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Every year thousands of people decide to move to another country for work, love, or fun. Sometimes they pick another continent to experience another culture, but many decide to play more safely and choose a region that resembles their own.

Being a nomadic species, human beings have always loved to travel and discover the world around themselves. As time passed, the concept of a nomad evolved into something more digital. Both of these concepts, however, provide different life experiences, but

Learn how to find a job in Germany without speaking German and explore jobs for non-German speakers! Learn more about the requirements for EU and non-EU citizens to start working in Germany, how does the market for non-German speakers look

Let’s face reality: landing a job in Sweden, or anywhere else really, is not the simplest challenge one needs to overcome, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Still, it’s not impossible! Read our blog post and learn about

Travelling is fun, applying for visas not so much. Doing remote and freelance jobs from various parts of the world may become easier if countries follow the small Baltic state of Estonia that about to launch a digital nomad visa.

Find out what visa requirements and work permits you need in order to work in France and what jobs you can take up without speaking French.

It sounds impossible, but it actually isn’t. Depending on what you want to do, you can get by with a basic English language level in the UK. Let us explain how!

Canada has been listed among the top ten countries for expats. The second biggest country in the world can offer quality life for people aiming to gain new experiences in the north. If you think you can handle the Canadian

Endless fields covered with snow, reindeers, maple syrup, ice hockey, and pulsating cities. That is Canada, but you could make this list way longer. Are you among the expats/immigrants planning to apply for a Holiday Working Visa in Canada? Read

Australia was ranked 6th by those expats who participated in the HBSC survey 2018. Considering the fact that Australia is an English-speaking country, it’s kind of understandable why it attracts so many people to try their luck there. The members