The #YouCanCare week, between 25 February and 3 March this year, is held every year to raise awareness of how rewarding a caring role is. And this awareness is of great significance as we live in an ageing society with an increasing demand for jobs related to caring for the elderly. There have already been discussions about how new technologies, robot companions, or apps on smartphones can offer solutions in elder care instead of doctors. But we all know that nothing can replace that human connection, care and communication.

If you agree and are looking for a way to earn money flexibly or working full time, then you might want to consider a relevant job in this care sector – you don’t exactly have to be a professional, like a nurse, for example. You can find different ways to offer your care services to seniors, parents, pet owners and your community through AppJobs

– let’s explore them all!

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Jobs in the Care sector through AppJobs 1.Caregiver

You can choose to be a caregiver/caregiver for seniors through Care or ElderCare.

Both apps offer you opportunities to be a full-time or part-time caregiver. You can work in a flexible way and select the services you’ll provide, which can range from personal care, home care, nursing care, administering medication, preparing meals, or physical therapy, for example. The needs vary greatly for each family, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a related career or specialized knowledge – doing light housework, providing companionship, and making sure the elderly take their medication on time, for example, are things that everyone can do.

Check out Care in the USA: San Antonio, Sacramento, Orlando, El Paso. Check out Care in Europe: in London, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam.

Check out ElderCare in the USA: in Houston, Miami, FortWorth, Nashville.

But these two platforms are not the only ones you can register with to offer your elderly care services.

Can’t find your city? Enter AppJobs!

2.Shopping, pet care and cleaning services

Older people sometimes have mobility problems or get tired easily, so you might want to make their

grocery shopping through Instacart, Grubhub, or Shipt, for example. You can also try Envoy, which is mostly for grocery shopping but also for doing other small tasks for seniors, like picking up their medicine, clothes, or buying a birthday card.

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Check out Grubhub in SanBernardino, Indianapolis, Orlando and othercitiesin theUS. Check out

Shipt in Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and other cities in the US. Check out Envoy in Phoenix, LasVegas, LosAngeles, Houston.

Check out Instacart in the USA: NewYork, ElPaso, SanJose.

You can also take your senior’s dogs for walks. Especially on days when it’s cold or icy, they probably can’t take their best doggy friends for their morning walks. You can help them by registering with Rover, PetSitter, Wag! DogHero, or PetValet for example.

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Check out pet sitting jobs in the USA: in Nashville, Chicago, LosAngeles, Houston. Check out pet sitting jobs in Europe: in Paris, Milan, Liverpool, Madrid, Rome. Check out pet sitting jobs in other parts of the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

And what’s more, you could also clean their homes for them with TaskRabbit, 4home, Femplea or MerryMaids. Most elderly people get tired quickly or can’t be physically active enough to do these simple tasks like vacuuming, dusting or taking down the curtains for washing, for example. They will really appreciate your help!

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Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in the USA: in Miami, NewYork, Houston, Orlando and manyotherUScities.

Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in Europe: in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam.

Check out all the cleaning job opportunities in other parts of the world: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, MexicoMonterreyGuadalajara.

Offering senior care services can be very rewarding! Especially if you’re a person with highly developed empathy and compassion, taking care of other elderly people will make you feel like you’re doing something really important – and it is! Because in addition to helping your seniors with different chores, housework, and errands, you’ll be offering (most importantly) conversation and companionship – in other words, a great friendship!