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The ENTJ personality type is described as an individual who is charismatic, energetic, and entrepreneurial. People who have this personality type tend to be very motivated and focused. They are comfortable in management and leadership positions and can win the

Learn more about coronavirus pandemic effect on the US gig economy market.

Read our comparison of gig economy data in an attempt to observe how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the demand for writing and translation jobs. The research draws on data from both the Appjobs website and the Online Labour Index

There has been a wave of new remote jobs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic allowing more people to work from home, practice social distancing and flatten the curve.

Big research on how the COVID-19 epidemic will affect the world financial system and how it possibly could fasten the development & acceptance of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

With many workers worldwide finding themselves unemployed due to the closure of nonessential businesses, the question remains, what are governments as well as employers doing for their employees? In particular, what are gig-economy companies as well as governments doing for

How much is gig economy affected by the coronavirus outbreak?

In 2020, students and other workers can see a rise in the minimum wage in nearly half of the states. Are you a student working or looking for work in the USA? Learn about the student minimum wage that applies

Thinking of going freelance? We have looked at the best cities to live in around the world and analysed a series of metrics, such as, the number of freelance jobs, number of cafes with free wifi, cost of living, average

AppJobs has analysed UK Gov data to reveal the average salary range graduates can expect to earn in the first five years after leaving university and the top-earning institutions to study at.