Do you always read the message hidden inside your fortune cookies? Do you believe that our destiny is written in the stars? Or do your friends call you a buzzkill because you always tell them to stop reading their horoscopes? Whether you’re a believer or a denier, learning about flexible extra, weekend and part-time jobs can’t hurt you. After reading about the best jobs for Libras, you could even send some links to your Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces friends who like to turn to the stars for some advice once in a while.

Job ideas for Libras to succeed!

1. What kind of person is a Libra?

It’s no surprise that Libras seek balance in their lives as the seventh sign of the zodiac is also called the Scales. Their approach to life could result in the perfect work-life balance, yet some of their common traits may hinder them from achieving this particular goal. Libras are known for their fairness and their outstanding communication skills. While all these positive traits could place them on the top of the imaginary pyramid of the astrological signs, Libras struggle with decision-making. Also, if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly, they may sink into moodiness but would keep quiet about it.

1.1. What is a Libra good at?

Taking into account all the positive and negative traits, they could embark on various career paths, in an endeavor to find the best jobs. They would make great diplomats, facilitating conversations between parties with different views on a variety of topics. Their effort of finding common ground is also driven by their fair-mindedness. Apart from being destined to mediate and support negotiations, Libras love to explore and express their artistic selves. Choosing any form of art, their creativity and artistry could shape the esthetics of our world. The best jobs for Libras include mediator, lawyer, stylist, graphic designer, publicist, multimedia journalist, customer service representatives.

2. The best careers for Libra on Appjobs

2.1 Lawyer

best jobs for Libra
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Going to court doesn’t sound like fun but sometimes there is no other option. The fair Libra who is capable of clearly articulating their thoughts in writing and speech may join the Bar. It’s not rare that people lay the foundation of their future legal career as a member of a debate club.

You can choose between specializations: corporate law, contract law, criminal law, family law, intellectual property law, paralegal services, etc. You can train to become public defenders, human rights lawyers, legal counselors and many more. A case usually lasts for a long period of time but several decisions have to be made along the way. This means you need to manage your indecisive side.

You may offer legal advice to clients found via, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Hubstaff Talent, or Thumbtack. You may add translation and proofreading to your profile on the platforms mentioned above. The translation industry grows rapidly and translation agencies are always looking for qualified translators with a specialization in law.

2.2. Customer Service Representative

This is a job where one needs to mediate a lot. In addition to providing information on products and services, customer service representatives respond to complaints. A Libra driven by fairness could thrive in a position like this. However, they must come up with a decision fast enough: customers don’t like waiting for an answer or their money too long.

Do you think you could handle all types of situations and customers? You may land a job with Alorica, NexRep, Teleperformance or SYKES.

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2.3. Online Seller

best jobs for Libra
You would find some of the best jobs for Libras in the field of arts and design.
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A Libra may get a good job in an office but pursues a hobby as a painter, dressmaker, ceramic artist, etc. The creative hobby then could become a side hustle and eventually a full-time job. The joy felt executing an idea or a concept in a workshop or home studio could unleash the Libra’s inner creator and motivate them to transform into an online seller.

Whether you set out to sell your own art or also accept commissions, it’s up to you. We’re sure you will showcase your amazing communication and diplomacy skills when discussing the details with your clients—using any kind of communication channel. Since you always aim at living a balanced life, the hours spent doing business with people probably won’t affect your private life so much. You can start creating and selling your items through Etsy and
Zazzle. Want to sell but not create? Register with Vinted, OfferUp, Fat Llama, Carousell, Letgo, or Shpock.

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2.4. Online Stylist

Even if esthetics is in the realm of subjectivity, Libras’ sense of style could land them a job as an (online) stylist. Their fondness of patterns, shapes and forms could come in handy when thinking about outfits and accessories. Since the Libra always wants the best for everyone, their personal taste would not interfere with their clients’. Additionally, their excellent (interpersonal) communication and diplomatic skills would help the Libra in dealing with clients of all types.

Even without any previous experience, you may become an online stylist with Stella&Dot or Fiverr and give advice to others on their choice of clothing. And earn money on the side, of course. Your tasks could be carried out on-site or remotely—whatever suits your lifestyle best. At the end of the day, you know a lot about balancing tasks, don’t you? (Stella&Dot accepts applications only from women.)

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2.5. Home Renter

What happens when someone decides to go on a vacation and needs to book accommodation? They are more likely to browse hundreds of listings of homes, hotel rooms, etc. They examine pictures and texts. Then they make the decision whether or not to book the place. Libras tend to develop an eye for esthetics, which would help them furnish a home with style and create an appealing page for it online.

Libra home renters would put their communication skills into practice when corresponding with potential renters. Thanks to their inner drive to manage rentals fair and square and their aptitude for diplomacy, they will resolve any issues and disputes peacefully if necessary. That’s why we can easily say that home rental is one of the best jobs for Libras. You can become a host with Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, Onefinestay, HomeAway, and other platforms. (Think about taxes, though.)

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2.6. Graphic Designer

The role of graphic designers encompasses a variety of projects, ranging from packaging design to editorial and book design. Thanks to desktop publishing, the various processes of creating designs, according to the clients’ needs, go faster and without the necessity of taking physical borders into account. Libras’ interests in the arts and crafts could encourage them to discover the world of in-house or freelance graphic designers.

Despite being walking on a challenging and ever-changing route, freelancing Libras would benefit from their communication skills when negotiating rates, deadlines, contracts, etc. with clients. Many freelancing platforms welcome beginner freelancers who intend to make a living as a part-time or full-time graphic designer while balancing private and professional life with ease. Hone your craft and look for projects on Upwork,, Hubstaff Talent, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, Fiverr and/or Thumbtack. (Think about insurance, savings and retirement schemes well in advance.)

2.7. Business Owner

Building a business from scratch entails a lot of work, especially because Libras can’t make up their minds so easily. Yet if they have a great business idea and someone to partner up with, they will succeed. They will develop a harmonic relationship with not only their business partners but also their clients. But what would the best jobs for Libras be as business owners?

Anything that provides them with the opportunity to createknowledge, art, bridges between people, etc. Try your wings as a business owner if you aspire for independence and don’t mind being a boss.

3. Connect with other people born under the sign of Libra!

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Chat with your offline and online friends about the best jobs for Libras.
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Remember that all these jobs mentioned above are just ideas. Find your own path and discover more opportunities on Does the motto ‘Finding the best jobs for Libra’ sound go to you? If you think, you’ve already got the job every Libra person would love and/or should try, let others know about it. Connect with fellow Libras online or offline.

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