If you are a travel lover (who isn’t?) you should know that this week is high time we all celebrated the #WorldTourismDay! The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of how tourism affects social, cultural, political and economic values around the world. The focus this year is on sustainable tourism.

In fact, did you know that you too can work as a local tour guide and promote sustainable tourism yourself? No matter where you live, here are some of the most amazing job offers for local guides at AppJobs.com.

Spoiler: you don’t need to be certified tour guide for any of them!

1. U2Guide

No matter where you live, U2Guide makes it free for you to list your experiences, create unique moments for travellers, and earn. But what’s nice, is that U2Guide also offers the possibility for you to make an impact in local communities – a part of everyone’s earnings is directed towards trusted NGO’s, and you yourself can donate to an NGO of your choice. And no, you don’t need to be a certified tour guide, you must have knowledge of the place you live in, and love to share this knowledge with others. Keep in mind that a 5% service fee is charged whenever a traveler books one of your experiences.

Similar platforms that allow you to list bike tours, wine tasting experiences, or bungee jumping adventures if you live in the US, UK, or Europe, include TripUniq and Kolu.

2. Triple

If you live in one of the big capitals of Europe, say Paris, London, Barcelona or Stockholm, you can easily earn money as an amateur tour guide with Triple. You only need to be 18 and fluent in English, and any additional language will definitely be a plus. We presume you are quite sociable too, and the thoughts of organising a gourmet tour of Paris, a market visit in London, or a jogging tour of Barcelona will only bring you joy.

In terms of money, you can decide how much you charge per tour, and the earnings funds will be sent 24 hours after the activity ends. Remember, however, there’s a 20% commission on your guide income; knowing this, you are free to charge so as to earn the amount you need.

A similar platform to work with in Paris is Cariboo, and if you want to work anywhere else in Europe or even the US, feel free to check out Like A Local or TripUniq. They are specially designed for locals who want to share classes and adventures with travellers all over the world.

Start working as a local guide anywhere in the world!

3. Vayable


Similar to U2Guide, one can become a local tour guide with Vayable from anywhere around the globe, for free, and without any prior certifications. More so, you can easily design any type of tour you want, according to your own hobbies and preferences. You can create personalized tours with all your favourite spots town, ranging from teahouses to galleries and even decaying architecture.

Depending on the uniqueness of your tour, you can charge more, having in mind that Vayable keeps a 25% fee on every confirmed reservation. You need no prior training, only a set of social skills and knowledge related to the type of tour you create. Ever wanted to be a teacher of some kind? You are welcome to create origami, local cooking, traditional dances, or local custom classes. Vayable offers complete freedom to Insiders!

WithLocals is a similar platform that will enable you to hold classes, collective dinners, and any type of local gatherings, as well as create funky tours around your town.

4. PickYourDay

A day in the life of a New Yorker, a sushi class, a vegan tour tasting of Copenhagen, a beer tour of Dublin. If you live in Europe or specifically New York City, you can make money by signing up as an Insider with PickYourDay. What makes this platform different is the fact that it’s not only for tourists. You can now list and share experiences with other locals in your city – it’s a great opportunity to teach others something new, make a bit of extra cash, and also new friends. Offer a helping hand to travellers and locals alike and earn with PickYourDay around Europe and New York City!

Tip: In case your city is not displayed on the website yet, Pick Your Day will work as fast as they can to publish your experience offer!

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