Completing simple surveys online, doesn’t it sound like the best way to make extra money? Your opinion is more valuable than you probably think!

Wouldn’t you like to earn a few rands every week by sharing your opinion with famous brands? Does it sound too good to be true?

Make money online with online surveys in South Africa

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Well, guess what!

You can now take surveys and make money in South Africa too! Voicing your opinion has never been so profitable before! All you need is some spare time and a PayPal account in most cases. It’s a great way to get some extra cash to save up for a weekend trip or just give a boost to your wallet.
Did we mention you can do it from home? You could be just lounging on your sofa and completing surveys on your smartphone. And getting paid for that of course!

We have come up with a list of 3 companies that will let you do just that.

Companies that will pay you to take surveys


MOBROG will pay you to take simple surveys and help local companies with their market research. As a member of MOBROG, you will be notified when a survey appears. All you have to do is complete the survey, submit it and get paid! MOBROG guarantees that you will remain anonymous in your answers to protect your privacy. You can work on your computer or smartphone. You just have to register, mention your interests and get matched to surveys! The only requirement? You need a PayPal account to get paid and a smartphone or laptop of course. It couldn’t be easier!

Find out more about MOBROG and sign up here!

2. Secret Agent

Johannesburg now witnesses the rise of the Secret Agent app, a platform that allows one to search for quick and easy jobs in the stores around and become a mystery shopper. Are you wondering what exactly are these jobs? Typically, your tasks will be talking to clerks, giving feedback, and in the end, completing surveys on customer service and staff. Sometimes, you may need to take photos of certain products, verify promotions or check and enter numbers of stock. You don’t need any experience or qualifications, you simply need to be eager to work, regularly check the Secret Agent app for new tasks around you, and visit the given shops whenever a survey or a helping hand is needed.

Find out more about being a Secret Agent and sign up here!

paid surveys south africa

3. SurveySavvy

Also, an international leader, SurveySavvy conducts market research based on the opinions of users like you! SurveySavvy has a unique behavioral research panel, which presents you with numerous paid research opportunities! You don’t even need a smartphone as they offer a desktop application. It’s really easy to get started and start making money.

Find out more about SurveySavvy here!

Do you want to explore more flexible, part-time jobs in South Africa? There are plenty of opportunities that you can browse based on your skills and experience. Check out all of them at!