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The ESFP Myers-Briggs personality type is often a natural entertainer with a strong ability to engage with and charm the people around them. Energetic, fun-loving, and spontaneous, they take pleasure in food, nature, animals, clothing, and other people in particular. ESFP

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Big research on how the COVID-19 epidemic will affect the world financial system and how it possibly could fasten the development & acceptance of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

The challenges and changes freelancers have confronted have been revealed in our latest interview with Robert, an independent contractor in New York.

During these unpredictable times of economic uncertainty, job loss and a pandemic, there are many questions that will arise. Currently, we have seen a surge in the number of people asking what to do when you lose your job. AppJobs

Finding a Job

A guide to signing up, working and earning money as a DoorDash delivery driver.

Guide for working for TaskRabbit, and earning money doing a wide variety of gigs as a Tasker.

Looking at the statistics, it’s predicted that the number of gig workers will continue to rise and, hence the competition is becoming more intense. Many of them work with Amazon Flex, but there is a whole world out there for