Your reasons to take up cleaning jobs may vary. You may have decided to make some extra money in an easy way or pay your bills until you find the next job opportunity in your field. It is a good call. Cleaning can require little to no special skills and you don’t have to put much effort to become a successful cleaner – you just need an eye for dirt and a hard-working attitude, right? Well, there is actually more than meets the eye with cleaning jobs. But don’t worry at all. We are here to make it all clear for you.

How to become a profitable cleaner?


If you really want to make the best out of your cleaning job and maximize your earnings in the most efficient way, you should treat it as a real business and not as “just a cleaning job.” What do we mean by that?

Everybody Loves Quality Service

Make sure you do quality work. Clean as thorough as you would at your own place, because in your customers lies a big opportunity: they can become regular clients offering you a steady income or they can refer you to other people.

Communication Is Key

Make sure you establish good communication with your customers. Talk with them about their cleaning expectations and agree beforehand on what cleaning services you will offer. It could be helpful to have a list of tasks printed to organize yourself better. You should be discreet while in their space and make sure you pay attention to details; ask for possible allergies to detergents your clients might have or if they have a preference in the cleaning method you will follow.

Stay Tuned

Be on top of your business. Inform yourself about all the latest industry innovations, new cleaning products and methods, so you can be a trendsetter in your field.

Plan Ahead

Create your own efficient cleaning systems. By standardizing your work and following specific steps not only will you save valuable time and effort, but you will also make sure you offer the same high level of cleaning services every time.

Inspire Loyalty

Offer discounts and other offers to your loyal clients. They will appreciate you even more and will for sure refer you their network.

Now that you know how to become the best cleaning version of yourself, let’s talk about some options you have to get started as a cleaner. Check out companies like Housekeeper and in your city.

Ready to start a cleaning job?

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