Why stand still when the world keeps turning? Why settle and live a life with schedules when you can travel, see the world and fill your life with amazing experiences? But you might think, I need money to live and travel… Of course, you need money. But money doesn’t need to come from a 9-5pm office job. It can come from remote marketing jobs that you can do while you’re on the move, while you’re on a terrace watching the stars or while you’re enjoying a refreshing exotic drink at a beach bar. All you need is your computer and a good internet connection!

Why marketing and creative jobs are perfect for remote work

Jobs related to creativity and digital marketing are easy to do outside of an office. They are about

all writing, content creation, digital and influencer marketing, design, SEO and other relevant tasks that don’t require your presence in an office. Sometimes they can demand you to be out of the office – it’s true: how can you write about Bolivian cuisine if you don’t experience it for yourself? And in case you need to attend a meeting, communication is easier than ever through the internet. That’s why remote marketing jobs – along with IT – are among the most popular jobs on different online platforms for freelancers.

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1.   Verblio

Verblio is the ultimate app to join if you want to write blogs and content for clients. You can choose your topics that you find interesting and the best thing is that you can have a different subject every day! What are the chances of getting bored? Almost zero! Just make sure your content is 100% original and you’ll get paid every Monday for blogs that are purchased.

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities with Verblio in San Antonio, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix y Houston.

2.   Fotolia

Fotolia is the place to sell your photos, videos,  vectors  and  illustrations.  With the increase of content from digital marketing and social media, there’s a huge demand for original visual content and yours will be published on

both Fotolia and Adobe Stock Photo – which translates into great visibility! You’ll earn money from royalty fees, which means you can make money while you sleep… Great, right?

Explore all your remote marketing job opportunities with Fotolia in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Nashville.

3.   The Right Fit

Do you have a large following on Instagram and are you considered an Influencer? With The Right Fit, you can connect with businesses to earn money with remote marketing jobs such as producing content or promoting services or products through your social media accounts. If you’re a digital nomad who travels, you can easily combine business with pleasure by offering content about travel, food or even content about your favorite activity, like

skiing or surfing!

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4.   Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is an app for all types of freelancers, but marketing-related tasks are among the most popular.   You can do writing, copywriting, editing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, content marketing, SEO and much more! You’ll get to many remote marketing jobs and the great thing about Hubstaff Talent is that you don’t have to bid to claim assignments!

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5.   PeoplePerHour

Another platform where you can find many remote digital marketing and creative tasks is on

PeoplePerHour. You will earn money per hour or per project and you will get jobs related to Design, Animation, Illustration, Social Media, Writing, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Note that with PeoplePerHour you will have to bid on projects to get them done and you get 15 free bids per month.

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in the USA with PeoplePerHour in: San Diego, Nashville, Indianapolis, Orlando

Explore your remote marketing job opportunities in Europe with PeoplePerHour in: Munich, Rome, Berlin, Manchester

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Things to consider when doing remote marketing jobs

The world may be calling you, but you need to stay focused and be disciplined in order to deliver.

with deadlines. There may be no boss to tell you when and how to work, but you still need to get it right with your clients. Don’t forget that all apps work on reviews and of course, good reviews can take you a long way (even to a far away exotic island).

So, you should read through the details of each app, and look for any fees involved and how you will receive your money. For example, Verblio doesn’t charge you anything and PeoplePerHour allows you to place 15 bids a month for free, and after that, you’ll need to buy additional credit. As for payments, they’re all done online and secure, and you’ll have it available through PayPal, similar platforms or bank transfers. With Fotolia, specifically, you can request to get paid when the total sum reaches $50.

As for fees and insurance, if you’re travelling you might want to decide where to base your business and perhaps consider private insurance to cover you wherever you are. Check out our blog to read more about life as a digital nomad.