Nowadays getting a cleaning job doesn’t mean you need to spend hours searching for companies and submitting applications to find out that they are looking for full-time employees only. Quite the contrary! There are plenty of app-based cleaning jobs that are easy to sign up for and allow you to plan your own schedule. They simply connect busy people with trusted cleaners. It’s a win-win!

Before going into detail, here are the four important steps of finding a cleaning job:

  1. Choose your platform: You should read about the platforms available and join the one(s) you like.
  2. Complete your profile: You should personalize your profile as much as possible.
  3. Finding clients: You should do a quick search on the platform and start contacting people.
  4. Do a great job: You should use the best tools and equipment, be focused and organized!
  5. Get good reviews: You should always ask your clients to leave some feedback regarding your work.

how to get a cleaning job

1. Choose your platform

If you decide on taking up a cleaning job, the first step is finding the company you want to work with, of course. You should first search and see what kind of companies are available in your town or city. Simply go to and enter your location on the main page to get started. You will see a variety of app-based jobs listed in the category of Cleaning. Among them, there are Care, Housekeeper, and Jop. Despite not being specialised in cleaning jobs, HouseSitter and Thumbtack could be your preferred site.

Care: In addition to cleaners, Care help pet sitters, babysitters, senior care providers and clients looking for them connect. It’s probably not a mystery that Housekeeper is designed for homeowners searching for short-term and long-term housekeepers.

HouseSitter: You’ll look after homes, pets, plants and such while the owners are gone.

Jop: Jop welcomes everyone, from cleaners to yoga instructors.

Thumbtack: Local professionals can buy credits and send briefs to clients in need of help with something.

The registration process might vary from company to company, but it’s unlikely that you will be required to participate in long procedures. You’ll use your phone to create an account on as many sites as you wish – free of charge. Be aware of the age limit, though. Most companies only accept applications from people over 18 or 21. A background check is either part of the standardised sign-up process, or you can request it once your profile is approved. Whether you have to provide proof of former experience in cleaning, housekeeping and similar tasks, it depends on each platform.

For example, HouseSitter and Jop don’t set any particular requirements. However, you probably have to be legally authorised to work in the country you’re planning to get started in.

2. Complete your profile

It may seem time-consuming, but a complete profile will help you stand out from the many cleaners registered on any site, hence finding a cleaning job faster. Don’t forget to introduce yourself, list your services and rates, and mention the years of experience you’ve got. Also, indicate your availability.

Strengthen your profile with an ID check, Facebook verification, or something else that works on the site. And upload a photo in which you look professional – as if you were about to present yourself as a speaker somewhere. Ask around among your friends or colleagues who could write some nice words about you. They might not depict you as a cleaner but will give potential clients an idea about who you are.

3. Find your clients

When you’ve jumped over the first hurdle, you are all set to find clients. This job just like many others originated in the shared economy system is based on mutual trust. Decide wisely on whom you want to work for. Without a sheer number of great reviews, you should start with lower rates. If possible, check other cleaners’ prices working in your area, and try to set competitive prices based on those.

Look for clients in Miami, Atlanta, New York City, Houston, Sacramento, Orlando, Fort Worth, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and many other cities worldwide.

how to get a cleaning job

4. Do a great job

Here come three pieces of advice on how to improve your cleaner work!

Use the best tools & equipment
Keep in mind that for most of the cleaning jobs, you will be required to bring your own equipment. If you don’t have all the necessities at your home, it will be an investment for sure. You will definitely need some microfibre cloths and detergents. Depending on what your clients ask for exactly, you might need some extra tools: for example, if you’re required to clean the windows, too. Make sure to check the requirements for your job before you head over to the location to make sure you have everything needed.

Love time management
So you’ve bought all the stuff you need. Now you need to think about a strategy. Familiarise yourself with the space in the home/office, and plan how much time you will need for each room. Make sure you also plan accordingly if you are cleaning more than one apartment or house during the day. Always account for the time you will need to travel from place A to place B. Use a journal or your smartphone calendar to organise and keep track of all your shifts. You can even set reminders.

Be organized & focused
Finally, pros say that the advantage of not cleaning your own place is that you are not attached to anything, so you can’t be easily distracted. Still, your phone can be your worst enemy. So while working, just turn it off. The more active you are, the more work you can do within a shorter period of time. You might get paid on an hourly basis, but no one will pay you for seven hours if the standard time to do the job is only four.

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5. Get good reviews

It takes time to become a professional and popular cleaner who runs a profitable cleaning business. When your inbox can’t store more messages, you’re done with the question of how to get a cleaning job, and you won’t have to scroll down, click, read, and send short introductions in order to find a cleaning job. Try to remind all of your clients to give you five stars and positive feedback on your work on the site. To create a long-lasting effect, you can also leave a checklist on your clients’ table, to rate your job there in an analogue way as well. They will remember you, no doubt!

Finding a cleaning job in your city!

The best way to search for companies is to visit, select your cities, and look for the category of Cleaning and Freelance. Some companies have such a wide scope they give you access to flexible jobs in various fields.

Find cleaning jobs here!