks are repetitive and mundane, which will not meet the ISTP’s desire to develop their skills.

The ISTP has a love of learning new things and getting stuck in, making them best suited to a hands-on work environment where they can develop their skills in their chosen field.

The Myers-Briggs ESTJ personality type is a hardworking and traditional person. They are often willing to lead and enjoy organising projects and teams. This personality type likes getting things done, abides by the rules, is orderly and conscientious, and is often found completing projects in a methodical and systematic way.

The ESTJ Personality:

ESTJ stands for extraverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. This personality type will find their energy from spending time with others and focuses on the facts and details rather than concepts and ideas. They make decisions based on reason and logic and tend to prefer being planned and organised rather than spontaneous.

The ESTJ is the consummate organiser. They are often people who want to bring a sense of structure and organisation to their surroundings. They place a high value on predictability and will often prefer for things to go ahead in a logical order. The ESTJ will often take the initiative when it comes to establishing guidelines and processes if they see a lack of order. They are happiest when everybody knows what is expected. Due to their tendency to take charge and make sure that things are done right, this personality type is sometimes referred to as ‘the supervisor’.

The ESTJ is factual, conventional, and typically very grounded in reality. They tend to look into the past for proof when it comes to figuring out what is likely to work in the future based on what has worked well before. They tend to trust their own personal experience and will value evidence over conjecture. They are always looking for standards to meet and rules to follow and tend to be concerned with keeping others in line and maintaining the social order.

This personality type will also excel at setting goals and often takes on a project manager role both at home and in the workplace. Their main goal is often to achieve the most efficient productivity and they believe that this is accomplished best when both people and systems are organised as well as possible.

Best Careers for ESTJ:

At work, the ESTJ will thrive best when they are put in a role that expects them to organise things. They are often highly skilled at organising people, operations, and projects. They prefer a role where they can be in charge, which means that many ESTJ personalities will often seek out management positions since they prefer to be in a role where they are able to make decisions and enforce procedures and policies.

At work, the ESTJ will quickly develop a reputation for being somebody who can be trusted to deliver work on time and as requested. They are some of the most reliable people in the workplace and get a lot of satisfaction from simply bringing a project to completion. However, it’s important for the ESTJ to be careful that they are not too eager to take on too much responsibility in the workplace, as they can quickly become overworked due to this trait.

Ideally, the best work environment for the ESTJ is somewhere that is highly structured. There should be a clear set of expectations and the authority structure should be clear and organised. The ideal role for this personality type is one that allows them to use their high organisational skills within a set of standardised procedures.

Best Jobs for ESTJ:

The ideal job for the ESTJ should have an element of management or leadership. This personality type feels strongly about guiding others and is hardworking and dedicated. They are skilled at leading by example, which makes them highly sought after in a range of different industries and workplace settings. Some of the most ideal career paths for the ESTJ to consider include:

·      Coach:

Many ESTJ personality types find that their leadership skills are best-suited to a career in coaching, especially if they are a naturally energetic person. You will often find many ESTJ personalities playing sports during their younger years and going on to become team captains. This personality type has a natural ability to build teamwork skills and become a successful coach due to their love of organisation and guiding others.

·      Judge:

For those with an ESTJ personality type who are interested in law, becoming a judge may be an ideal career path to follow. Although this career path requires extensive experience working in the judicial system, it is a very rewarding and appealing one for ESTJ individuals, who will enjoy a role that allows them to create more order in society and guide others. Since the ESTJ person is often somebody who has an innate dislike for disorder and dishonesty, a role as a judge gives them the ideal platform from which they can solve these problems in society.

·      Chief Executive Officer:

Working as a chief executive officer gives the ESTJ the chance to succeed in a role where they can use their natural tendency to create structure and order. This personality type will often make the most outstanding leaders because they are consistent, goal-oriented, and focused. In addition, the ESTJ is also a good fit for this role due to the fact that they tend to have naturally good communication and interpersonal skills, which are necessary for executive leadership.

·      Estate Agent:

For the ESTJ who is not interested in overseeing a whole team, the role of an estate agent allows them to apply their leadership and organisational skills in a different way. These professionals are able to work for themselves or as a part of a small team and tend to have more flexible schedules that the ESTJ might enjoy. This field offers plenty of challenges that will satisfy the need of the ESTJ to set and meet their personal and professional goals.

·      Financial Officer:

The ESTJ personality type has a natural preference for structure and order, which makes them an ideal fit for a career in finance. This personality type will often have a natural eye for budget management and the finer details of money, which often means that they are among the first to come up with innovative new ways to streamline and organise systems, improve efficiency, and save money. This role gives the ESTJ individual the opportunity to enjoy the order of maintaining financial documents alongside overseeing others on the team.

·      Engineer:

The ESTJ personality type often makes a great engineer due to their high focus on practical, real-world matters, along with how they approach tasks so meticulously. This personality type prefers to use concrete facts and logic when solving problems, which often leads to them excelling in the field of engineering. This role involves a heavy reliance on established scientific practices; something that will come naturally to the ESTJ.

·      Auditor:

Working as an auditor is another career path that may be appealing to the ESTJ. It requires analytical thinking and a strong attention to detail and is often likely to be rewarding work for the ESTJ, who will enjoy looking for irregularities and mistakes when combing through financial records.

ESTJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While any personality type can do well on any career path, it’s important to consider that the structured and natural leadership nature of the ESTJ personality type might not be the best fit for many roles. Some careers will be much more challenging than others for somebody with this personality type. For the ESTJ, some of the main careers to avoid include:

·      Child Care:

Working in this industry is often unpredictable and chaotic. It will require a professional to have a lot of flexibility and patience, neither of which are often the ESTJ’s strong point. While those with an ESTJ personality type will often be individuals who are great with kids – especially in roles where they lead by example, such as coaching, and they will not usually find working with large groups of young children enjoyable.

·      Artist:

While the ESTJ personality type can certainly be a creative type of person, they are unlikely to enjoy the life of a professional artist as it will simply be too unstructured for them. Working as an actor, writer, or musician are roles that are not usually well-suited to this personality type, although some writing careers, including copywriting for businesses in a more structured environment, may be a better fit. Since these jobs are often more unpredictable than others, they will not appeal to the ESTJ’s main need for organisation.

·      Data Entry:

While the role of a data entry clerk might be suited for the ESTJ’s skills when it comes to attention to detail and organisation, the job will often lack too much personal interaction for this personality type to truly enjoy it. In addition, the position will often involve repetitive tasks with very little variety, and the ESTJ personality type will not be satisfied with the lack of options for making their own decisions and taking charge.

A personality type that values structure, order, and organisation, the ESTJ is best suited to a role where they can take charge in bringing order to the environment.

The ISFJ Myers-Briggs personality type is an industrious caretaker who is often loyal to organisations and traditions. They tend to be people who are compassionate, practical, and often highly motivated to provide for and protect others.

The ISFJ Personality:

ISFJ stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. The ISFJ is energised by spending time on their own, and they focus on the facts and details rather than concepts and ideas. They make decisions based on values and feelings and prefer to be planned and organised rather than flexible and spontaneous. Due to their strong interest in helping others and keeping them safe, the ISFJ is often nicknamed ‘the protector’.

The ISFJ is a personality type that is grounded and conventional. They typically enjoy contributing to established societal structured. As workers, they are usually committed and steady and have a strong sense of responsibility to others. They are highly focused on fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, especially when they are caring for the needs of other people. They are methodical and conscientious, persisting until the job is finished. Typically, they will be reliable people who can be trusted to do what is expected of them.

The ISFJ is highly driven by their personal values and behaves in a very conscientious way. They will usually be individuals who are driven by a desire to work hard, do what is expected of them, and get along with others. They value relationships, cooperation, and maintaining harmony with others. When it comes to relationships, they tend to be deeply devoted to their family and close friends, and value relationships that are stable and long-lasting. They are most connected to the people who they know they will be able to rely on over the long term.

The ISFJ also has a strong appreciation for tradition and enjoys knowing how things were done in the past. They will often be eager to observe the accepted and proper way of doing things and tend to be loyal to established values and methods. They are concerned with fitting in with established institutions and contributing whatever they can to help maintain a stable and strong social structures.

Best Careers for ISFJ:

In the workplace, the ISFJ is often motivated by their desire to help others in a way that is organised and practical. They are highly driven by their core personal values, which typically include working hard, taking care of others, and upholding tradition. The ISFJ tends to be particularly drawn to work that requires them to pay attention to both established procedures and detail. They prefer work that allows them to be structured and efficient when completing tasks and will thrive best in a work environment that has a clear authority structure and expectations.

Typically, the ISFJ prefers to work behind the scenes. While they enjoy receiving recognition for their hard work, they prefer to do this in a more low-key way rather than having their work presented publicly. While they do enjoy feeling fulfilled and proud of what they have achieved at work, they will usually avoid the spotlight.

For the ISFJ, the ideal work environment is orderly, private, and alongside colleagues that share their values and ideals. They will typically thrive in a role that allows them to complete well-defined tasks that achieve observable or concrete results.

Best Jobs for ISFJ:

Since the ISFJ personality type respects processes and structures, they will usually excel in a career that requires them to complete tasks efficiently and thoroughly. They prefer working under a clear authority figure with clear expectations for their work. Although they can do well in any type of career, the ISFJ prefers a job where they can work behind the scenes and stay out of the spotlight. Some ideal industries for this personality type to consider include:

·      Arts and Humanities:

While many arts and humanities careers are overly abstract or theoretical which would not be a good fit for the ISFJ, others will require more exacting and detailed methodologies, which would be an ideal choice. For the ISFJ, there are several arts and humanities roles that are worth considering including historian, museum curator, archives librarian, production assistant, and showroom designer.

·      Business:

The ISFJ personality type can find many different opportunities for a successful role in a business environment. They will be especially attracted to working in a larger corporation that has set traditions and a clear authority structure. They often naturally fit into global organisations due to their respect for structure and process and their need for a clear hierarchy. The ISFJ may succeed in a variety of business roles including account manager, office manager, human resources, and more.

·      Communications and Commercial Media:

Due to their ability to make connections, the ISFJ will often enjoy a work environment where they are able to tackle complex projects. Since they are comfortable working alone and often don’t like being in the spotlight, there are various communications and commercial media positions that may be appealing to them. These include film editor, technical support, photographer, and IT administrator to name a few.

·      Education:

Since the ISFJ is very highly attuned to the needs of others and willing to share their knowledge with anybody who can benefit, they will often be an ideal fit for a career in education. However, bear in mind that for the ISFJ who prefers to work alone and does not like being in the spotlight, teaching classes may be overwhelming for them. For an ISFJ looking to get into a career in education, working as a private tutor, school administrator, or librarian may be an ideal choice.

·      Healthcare:

Working in healthcare may also be an ideal fit for the ISFJ personality type. Nursing is an ideal role that allows the ISFJ to take advantage of their compassionate nature and their desires to work hard and help others. In addition, ISFJs will also appreciate the established practices and procedures, along with the structured authority hierarchy and clear expectations of a role in nursing. Despite being naturally introverted, ISFJs do have good social skills, especially when they are using these skills to help other people, which can make nursing an ideal choice of career for them.

ISFJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While the ISFJ may be able to succeed in any career that they choose, some occupations are not going to be aligned with their natural talents and core values. These career options are more likely to be unfulfilling and unsatisfying to the ISFJ. A career that does not allow the ISFJ to work towards the greater good, is too abstract, or thrusts the ISFJ into the spotlight should be avoided.

·      Receptionist:

Since a receptionist will often need to be in constant communication with others, this can easily become very draining for the ISFJ, who will often prefer to work alone. Unlike other more suitable social careers like nursing, the role of a receptionist does not allow the ISFJ to truly help and make a difference to others and may quickly become exhausting after talking to different people all day long.

·      Firefighter:

Firefighters are required to make quick decisions when on the job, which is typically something that the ISFJ will try and avoid at work. This personality type prefers to work in a safe environment with a stable routine, which is everything that working as a firefighter is not.

·      Paramedic:

Similar to working as a firefighter, a role as a paramedic may become quickly exhausting for an ISFJ. Despite the fact that they may find the part of the job where they’re able to help and care for others appealing, the need to make quick decisions and deal with emergency situations on a regular basis might become too overwhelming for the ISFJ.

·      Waiting Staff:

Working as waiting staff in a restaurant means that you will need to spend your time constantly interacting with both customers and restaurant staff to ensure that orders are sent out correctly and on time. The ISFJ personality type will often find that this type of work is completely unappealing to them due to the high level of interaction that is required and the fast pace of the job.

·      Marketing Manager:

The role of a marketing manager is another that may not always be suitable for the ISFJ since these professionals need to work alongside many other people to make recommendations about what customers should be offered by companies and how much it should cost. This can quickly become overwhelming for the ISFJ personality type, who will not enjoy the need to interact with everybody else who is involved with selling or producing goods and services. In addition, the need to make quick decisions to address potential issues with the company’s plans or regarding production may not be something that comes naturally to the ISFJ.

Driven by tradition, structure, and personal values that involve working hard and caring for others, the ISFJ will thrive best in a role where they are out of the spotlight and expectations are clear. They also typically prefer a role where they can care for others.

The ENFJ Myers-Briggs personality type is an idealist organizer. They are driven to implement their visions and have an innate ability to see potential in other people. Due to their charisma when it comes to persuading others to see and get on board with their ideas, they often act as a catalyst for human growth.

ENFJ Personality:

ENFJ stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. The ENFJ is energized by spending time with others and focuses on ideas and concepts rather than the details and facts. When making decisions, they base them on values and feelings. They prefer to be organized and planned rather than flexible and spontaneous. The ENFJ is sometimes nicknamed ‘the teacher’ since they are interested in helping others grow and develop.

Typically, the ENFJ personality type is somebody who is driven and energetic. They’re often found juggling a lot of different things and tend to be tuned into the needs of others. Although they are acutely aware of suffering and pain in the world, they also tend to be forward-thinking, optimistic, and intuitive when it comes to finding opportunities for improvement. They are often highly ambitious and even feel personally responsible to do what they can to make the world a better place.

The ENFJ is typically driven by altruism and a deep sense of empathy for others. They are intuitive when it comes to the emotions of others and can react emotionally to the people around them. Their compassion is not only extended to people who are close to them. The ENFJ is often a humanitarian by nature and will feel genuine concern for the human race. They find it easy to imagine or even experience the feelings of others and are often compelled to act if they see somebody suffering.

The ENFJ personality type believes that cooperating with others is the best way to get things done and tends to want supportive and close connections with others. They like being liked and tend to be sensitive to both positive and negative feedback. They expect the best from both themselves and others and tend to be disappointed if they find that others are not as genuine as they are when it comes to their intentions. They work hard to maintain strong relationships with others and want to be a valuable member of their community or groups.

Best Careers for ENFJ:

The ENFJ at work is somebody who is motivated to organise others to implement positive changes. They solve problems enthusiastically, especially when they can use their strong intuition about other people. They enjoy cooperation and tend to work best in an environment that is harmonious and where they are able to support and encourage the growth of other people. In the workplace, ENFJs can often be found in mentor roles, with a primary aim of helping others get better at what they do.

Since the ENFJ is able to naturally organise others to take advantage of their talents and will often have a strong vision in their work, they are often attracted to leadership roles. They enjoy a role where they can focus on a humanitarian mission and develop innovative initiatives. They appreciate teamwork and want to be able to access the organisational resources that they need to turn their ideas into a reality.

The ENFJ will thrive in an environment that is people-centred and forward-thinking. They prefer a work environment that has a clear humanitarian mission and is driven by constructive action. Ideally, the ENFJ will do best in a role where they can develop and implement ideas to improve the well-being and circumstances of others.

Best Jobs for ENFJ:

The best career for the ENFJ is often one in which they can work closely with other people and use their skills to improve things for others. This personality type enjoys being social and works best when they are able to make a positive impact to others’ lives. Some of the best career options for the ENFJ include:

·      Teacher:

With a nickname of ‘the teacher’ for the ENFJ personality type, it’s no surprise that this career is an ideal fit for these individuals. The ENFJ often tends to be skilled at explaining concepts to others and adjusting this based on the student’s learning style. In addition, the ENFJ often also has a lot of empathy, which is an ideal quality for teachers who not only need to provide education but are also required to evaluate the thoughts and feelings of their students.

·      Guidance Counsellor:

The highly empathetic nature of the ENFJ makes them an ideal fit for a job where they are spending most of their time guiding and counselling others. They have a natural inclination to find out more about the people around them and figure out how they can help others.

·      Sales Manager:

Since the ENFJ values personal interaction in their work, they are often an ideal candidate for a role as a sales manager. In this role, the ENFJ can enjoy the process of finding out what other people are interested in and identifying how customer needs can be met. In addition, the ENFJ does not always need a lot of assistance in building a large client list since they are self-motivated and well-organised. However, to be successful in this role, the ENFJ will typically need to be working with products or services that they believe in.

·      Public Relations:

In a public relations career, it is important to be able to understand the motivations and needs of other people. This makes it an ideal fit for the ENFJ, who may often be able to intuitively know how to navigate a sensitive or difficult situation. In addition, this fast-paced field also requires professionals to be very self-directed and self-controlled; both of which tend to be traits of the ENFJ. These roles also have a creative element, which is appealing to the ENFJ.

·      Human Resources:

The ENFJ type is often sociable and charming, which makes it easy for others to relate to them. Because of this, they are often a good fit for a career in public relations, where they will have the responsibility of making the workplace a more comfortable and more productive place for employers. ENFJs also have great communication skills due to their intuition that allows them to better understand the emotions and feelings of others – another quality that makes them an ideal fit for this type of work.

·      Art Director:

The ENFJ will often be strongly interested in the arts. Coupled with the fact that they are often skilled at evaluating and understanding others’ preferences, they often make very good art directors. When working in this field, the ENFJ is likely to be highly successful at identifying concepts that are likely to appeal to large numbers of people. And, they will excel at pitching ideas to clients due to their natural communication and teaching skills.

ENFJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While it is possible for the ENFJ personality type to succeed in any career that they choose, some career options are simply not the best fit as they do not allow for the ENFP to use their natural talents or take part in work that they care about. Some of the main careers for this personality type to avoid include:

·      Law Enforcement:

Working in law enforcement requires an individual to be skilled analytically and tactically, along with using objective planning and implementation. It does not allow for much creativity, although the side of law enforcement that is about helping others might be appealing to the ENFJ individual. However, this career involving making arrests and investigating crime scenes may quickly become overwhelming and stressful for the ENFJ, who is naturally highly empathetic.

·      Military:

Similar to law enforcement, working in the military with strict rules and orders that must be followed is likely to be stifling for the ENFJ. This personality type is likely to find it difficult to just follow orders when they don’t agree with them. And ENFJs are naturally more inclined to help communities rather than go to war with them, meaning that they will typically find this career to be completely against their beliefs.

·      Accounting:

While most ENFJs won’t mind working with numbers, a career in accounting where they will be required to do paperwork and punch numbers into the computer all day long is not likely to be something that they will enjoy at all. This role is best avoided since the ENFJ won’t be able to interact with people very often and the tasks can be very repetitive.

·      Business Owner or Manager:

Despite being natural born leaders and teachers, the ENFJ is not always well-suited for owning or managing a business. This is because a business owner or manager often has to make difficult decisions that could hurt other people, which will be stressful and upsetting for the ENFJ.

Sociable and a natural teacher, the ENFJ is happiest when working with other people on a cause that is close to their heart.

The Myers-Briggs INFP personality type is an imaginative idealist who is guided by their own core beliefs and values. To people who have this personality type, possibilities are paramount. They are able to see potential for a better future and use their own individual flair to pursue meaning and truth.

INFP Personality:

INFP stands for introverted, intuition, feeling, and perceiving. They are energized by spending time alone and focus on ideas and concepts rather than details and facts. The INFP makes decisions based on their values and feelings, and they prefer being spontaneous rather than too organised. Because they tend to have a sympathetic idealism and a gentle compassion for others, the INFP personality type is nicknamed ‘the healer’.

The INFP is often an individual who values authenticity. They want to be individual and original in everything that they do, and often concern themselves with a search for truth and meaning. They are not interested in following tradition and instead prefer to explore their values and ideals before deciding what feels right for themselves. Often, the INFP is unconventional and offbeat, and they will feel no desire to conform; they’d prefer being true to themselves over fitting in with the crowd.

The INFP personality type is caring, compassionate, and sensitive. They are deeply concerned with their own personal growth and that of others. They believe that it is important for each person to find their own path and tend to be both non-judgemental and individualistic. They enjoy spending time exploring their own values and ideas, and gently encourage others to do the same. The INFP is also often artistic and creative, always looking for new ways to express themselves.

With others, the INFP strongly believes that each person should follow their own path, and they tend to accept people for who they are and have a non-judgemental approach to their relationships. They will often tend to be accommodating and flexible, and able to easily see different points of view. Supporting other people is important to them, however, they do not appreciate having their values violated, especially by people who insist that there is only one right way to do things.

Best Careers for INFP:

The INFP prefers work that allows them to help others and aligns with their personal values; they are rarely driven by status or money in the workplace. Typically, they are motivated by inspiration and vision and prefer a career path that allows them to work with causes and on projects that are important to them.

The INFP is a creative problem-solver who will often look to understand and solve complex issues. They enjoy innovation and coming up with original ideas, especially when used to improve circumstances for people. The ideal work environment allows them to use their ability to see unique solutions and express their individuality in the way that they work.

The INFP enjoys working autonomously and will prefer a work environment where they have control over how and when a project is completed. They are often good team players, although will want to be free to put their own personal stamp on their work in the team environment. It’s important to the INFP that they work with people who are flexible, supportive, cooperative, and similarly passionate about their ideals.

Best Jobs for INFP:

INFP personalities are creative and caring, making them a good fit for a career that allows them to express their personal values and individuality. INFPs can often be found working in helping professions that allow them to bring their empathy and compassion to others. They are also ideal for artistic and creative roles where they can be unique and think freely. Some of the top careers for an INFP include:

·      Arts and Humanities:

Success in the arts industry often comes naturally to the INFP as they tend have an endless creative talent. However, they are often people who desire solitude, and therefore go for careers in the arts that allow them to work alone or backstage. Multimedia artist, animator, writer, or fine artist are all ideal career roles in the arts for the INFP.

·      Business and Technology:

Today, businesses are very often technology-focused and diverse. While customer-facing roles or sales roles may be too high-stress for the INFP, there are several business roles where they will be able to use their sensitivity, creativity, and ability to see the big picture. Some business and technology careers where the INFP may thrive include human resources manager, fundraising manager, technical writer, UX designer, design technologist, and UX designer.

·      Communications and Commercial Media:

The INFP personality type is skilled at making connections. They will often enjoy both reading and discussing complex topics and thrive in problem-solving environments. They are often naturally talented in visual arts and foreign languages, making them a good fit for various career paths within communications and commercial media including graphic designer, editorial designer, videographer, photographer, copywriter, editor, film editor, and interpreter.

·      Healthcare:

The INFP is often highly in tune with not only their own emotions but also the emotions of others. They make an additional effort to ensure that the emotional needs of other people are met, which makes them an ideal fit for many healthcare roles including mental health professional, counsellor, massage therapist, and physiotherapist.

·      Education:

Another helping career path that may be suitable for the INFP is education. Working in the education industry is often ideal for this personality type since it allows them to help other people reach their full potential and support students as they find their own path in life. The accepting and non-judgemental nature of the INFP also often makes them an ideal person for this type of role. INFPs may be successful in roles such as guidance counsellor or librarian.

INFP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While any personality type can be successful in any career, some occupations are not well-suited to the natural strengths, preferences, and ideals of the INFP. A career that requires the INFP to work outside of their natural preferences will quickly become draining and stressful and is unlikely to appeal to the INFP in the first place. Some of the main careers for the INFP to avoid include:

·      Military:

It’s understandable that the military is unlikely to be very appealing to the INFP since this type of job is not very creative at all. Such a career would be very dull and boring, with the INFP feeling that their creative abilities are completely wasted. In addition, for the INFP who likes to work autonomously and have some freedom with the work that they do, a career in the military with such strict rules and the need to follow orders without question would quickly become stressful.

·      Sales:

The main characteristics of the INFP are strong values and inventiveness, both of which would be undervalued if the INFP is working in a sales career. Since the INFP is not driven by social standing or wealth, working in sales is unlikely to be something that satisfies them or even something that they could be very successful at. As a salesperson, the INFP might be required to promote the less-than-ideal products – something that this personality type would just not be prepared to do.

·      Law Enforcement:

Working in law enforcement is a big no for the INFP personality type. The INFP is often light-hearted and artistic, which would leave them struggling to deal with a gruelling career in the police that requires them to be very emotionally and physically robust. In addition, any type of job that requires the INFP to follow orders, such as working in law enforcement, would leave the INFP feeling like their independence is limited.

·      Engineering:

While INFPs tend to be brilliant with creativity, technical, and mechanical skills are not always their strong point. Because of this, the role of an engineer is likely to feel very tedious and boring to them. Technical manuals, engineering directions, electronics assembly and disassembly, and machinery are all likely to be the last thing that an INFP would be interested in. And with them being more creative and artistic people, mathematics isn’t usually this personality type’s strong point.

·      Law:

Nothing about the law industry is likely to appeal to the INFP personality type. As a lawyer, the INFP might be called to fight for causes that they do not agree with, which ultimately goes against their beliefs and ideals and would quickly become a problem for them in the workplace. In addition, the naturally introverted INFP might struggle to succeed in a law career where they are expected to be accessible to and engaged with a variety of different people. Working in law could even damage the mental health of the INFP and lead to anxiety and depression, so it is best avoided.

Gentle, creative, and easy-going, the INFP personality type prefers a work environment where they can help others, work in a role that allows them to be creative, and stick to their beliefs and ideals. As natural introverts, they prefer working alone or in a small team of like-minded people.

The rarest of the Myers-Briggs personality types, the INFJ is a creative nurturer with a drive to help others realise their potential. They have a strong sense of personal integrity and tend to be individuals who are dedicated and creative with a real talent for helping others with original solutions to personal challenges.

INFJ Personality:

INFJ stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. This personality type gets their energy from spending time on their own and will usually focus on ideas and concepts rather than details and facts. They make decisions based on their values and feelings and prefer to be organised and planned rather than spontaneous. They tend to be compassionate, idealistic, and sensitive, and are often nicknamed ‘the counsellor’. They are guided by a set of deeply considered personal values and often imagine a happier, more perfect future for all. The harsh realities of the present may often discourage them, but they will often remain persistent and motivated to take positive action. They have an intrinsic drive to do whatever they can to improve the world and make it a better place. They often want a meaningful life and crave deeper connections with other people, valuing authentic connections with the people who they trust.

The INFJ personality type has a unique ability to intuit the motivations and emotions of others. Often, they know how somebody else is feeling before the person themselves does. They trust their insights when it comes to others and are confident in their ability to read other people. While sensitive, they are also very reserved and tend to be private people who are selective about sharing their innermost feelings and thoughts.

At work, the INFJ will thrive best in a career where they can be helpful. They are reliable when it comes to envisioning, planning, and carrying out complex projects for humanitarian causes and bettering the human condition. They will gain the most satisfaction from their work when they can turn their ideas into reality and create constructive change for others. They are typically organised and prefer to conduct work that allows them to complete projects in an orderly manner.

Best Careers for INFJ:

At work, the INFJ will often prefer an environment that allows them to work independently. They will usually prefer a quieter environment that allows them the opportunity to fully develop their ideas and thoughts. Ideally, they will work in an environment that is industrious, harmonious, and focused on humanitarianism or making the world a better place in some way. They tend to work best with co-workers who are also committed to making positive changes in the world.

The Best Jobs for INFJ:

For the INFJ, the main driver when choosing a career that is an ideal fit for them is to find work that is consistent with their ideals and values. INFJ personality types can often be found working in industries or roles where they can use their skills and values to help others such as education, healthcare, and counselling. Many INFJs also have a creative streak and will value work that allows them to use this. Some of the top career choices for the INFJ include:

·      Social Services and Counselling:

The INFJ is typically a great listener, and this personality type will think deeply and insightfully when it comes to personal problems. Their high intuition when it comes to other people and the patience that they possess when it comes to navigating tricky emotional situations makes them a good fit for a role in social services or counselling. They are often compassionate and dedicated to getting the best results for their clients. INFJs tend to thrive in roles such as counsellor, clinical psychologist, or social worker.

·      Healthcare:

Healthcare is another ideal industry for the INFJ personality type. Healthcare careers allow the INFJ to combine their deep level of care and concern for the welfare of others with their intellectual capabilities. INFJs will often also enjoy the sciences and enjoy these roles where they are able to combine both scientific knowledge and helping others. Some healthcare careers that might be ideal choices for the INFJ personality type include psychiatrist, massage therapist, nutritionist, family doctor, medical researcher, occupational therapist, and public health educator.

·      Business and Law:

The INFJ personality type may also often be drawn to a career where they can bring a human touch to the world of business. This personality type is often an ideal fit for career roles within business that focus on helping others including training and HR. In the law field, they may be drawn to humanitarian professions where they can use their skills and values to help others. Some business and legal careers for INFJs to consider include corporate trainer, HR manager, human rights lawyer, environmental lawyer, and legal mediator.

·      Science:

The INFJ personality type will often enjoy the intellectual challenge of working in a scientific career. They will often be found working in science careers that are in line with their values, including options such as environmental science, food science, social science, and genealogist.

·      Arts and Language:

The INFJ personality type will often enjoy the expressive quality of language. In addition, they often possess the high levels of concentration and focus that is required to work as an excellent writer or editor. The expressive nature of the arts and the ability to use the arts for the better may also appeal to the INFJ personality type. Some ideal arts and languages career roles for this personality type to consider include writer, translator, librarian, graphic designer, interior designer, and animator.

·      Education:

While teaching in front of a classroom is often better suited to extraverted personality types and may be overwhelming for the INFJ, there are other, more one-to-one career types in the field of education that may be better suited to the INFJ, who will often enjoy helping others grow and develop. Educational careers that involve working with individuals or smaller groups such as special education teachers or school counsellors are often ideal choices for the INFJ.

INFJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

The INFJ’s need to make the world a better place and help others means that there are some roles that will leave this personality type feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and even sad and angry. Some occupations require behaviours and thinking that do not come very naturally to the INFJ. If you are this Myers-Briggs personality type, some of the main careers to avoid include:

·      Sales:

The INFJ personality type tends to struggle the most in roles in the modern corporate world, particularly when it comes to sales. Due to their sensitive personality and a high degree of empathy, the INFJ can often find that they are too compassionate to be competitive and they are unlikely to enjoy persuading others to purchase a product or service. In addition, they may also be prevented from getting ahead in a sales role due to their selfless nature, which can easily be taken advantage of.

·      Finance:

The INFJ personality is not interested in working with data and details. They will often find finances and money to be very uninspiring and money management is not always one of their best skills, meaning that a career in finance is unlikely to be the best fit for them. However, the INFJ will pay attention to financial details if they relate to a cause that they are passionate about and has a large positive impact on others.

·      Military:

People who serve in the military are trained to follow orders without question, and there are strict rules and a rigid schedule to follow. This makes it an unsuitable type of role for the INFJ personality type since INFJs tend to place a lot of high value on individual purpose, creativity, and intuition. It would be very difficult for an INFJ to get comfortable with being restricted to certain rules and obeying commands without question.

·      Politics:

Working in politics often means that you are constantly in the public eye. This makes it a difficult career choice for the INFJ, who would struggle to be approachable all the time. And, socialising is a large part of a career in politics, with politicians and other professionals required to interact with many different people, which would quickly become overwhelming for the introverted and reserved INFJ.

·      Customer Service:

While the INFJ may enjoy the side of a customer service role that allows them to help others, this type of work is unlikely to provide them with enough satisfaction and fulfilment. Working in customer service does not often allow the INFJ to get to the deeper issues that they want to explore and will also usually require interacting with many different people and personalities throughout the day, which will quickly become exhausting for the INFJ. This personality type is likely to be dissatisfied with customer service, as they want to contribute something meaningful to people’s lives rather than fix superficial problems.

The rarest Myers-Briggs personality type is best suited to a career where they can make a real difference in the lives of others.

The Myers-Briggs ENTP personality type is an inspired innovator who is motivated to find new solutions to challenging problems. This personality type tends to be curious and clever, open-minded, and unconventional. Nicknamed the Visionary, they seek to comprehend people, systems, and principles around them and want to analyse, understand, and influence others.

ENTP Personality:

ENTP stands for extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. As extroverts, they are energized by spending time with others. They focus on ideas and concepts rather than details and facts but make decisions based on reason and logic. When it comes to plans, they tend to be more spontaneous and flexible compared to meticulously organised.

The ENTP enjoys exploring new ideas and they typically like bantering with others. They have a good command of language and a quick wit, which they will use to keep the upper hand in groups. While this personality type enjoys challenging others, they’re also usually happy to live and let live and are rarely judgemental of others.

At work, the ENTP personality type enjoys applying innovative solutions to challenging problems. They are concerned with improving the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and will often be found taking an entrepreneurial approach to their work. They prefer to approach tasks in a way that is unstructured and casual and prefer a work environment where there are no limitations on their creativity.

The ENTP personality type values competency and will often want to be the expert in their chosen field. They will enjoy a work environment where they must continuously improve their skills and knowledge. They will also often value power and seek out careers that provide them with contact with powerful people and the chance to increase their own influence over others.

Best Careers for ENTP:

The best work environment for the ENTP is intellectually challenging and where they are surrounded by co-workers that are intelligent and creative. They do not enjoy a rigid workplace and prefer somewhere that allows them to put their creativity to work and develop innovative ideas and solutions. The ENTP personality type does not enjoy routine and instead prefers ideas and spontaneity. They will easily get bored when required to attend to details or repeat tasks and tend to thrive best in a role where the work is very conceptual and allows them to creatively solve problems without having to focus on the finer details.

The Best Jobs for ENTP:

The ENTP will find a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment in a career where they are able to apply their naturally innovative mind to challenging problems. They tend to take an entrepreneurial approach to their work and need a lot of freedom in their work environment, which means that they might not fit in everywhere. However, when in a job that is the right fit for them, there are no limits when it comes to their spirit and ingenuity. Some of the best career paths for the ENTP to consider include:

·      Art and Design:

The field of art and design is often one of the most ideal professional industries for the ENTP to get into. The expressive and innovative nature of the ENTP personality type allows them to excel in the arts. Some ideal career paths to consider include creative director, film producer, game designer, photographer, and copywriter.

·      Business and Technology:

Business and technology is another ideal fit for the ENTP, with several career options that may be the ideal fit. Since the ENTP genuinely enjoys analysing and dissecting ideas and concepts to determine what works well and what does not, they will often thrive in a business environment. In addition, the entrepreneurial nature of the ENTP means that they will often be found running their own companies. Some career paths to consider include software developer, business consultant, stockbroker, financial planner, product manager, systems analyst, computer programmer, training manager, venture capital associate, attorney, and public relations specialist.

·      STEM:

The ENTP will often also thrive in a STEM role, as intellectual curiosity is often encouraged and rewarded in these roles. However, for the ENTP that wants to pursue a STEM career, it’s important to consider a role where the work does not involve a lot of routine tasks. The ENTP is most likely to thrive in a STEM role that includes creative, hands-on work.

·      Healthcare:

Working in healthcare may also be an ideal choice for the ENTP individual. The role of a physician in particular is often ideal for the ENTP since this role requires you to use communication skills and creative thinking skills to diagnose and treat patients. In addition, the role requires the ENTP to continuously learn new things and improve their knowledge. There are also many opportunities for physicians to specialise in and focus on a specific type of medicine such as oncology, paediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, and more. Working as a doctor will also appeal to the ENTP due to the wide range of work environments including hospitals, clinics, and more – many of which include lots of interaction with patients and other healthcare professionals.

·      Politics:

Working in politics is also an ideal fit for many people with the ENTP personality type. Working as a politician may be appealing to this extroverted individual who is committed to finding out what’s not working well and making improvements. The role of a politician includes developing policies and laws to help govern a community or nation. The ENTP often naturally possesses a wide range of skills that are necessary to work successfully as a politician, including active listening skills and the ability to communicate complex issues clearly and concisely to others. In addition, developing legislation also requires politicians to possess creative problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.

ENTP Personality Careers to Avoid:

As with all of the Myers-Briggs personality types, there are certain career paths that simply will not be a good fit for the ENTP. While the ENTP possesses skills that will allow them to excel in any career that they choose, some lines of work are simply not going to provide a high level of satisfaction and fulfilment to the ENTP and are best avoided. These include:

·      Administrative Roles:

While administrative work is ideal for people who like to have the ability to just get through a large workload on their own, it’s not always the best choice for the ENTP, as it simply doesn’t align with their skill-set and values. Since the nature of this work is so repetitive and predictable, without many options for the ENTP to be creative and problem-solve, it’ll eventually become very boring for them.

·      Driving:

Driving roles are great for people who don’t mind spending a lot of time alone, doing repetitive tasks and driving the same routes on a regular basis. However, this will quickly become very frustrating and boring for the ENTP, who will prefer to work in an environment where they have more freedom to think and create. In addition, the solitary nature of the work means that the extroverted ENTP will quickly become bored and demotivated since they get their energy from spending time with and bouncing ideas off others.

·      Accounting:

While some finance roles will allow for creativity and coming up with your own ideas, the role of an accountant is best avoided if you are the ENTP personality type. This kind of role does not encourage creative flair and is one that’s sure to drive the ENTP crazy over time and even leave them feeling sufficed and stifled at work.

·      Customer Service:

While the extroversion trait of the ENTP personality type might help in some customer service roles, working in the majority of customer service career paths is not typically a good overall fit for the ENTP. This is due to the fact that these roles do not often allow for much creative thinking, and for the ENTP who prefers to keep an open mind and make decisions later, working in customer service can quickly become very frustrating and even overwhelming.

·      Teaching:

While some teaching roles allow for creativity and experimentation, traditional teaching roles where a set curriculum must be followed is not typically the best fit for an ENTP, and they will quickly become bored with the lack of mental stimulation on offer. ENTPs tend to be quick learners, and they prefer to bend the rules and experiment a little rather than sticking to a set of rules. However, in a teaching role that does allow for more experimentation and creativity, the ENTP may thrive as they tend to have naturally good communication skills.

While all ENTPs are different and a career that is a good fit for one ENTP might not be great for another, there are several roles that tend to be a better option for people with this Myers-Briggs personality type. The ENTP tends to prefer working in a role where they can be creative, experiment, and come up with their own ideas. They should avoid repetitive work or work where they don’t have much opportunity to collaborate with others.

The ENTJ personality type is described as an individual who is charismatic, energetic, and entrepreneurial. People who have this personality type tend to be very motivated and focused. They are comfortable in management and leadership positions and can win the trust of others easily. They possess an innate boldness and desire to take control of almost any situation.

ENTJ Personality:

ENTJ stands for extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. As an extrovert, the ENTJ is energized by spending time with others. They focus on ideas and concepts rather than details and facts and make decisions based on logic and reason. They prefer to be organised and planned rather than spontaneous.

The ENTJ personality is a strategic leader who is motivated to organise and lead change. These individuals are typically quick to conceptualise new situations and will often be among the first to notice inefficiency. They enjoy developing long-range plans to meet their goals and excel at logical reasoning. As individuals, they are often quite quick-witted and articulate.

An ENTJ is objective and analytical. They enjoy bringing order to the world around them and enjoy the process of discovering and implementing better options when they notice flaws in a system. They are assertive people who will often enjoy taking charge; they will usually see their role as that of a manager and leader and are good at organising both processes and people to ensure that goals are achieved.

In a leadership position, the ENTJ is skilled at organising and implementing long-term change plans. They prefer to be in control and will often volunteer to take on as much decision-making power and responsibility as possible. They are democratic when it comes to new ideas and enjoy listening to new perspectives, however, they will be commanding when the time comes to make a decision. Once they have already made up their mind, the ENTJ becomes very focused on taking action. They tend to enjoy tackling tough problems and achieving goals on time.

Best Careers for ENTJ:

The ENTJ personality type tends to be drawn to leadership and management positions that allow them to develop strategies to achieve better productivity and efficiency. They prefer roles where they are a manager or supervisor and want a career path where they have the opportunity to lead organisational change.

At work, ENTJ personality types tend to enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and spending time getting a better understanding of complex systems so that they can figure out where it can be improved. This personality type is skilled at naturally spotting opportunities for improvement and enjoy leading teams that share and carry out their vision and goals. They appreciate a work environment that is structured but encourages innovation and departure from traditions. Typically, the ENTJ personality type is hardworking and motivated, and prefer to be recognised for these efforts with money, prestige, and power.

What are the Best Jobs for ENTJ?

Their driven, hardworking nature means that the ENTJ often does better in a structured career. The best types of careers for the ENTJ are ones that challenge them, places them in a leadership role, and requires self-motivation. Some of the best career options for the ENTJ personality type include:

·      Sales:

Since the ENTJ personality type is extroverted, they are often found working successfully in sales roles. This personality type gets energy from interacting with others and ENTJs often have a strong desire to connect with and get to know other people, which can make them a good fit for a sales position where they can easily build relationships with clients, build trust, and eventually reach sales goals as a result. In the sales industry, the ENTJ will thrive best when they are selling a product or service that they are passionate about and believe in.

·      Project Management:

The ENTJ is well-suited to work as a project manager due to their natural leadership and judgement skills. To successfully launch a project, everybody on the project team needs to stay on task and the leader needs to ensure that everything is going smoothly. A project manager is tasked with directing the individuals that are involved with the project, managing the various roles and responsibilities, and tracking the project’s progress. A successful project manager is somebody who is able to manage the small details and tasks without losing sight of the big picture; something that the ENTJ is often naturally skilled at.

·      Healthcare:

The high work ethic, energy, and focus that is required from a role in the healthcare industry means that many healthcare careers are the ideal choice for the ENTJ. In addition, the need for many healthcare professionals to interact with lots of patients on a daily basis makes it an ideal choice for this extroverted personality type who will feel more energised at work when interacting with more people. ENTJs often make excellent surgeons since this is a role that requires a high level of energy and keen attention to detail. ENTJ personality types may also find success and satisfaction in a range of other healthcare roles including nursing, dentistry, medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.

·      Public Speaker:

Since the ENTJ personality type is often both confident and charismatic, they often make excellent public speakers. Working as a public speaker or in a role that requires a lot of public speaking and interacting with others such as a politician or public relations manager might be an ideal fit for this personality type. Public speakers need to possess a lot of skills that often come naturally to the ENTJ, including thoughtfulness, precision, and confidence. ENTJs are naturally charismatic, meaning that they are often very engaging speakers that find it easy to build trust with their audience.

·      Auditor:

The role of an auditor requires analysing complex financial documents to identify any signs of fraud and determine if the statements align. This role requires a high level of focus, making it ideal for the ENTJ personality type since this is one of their main skills. Auditors do spend some time working alone, however, this role also allows for a lot of interaction with others to satisfy the extroversion of this personality type, including interacting with several stakeholders, financial institutions such as banks, and government bodies. Auditors are also required to manage and maintain their own schedule, which makes it an ideal role for the self-starting, entrepreneurial ENTJ.

ENTJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While there are a wide variety of different career paths that may be an ideal fit for this personality type, and the ENTJ possesses skills that will help them excel in any career that they choose, there are some roles that might not always be the best fit for the ENTJ. Some of the main careers to avoid if you are this personality type include:

·      Assistant:

Any job where the ENTJ is required to work under the direction of somebody else is going to be a bad fit for them. Since the ENTJ prefers working in a leadership position, being unable to contribute their own ideas, make leadership decisions or question instructions is likely to be challenging for them. Because of this, the ENTJ is best avoiding any position where they work as an assistant for somebody else.

·      Clerical Work:

At work, the ENTJ will thrive best in a position where they can come up with their own ideas and make decisions. A clerical role is almost always a bad fit for the ENTJ since there is a specific set of rules that must be followed, which can be challenging for the ENTJ who prefers to take control and be more creative in the workplace. In addition, many clerical roles will often be quite repetitive and the fact that there isn’t much creativity required may leave the ENTJ feeling bored and unfulfilled in the workplace.

·      Psychologist:

The ENTJ personality type prefers to focus on solving concrete problems that have specific solutions. Because of this, any career that requires them to help people interpret and manage emotions are usually best avoided. For example, working as a psychologist or counsellor might not be the best choice for the ENTJ who may be frustrated in a line of work where they need to deal with ongoing issues that might never have an objective solution.

·      Receptionist:

While working as a receptionist might appeal to the extraversion trait as this role does require you to work with others and interact with people on a regular basis, the work is often boring for an ENTJ as it’s very structured and repetitive. Working on a reception desk does not provide the ENTJ with the opportunity to focus their energy on completing complex tasks, problem-solving, or flexing their natural entrepreneurial skills. However, the ENTJ might find that while this role would be unfulfilling for them over the long term, it can be an ideal choice for an entry-level position to gain work experience to get them into a more suitable role.

The ENTJ personality type is likely to thrive in a leadership role where they can be creative, problem-solve, interact with other people, and be rewarded.

People with the Myers-Briggs INTP personality type tend to be both intelligent and independent. They are often known for being organised and innovative and have a lot of value in many different career paths. To be fulfilled and satisfied in their careers, INTP personality types tend to prefer a career path that offers a range of interesting challenges and plenty of opportunities for them to be creative.

INTP Personality:

According to the MBTI, the INTP personality’s main traits are introverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting. INTPs tend to be fascinated by logical analysis, design, and systems. They are philosophical innovators who are interested in theory and search for an understanding of the unifying themes of life. They are often likely to be absorbed in deep thought, which can lead to them appear detached and oblivious to the world around them. INTPs spend a lot of time in their own heads and enjoy making connections, exploring concepts, and seeking a deeper understanding of how things work.

The INTP often presents with a cool exterior, but privately, they are often very passionate about analysis, innovation, and reason. They are often drawn to careers where they can create complex systems of understanding to unify principles that they have observed in the environment. They have active, complicated minds and will often go to great mental lengths to come up with ingenious solutions to problems. Typically, the INTP personality type is non-traditional and will often be found working out their own individual way of doing things rather than simply following the crowd. INTP personality types are often suspicious of conventions and assumptions and prefer breaking apart ideas that other personality types might take for granted.

Best Careers for INTP:

While there’s no specific career path that will be perfect for each personality type, understanding the INTP type gives you important insights into which career might be best suited. In the workplace environment, INTPs tend to prefer a career where they can work independently and avoid relying on others to get the work done. They will usually be drawn to work environments where they can solve complex problems and deep dive into topics to gain new knowledge. The INTP personality type also tends to prefer a workplace where they are able to enjoy the freedom to come up with inventive, new solutions without relying on previous methods or traditional ways of doing things.

Some of the Best Jobs for INTP:

INTP personality types have a logical and structured way of thinking, which leads to them being highly sought after in a range of intellectual career types. At work, INTP personality types are motivated to solve complex problems in a way that is innovative and original. They prefer career paths where they can analyse systems and ideas to create a deeper understanding. They tend to thrive best in a career where they can spend their time designing creative solutions to abstract problems. In the work environment, INTPs tend to work best independently or within a small team of like-minded colleagues. A flexible, non-traditional workplace that values ingenuity and ideas over conformity is often the best choice of workplace for the INTP, while others prefer to be self-employed or start their own business. While INTPs can be successful in almost any career, the following professions tend to be a better fit for this personality type:

·      Architect:

‘The architect’ is one of the nicknames for the INTP personality type, so it’s probably not surprising that this career path is an ideal choice. Work that involves carefully designing and crafting new structures offers a combination of both logic and creativity that is ideal for the INTP. INTP personality types often have the skills that are required to assess both the requirements and the aesthetics to come up with building designs that are just as functional as they are beautiful.

·      Computer Programmer:

A role that involves debugging programs, evaluating code, and streamlining technological structures to come up with projects that function well, a career as a computer programmer might be a good fit for the INTP. This personality type will approach new programs with enthusiasm and their strong eye for efficiency makes them a great fit for the role. While the natural perfectionist traits of the INTP might means that they take a little longer to create programs, the end result is likely to be bug-free and ready to hit the ground running.

·      Information Security Analyst:

Information security is a field that is always offering new challenges due to lots of change and evolution. Working in this field might be an ideal fit for an INTP, as this personality type tends to have a natural love for systems, organisation, and patterns, which are right at the core of information security systems. INTP individuals tend to do well with identifying weaknesses and reverse-engineering solutions; this personality type has a naturally inventive nature, which helps when coming up with options for keeping data secure.

·      Business Analyst:

An INTP who is business-minded will do well in the role of a business analyst. This career path involves in-depth analysis which tends to come naturally to this personality type due to their curious nature and attention to detail. In addition, a business analyst role often also presents lots of opportunities for innovation, which is perfect for the INTP who enjoys creative freedom in the workplace. In this role, the INTP will focus on ways to improve financial management, streamline production, and organise projects. Since the INTP personality type thrives best in a work environment where they have a lot of diverse and fresh challenges to tackle, contracting their services as a business analyst to various companies may be a better choice compared to working with a single organisation.

·      Forensic Medical Examiner:

Since the INTP personality type will typically prefer to work alone or in a small group, the role of a forensic medical examiner may be ideal for them. In this role, the INTP will find both autonomy in the workplace and plenty of fresh challenges. The INTP personality type will also often find the high level of education required to become a forensic medical examiner a worthy challenge and is likely to be successful with academic writing. The role requires persistence, which is ideal for the INTP who will not be satisfied until the job is completed as thoroughly as possible.

·      Technical Writer:

INTP personality types are often highly intelligent people, who are very skilled when it comes to researching different topics. They take on and digest new information efficiently and quickly, and typically have a very strong attention to detail, which makes them well-suited for a job as a technical writer. INTP personality types tend to be very proficient at collecting statistics and facts, carefully analysing them, and presenting them in a way that is both interesting and clear. In addition, this role also allows them INTP to work alone, which is often their preferred work environment.

INTP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While the INTP can do well in any career, some will be better than others when it comes to career satisfaction. The INTP personality type tends to perform best in a career path that allows autonomy in their work. They tend to be more comfortable working in smaller groups rather than with a large number of people and are not usually a great fit for a job that involves a lot of customer contact. Some of the main careers that you might want to avoid if you are an INTP include:

·      Sales Representative:

Sales is a very social career path, which is often better suited to extroverted people, rather than the introverted INTP. Those who are successful in sales tend to be people who can start easy conversations with anybody and quickly assess what they want and need to sell them the right product or service. Building relationships is key when it comes to sales, which might be difficult for the more logically-minded INTP.

·      Marketing:

Since INTP personality types tend to prefer hard facts over personalities and subjective opinions, marketing might not always be a good fit since it doesn’t often have concrete solutions and answers. However, data analysis for marketing might be ideal for the INTP since this is often much more factual.

·      Registered Nurse:

While the science-based aspect of a role as a nurse might be something that appeals to the INTP, in general, this role might not be a good fit for this personality type due to the high level of social interaction that is required. For the INTP that is interested in a science-based career, working in a lab environment is often a better fit since this allows the INTP to work either autonomously or as part of a small team, without any interaction with the patients.

As highly logical people who are drawn to problem-solving and finding solutions, there are many great career options for the INTP. Ideally, the INTP will find a career where they can work autonomously, and their ideas are valued.

Finding a career that you’re happy and satisfied with means finding work that aligns with your interests, goals, skills, and your personality type. The Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire can be a useful tool for helping you understand your main strengths, motivations, and values. Knowing your MBTI can make it easier for you to figure out why you think or feel a certain way, why some careers are more appealing to you than others, and which professional path is going to be the most rewarding option for you.

INTJ Personality:

The main characteristics of the INTJ personality are introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgement. INTJ personality types tend to be guided by logic and reason more than their emotions and are typically very knowledge-hungry people who enjoy learning more about their favourite subjects. INTJ personality types might be introverts at heart, but they are often very confident people who like to try and improve the world around them as much as possible. Despite their self-confidence, the INTJ type might be uncomfortable in a large group of people, or it may take some time for them to feel comfortable around others as they prefer to get to know people first. They’re not a fan of superficial small talk and tend to prefer talking about ideas with others.

INTJs have a talent for recognising deeper possibilities and connections, which makes them natural problem solvers that are always looking to improve themselves and the world around them. INTJs are usually highly analytical people, which can often cause problems when it comes to understanding people. They tend to rely on emotions and intuition rather than reason and facts in decision-making. They are often very independent individuals who select their relationships carefully and prefer spending time with like-minded people. They are also prone to having perfectionist or even judgemental tendencies, which can work well for them in some situations but might cause strain and tension in some workplace relationships.

Best Careers for INTJ Personality:

According to research, people with an INTJ personality type tend to enjoy careers that allow them to innovate and create. Due to their high level of skill when it comes to both practical and intuitive thinking, they tend to be good at envisioning complex ideas and turning them into a reality. For an INTJ to truly thrive at work, they will usually need an environment that is both dynamic and structured. They are well suited to a variety of different career paths but tend to be most satisfied in a job where they are required to use strategic, analytic, and insightful thinking skills on a regular basis.

Best Jobs for INTJ:

INTJ personality types are well-suited for a wide range of different careers in several different industries and sectors. These include:

·      Commercial Media:

The commercial media industry offers a wide range of opportunities for the INTJ employee to combine and use their problem-solving and creative intuition skills. For INTJ personality types who want to work in a leadership role or a role where they get plenty of intellectual freedom, this industry is an ideal choice with a range of career options including web designer, journalist, photographer, managing editor, and more.

·      Arts and Humanities:

The Arts and Humanities sector is another that is well-suited to the INTJ personality type. For INTJ individuals who enjoy bringing ideas to life and turning concepts into reality, there are many career options to consider. INTJs often thrive in roles such as musical performers, film directors, screenwriters, and cinematographers.

·      Finance:

While INTJs are known for being creative people, some are better suited to less creative roles where they can seriously flex their organisational and analytical skills. These skills make the INTJ a great fit for jobs that involve numbers, and many finance roles such as accountant, financial advisor, economist, and auditor also have some room for creativity, such as providing financial advice that is specifically tailored to a certain client.

·      Technology and Business:

While dealing with customers face-to-face might not be the ideal role for the majority of INTJ personality types, there are lots of business and technology roles that they might be well-suited for. INTJ employees tend to be skilled at implementing marketing campaigns, creating business plans, or putting together a plan of action for the business to reach its strategic goals. Roles such as account manager, marketing manager, product manager, creative director, software developer, or business strategist might be ideal for an INTJ as long as they do not become repetitive and boring.

·      Healthcare:

Healthcare is a thriving and growing industry that offers roles suited to almost every personality type. For the INTJ, a healthcare role that is in a therapeutic environment where they can practice and perfect their knowledge and skills might be ideal. INTJs who feel strongly about improving the world around them might be suited to a wide range of healthcare roles including physician, personal trainer, massage therapist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, and more. In a healthcare role, INTJs tend to prefer working in an environment where they interact with individual patients in a controlled clinic environment.

·      Law and Education:

The stable environment and the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop their skills further makes the law and education very appealing to many INTJ personality types. In fact, the INTJ personality type is the most common among university faculty, according to research. Legal careers can also be an ideal option since these roles often allow the INTJ to fully immerse themselves in an issue and use their problem-solving skills to find the best solutions for their clients. Some roles to consider include attorney paralegal, teacher, university professor, and guidance, or career counsellor.

INTJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While a range of careers in different industries are an ideal fit for the INTJ personality, there are also several careers worth avoiding. Any career that has too many rules and regulations, without offering much creative freedom or flexibility, may be a bad fit for an INTJ. In addition, the introverted nature of this personality type means that the individual may become quickly overwhelmed or even burned out in a career that requires them to work with lots of people on a regular basis. Some of the worst career options for an INTJ include:

·      Politician:

While the work of a politician might seem appealing for the INTJ who wants to improve the world around them, the level of social interaction required in this role can quickly become overwhelming. INTJs will become overwhelmed and even exhausted in this role that is mainly based on socialising and interacting with many different people.

·      Personal Assistant:

Personal assistants carry out admin work on behalf of an individual, typically a manager or executive in an organisation. The role is not always suited for an INTJ since it involves running errands and taking care of personal matters on behalf of somebody else, which does not allow the INTJ to work autonomously or use their initiative. In addition, the tasks are often repetitive and mundane, which will quickly bore the INTJ.

·      Military:

While it’s a challenging and interesting career that some INTJs might be drawn to, working in the military is not an ideal choice for this personality type since there is very little flexibility and freedom. The number of strict rules, regulations, and protocols that need to be followed while on the job will leave most INTJ personality types feeling trapped and suffocated.

·      Salesperson:

Since salespeople must have the confidence and the level of introversion needed to walk up to just about anybody and convince them to buy their product or service, it’s not the best fit for the INFJ. While many INFJs will have the self-confidence and skills to do this job well, it’s unlikely to be a role that they will enjoy, and the amount of social interaction will leave them overwhelmed very quickly.

Top Signs You Have an INTJ Personality Type:

Do you feel like you would thrive in the best careers for an INTJ, and feel like the career paths to avoid might be the worst option for you? If so, you may have an INTJ personality type. The best way to find out for sure is to take the MBTI test, which is available for free online. Some of the main signs that you’re an INTJ include:

  • You are very detail-oriented and can easily sense system inefficiencies or figure out mishaps simply by looking at something, even if you’re not an expert in the field.
  • You appreciate competence and are highly satisfied when you witness it in others, especially when you see competent people in leadership positions.
  • You plan everything meticulously and get a lot of satisfaction from finding a solution to a problem. You love learning new things and enjoy improving your knowledge.
  • You are introverted and enjoy recharging alone, but also enjoy bonding with like-minded people over-sharing ideas. You don’t like general chit-chat or small talk.
  • You are always looking to improve yourself and are very self-aware.

Finding the right career as an INTJ will give you the chance to truly thrive in and enjoy your professional life.

1. What is Proofreading?

Proofreading jobs require a meticulous eye for detail. It is the final step taken before the submission or distribution of a prepared document. The main role of a proofreader is to review the content and check that it is free from mistakes. This process is to ensure that the material is free from errors with regards to syntax, punctuation, spellings, grammar and formatting.

proofreading jobs what is proofreading

1.1 The difference between an editor and proofreader

Although there is overlap in the type of work a proofreader and editor do, they are still two separate professions as well as separate processes in the revision of documents. While both an editor and a proofreader ensuring the material is grammatically correct and free from errors, a proofreader is the last step in the process after most of the major changes have been made. An editor will ensure the text is structurally sound and that the core of the writing is clear and concise, while a proofreader’s primary responsibility should be more minor corrections in grammar and other surface-level issues and inconsistencies. Material should have gone through several stages of revision and final changes before being proofread.

1.2. Pros and cons of proofreading jobs

There are many factors to consider when you begin working as a proofreader. Here are some examples:


  • Being a proofreader often allows you to work remotely.
  • Startup costs for proofreading are lower than other businesses, due to the nature of the work.
  • There are beginner proofreader jobs out there to help you get your foot on the ladder.
  • It is a good way to earn income if you have great English language skills and an eye for detail.


  • Many proofreading jobs require a degree or further education.
  • There are often tight or strict deadlines that you need to stay on top of, which can make the job quite stressful.
  • The job can be quite consuming

1.3. Proofreading example

While the content that needs proofing will vary depending on what kind of content you are proofreading, the structure of the work remains the same and should look a little something like this.

proofreading jobs proofreading example

2. How do you become a proofreader

Although there is not one path to becoming a proofreader, there are a few steps that can help you begin the process:

Step 1: Decide if you want to be a full-time, part-time, or freelance proofreader and research if
the industries and material you are interested in require higher education or if your experience and education match the requirements.

Step 2: If you need or want to continue your education, look into the best schools with the quickest and
most affordable steps towards completing your degree.

Step 3: Whether you are in school or looking to gain experience, internships are a great next
step to build your portfolio and improve your skills.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice. Ask to proofread other people’s work. Practice proofreading
the newspaper and other material.

2.1. Are proofreaders in demand in 2021?

The number of proofreader opportunities had been on the decrease since 2004: however, the number in 2018 was back on the rise. It is estimated that the annual increase in the number of vacancies is around 4.25%: with an estimated 118,300 positions filled in 2018.

2.2. Do I need to be a degree to become a proofreader?

The requirements for working as a proofreader vary from job to job, with some jobs desiring college degrees while others requiring only experience. Typical degrees that proofreading jobs list as preferred are Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Journalism/Communication. Whether you want to attend classes or earn your degree from home, there are many options available. Listed below are the most affordable universities for earning a degree that will help you become a proofreader.

University name: University of Memphis
Education type: Online / Offline
Degree: Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Communication
Years: Typically takes 4 years
Cost per year: In-state $9,317 and out-of-state $21,029

University name: Indiana University East
Education type: Online
Degree: Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Communication
Years: Typically takes 4 years
Cost per year: In-state $19,604 and out-of-state $31,660

University name: King University
Education type: Online
Degree: Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Communication
Years: Typically takes 4 years
Cost per year: $41,045

University name: Northwestern University
Education type: Offline
Degree: Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Communication
Years: Typically takes 4 years
Cost per year: $54,120

University name: Georgia State University
Education type: Offline
Degree: Bachelors in English or Bachelors in Communication
Years: Typically takes 4 years
Cost per year: $8,974 in state and $23,542

3. How much do proofreaders earn in 2021?

The amount you can earn varies depending on the amount you work, the sector you are working in and how often you work. It is estimated that the average base pay for a proofreader is around $44,810 per year according to Glassdoor.com or $51,401 per year according to ZipRecruiter.com and can have a range between $13/hr up to $40/hr. As a freelancer, you can often determine the rate or it will depend on your experience: pay varies anywhere from $9 an hour to $50 per text.

3.1. How much time should I spend on this job?

Depending on whether you work full-time, part-time, or freelance will determine the number of hours you work. Typical hours for full-time are around 38-40 hours a week and part-time is classified as any amount less than 35 hours a week. Whereas, if you decide to freelance then you will have greater control over your hours.

proofreading jobs how much time should I spend on this job

4. A comparison of Proofreading jobs comparison by industry

Proofreading is a job that is required in many different fields. However, with different sectors come different challenges. How do you choose which sector is best for you when it comes to proofreading? Here is a list of the different pros and cons for a few of the leading industries.

Legal Services: Working in legal services includes proofreading contracts and agreements. You’d be assisting lawyers with checking their work before they present it to clients.
Pro: Jobs in this industry are highly regarded and highly paid.
Con: This industry is full of technical jargon, which requires a lot of hard work (and maybe a specialist dictionary

Business Services: In this sector, work can include reading contracts, agreements, adverts and much more. Business services covers a broad spectrum of offerings, so there are many different opportunities as a proofreader.
Pro: The variety of offerings and content to proof makes the business sector more
diverse and interesting.
Con: It is one of the worst paying sectors for a proofreader to work in.

Relations: One of the biggest parts of being in PR is pitching to others. This leaves no room for errors in first impressions: this is where a proofreader comes in.
Pro: Again, it’s a highly-paid sector which makes it lucrative for proofreaders.
Con: It can be rather laborious and time consuming.

College,University and Schools: Proofreading essays, applications and other academic texts is all part of being a proofreader for colleges, universities and schools.
Pro: The work is routine and well structured.
Con: This sector is not well paid, just as with many jobs in the education sector.

5. 4 Skills that every proofreader should have

1. An Eye for Detail: The devil is in the detail. Being able to spot mistakes in a sea of words takes a keen eye, so it is important that you are a reader of the small print. For example, read how to cheat plagiarism.
2. A Good Attention Span: Some of the documents you will encounter as a proofreader will be long. Depending on the field will obviously affect this, but in order to be a pro proofreader, it is important to be able to focus on the texts.
3. Dedication: Sometimes it may feel laborious, especially with texts full of jargon or unfamiliar words. It is important to stick with a text and not give up the challenge. The stronger your dedication, the more rewarding the job will be.
4. Flexibility: Adaptability is key as a proofreader. With the internet becoming a staple in everyday life, the world is becoming on demand. The opportunity to work with different time zones and flexible shifts means that it is important to adapt with this. In addition, the kind of work you will do may vary from day to day, so it is important to be able to work with different texts, sectors and people.

6. Where to find proofreading jobs

There are many platforms that help proofreaders find jobs that fit into their lives as well as align with their background and experience. Online communities for freelancers are very common such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork. Whereas, other job posting sites also post job ads for proofreading opportunities such as Glassdoor and Indeed. There are many job opportunities with companies as a proofreader with higher education such as CACTUS Communications, which hires proofreaders with a background in the medical field.

6.1. Websites for remote and freelance proofreading jobs

There are many online platforms for freelance and remote proofreading jobs. With the ever growing demand for proofreaders, there are many possibilities. Below is a list of the 4 top websites for proofreading work.

  • Fiverr: On Fiverr, there are many opportunities. Post what your offering includes, add extra services to increase your earnings. Fiverr is one of the easiest platforms to use.
  • Wordvice: This platform has a variety of different open positions for content writers, translators and editors. They seek qualified and experienced professionals to join their growing team.
  • Scribe Writing: Formerly known as Book in a Box, Scribe Writing is a proofreading company that mainly handles manuscripts.
  • Scribbr: A Dutch editing company with many positions available in several european languages. The majority of work with Scribbr deals with the proofreading of academic papers.

proofreading jobs remote and freelance proofreading jobs

7. 5 Proofreading jobs that don’t require a degree

As previously mentioned, it is not required to have a degree to work as a proofreader. Some options that do not always require a degree are:

  1. Scribendi:Babbletype: A degree is not necessary to work this company, the only downside is that proofreading jobs are not always available.
  2. Proofreading Services: Working for Proofreading Services does not require any degree, however, they do require you to take a test to prove your proofreading skills.
  3. Polished Paper: To begin working as a proofreader with Polished Paper you must submit a resume detailing past experience as well as pass a 35 question test.
  4. Prompt:: With quality experience and knowledge you can work with Prompt. Although they are not always hiring and require a minimum of 4 hour per week, you can sign up to be on the waitlist when opportunities are unavailable.
  5. Upwork: This freelance company can connect you with beginner level projects that are in need of proofreading.

8. 5 Proofreading jobs that require a degree

If you have a degree in Communications, English, Journalism or another relevant subject there are many more opportunities for you. Here are our top 5 proofreading jobs that require a degree.

  1. WordviceWordvice: Wordvice requires a graduate degree from a recognised university in order to work as a proofreader for them.
  2. Scribbr: In order to work for Scribbr, they require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. As this job requires the reading of academic texts, it is required that you have a higher education qualification yourself.
  3. Scribendi: As with Scribbr, the main focus of Scribendi is on academic texts. Therefore, they require at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.
  4. ProofreadingPal: In order to work for this company you must have a degree with a minimum of five years of proofreading and editing experience.
  5. English Trackers: The professionals hold a very high standard, only accepting candidates with a PhD in relevant subjects.

9. 5 Proofreading tips that will boost your effectiveness

Here is a list of some of our top 5 tips to improve your effectiveness as a proofreader.

1. Be aware of sounds: The English language is full of homonyms, make sure to keep an eye out as this is something a spell checker may not catch.
2. Print it out: Print out the text you’re proofing, as sometimes the light reflecting on a screen can really impact your ability to proofread. Switch up to reading on paper as it will not only give your eyes a rest from blue light, but a change of background can often give you new insights.
3. Watch out for contractions: Contractions are when words are joined together, such as “goodbye”. Read them as spelled out words to help with spotting grammatical errors.
4. Read the text backwards: Our brains have a pesky habit of automatically correcting spelling mistakes and filling in gaps with words we know. In order to help reduce this factor from impacting your proofreading work, read the text backwards- your brain has to focus more and you will spot mistakes more easily.
5. Read out loud: Often you can spot more mistakes when you read a text out loud. To ensure your text is error free, simply read the text to yourself a couple of times over to help.
6. British vs American: Check your audience before you begin proofreading. There are many differences between the two, so it is important to be aware of this when proofreading. Depending on who and where you write, there are also different styles of referencing. For example: In the US, you are more likely to find the APA and Chicago styles of referencing, whereas in the UK you are more likely to find the Oxford style of referencing. Each different industry and country have a different style of referencing as the norm- so keep this in mind!

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10. Must have tools, services & software for proofreaders

There are many useful tools that can help proofreaders with numerous functions. Below is a list of the different online tools or softwares available to aid in proofreading:

  • Grammarly is an in-depth software that can assist in finding grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly offers a free version as well as a version that costs $29.95/month. Grammarly can also check for plagiarism and give tips that can enhance content.
  • Ginger is another tool that can help with proofreading. The software checks for errors in grammar and spelling. It offers suggestions on rephrasing of sentences to enrich your text. This program is also completely cost-free.
  • WhiteSmoke is another great tool that is available free online to ensure your work is free of contextual inaccuracies. It provides grammar and spelling corrections. Plus, it is user friendly with a simple interface for quick fixes. 
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One of the easiest and most popular jobs in the gig economy is delivery (driving). It requires no previous work experience, includes simple tasks one can do on their own time, and a bike, scooter, car, van, truck, and nearly any other types of vehicles are accepted to complete deliveries. And many of the jobs pay within a few days. Because of these factors, the fleet of many online delivery service apps is growing, which may result in decreased earnings. In many cities, Amazon Flex is the most popular gig company but that’s not the only option. Check our list of 24 delivery apps, sign up for multiple ones, increase your earnings with jobs like Amazon Flex with ease, and care less about the huge competition between independent contractors. Keep in mind that earnings may vary from state to state, from city to city.

Find a delivery job with Amazon Flex, Uber Eats or Instacart alternatives

jobs like amazon flex
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash. Find jobs like Amazon Flex in your city.

23 companies to work with as a delivery driver

1. Amazon Flex

Let’s start with Amazon Flex where delivery drivers work in delivery blocks. The length of those varies by delivery. You would deliver packages ordered on Amazon.com for around 3-6 hours. If you’re interested in grocery delivery, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh delivery is for you. Delivery blocks last 2-4 hours approx. The third delivery opportunity is Store Orders, meaning you visit stores and deliver goods from there to households; for ca. 2-4 hours. The last option is Instant Offers, which are not available everywhere. These are on-the-spot deliveries near your current location, and it usually takes 15-45 minutes to complete them. Considering the number of users Amazon Services have, the demand is probably high for delivery drivers in many cities. Of course, you may not find an abundance of work in a smaller town. You either schedule ahead or choose available blocks.

What you need to get started:

  • You have to be 21 years old and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • You’ve got a mid-sized sedan (a 4-door Honda Civic, for example) or a larger vehicle.
  • Drivers in New York State are not eligible for ACI commercial insurance provided by Amazon. (If you live there, you’ll get some instructions on insurance via email.)
  • You have to provide tax and payment details.
  • You need to pass a background check.
  • You need an Android 6.0 or newer (2GB or higher RAM memory; GPS location services, a camera with flash, SIM card) or iPhone 5s or newer (iOS 11 or higher).

How much you can earn on average:

  • $18-$25/per hour but depends on your location and other factors

2. DoorDash

DoorDash resembles Postmates a lot but Dashers, as the deliverers called collectively, mainly deliver orders from restaurants. While the flexibility and ownership of one’s schedule are given, you have to select your hours and areas beforehand. Unless DoorDash needs more Dashers in one particular part of town, you can’t get Dashes in unselected areas. The characteristics groups with jobs like Amazon Flex that necessitate prescheduling.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have access to a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter or bike.
  • Must have a smartphone with a data plan.
  • Must have a driver’s license (and vehicle insurance).
  • Must have valid insurance.
  • Must have a Social Security number.

door-dash.5vju.net/c/413270/400415/5602(opens in a new tab)

3. Stuart

Stuart offers jobs in many cities throughout Europe and the United Kingdom delivering parcels. Whether you have a bike, moped, or car, you can find a job delivering food or other goods to locals in your city. With Stuart, you are in charge of your schedule with the opportunity to earn money all day. Keep in mind there may be differences between cities in terms of the availability of deliveries and requirements.

What you need to get started:

  • You will need a smartphone to work directly from the Stuart app
  • Self-employment registration
  • 18 years or older
  • Form of transportation (bike/moped/car)
  • Proof of eligibility to work

How much you can earn on average:
Working with Stuart, you earn an average of £13 per hour or around £460 per week in the United Kingdom. Whereas, in other major European cities you can anticipate around 12€-15€ per hour. or about 300€ per week.Start a new job!

4. Postmates

Postmates probably doesn’t need any introduction as it’s one of the most popular on-demand delivery apps in the USA. Postmates deliver products ranging from a cup of coffee to a new TV set. Postmates may have partnered up with various stores and restaurants, but you may spot differences on the list of their partners in cities. Postmates don’t need to schedule their shifts in advance. Just go online and start working when you’re free and want to earn extra money. In 2019, Postmates introduced a social benefits package for their fleet members.

What you need to get started:

  • Be at least 18 years old. (Must be 21 to deliver alcohol.)
  • Have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance policy if you drive.
  • Give consent to and pass a background check.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $12 per hour
  • instant pay option available

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5. Deliv

Deliv offers solutions regarding last-mile delivery to retailers, businesses, pharmacies, hospitals, medical device companies, dentists, etc. Deliv delivery drivers work on their own time and can schedule their shifts one week in advance, or on the day of work. You will deliver all kinds of goods to various places in your city. Bear in mind that differences can be spotted between cities in terms of the availability of deliveries.

What you need to get started:

  • You need a smartphone with data on it, and a vehicle of your choice. (In Manhattan, you can deliver on foot and/or by bike.)
  • You have to complete Deliv’s online screening process.
  • Once qualified, you have to submit the required documentation. (For example, a copy of your auto insurance and valid driver’s license.)
  • You must pass a DMV and background check.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $12-$18 per hour
  • (You’ll have a Time on Task rate, and even if no deliveries are completed during your hours, Deliv pays 50% of that rate.)

6. FedEx Express

FedEx Express is part of FedEX, the well-known delivery services company. We can’t give you any specifics about what you will deliver, but you may expect to drive long distances every now and then. Remember that you may transport perishable items, dangerous materials and hazardous goods. FedEx holds public training to educate customers on how to deal with these, but you should be trained as well. Delivery drivers receive social benefits.

What you need to get started:

  • You need a high-school diploma or educational equivalent.
  • You must achieve a minimum threshold on mandatory pre-placement driver assessment training.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license (G or G2) and have a good driving record.
  • You need to capable of lifting 70 lbs and to maneuver any package weighing up to 150 lbs with appropriate equipment.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $18.50 per hour

jobs like amazon flex
Photo by Sander Lenaerts

7. Senpex

Senpex operates in SF Bay area, California, so on the West Coast. Delivery drivers closest to the pick-up location get notified of the package to be delivered. According to the platform, you would get the highest pay with them. You would deliver food, catering, legal documents and blueprints, hardware and electronics, auto parts, medical devices and drugs, health and beauty products, etc.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must have a valid license, registration, insurance, and at least one-year driving experience.
  • Must pass a DMV & background check.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $25-$30 per hour (You’ll receive 85-90% of each fare fee.)

8. Shipt

Shipt is a membership-based marketplace. Shipt Shoppers visit stores and supermarkets and purchase the goods listed on a shopping listed placed via the app. Apart from work, Shoppers can connect with each other at online and offline meet-ups.

What you need to get started:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have access to reliable transportation (car year of 1997 or newer) and car insurance coverage.
  • Have a current U.S. driver’s license.
  • Have knowledge about hand-picking fresh produce.
  • Provide your own insulated cooler bag.
  • Be able to lift 40 pounds.
  • Be familiar with using an Android or iPhone.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $22 per hour

9. Xpedigo

You can accept delivery jobs like Amazon Flex with Xpedigo as well, but you are expected to speak and understand French. As of September 2019, the application form is only available in French. You may accept pre-assigned routes, on-demand deliveries, or work 4-hour shifts. Multiple deliveries, similarly to Amazon Flex, is possible. No specialization, you’ll deliver a great variety of things whenever you go online.

What you need to get started:

  • Must have the legal right to work in Canada.
  • Must have a driver’s license that is valid in Canada.
  • Must consent to a provincial and federal background check.
  • Must have a smartphone and data on it.

How much you can earn on average:

  • CA$18 per hour (CA$0.30 per minute while on delivery + bonuses)

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10. Favor

Favor works with over 50,000 Runners in over 100 cities across Texas. As a Favor Runner, you’ll deliver nearly anything a customer wants, and you’ll act more like a personal assistant. The accepted vehicles are cars, trucks, motorcycles, and scooters. Bikes are an option only in Downtown Austin bike zone.

What you need to get started:

  • Be at least 18.
  • Have an Android or iOS device.
  • Have an active U.S. driver’s license.
  • Have a personal vehicle & insurance. (Cyclists must submit a copy of their ID for the background check.)
  • Have a bank account.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $13 per hour (a guarantee of a minimum of $10 per hour during scheduled hours)

11. GoShare

GoShare share similarities with Amazon Flex in terms of vehicle requirements but the company focuses more on moving: you’ll assist customers in need of drivers or movers. The platform claims their fleet members are the highest-paid couriers in the gig economy. Every gig you do is insured by GoShare’s extensive cargo and liability insurance policies. The size of the vehicle influences the goods drivers transport.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be 18.
  • Must pass a background check and driving history check.
  • Must have an Android or iPhone on which the latest version of the GoShare app runs.
  • Must speak English.
  • Must have a checking account.
  • Must have a valid license, registration and insurance in the state you work in.
  • Must have minimum state insurance requirements and be compliant with local laws.
  • Your vehicle must be a model year 2004. (No salvage title.)

How much you can earn on average:

  • $47 per hour + plus tips.
  • It depends on what type of vehicle you drive: courier (cars, SUVs, minivans), standard pickup truck, large pickup truck, full-sized cargo van, box truck.

Get a delivery job!

12. Bellhops

Like GoShare, Bellhops connects clients with movers—with the difference that they only accept applications from college students. Unlike the majority of gig platforms, movers work in teams since usually heavy pieces of furniture that may need to be transported. Join the fleet of Bellhops if you don’t mind the lack of small packages and have the stamina to carry a piano, a sofa, a king-size bed, etc. You will not only follow a flexible schedule but also learn about customer service, and the experience gained can contribute to your success in your life after uni.

What you need to get started:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Be currently enrolled in college with an .edu email account.
  • Have a smartphone with data on it.
  • Be physically able (able to lift 100 pounds)
  • Pass a background check.
  • Complete an interview with the team.
  • Your vehicle must be taken to a 21-point inspection.
  • Have a checking account.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $20-$21 per hour (including tips and bonuses)

jobs like amazon flex
Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

13. EZER

EZER belongs to companies taking moving to a whole new level. Ezer movers show up at addresses to offer their help to businesses and individuals who need to move items of small and large sizes from one place to another.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license & a van or truck.
  • Must have a smartphone with data.
  • Must have the physical strength to lift heavy objects.
  • Must pass a background check.acurrent
    (- Ask the team about insurance.)

How much you can earn on average:

  • $20 per hour

14. Kanga

We would group Kanga with the previous few companies as its niche is moving items from A to B affordably and professionally. The type (and the model) of the vehicle shrinks or extends the limits of what a driver can deliver. For example, a bike is definitely not fit to deliver a huge, three-piece wardrobe. You can add several vehicles to your profile but all must be insured.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be 21 years old or older.
  • Must own a reliable vehicle (bike, car, SUV, van or truck).
  • Must have current registration and a valid driver’s license.
  • Must have commercial vehicle insurance. (If this applies.)
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • Must have a PayPal account.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $12-$14 per hour

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15. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit doesn’t have a clear focus; Taskers get gigs related to furniture assembly, moving, mounting and installation, delivery & shopping, and many more. You could look at it as a combination of all types of delivery platforms. In this sense, it collects more types of work, so it goes beyond jobs like Amazon Flex. As a Tasker, you’re responsible for your taxes, insurance, and anything that is required of independent contractors, or recommended to them.

What you need to get started:

  • Must have a U.S. Social Security number.
  • Must be 18 years old.
  • Must provide TaskRabbit with personal information for a background and ID check.
  • Must have a checking account.
  • Must have a valid credit card. (You’ll be charged with a non-refundable $25 registration fee.)
  • Must have a smartphone (iOS 9.0 or later, or Android version 4.3 or later) with data on it.

How much you can earn on average:

  • $20-$35 per hour
  • (Taskers set their own rates, 15% of the earnings is kept by the platform, and there is a minimum one-hour charge.)

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16. Roadie

Roadie doesn’t care about what you’re driving. Of course, Roadie drivers get to deliver items of great variety that fit their vehicle. You may deliver locally and/or accept long-haul deliveries. Are you fond of pets? You can become a Roadie Pet Driver; a responsible and reliable one.

What you need to get started:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a Social Security number.
  • Must have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • Must maintain a minimum 4-star rating.

How much you can earn on average:

  • up to $60 on local gigs
  • up to $650 on long-haul deliveries

Start earning with deliveries!

17. goPuff

The platform goPuff owns a warehouse, and this is what distinguishes it from most of the online app-based delivery services. Driver Partners arrive at the warehouse at a selected time, talk to the manager there, turn on the app, and start working. What do they deliver? Nearly anything. The orders are prepared by the personnel working in the facility. Your slogan could be: one place, more orders, and less mileage.

**What you need to get started:

  • You have to be 21 or older.
  • You have to have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • You must be covered under the insurance for the car you drive.
  • You must have an iPhone 5 (iOS 10) or newer, or an Android (4.4.3 or newer).
  • You must attend and pass an alcohol delivery training course (where applicable).

How much you can earn on average:

  • $10 per hour