Thanks for spending time with us! And without further ado, we’d like to start with the very basics. With only one profile on AppJobs, you would have access to hundreds of jobs in different cities across the globe. So whenever you move, you just set a new worktown. It’s pretty simple. Use your phone as a remote control, be in charge, and start making money with it!

5 ways your smartphone can turn you into an expert moneymaker!

1. Be a virtual assistant or consultant!

If you’re over 18, you can sign up for TheONE or Fancy Hands, for example. In both cases, you must create a profile, but there are some differences. With the former, you can list all kinds of services – ranging from web development to legal advice and many more – and charge your clients between $1 and $15 per minute. Basically, you’ll give them instant help. As opposed to TheONE, you must be a resident in the USA to work with Fancy Hands. After filling out an aptitude test, you’ll be helping with all kinds of admin tasks such as booking a flight or table, etc. Both platforms require you to be an excellent communicator. You must showcase that you’re great at finding the best solution/deal ever.

2. Charge scooters for money!

A fun and simple way to fill your pockets is to collect, charge and then release some electric scooters. Environmentally friendly vehicles will become more popular in the future, so today is the best day to get into the scooter-charging business.

There are a few companies operating in various countries, but the process is always the same:

• You sign up & download the app.
• You locate & find the scooters in your city.
• You take them to your home & charge them.
• And when they’re fully charged, you release them.

Right now you can even join Lime to make more money using your phone. As a Lime Mechanic, you would work with others to identify key parts of the product lines that can be improved and ensure the safe working condition of the fleet.

3. Take surveys, or do other jobs without any previous experience!

Another relatively easy and fun way to make money using your phone is to take surveys, test online, or do some gigs as a secret shopper. In the case of the former two, you only need to grab your smartphone, join a platform of your choice, and do the tasks you like. In both cases, it’s your opinion that matters. You’ll give feedback on a product or a website, and receive your money. It may happen that you’ll collect points first, and after reaching a certain score, you’ll get a payout. As a secret or mystery shopper, you sign up to be able to see the gigs nearby and decide whether to do them or not. If you accept one or more, you have to go to the address given, check out a few things, and then type your observations. Your phone will be your magic wand, and you work wherever and whenever a few bucks would make a difference regarding your monthly budget.

make money from phone
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash. You can browse job opportunities on AppJobs while on the go.

4. Earn an income as a delivery driver and/or driver!

Did you know that some people turned their delivery and driving job into a real success?. You could start taking on gigs part-time and gradually transition into a full-time gig worker with an excellent financial plan. Working flexible hours could become your thing to make money to pay for extra expenses, for example. Whereas you can’t drive without a car, you could sit on a saddle to deliver food across town. No bikes? Rent one or find a job with the company that would provide you with an electric bike, like

How to register as a driver to make money from your phone?
• Be 21 at least, have a social security number and an in-state driver’s license that is at least a year old.
• Undergo a DMV check and a national and county background check.
• Own a car with four external door handles, and at least five total seat belts.
• Be a covered party on your car’s in-state insurance.
• If you have this all, sign up, meet an advisor, have a 19-point vehicle inspection, and start working.

How to register as a delivery driver to make money from your phone?
• Be 18 and have a vehicle that is insured.
• Submit your application.
• Pass a background check.
• Send in a document to prove your vehicle has insurance.

5. Choose between a great variety of (fun) jobs!

Find different errands paid using your phone and make money doing them. Some of them are quite funny actually. With TaskRabbit, your tasks could be different every day. You may start your day shopping, waiting, or with some furniture assembly. Your future clients may ask you to do something else, but they will always pay you.

The application process is simple!
• Register and create your Tasker Profile.
• Complete an online info session.
• Download the Tasker app.
• (You must have the right to work, and a criminal background check must be done.)

Read more about TaskRabbit Or you can check out Wait4me! It’s not about waiting tables but waiting in lines for people when queueing up for a fancy restaurant, for example. If you’re over 18, you can sign up for it even today!

How to get an app job?

In order for you to get an app job, you must have an iPhone or Android phone with some apps downloaded. When that’s done, you can start working and earning in your cityregardless of which city you call home. If you’ve never heard of an app, that is absolutely okay. You probably use Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber or something similar to chat with your friends and family members. Those are also apps, only, that those make it easier for you to keep in touch with your loved ones. You need something similar to be able to make money from your phone.

Find jobs way faster as no CV must be prepared
• Connect with clients to do babysitting, pet-sitting, home-chef, delivery or driving jobs
• Easily locate the scooters to be charged to work as a scooter charger
• Use your smartphone to earn some extra money as an user tester, a a virtual assistant, or taking surveys online

The entire process is incredibly simple with AppJobs!

You must go to, and create a profile by entering data about yourself and adding your assets and skills. By doing this, you’ll see in a second which jobs you can do right away. If you meet the requirements, you can apply to the company of your choice. In most cases, you’ll have a meeting with the company before your first gig, go through a background check, or you must verify your identity. Then you can download the app from Google Play or App Store to your phone, and you’re good to go.

Remember: You won’t be employed by AppJobs, neither most of the companies listed on our website. You will be considered as a freelancer / independent worker.