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Thinking of working in childcare in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is an international city, meaning thousands of people arrive there every year. And they might come with their children already or start a family in the capital city. The chances that they need a babysitter who can take care of their young ones are pretty high. Why not sign up for an online platform displaying babysitting jobs and connect with those families in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Babysitting jobs

Connect with families in Amsterdam and start working as a babysitter!

Nearly 450,000 households registered indicating they would benefit from paying for care services. They might need a housekeeper, a pet sitter, or a fantastic babysitter just like yourself. As for now, April 2018, you can only sign up for So start your journey there: Create a profile, set prices, manage your work schedule, meet families and get paid for your hard work!

What kind of tasks should I think of doing?

Your tasks would differ from family to family, but you can become:

• a tutor
• a traditional babysitter
• a nanny
• a babysitter doing also some household chores

Am I a great fit to be a babysitter in Amsterdam?

Sure, you are! Of course, you can’t have a criminal record and should have a background check before start working. You’re going to take care of children, so parents in Amsterdam need to know that you are responsible and reliable.

Check out our blog if you’d like to know more about what it’s like to be a babysitter.

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