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Singapore needs a babysitter like you!

Babysitting is a timeless job for youngsters, students, and creative people all over the world. If you live in Singapore and need to earn extra cash on the side of your studies, projects, or whatever else, babysitting jobs are a sure way to go,

And it just got a whole lot easier with app jobs. Sign up for platforms like Helper Go or Nanny SOS! and become a trusted babysitter in your Singaporean community.

Here are some tips to be a top-notch nanny in Singapore:

Babysitter jobs in Singapore

1. Arrive in time!

Above all, trust is the most important thing for a parent when looking for a babysitter to take care of their children. Being on time, or even a little bit earlier, goes a long way to solidifying that trust with your employers.

If you’re consistently punctual as well, the chances are high that you’ll be recommended for other parents in the neighborhood, which only means more work and money for you!

2. Ask questions

Asking as many questions as you can about the children you’ll be caring will only make your job and time babysitting easier and more fun.

Not only that, but it will also show that you care, once again, but it also shows you care,

What are the child’s favorite toys, cartoons, foods, and games? Should you be aware of any health concerns? How should you deal with an emergency, should one come up?

Most of these answers will have been given to you once you meet the parents of course, but always be mindful of details that might be missed!

3. Stay active and attentive, but most of all: have fun!

Children are a lot of fun to look after if you have the right attitude, so always strive to make your days and evenings working as fun as they can be!

Kids also have a lot of energy, so try and conserve your energy reserves while outside and running around the house pretending to be a Jedi!

Don’t forget that in the end, you’re in charge. If you need break, try and make some room for a snack, or something less physically straining, like a video game or TV show.

But most of all: Be the fun kind of babysitter you wish you’d wish to have a kid! Not only will you be considered and hired for the future work, but you’ll always have something to look forward to before going to work!

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