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Paulina Bajorowicz joined Appjobs in November 2018 and she is now the Content Marketing Specialist. She manages Appjobs blog and social media channels, coordinates outreach activities and cooperates with journalists and content creators around the gig economy.

Guide for working for TaskRabbit, and earning money doing a wide variety of gigs as a Tasker.

To celebrate Father's day we are taking a look at the Appjobs Dad's do for their children.

Currently, there is a high demand for tutors. However, the number of tutors is going to be greater than the number of people that are in need of tutors. In addition, during vacations and holidays, professional teachers may also be

Looking for remote work or work from home opportunities? COVID-19 has led to an increase in the need for remote workers and has moved many companies to reconsider remote work. Post-pandemic world indicates that remote work may be the new

Are you a freelancer but finding it tough to get new clients for your business? Check out our career tips for freelancers that will help you to attract clients online. After all, the more clients, the more you get

You’ve found a job you would love to do but something is missing and/or you need some help to become more efficient. Learn about some useful freelancer tools and services that could make the life of any freelancer, self-employed person

Need some inspiration and ideas for stay at home jobs, ideal for moms like you? This is for you!

To change your career path, to progress at work, to learn the right skills for remote work: these are some of the reasons you might want to start an online course. Here comes a quick guide to (free) online learning

With many workers worldwide finding themselves unemployed due to the closure of nonessential businesses, the question remains, what are governments as well as employers doing for their employees? In particular, what are gig-economy companies as well as governments doing for

During these unpredictable times of economic uncertainty, job loss and a pandemic, there are many questions that will arise. Currently, we have seen a surge in the number of people asking what to do when you lose your job. AppJobs