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3 things you need to know as a delivery person in Melbourne

Deliveries are a quick way to make money when you really need it. If you have a car, scooter or bike, you’re all good to sign up and start delivering!

But is there something special you should know about carrying out deliveries?

Quite so!

These are 3 things you’ll need to develop a skill for when being a delivery worker in Melbourne!

1. Have an eye for spotting the right address!

This is an obvious one, and it also comes with experience. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t train your knowledge of Melbourne’s tiny streets beforehand.

To be smoother when delivering, simply go for rides to random addresses you’ve never heard of before.

Also, having a GPS will definitely help, but don’t forget that GPSs sometimes go bananas. So many times they just circle you around the neighborhood for a while. Learning when to drop your GPS and count on your own senses is therefore quite important!

2. Predict the weather!

Or better, check the weather cast at all times! Especially if you use a bike or scooter, it’s always good to know what extra gear & rain jackets you need in your backpack.

3. Smile!

Here’s the good part:

As a delivery person in Melbourne, smiling will bring about quite some extra coins! And tips are one of the most important parts of doing deliveries around town. Whether you go downtown or uptown, a smile is worth all the tips!

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