Astrology has its roots in ancient times. The first horoscopes were developed by the Babylonian 2,400 years ago. And while hardly anyone claims that astrology is real science, its popularity still reigns—even in our modern society. It’s pretty fascinating that more than two millennia later still millions of people turn to the stars for answers on a daily basis. Aside from getting to know their destiny, curious individuals can simply turn to horoscopes to find out what career paths are recommended to them. We’ve already given some ideas to the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It’s your turn now to explore some flexible job opportunities and learn about the best jobs for Sagittarius.

Job ideas for Sagittarius to succeed!

1. What is a Sagittarius personality?

Sagittarius people may cultivate different interests, but their urge to travel is more likely to manifest in their lives in some way or another. It’s a common belief that Sagittarians like to spend their time outdoors—when they have the opportunity to become real adventurers and prove over and over again that nothing is impossible. People born Sagittarius are independent, strong-willed and considered natural leaders. They love to travel as much as to share their passions with others. And not only for the outdoors! They may (be forced to) adapt to work in an office following a rigid schedule, but that kind of setting might blunt the Sagittarius’s curiosity, creativity, and optimism. They appreciate flexibility even though that might cause them some trouble.

1.1. What is a Sagittarius good at?

As a consequence of their adventurous spirit, Sagittarius souls sometimes juggle too many things, without finishing any of them. Patience doesn’t seem to appear in their vocabulary either. Yet somehow they still manage to keep a work-life balance. Considering all their positive and negative traits, they can choose numerous career paths to achieve success. Especially as freelancers when they not only enjoy lots of freedom but also make all the important decisions themselves. The best jobs for Sagittarius include salesperson, researcher, environmentalist, pet sitter, tour/travel guide, teacher, and any kind of creative professionals.

best jobs for Sagittarius
Sagittarians love the outdoors and some of the best jobs for the Sagittarius are related to nature.
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2. The best jobs for Sagittarius people on Appjobs

2.1. Pet Sitter

The Sagittarius’s admiration for nature makes them excellent pet sitters. It’s no doubt that every walk would feel like an adventure—for the pets as well. Even if the terrain is flat, a Sagittarian would know where to go to have some fun with cute pooches barking at everything that moves.

Whether you work part-time, full-time or on the side as a pet sitter, you could choose your own hours and be your own boss. So you would not lack freedom and flexibility in your professional live. Rover, Wag!, PetBacker,, Host a Pet,, Tailster, Sittercity and many other online portals will welcome you, the independent Sagittarius. What’s more, you could also excel as a house sitter (with for example) whose main tasks usually include caring for pets.

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2.2. Babysitter

Besides pet care, the Sagittarius can also channel their excitement for adventures and love for sharing by taking up a flexible job as a babysitter. Young people have lots of questions about the world and must learn a bunch of things to be able to manage their lives as adults., UrbanSitter, Sitter, Bambino and Sittercity are some of the platforms for aspiring babysitters. In addition to on-demand jobs requested when parents need to run an errand, long-term adventurous jobs await you. But it’s up to you when you start it. If you wish to open your own daycare, find out who can join MyVillage.

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2.2. Senior Care Provider

More interested in elderly care? Senior members of our society may need to regain skills a Sagittarian can help with. Many retired people who feel trapped in their everyday lives would benefit from having a curious and adventurous Sagittarius like you around. You don’t have to be a registered nurse to land a job as a caregiver but qualifications and experiences are always considered a plus. Visit Join Papa, CareLinx and for senior care provider jobs. If you’re a certified medical professional, consider working through Push Doctor on the side.

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2.4. Photographer

best jobs for Sagittarius
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On Instagram, some of the most popular pages are run by professional photographers. Some of them probably work with National Geographic on a freelance basis. It may take some time for a Sagittarius to be hired by an illustrious magazine, but their love for travel and adventures could draw them into the world of photographers. The field of photography indeed presents some of the best jobs for Sagittarius individuals.

In addition to visiting hundreds of wonderful places while working remotely, you could also have full control over your private and professional lives. This could not only help you create a work-life balance but also slightly challenge you. Because a printed media outlet set strict deadlines, you can’t afford to be late just because you decided to work on several projects simultaneously. You must meet the deadlines if you want to taste success! If you’re interested in photography, explore websites such as Byrd, Fotolia, Bidvine, etc.

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2.5. Tour Guide

Tourism undeniably plays a pivotal role in many countries. Almost every place has something to offer to tourists coming from all over the world. Many of them certainly buy or borrow a guidebook and explore the city themselves. Others, on the other hand, would rather listen to a tour guide providing them with lots of information only a local would know.

Since, as a Sagittarius, you enjoy adventures and love to share your passion for things, you’re equipped to earn money by guiding tours with U2GUIDE, Pick Your Day, ToursByLocals, GuruWalk, or Vayable, for example. However, you must discipline yourself when you notice impatience not to ruin your guests’ experience. As a local Sagittarius tour guide driven by curiosity and optimism, you will undoubtedly create memorable moments for tourists fond of the outdoors.

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2.6. Teacher

It’s so easy to make the case of why teaching jobs should be on the list of best jobs for Sagittarius. These jobs require a person to be curious, excited and optimistic and to share their enthusiasm for a subject with others. Considering that Sagittarians would not hesitate to go on an adventure in nature, they would probably love to teach geography and similar subjects.

But you can decide yourself what to teach in person (online) with Preply, Lingoda, Savvy, Thumbtack, or Qkids or with Udemy where you can publish online courses. You may not have to manage 30 teenagers in a classroom, but you must pay attention to your feelings. You must not run out of patience when teaching or tutoring. Never!

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2.7. Creative Freelancer / Digital Nomad

best jobs for Sagittarius
Thinking of freelancing? Start by choosing a career path!
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Creativity means numerous things, especially nowadays when digital technologies provide us with plenty of opportunities to produce something. And a curious Sagittarius enjoys every minute of the process. Many creative professionals work freelance, which a Sagittarius would love because of the freedom, flexibility and independence nearly every freelancer enjoys. Not to mention that a lot of them have adopted the digital nomad lifestyle and started working remotely.

What would be a better career path for a Sagittarius than pursuing their interests while traveling around the world? The only thing you need to keep in mind that deadlines are sacred. Instead of accepting tens of jobs, you should focus on a few to make sure you deliver everything on time. Project-based work might be just the right type of employment for you as you don’t have time to get bored.

Among the creative jobs you may stumble upon social media, brand ambassador and design jobs. Companies like Nike, Oakley, Apple, Aspen, Skiing Company, DoorDash, Postmates, TaskRabbit, Airbnb and Shipt have worked with a number of brand ambassadors whose job is to promote products, services, etc. (It’s similar to affiliate marketing jobs.)

In case you want to sell services or products, read about Fiverr, Etsy, PeoplePerHour, TheONE,, Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, Verblio, twago, Thumbtack, MNFST, Stella&Dot, Etsy, GigSalad, TaskRabbit, Codester, Toptal, etc.

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3. Discuss the best jobs for Sagitarrians with your peers!

best jobs for Sagittarius
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Have we managed to get you excited about horoscopes and career paths? Do you maybe need more input and insights? Look for your peers online and ask them questions about possible jobs. If you work in a specific industry or sector, share your tips about the best jobs for Sagittarius related to them. Exchanging ideas and best practices can help you boost your (freelance) career or change your path completely. After all, you’re a Sagittarius who loves adventures.