When unemployed and looking for a job, you must have noticed that most job ads list some kind of previous experience as a requirement to be hired. But what if you are a young person, a student, a recent graduate or just someone with no experience and in need of money? What kind of jobs can someone like you do? Don’t worry, there are jobs out there for you too – a wide range of them actually. And you won’t be required to submit a long CV and references, and have a large number of special skills. What you need is a smartphone you’ll be using to make money. Have a look what type of jobs with no experienceyou can find on Appjobs.

Here come 5 suggestions for you if you’re looking for a job with no experience!

  1. Cleaning Jobs

  2. Sitter Jobs

  3. Local Guiding Jobs

  4. Delivery Jobs

  5. Easy Freelance Jobs

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1. Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning offices, people’s businesses or households can be a great idea for a job if you don’t have any experience at all. Although it demands some organisational skills, anyone can take it up. Most likely, it pays well too. And cleaners are needed in every country! Check out Housekeeper, TidyApp, TidyChoice or TaskRabbit, for example.

Some platforms will ask you to give proof of experience but not all of them. Join the one that accepts anyone regardless of the amount of experience they have; TaskRabbit welcomes everyone interested in earning money as a cleaner. If you feel a bit insecure about juggling cleaning in a professional way, read the following blog posts.

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Check all cleaning job opportunities in Fort Worth, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Montréal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Melbourne, Berlin, Turin, Barcelona, Budapest, Milan, Cape Town, and many other cities in the world.

2. Sitter Jobs

For some regular babysitting tasks, no experience is required. You just need to feel comfortable with being around kids and tending to their needs. Your most valuable skills will be that of staying calm and being creative with finding things to keep children occupied. Check out Care or Sitter, UrbanSitter or Bambino.

You may doubt that no one will hire you to become their nanny, au pair, or babysitter. But getting a babysitting job is not an impossible quest when looking for a job with no experience! Back in the days, one of our colleagues got a job as an au pair while living in another country as the family. They talked via Skype, and a few months later she was on a plane to embark on a new adventure. So, how did she do it? Firstly, she explained that she gained some experience with children. Secondly, she had to ask some colleagues of hers to give her references. Have you ever taken care of your younger sibling/cousin or helped out your neighbour with their children? They could be your referees. Also, detail your unofficial experience as a sitter. We encourage you to mention if you can’t and/or wouldn’t like to look after newborns and toddlers. In order for you to make it as a babysitter, you must feel comfortable with your young clients.

Find all babysitting job opportunities in Atlanta, Seattle,New York City, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Amsterdam, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, and many other cities worldwide.

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Photo by Freepik. As a pet sitter, you can pet all your favourite breeds.

Pet sitting is a no experience job that will keep you very much satisfied. Well, what is there not to like about it? You will take care of super adorable pets, and you will get to have fun with them, while you make that extra cash you need. Check out Gudog, PetSitter, Rover, Sittercity, Pawshake or Care, for example.

How to convince pet parents to hire you?

The same could be said about pet-sitting jobs as babysitting jobs. Any kind of experience in taking care of animals counts. When creating your profile on a platform functioning as a meeting place for pet parents and pet sitters, write about how you walked your and your grannies’ dogs. We advise you to be clear about what services you can and willing to do. That applies to babysitting as well. For example, can you walk but not board a dog? Say it! Then again, you should not feel pressured and stressed in a job when you could have so much fun!

Check all pet sitting jobs in Pittsburgh, Boston , Cleveland, Portland, Ottawa, Perth, Brisbane, Lyon, Brussels, Berlin, Durban, Fortaleza, and several other cities worldwide.

3. Local Guiding Jobs

You may have no experience in this type of job, but you may be an expert in your city. What are the best things to do and see around your city/neighbourhood? If you have any ideas for local tours, then take up guiding, design your tours around your specific interests (it might even be clubbing, for example) and start making money. Our advice would be to check out whether the law allows you to take your tourists to heritage sites. In some countries, only nationally registered tour guides can do that. Check out U2Guide, TripUniq or ToursByLocals.

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Check local guiding job opportunities in New York City, Las Vegas, Toronto, Ottawa, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Madrid, Bucharest, Krakow, Montpellier, Oslo, Hong Kong, and in many other amazing cities worldwide.

4. Delivery Jobs

If you have some means of transportation, like a bicycle, a car or a motorbike, then why not take up delivery jobs? Many people looking for a job with no experience join the community of delivery drivers in their city. Why? Because no experience whatsoever is required and you can deliver anything – from food, groceries and parcels to more bulky objects (if you have access to a van or truck). You’ll be paid for making deliveries in the preferred neighbourhoods of your city. Your weekly earnings will be calculated in a particular way by each platform you’ve signed up for. Don’t forget that delivery drivers earn quite a lot in tips. Learn about Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Shipt, Favor, Instacart, and Clutter.

Most people probably associate deliverers with cyclists. Riding a bike is definitely better in some cities, yet you don’t have to be afraid of the cold either. Read about how a Foodora deliverer does it in the snowy Stockholm! How much does a Foodora rider earn? You’ll find the answer here.

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Check all delivery driver job opportunities in Seattle, Cleveland, Washington DC, Orlando, Toronto, Montréal, Calgary, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Munich, Madrid, London, Buenos Aires, and various cities worldwide.

5. Easy Freelance Jobs

Our final suggestion for you when you’re looking for a job with no experience is to explore websites building a community of freelancers, independent fashion stylists working online, or browse freelance gigs on other platforms such as TaskRabbit. There are several micro freelance tasks and jobs you can take up without having previous experience or special knowledge. You can take part in online surveys, become a secret shopper, or do simple tasks and help people with trivial, everyday chores and errands, like assembling furniture, helping with a move, or making sure everything stays in order at their home while they are away on holiday. (We believe the easiest job is online survey taking.)

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Check all freelance jobs opportunities in Austin, in Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Gold Coast, Perth, Toulouse, Naples, Manchester, Dublin, Bogotá, Johannesburg, and other cities in many different countries on five continents.

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Photo by Freepik. Take online surveys on the go, while waiting for your friends, or between two appointments.

The best part is that you can easily combine several jobs found on Appjobs. Also, nearly all app-based jobs offers a review system, so your future clients/customers are enabled to give feedback on your work. Don’t forget to ask your clients/customers to rate your service after the job is done. The more reviews and stars you collect, the easier it will be for you to get more commissions in the future. Positive reviews and high ratings will make you stand out. Soon you may not need to search for new tasks, rather clients will come to you with their requests.

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