Once you decide to become a pet sitter, you’re not only doing something fun and exciting, but you’re also providing a service. So it’s important to think about – and mitigate – the risks to which both you and your pet are exposed. Bottom line: what happens if something goes wrong while you’re pet sitting?

If you have insurance, there’s not much to worry about. Take a look at what pet care insurance typically covers and why it’s important.

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1.   Care

Includes coverage for injury or loss of a client’s pet – adding emergency vet care, death of the animal, escape recovery expenses, animals in transit while you care for them, and even rewards for returning the animal safely.

2.   Responsibility

This part includes general and professional liability, as well as coverage if damage is caused to the contents of the client’s home while you are caring for the pet.

3.   Property

This includes coverage for lost keys, equipment breakage, and professional contents.

As you can see, having this type of insurance will give you the peace of mind and support you need in case something unexpected happens. Plus, it’s good for business. Why?

Having insurance shows that you take your job seriously. So, being able to promote yourself as a pet sitter with insurance will make you stand out from other pet sitters and help you to get more and more


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