The word ‘nomad’ has an ancient history. Just think about it. Many peoples were wandering years or even decades before settling down. In our digital world, new kind of nomads emerged whom we call digital nomads. Yet you could still meet hundreds of people who travel from region to region and work offline instead of hunching their back at their desk working online. So which nomad are you?

1. Digital nomads with experience
2. Digital nomads with no experience
3. Offline jobs for nomads

Digital nomads versus nomads

On the one hand, you have the digital nomads travelling to enjoy better weather while working online. It’s not enough for them to stay in their beloved cities and work from home. They are heading to another part of the world to see something new.

On the other hand, you find the nomads who travel but aim at doing all kinds of jobs on location. They are also driven by their passion to experience something new, something culturally different. However, they are not as fond of their computer as others.

You could be either a nomad or a digital nomad – whether you are someone with years of experience or a freshman freelancer out of school.

digital nomad jobs
Photo by Francesca Tirico on Unsplash. Travel and work, or travel for work?

1. Digital nomads with experience

It’s generally advised to launch a freelance career with enough preparation. For this reason, professionals having spent years in their fields and also being employed by a company probably will find it easier to go freelance. They take even a step further and pack their suitcase to leave the country for a while.

For example, you suffer from burnout and decide to leave your old and stressful life behind. Several digital nomads jobs could be filled by qualified, skilled, and experienced people like you. Just to mention a few.

Remote IT job

You are a software or web developer, or do others kinds of remote IT jobs. In this case, your computer must be a super-fast one. You probably receive briefs and attend a few meetings online, but you’re definitely not tied to an office. Then again, make sure you own all the technical devices you need to offer great, high-quality service. You could sign up for Codesteror Upwork

Remote online teaching jobs

If your passion is teaching or you’re a professional teacher, share your knowledge also online. Depending on your availability and preferences, you can join two kinds of platforms. In the case of the first one, you go online and teach face-to-face. In the case of the other one, you pre-record and upload your lessons or courses, and students worldwide can download it whenever. For example, you will discuss grammar, punctuation, word order and such with your students via Lingoda,

Remote marketing jobs

We would divide this into two types of jobs, too. Either way, remote marketing jobs are the perfect way to earn money as a digital nomad. You can either sign up for platforms to browse freelance gigs, or you could just give some advice when needed. If you opt for the latter, we recommend checking out TheONE!

Remote writing jobs

Do you keep a notebook wherever you go and jot down things? Are you an observer and curious about everything? Do you care about grammar and syntax? Well, if you’re good with words, there are some freelance, digital nomad opportunities for you. As a journalist or copywriter, you could register on a site and sell your articles, newsletters, blog posts or contribute to e-books, books, journals, websites, etc. Content is a buzzword today, and many companies hire freelance writers to create a kick-ass website. You could connect with them on sites like Verblio!

Basically, nearly all media- and IT-related jobs could be done remotely by digital nomads nowadays!

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Your laptop is everything when you’re a digital nomad, so take great care of it.

2. Digital nomads with no experience

Recent graduates, or the members of younger generations in general, tend to face problems before landing their first jobs. Some employers and clients set such strict criteria that you and your peers cannot meet. For instance, five years of experience is needed and all that.

Fortunately enough, things are about to change, but you can also use some services to improve. Also using platforms, such as Appjobs, you can set out on a professional journey – without giving proof of previous work experience. Companies such as Udemy could be your point of entry to the labour market.

Start by trying to get small assignments as a voice actor, a blogger, a freelance translator or an online teacher. We know about companies that encourage people fresh out of college and university to work for them. If you’re not interested in that, take survey with Surveys On The Go.

It’s true that, as a digital nomad lacking experience, you won’t earn so much money in the beginning, but you will make something. You just need to be patient and build your brand. Be visible and reach out to people, apply for gigs and always do your best. Here you can find job more ideas.

Hard work must pay off regardless of what kind of digital nomad jobs you do!

digital nomads jobs

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3. Offline jobs for nomads

So, you could be a digital nomad, but you prefer not to. You want to explore the world outside your home or accommodation. Of course, you also want to make ends meet, so you’re on a quest to find flexible jobs wherever you go. You could be thinking of working as a food delivery driver in Europe or the USA, or you would be over the moon if you could work as a sitter, house sitter, or cleaner/housekeeper. Because why not, right? These jobs do not really require any previous experience.

Sitter jobs

When working as a sitter, whether you look after something living or not, you could easily join several platforms. As a babysitter, senior care provider, pet sitter, or house sitter, you need to be responsible. Find long-term or short-term jobs in your chosen city visiting family after family. Sometimes on-demand jobs are listed as well.

Delivery jobs

If you have access to a vehicle, be a delivery driver. In case you need insurance, check out some services to get one. No problem at all! Every day when you’re ready for some shorter and longer trips, you could get in your car or on your bike and scooter. You’ll deliver food and some other items as well. You plan your schedules – no matter what.

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