There are people among us who believe in astrology and read their horoscopes every week. But if one segment of our diverse and ever-changing society always wants to know what the future holds for them, there must be others who would think differently. Others who may only look at astrology as a kind of guilty pleasure—similar to those TV shows and films we love to watch but would never share their titles with anyone. Not even with our closest friends… Whether you belong to the former or the latter group, your secret is safe with us. Now we’d like to invite you and all Cancer people, so those who were born June 21 and July 23, to explore the various fields in which you would not waste your talent AND become successful according to your zodiac sign. It’s time for you to go on a trip and learn about the best jobs for Cancers!

What about the other zodiac signs?
The Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces people have been already taken to a journey.

Job ideas for Cancer to succeed!

1. Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality

Cancers are imaginative and loyal and pledge to take care of others. According to your zodiac sign, Cancer people connect with others more easily and deeply than the rest of the zodiac. You might say that humans naturally show others affection, but something surrounds the Cancer. One possible explanation is being a water sign, along with Scorpio and Pisces, so caring for others is in their nature. We could not live without water, right? Not to mention that Cancer is known for their ability to create a serene, friendly and inclusive atmosphere—at home or in the workplace.

Other traits, such as creativity, intuition, trustworthiness, vigilance, courage and loyalty make them a great team player. They would never leave anyone behind. Especially, because you and your fellow Cancers know how to truly listen to what others have to say. Nothing goes unnoticed under your watch. The only thing that turns Cancers into an annoying creature is their impulsiveness. So, yes, despite or because of caring so much, sometimes they get carried away by their emotions.

1.1. What is a Cancer good at?

Considering all their zodiac characteristics, Cancer may choose a variety of career paths. If your passion for people gets stronger as you grow older, you can find a job in the care sector. In aging societies (like in Europe and North America), the number of care jobs will exponentially increase. It’s a broad field with lots of options. Not only because you can focus on the youth or the elderly but also because you can pursue your passion for humans and animals. Tough choice, we know. Perhaps you should try to gain some experience with them all.

Does your true calling perhaps have something to do with the arts, the creative and the cultural sector, or the entertainment industry? You may grab a computer and start creating, developing and implementing ideas. The best jobs for Cancer include attorney, care provider, doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker, chef, content editor and other creative freelancers, tech support provider, and so on…

2. The best flexible careers for Cancer on Appjobs

2.1. Massage Therapist & Beautician

best jobs for cancers
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

One of the best jobs for Cancers where you can combine your ability to create a soothing environment is to become a massage therapist. Well, maybe you think massage therapists don’t need so much creativity, but beauticians certainly do. Since Cancers are great conversational partners and listeners, time would fly with you. You can connect with potential clients on Soothe, Zeel, Freely, Urban, OryxHub, and other platforms.

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2.2. Chef

And if you care about people, you should always make sure they eat enough nutrition. Of course, people working in the care sector are responsible for their clients’ well-being and they may cook for them as well. The Cancer who would rather spend some time alone in a harmonious environment created for themselves could choose to become a chef. Maybe a private or home chef!

While chopping the onions, grating the cheese and marinating the fish, you could get prepared for a chat filled with laughter and joy. Sometimes chefs host dinner parties, sometimes they just prepare the food and deliver it to the buyer. Your creativity could run wild as a chef. Imagine how many ways you could decorate a cake, cook soup and set the table. And if something goes wrong, you would be alerted right away. Why? Because you’re a real sentinel. You may sign up and build a client base with the help of Mamaz Social Food, WithLocals, EatWith or Meal Sharing.

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2.3. Creative or Tech Freelancer

As a freelancer, some of the best jobs for Cancers are marketing analyst, online business owner, content editor, computer systems analyst, or technical writer (perhaps web developer). Working freelance also means that you need to adapt to different circumstances whenever you get a new project going on. Your excellent communication skills would make you a great negotiator when discussing your rates—in a peaceful environment that suits your business partners’ needs.

If you think about it: caring is a core element of being a freelancer. Your work would help others succeed. As a graphic designer or content writer, your creative thoughts lay the foundation of an outstanding packaging design and well-composed text. You may find a job as a freelancer with Verblio, Upwork,, Hubstaff Talent, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Thumbtack, HelloTech, Codester, and several other platforms dedicated to helping freelancers.

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2.4. Teacher

Teaching is an ancient profession. If you still have some memories of learning about the Romans or the Greeks, you’re well aware of this. In the digital world, the ‘real’ classroom is replaced by a virtual one. Teachers and students go online and meet each other for a session whenever it suits them. Why sharing knowledge as a teacher is one of the best jobs for Cancers?
Nearly the entire armor of Cancer traits is in use: teachers care about their students’ personal development, so they set up an inspiring and nurturing environment (in the online world too), also implementing creative methods to achieve the goals set. Cancers should control their emotions but the better half of their personality characterized also by intuition will surely win and bring out the best in them. Meet your students via Qkids, Preply, Savvy, Tandem, Verbling, italki, Lingoda, Thumbtack, and some other platforms.

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2.5. Pet Sitter

best jobs for cancers
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels. Do you think pet sitting is a job that fits your personality?

You could start as a pet sitter and spend your time walking dogs and cats. Your ability to create relationships with others can come in handy when talking to pet parents. Being vigilant and trustworthy are the traits that would make you the pet sitter every pet parent would love to hire.

Your creativity could help you come up with all kinds of ideas of what to do with your four-legged (or fewer) clients. Just by taking them to different parks in your city would be a manifestation of that. And it would show that you take your job seriously and don’t consider it as something you have to do, but something you want to do. You may start your pet sitter career with Rover,, Host a Pet, PetBacker, Thumbtack, Fetch! Pet Care and lots of other platforms.

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2.6. Babysitter

When you’re already a pro with animals, get a job as a babysitter. All the traits that could contribute to your success as a pet sitter could transform you into an amazing babysitter too—regardless of the age of the children. Toddlers, kids slightly older and even teenagers can throw a tantrum.

As a Cancer, you possess the ability to create a calm environment and can talk to anyone, so you would easily overcome a challenge like this. Communication plays a huge role in making it as a babysitter. Some of the platforms you may sign up for: Zūm,,, UrbanSitter, Sittercity, Bright Horizons, and College Nannies and Tutors.

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2.7. Senior Care Provider

best jobs for cancers
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When you’re an expert in dealing with toddlers and teenagers, it can be a dream come true to spend some time with the elderly. They can share so much wisdom and stories with you. Many older people have no friends or family, so your presence would bring sunshine into their lives. Unfortunately, many of them struggle with illnesses, therefore, they need someone vigilant next to them. And that’s your strength! You can explore job opportunities in the care sector with,, CareLinx and some other sites.

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3. Connect with other Cancer people!

Exchange ideas with others regarding the best jobs for Cancer or learn more about what it’s like working in the gig economy. Get introduced to a variety of app-based and Internet-based jobs in in your city!

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