Have you already got a full-time job but still need extra money? Regardless of your motivation or financial goals, there are several easy ways to supplement your monthly income without changing your lifestyle (so much). You could think of getting a part-time or side job, launching a side business, or generating profit in a passive way.

Here come the best side jobs that are flexible and you don’t need so much experience and resources for. Choose your preferred category, read about the 23 various opportunities, and find out whether or not those are available in your city. If it’s not an online job, of course.

Side hustles you can do while working full time

Online Jobs

Offline (On-Site) Jobs

Passive Income

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Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay. Find an online job and work from home, a café or while on the road.

Online Jobs

Let’s start with eight online (freelance) opportunities for anyone interested in doing some side hustle from any location. The rates are either fixed or negotiable. In this category, we’ve included some of the best side jobs that even students with a busy schedule can do.

1. Taking Online Surveys

Making money by simply sharing your thoughts and opinion online? Well, that’s a reality with Survey Junkie, Hiving, or Swagbucks. But don’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars by completing online surveys. The amount you will transfer to your PayPal account or exchange it for an e-gift card will be around $10-$20 per month—depending on how many surveys you qualify for.

Find out more about legitimate companies that will pay you to take surveys.

Start taking surveys in Lubbock, Tulsa, Virginia Beach, Knoxville, Worcester, Little Rock, Tucson, Wichita, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia. Find your city on AppJobs.com if it’s not listed here.

2. Virtual Assistant

Another rather simple job is being a virtual assistant. For example with Fancy Hands or Upwork. Imagine that someone based somewhere in the world manages a lot of projects and they could use some help with data entry, booking flights, contacting vendors, etc. You would need excellent communication and organizational skills to excel as a virtual assistant but you got this, right?

Start working as a virtual assistant in New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Tucson, or Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Phoenix, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Denver, Kansas City and other cities. Visit AppJobs.com and find yours.

3. Test User

Human beings open millions of websites on a daily basis. You too probably—even if you oftentimes end up watching Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming site for hours. Before their launch, those sites or products must be tested. If you speak understandable English, have a great camera and headset, you could be making money with UserTesting. Would you put this on your list of best side jobs?

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Start helping out companies in Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Columbus, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, and many other cities. Find yours on AppJobs.com.

4. Online Fashion Stylist

You’ve never held the position of fashion stylist at a fashion brand but you love fashion and want to assist other women with finding their personal style. As a Stella&Dot independent fashion stylist, you would organize trunk shows and/or attend online meetings, and sell bags, jewelry, and accessories. The platform is on a mission to empower women worldwide—to give opportunity for stay-at-home moms, full-time and part-time employees, retired people and students to start their own business and work in a flexible way.

Work as a fashion stylist in Chicago, Austin, Charlotte, Nashville, Columbus, San Jose, Houston, and a bunch of other cities. Go to AppJobs.com and find yours.

5. Transcribing

Have you ever read a medical record or the minutes of a meeting? Have you ever needed to transcribe an interview perhaps? If so, you know how much effort and time it takes to do an excellent job. Luckily, almost anyone can learn how to transcribe business meetings, court trials, focus group discussions, interviews, etc. Enroll yourself in a course on TranscribeAnywhere, and then connect with clients worldwide.

Are you good with words? Take up freelance writing job

6. Teaching Online

Not all online teachers are trained and experienced. Some of them have only taken up a hobby and now they know A LOT about it. Whether you speak a niche language or can talk about history for hours, you could turn your passion into a side job with Preply. Share your precious knowledge with others who would love to get a better understanding of things in our world.

Connect with students worldwide from your home in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Portland, Seattle, and many other cities.

7. Creative Freelancing

Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, a web developer, an illustrator, a voice-over artist or have some other talent, you could offer your services on several platforms and build a solid, international clientele. One of the most popular ones is Fiverr, where you can have access to a wide range of jobs and where even your craziest ideas would sell. This means you could charge clients about $5 for a rather simple but fun task.

Work on some creative freelance projects on the side in your home in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Houston, Cleveland, Mesa, Port St. Lucie, Tallahassee, Tulsa, Denver, Long Beach, and many other cities and other cities.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps affiliate marketing doesn’t seem the most obvious alternative among the best side jobs but it could work for you; and it’s a legitimate way to make money online. If you’ve never heard of this type of performance-based marketing, read up on it first. Basically, you could boost your income by promoting products and services, for example with AppJobs.com.

With the AppJobs Affiliate Program, you could earn money by promoting job offers or services listed on our website. You can register for free, receive personalized links, and earn 40% commission whenever someone clicks the link and signs up with any of AppJobs’ commercial partners. It’s up to you how, where and when you share your links with your audience. The cookies last for 60 days, and you can request a payout once your balance reaches $100. You’ll get paid in USD and your earnings are transferred directly to your bank account. (In the near future, you can also choose PayPal as an option.)

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Offline (On-Site) Jobs

This category is dedicated to those who don’t mind leaving the house every now and then. Thanks to the nature of all the 23 jobs listed, you can easily combine them. This way you wouldn’t get bored and could decide on your own what the best side jobs for you. Nothing is compulsory, you’re free to do any jobs when you’ve got some free time.

9. Secret Shopper / Mystery Guest

Do you love shopping and giving feedback on things? Secret shoppers and mystery guests spend their working hours visiting shops, restaurants, hotels and other venues and making notes on product display, customer experience, etc. With HGEM, for example, you could taste some savory and sweet meals in a restaurant and/or spend the night in a hotel.

Check out freelance jobs in Chicago, Baltimore, Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, and other cities.

10. Scooter Charger

As the fanbase of electric scooters is growing, some companies have made the decision to release a larger number of vehicles in some cities. In addition to them, new companies demand space in the green revolution. As a scooter charger, your job would include locating scooters with low battery, charging them at home and then release them. We’d say this is one of the best side jobs for early birds. Why? Because the scooters must be placed on the streets again before 7 a.m.

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Charge e-scooters in Miami, Washington D.C., Charlotte, and a boatload of other cities.

11. Performing All Kinds of Tasks

You’ve got a skill set but don’t know what to do with it? Are you looking for gigs as a cleaner, DJ, mover, etc.? With some time on your hands, you should promote yourself on platforms such as TaskRabbit, Jop or Thumbtack. You’ll either get notified of available gigs in your neighborhood/city or send proposals to jobs you like. Those who work 9 to 5 on weekdays will probably request someone in the evening or during the weekend.

Help people out in Columbus, Tampa, Cleveland, Charlotte, Sacramento, San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, Austin, and a lot of other cities.

12. Package Deliverer

The best side job for people working in sales is package delivery. If you travel a lot to other cities or within your hometown, you could transport some instruments, furniture, and even pets in your vehicle. With Roadie, you don’t have to change your route or direction. Browse requests and choose the ones with a pick-up and drop-off location along your route.

Pick up packages in El Paso, Louisville, Seattle, Milwaukee, Nashville, Memphis, Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, and many cities, of course.

13. Food Deliverer

As long as people order takeout meals, there will be a high demand for food delivery drivers. As one of them, you either need to plan your shifts in advance or go online whenever. Either way, you choose your hours and locations. Many of the delivery drivers driving their cars or riding their bike sign up for multiple apps; neither Postmates or DoorDash requires exclusivity.

Deliver food in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Boston, Portland, Fresno, New Orleans, Mesa, Seattle, Cleveland, and in numerous other cities.

14. Grocery Shopper

Grocery shopping is two jobs in one. Customers place their orders via an app, and grocery shoppers go to the supermarkets/stores chosen, purchase everything that is on the shopping lists, and then deliver the groceries bought to a given address. Shipt has a large community of shoppers nationwide in the US, and all of them turn on the app and work a few hours when they want to.

Work as a grocery shopper in Lexington, Oxnard, Memphis, , Augusta, Reno, San Francisco, San Jose, Akron, Cape Coral, Huntsville, and other small and big cities.

15. Driver

Without a doubt, one of the most popular side jobs is driving with Lyft and similar platforms. Some drivers don’t even work every day but focus on the weekends and holidays. Just by driving during weekend nights, some of them earn the money that is equal to a monthly salary. Since drivers hit the road whenever they want to, you could also drive people on your way to work. If your morning schedule is quite flexible, of course. If someone needs to catch a flight at 10.30 a.m., she/he won’t request a ride during the night but in the morning.

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Earn money by driving people in Indianapolis, Nashville, Dallas, Columbus, Detroit, Seattle, Fort Worth, Washington D.C., New York City, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, San Jose, and other places.

16. Sitter Jobs

What do sitters do? They look after children, pets, the elderly or someone’s home. What sitter jobs do we consider the best side jobs? It depends on who is asking. If you work from home and/or are willing to travel to someone else’s home, we would recommend you to consider pet sitting with PetSitter.com. If you work 9 to 5, you can babysit or pet-sit in the evening or on weekends. It’s good to know that some (pet) parents request sitters randomly, for example, when something comes up and they need to run some errands. If your schedule and lifestyle allow you to be an on-demand sitter, this could become your side hustle. So, do you prefer people or animals?

Find a job as a pet sitter in Seattle, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, Sacramento, Memphis, Albuquerque, and other places.

Find a job as a babysitter in San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Denver, St. Paul, Washington D.C., Orlando, Las Vegas, Austin, and hundreds of other cities.

17. Tasker

Are you a handyman who knows how to fix things, a gardener, a cleaner or someone who is able to assemble any kind of furniture? Not just the ones from IKEA. On TaskRabbit, Serviloo, Jop, and Thumbtack, you can have access to plenty of tasks you can carry out after your official working hours. In all cases, you and your clients will agree on the exact time of the job.

Find a job as a tasker in London, Oxford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton and some other cities worldwide.

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Passive Income

Some people simply don’t have the time or energy to do extra work. For them, giving a boost to their income and/or savings in a passive way would be a great option. Read about some of the best side “jobs” that help you make money without much effort.

18. Home rental

Probably the most lucrative way of making extra cash is renting out one’s home. Whether you own a tiny flat or a huge mansion, you could host a few travelers in it. With platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway or FlipKey, it’s not that difficult to connect with tourists looking for accommodation. You need to create a page for your home (uploading photos, writing a short text, etc.) on any sites you like and start accepting booking requests. Most of the home-rental sites keep a certain percentage of the money made but you determine your own rental fees.

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Rent out your home in Worcester, Aurora, Rochester, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Miami, Washington D.C., Knoxville, New York City, Cape Coral, Columbus Memhpis, Los Angeles, Tucson, Detroit, Portland, Boston, and many other cities.

19. Rent out your car

You own a car and never drive it because you ride your bike or use public transport to get to work. Or you’ve got a company car and only get in yours when visiting family and friends. If you have more than one car or just one that you can live without, even in emergency situations, rent it out to your neighbors, your friends’ friends, other locals, and/or travelers visiting your city. Check out Turo!

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Rent out your car in San Jose, Las Vegas, Seattle, Cleveland, Chicago, Portland, Orlando, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, and several other major cities.

20. Rent your parking space

In larger cities, motorists face harder times when trying to find affordable parking spots. When travelers arrive in a new city, they probably experience even more pressure and stress. But parking should not make people anxious or upset. With Spot or SpotHero, you could rent out your unused or hardly used parking space to others. They’ll get rid of the stress and you’ll see a larger sum in your bank account.

Rent out your parking space in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Memphis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and plenty of other cities.

21. Rent out your storage unit

An empty storage unit is a wasted opportunity. Why not rent it out to people who could use some extra space for a shorter or longer period of time. Considering the location and the size of your unit, set a reasonable price and manage bookings as you wish. Whenever the situation changes and you need to remove your listing, you can absolutely do that. No explanation has to be given.

Rent out your storage unit in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Seattle, Cleveland, Portland, and tons of other cities.

22. Sell or rent your stuff

Some of the tools and equipment you own you only use a few times a year. Now think about how many people could happily rent your table drill, lawn mower, staple gun or other tools instead of spending money on something that would only silently occupy space in their homes. With Fat Llama, you can not only rent out but also sell your stuff at any time of the year.

Earn money by selling/renting out your stuff in Charlotte, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Cincinnati, New York City, and probably in every huge and tiny place on Earth.

23. Home Cooking

You’re right, home cooking slightly differs from the rest of the side hustles listed in this category. But why not cook a larger portion when preparing lunch for your family/friends and sell the extra food? If you like to cook and have no issues with crushing the miles in your kitchen, organize dinner parties at your place. Become a home chef, and invite tourists and locals seeking new culinary adventures for a dinner after work or during the weekend.

Cook for others in Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and lots of other cities.

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