Are you on a break right now and/or waiting for a video to load and want to have some fun till then? Are you perhaps genuinely interested in astrology and intend to find out more about yourself? Are you currently looking for a flexible part-time job and/or contemplating changing your career entirely? Whatever reason has brought you here, we sincerely hope you—and your fellow Virgos born between August 22 and September 21—learn something (new) about the best jobs for Virgos and leave this page satisfied.

Job ideas for Virgo to succeed!

1. What kind of person is a Virgo?

As a true Virgo, you may have packed your backpack days before the school term started. You excitedly stepped over the threshold and rushed to your classroom to finally talk about some equations again. Virgos love math for a reason! They are described as organized, analytical, critical, detail-oriented, perfectionist and considered good listeners. These positive-negative features could bolster their confidence as either employees or freelancers.

1.1. What is a Virgo good at?

Virgos possess some of the most important traits to excel in the financial or the care sector. But paying too much attention to every tiny detail may slow them down and cause some trouble for them. For example, a meeting needs to be canceled because they haven’t finished a report yet. A critical approach to various tasks may help the Virgo stand out and showcase their best qualities, but this can easily lead to uncomfortable situations in a social setting. No one wants to be reminded of their flaws every single time. Of course, some may appreciate it as it equips them with enough knowledge to become better. The best jobs for Virgos are accountant, nurse, therapist, veterinarian, researcher, cleaner, designer, and stylist.

2. The best flexible jobs for Virgos on Appjobs

2.1. Accountant

best jobs for Virgos
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Imagine that you’re a freelance accountant who offers their services to other freelancers. If more people decide to work in the gig economy, more personal accountants will be needed. With excellent organization and analytical skills, you will be able to balance the books. And a detailed-oriented and critical approach to finances will help you increase your clients’ savings. In other words, the entire Virgo armor can be utilized as an accountant. One thing though: learn how to let a project go. Perfectionism is only a positive trait if the deadlines are kept. Connect with corporations and other freelancers via, Hubstaff Talent, Taxfyle or Upwork.

2.2. Senior Care Provider

As our society is aging, more and more people will need professional medical help. Registered nurses are exceptionally popular among families with a chronically ill person. They have the know-how to notice any change in someone’s condition and react to it rapidly if needed. A detail-oriented and analytical Virgo would make a great nurse and senior care provider. What’s more, many older people feel lonely in individualistic societies. A Virgo could be their perfect companion. If you have the skills to work in the healthcare field, you may look for work on, CareLinx and

Are you a doctor perhaps or study to become one? You may register on Push Doctor if you live in the UK.

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2.3. Massage and Beauty Therapist

What makes a Virgo a great therapist? For starters, they have the patience to listen to others. And when someone experiences pain, a massage therapist or a carer needs to focus and listen carefully. If you think about it: Just by learning about anatomy requires you to go full Virgo. You have to acquire all the relevant knowledge of the human body made up of muscles, joints, bones, etc. All the tiny details.

As someone who loves being organized, you would enjoy filling your calendar with appointments booked. Then again, your natural ability to handle math problems would help you stay at the top of your game and maximize your income. To get started, you may sign up for Zeel, Urban or Soothe, whichever is available in your city. If you want a slightly more creative job, consider taking courses to become a beautician. Find clients would go smoothly via Freely, Missbeez or OryxHub.

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2.4. Professional Housekeeper

We don’t even need to organize a party to have our homes or offices covered in litter. It just happens, and many people dislike doing all the household chores one is supposed to do. Since Virgos are detail-oriented and like keeping things in order, working as a housekeeper or cleaner sounds like a job you would like.

Even if you’ve never had any clients before, you can kick-start your career quite easily nowadays—with platforms like, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Bidvine, Helpling, Merry Maids, TidyChoice,, AskforTask or Jop. Your affinity with figures and spreadsheets will help you keep track of your expenses, taxes, earnings, etc.

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2.5. Survey Taker

Taking surveys may seem odd at first. Why would we even mention it among the best jobs for Virgos? Well, nearly anyone without any professional experience can make some extra money as a survey taker. The reason Virgo people should give it a try is that because surveys are created to hear someone’s opinion. Maybe some judgment about things related to different topics and brands. The organized, analytical, critical and detail-oriented Virgo could highlight all areas where a product or service could be improved, for example. Plenty of paid survey providers are listed on AppJobs. Just to name a few: Survey Junkie, Answerpoints, MOBROG, Surveys on the Go and Hiving.

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2.6. Designer

best jobs for Virgos
Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels

Jobs in the visual arts could make the list of best jobs for Virgos, too. Simply because a graphic designer or an illustrator earns a living by creating something perfect for someone—be it a company or individual client. Details do matter in the field of design. A simple line added or erased could make a huge difference. In today’s world, artists of any kind can meet potential clients online with Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour or Thumbtack. To earn additional income, you may get into teaching with Udemy or provide assistance with TheONE. Remember: not all art was borne out of chaos but as the result of meticulous planning. Show them how a Virgo makes plans!

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2.7. Stylist

A detail-oriented approach to work comes in handy for a Virgo pursuing a career as a (fashion or hair) stylist. An outfit or a haircut may look perfect at first glance but a Virgo would notice if something is off. They won’t shy away from leaving negative feedback either. Yet they should do it gently.

You may dream of dressing people walking on the red carpet, but that is just one option. The fanciest one, probably. You may focus on helping clients from all over the world online. How about that? You don’t need any relevant professional experience to get started as an online fashion stylist with Stella&Dot or Thumbtack, for example. If you prefer face-to-face interactions and have some experience, consider joining the community of Freely, Missbeez or OryxHub

3. Find your Virgo peers online!

Check other job offers on Appjobs to find the best jobs for Virgos for yourself. Visit online forums if you have anything to share: a success story, worries, tricks, best practice, etc. You may get in touch with your Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces peers as well.

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