Leaving home every morning at the same time is not an ideal option for everyone. A lot of people are better suited to doing freelance work from home or at their favorite spots. You too can earn money while spending most of your time in your living room sitting on your comfy sofa or at your minimalist wood desk.

Thanks to the numerous online digital tools available, freelancers can now easily communicate with their (overseas) clients or on-site members. From writing jobs to marketing and IT jobs, you should be able to find something you would enjoy doing full-time, part-time, or occasionally. To fasten the process, we’ve created a list of possible online and on-site freelance jobs you could pursue providing that you’ve got the right skills and/or experience—or the right amount of enthusiasm. 

Work as a Freelancer from Home!

freelance work from home

Freelance Online Jobs

Based on your skills, interests, qualifications and availability, you could do different things. Of course, you must have a clear picture of what you’re capable of. Many suggest that you should write down your SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). If that helps, do it, if not, experiment with other methods. 

We have to admit that we can’t provide you with an exhaustive list of freelance jobs but definitely can give you some ideas about how to freelance from home. (Some of the jobs added to the list may overlap and/or are related.) If you can’t find anything you like, connect with others online, or read our Community Stories. Remember that while the advantages of working from home probably outnumber the challenges faced, you need a strategy to succeed. 

Here come some tips about what freelance gigs you could do from your home.

1. Writing Jobs

Examining various sectors, fields and industries, one thing can be concluded: the need for content creation has surged. Written content (including marketing, journalistic, academic and scientific texts) is the bread and butter of many journalists, content writers, copywriters, bloggers, influencers, etc.

You could pick a job that suits your skills best: writing, editing, proofreading, translation, subtitling, copy-editing, PR, copywriting, ghostwriting, UX writing, etc. Writers usually specialize in certain genres and learn about different styles of writing. That being said, you can always add a new entry to your freelance services as your career progresses. Try to find new clients via Scripted or Verblio

Writing jobs for beginners

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that a large number of people want to begin a writing career. This creates huge competition. Even if you speak more than one language and are knowledgeable, you have to stand out. A unique CV and portfolio and great references could do some magic in this regard. As a beginner, you should start small and move forward with tasks imposing more responsibility and prestige. 

To get started, create a profile on these sites: Upwork, Bark, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Hubstaff Talent, or Appen.

Keep educating yourself while trying to land your first paid gig as a writer. To increase your vocabulary and improve your writing skills, you should read a lot: anything imaginable. It helps if you’re a bookworm. Also, surf the Internet to find writing contests you can participate in. Submit your short stories, essays and poems you’ve been hiding in your drawer for years.

Whatever you do, hang in there.

You may lose your confidence when receiving rejection after rejection. Accept and learn from them but keep moving forward. Evaluate what went well and what went badly. It takes time to master how to write a great pitch or proposal. Read Steve’s story for some inspiration!

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2. Proofreading jobs

We’ve already mentioned proofreading among the writing jobs, but it’s worth diving into this topic more deeply. Let’s start with an obvious question: What does a proofreader do? Generally speaking, proofreaders make sure that the text is free from mistakes. However, the responsibilities may vary by company. (Most of them probably have studied linguistics.) We must tell you that not all proofreaders excel at writing. Some people are better at checking others’ texts than creating something from scratch.

Why is it important for companies to hire a proofreader?

If you read the news, you must have spotted several grammar mistakes in articles. Journalists work in a fast-paced environment and most of the outlets don’t have the resources to hire a proofreader. Yet a (nearly) perfect text written according to a style guide positively contributes to the image of any organization.

You can look for work on Freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack, or Verblio.

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Design jobs

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

The field stretches across industries, which means a wide range of design jobs are waiting for talented people. These jobs tend to be lucrative. Of course, designers may not earn a lot of money at the beginning of their careers. Check out our list of design jobs!

Then again, it’s not a complete list. For example, we don’t elaborate on practitioners holding lectures on design thinking, ethical concerns related to products, product management, and similar topics. If you’re more interested in providing help for clients, set up your consultancy firm or get familiar with TheONE.

3. Graphic design jobs

Companies worldwide aim to produce and market content, and they often hire freelancers for their short- and long-term projects. They also employ graphic designers to create top-notch content for them — to design a logo or website, do some branding, work on some motion graphics or infographics, etc. Graphic designers may specialize in print (magazines, clothing, etc.) or digital design. You may disproportionately produce content for artistic or cultural organizations or corporate brands. The opportunities are endless.

To find graphic design jobs, you can take a virtual tour on websites such as Bark, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer.com, Upwork, etc.

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4. UI / UX design jobs

Once upon a time these terms were considered something completely new. Not today! The history of UI dates back to the 1940s, but it has gone through some changes since then. Fun fact: cognitive scientist Donald Norman has become the first person writing UX in his job title in the 90s.

As a beginner designer, you’re standing in front of a table full of dishes. Now replace dishes with design jobs. While a company may look for a UX/UI designer, these roles are not the same. A UI designer creates user-centric products (such as interfaces) and experiences. A UX designer also puts the user in the center but conducts research, writes UX copy and does testing among others.

Even if you have an affinity for both, you may want to specialize in one of them. If you find this area of design interesting and exciting, check out Bark, Toptal, Upwork, Thumbtack, PeoplePerHour, or Fiverr.

5. Product design jobs

Human beings use a lot of objects. We eat at a table, sit on a chair, use a spoon or chopsticks, watch a screen, drive or travel by a vehicle, wear a virtual reality headset… We could go on and on and on. These products and their components are designed and produced by someone or something (think about AI). You can choose a specific focus and start earning money designing objects for various purposes. With or without a solid client base, you can find work on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.com

6. Web development and programming jobs

12Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

Web developers or programmers constitute another segment of freelancers. They usually receive a paycheck with a large number written on it. If you don’t mind spending time alone or in isolation and enjoy writing codes, consider becoming a programmer or developer. You can join a start-up, a small or a big one, look for clients of Bark and other freelance websites. It’s possible to sell your codes, plugins, themes, and PHP scripts on Codester, for instance. Codester keeps 30% of your earnings as a service fee, but the platform does not demand exclusivity. This means you can keep selling your products on your own website or elsewhere.

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7. Photographer

Not only the everyday person but also companies browse web pages to find relevant content. Many of them head to stock photo websites. If you enjoy taking photos (with a professional camera or a smartphone on location and play with Photoshop at home), read about Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Adobe Stock, Fotolia, or Byrd. Wedding photography (with Bark and other platforms), photojournalism, portrait photography are only some of the branches of photography. You may not aspire to become an artist, but that’s an option, too.

8. Marketing and social media specialist

Have you visited LinkedIn recently? You may have seen hundreds of marketing and social media jobs advertised—especially if you want to work for a start-up. In the case of a small company, one person is required to create marketing strategies and implement them on social media channels, for example.

Usually, these kinds of jobs can be done remotely. Knowledge of SEO, SEM, pay per click advertising, content marketing and/or affiliate marketing can ensure a better position for you on the job market. Besides traditional job sites, you may use Upwork, Freelancer.com, Toptal, Bark, or perhaps MNFST.

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9. Freelance online art jobs

If you don’t join the staff of a cultural or art organization, you’ll most likely work as a freelancer in the field of arts. To give you an example: the majority of film festivals only hire temporary staff members a few months before the festival. Some institutions may have only a few employees and work with several interns volunteers. The same goes to film production companies.

In case you’d like to read about the status of art and cultural workers, look for articles by scholars addressing questions in the realm of production studies. Unfortunately, getting a well-paid art and cultural job may never happen. We do hope you’ll become an exception. You’ll find our list of art jobs below.

10. Online stylist

Let’s start with something less obvious… Online stylists come up with ideas for outfits, accessories, and such. They think in colors, shapes, frames, and compositions. This type of job may include selling products and earning money on commissions. We’d name Stella & Dot as an example of this. The platform operating in the U.S. and Canada only accepts applications from women over 18. They must be U.S./Canadian citizens or permanent residents and possess a valid Social Security Number or Green Card/Social Insurance Number in Canada.

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11. Fashion designer

Household names in the fashion industry probably go to an office/studio and manage a team. However, the title fashion designer doesn’t have to strictly refer to big names. A stay-at-home parent, retired person or anyone with a passion for fashion can launch their own brand and sell their items online.

Sure, if you want to scale up and produce a massive number of dresses, skirts, jackets, hats, you have to hire some employees. As long as you consider your job a side hustle, your living room, kitchen, garage, attic or basement is a great place to sew, knit, etc. (Other craftspeople can also monetize their skills and sell their objects online.)

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12. Film jobs

Photo by Martin Lopez from Pexels

Not all film jobs require a physical presence on set. Film programmers, film and video editors, sound editors, composers, animators, colorists, and VFX artists may visit the set once or twice but can do their tasks at home or in their studios. Despite the glamor of Hollywood, many film jobs are not that lucrative. Standing behind the camera or sitting in front of a screen usually pays less.

As a beginner film professional, you may not get so much opportunity. You should work on passion projects and/or collaborate with your friends. Some now-famous names in Hollywood started their career with a bunch of friends coming together to make some crazy videos. You can upload your pieces onto YouTube, SoundCloud, Behance, Instagram, Facebook, etc. On Fiverr, you may find small-scale projects.

13. Illustrator / Cartoonist / Caricaturist

People with drawing skills but with no interest in architecture or painting can explore the world of illustrators, cartoonists, and caricaturists. You may devote your time to working on comic books or computer games. The time when graphic artists had to sit at a desk in an office is gone. You can just chill at home and work on your project surrounded by your kids, pets, plants, and books. (Courtroom artists still exist and spend most of their time in court, though.) If you don’t have any connection in these fields, visit Bark, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour and Thumbtack and see what they can offer to you.

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14. Coaching jobs

Nope, this section won’t elaborate on football, basketball, and other sports coaches. We’d like to draw attention to life coaches. People who can instruct others on how to find a job, negotiate salaries, and balance work and private life, for example.

Have you studied psychology, economy, or specialized in HR? You may kick-start your coaching career. It’s better to get certified, but it’s not mandatory. Think about it this way: if someone wants to seek advice, they may consider the person with a certificate or license more professional. You don’t have to set up an office but can advise your clients via phone or online. You could start with Coach.me.

15. Online teaching

Speaking of teaching, freelancers (creatives and non-creatives alike) are welcome to teach the next generation of artists, designers, language teachers, fitness instructors, musicians, etc. Digitalization has revolutionized teaching. People living in remote rural areas (with a good broadband connection) and those with little time or some obstacles to show up in class can also have access to all kinds of courses today. Isn’t it just wonderful? Education plays such an important role in people’s lives. It opens doors.

Besides Udemy, plenty of other online platforms have been introduced to the public. Their number is probably still increasing. Professional experience and a degree in teaching is a plus but not always necessities. Sharpen the skills of eager students via Bark, Qkids, Savvy, Preply, Thumbtack, and numerous other platforms. You’ll find lots of valuable information about online tutoring jobs here.

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16. Fitness jobs

Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Many fitness instructors do have a full-time job and only teach as a side hustle. Some yoga and Les Mills instructors may manage to fill their days with 40 hours of classes. Not everyone, though. Not when you’ve just got certified for sure. Whatever sports or activity you choose, you can teach in class or record your sessions and share them online. For example, many fitness and yoga instructors have gone online due to COVID-19. Aside from the obvious choices of video-sharing platforms, you may also turn to Bidvine, Udemy, or Bark.

17. Virtual assistant

The least experienced individuals may start by applying for virtual assistant jobs. To get hired, they need excellent communication and organizational skills. You won’t earn a huge amount of money by assisting on-site teams but it will equip you with useful skills. High-school and college students could create a stream of income with this type of remote job. Fancy Hands can connect you with clients from various U.S. states.

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18. Freelance data entry jobs

Have you ever heard people say that data is the new gold? Don’t worry, we don’t want to test you. Anyways, you may not even handle big data when completing data entry jobs. This job is for you if monotony doesn’t scare you. Check out Fancy Hands, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Hubstaff Talent, and similar platforms.

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19. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper must be good with numbers. While freelancing, you would issue invoices to other freelancers who can’t keep a record of their finances alone. You may present your skills in an email sent to individuals, or small and large enterprises. Whatever you can fit into your busy schedule—especially during tax seasons. Get in touch with potential clients through Bark, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Toptal, Upwork, Thumbtack, or even Taxfyle.

20. Customer service representative

Students looking to work beside their studies may end up in a call center accepting calls (and emails) from customers. Lots of patience and good communication skills can ease off all tough situations. Customer service representatives must overcome some challenges. If you up for it, look into how NexRep and Liveops work.

21. Product tester

Billions of websites and thousands of apps have been released online and still counting. Many companies follow a user-centric approach and test their products before launching them. If you can express yourself comprehensively and like reviewing stuff, become a tester. Start your quest on Userbrain, TryMyUI, or UserTesting.

22. Paid Survey Jobs

Companies conducting market research send not only products but also surveys to their panelists. Brands are willing to pay them to gain insight into how potential customers see their products and services. The numbers of them are increasing rapidly, so keep an eye out for new companies popping up in the field. As for now, familiarize yourself with Survey Junkie, MOBROG, Opinion Outpost, iSurveyWorld, Branded Surveys, OneOpinion, and Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. None of these online portals promises huge payments but some extra money to spend on gifts for you and others.

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Freelance “on-location” gigs

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

In this category, we’d include delivery, driving, cleaning, pet sitter, babysitting, house sitting, elderly care, tasker (easy handyman), and similar jobs. For example, you may prefer to offer on-site yoga or pilates classes instead of recording and publishing your sequences. 

These jobs differ a lot in terms of conditions, duties, earnings, locations, necessary tools and such, but all have to be done on-site. And beginners are usually welcome to join the platforms. In the case of these jobs, you may hear the term independent contractor a lot. The workers engaging in gig jobs are usually classified as such. However, this may change in the future, so read the news. (In case you’re wondering how the current coronavirus outbreak has affected independent contracting, click here.)

Explore job opportunities with TaskRabbit, PetSitter.com, Bark, HouseSitter.com, Rover, Sitter.com, Housekeeper.com, Thumbtack, GigSalad, Curri, Postmates, DoorDash, FedEx Ground, and many other platforms

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The diversity of freelance remote and on-site jobs is undeniable. Many evergreen and some new jobs have made it to our list detailing freelance work from home and on location. Although your skill set limits the number of jobs possible, several jobs don’t require immense knowledge, particular skills, or decades of experience. Sometimes your hobby or geeky interest will lead you to a successful freelance career. Freelancing comes with ups and downs, just like life. However, with enough patience, planning and a contingency plan, your effort and hard work will yield positive results.