Even if there are numerous ways to make money online, some jobs require us to be somewhere at a certain time. For example, instructions on how to assemble a piece of furniture or a bike may be given on paper or on the phone, but without the skills, it could easily take hours to finally find where the last screw goes. In cases like this, the best solution would be to hire a handyman who has all the skills to get things done quickly. If you consider yourself as such and are currently looking for a way to extend your handyman business and earn more money with it, we have great news for you. It’s possible to get a handyman job in your city with an app. Some would even argue that this is the best way to get some handyman work. We can’t assure you that you’ll get paid almost the same day with these apps but soon enough.

Find a handyman job with these 7 apps!

best way to get some handyman work
What do YOU think the best way to get some handyman work?
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What can you do as a handyman?

You may decide to specialize in one type of job or offer various services. If you walk around a home or an office, you can probably identify several tasks that may be required by clients. Some of the typical handyman jobs sought after are easy repair jobs or more complicated ones related to gardening, furniture assembly, carpentry, plumbing, construction, etc. Electrician, plumbers, gardeners, pipefitters and many other specialized professionals build their own business around the world working hard and perhaps with some luck.

How to find a handyman job?

A decade ago handymen were keen on advertising themselves in yellow pages or knock on doors in their neighborhood. Nowadays they have to focus on their online presence a lot since looking for clients online is the best way to get some handyman work. Seasoned handymen say that to start or expand a business, one must invest money in marketing and promoting themselves on social media. For example, you could share your profiles created on different online platforms.

7 handyman apps to find a job

1. TaskRabbit

Let’s start with TaskRabbit, a platform, which is owned by IKEA, where clients search for handymen who can fix a few things around the house. To become a Tasker you have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $20 (£25 in the UK). A list of requirements is set for future taskers, including an age limit, a mandatory background check, and the rights to work in the country of residence. An average Taskers makes $35 per hour in the US and £24 per hour in the UK. The app will notify Taskers of potential jobs near their location. If any of them suits your schedule, you can express your interest in it. Depending on the number of local Taskers, you may find yourself in a huge competition.

How to make money with TaskRabbit?

Work with TaskRabbit in Manchester, London, Edinburgh/a>, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Oxford, Bristol, and other cities.

2. Bizzby

Bizzby costs £30 a month, and you’ll receive leads to jobs you need to send a quote to. If you don’t manage to earn as much as you have paid after a year, the platform will give you the difference. To play it safe, think of this opportunity as a side hustle first. Find out how much work is available in your area, how often the leads result in actual paid jobs, and then decide whether or not to increase your hours devoted to the platform.

Work with Bizzby in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montréal, Calgary, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Belfast, Manchester, and other cities.

3. Mila

Handymen have been doing all types of gig jobs for centuries, and it seems gig jobs are the future. You can sign up as a Friend or Pro on Mila. Over 8,000 tech-savvy Mila Friends carry out simple tasks, and more than 1,500 trained Mila Pros try to expand their businesses day by day. Business owners with more than one employees can join as Mila Pro Dispatchers. Friends don’t need to provide information on their educational training and to be registered as business owners, Pros and Pro Dispatchers do. Everyone has to pass the Mila-Skills-Test. (You can reach Level 2 regarding a skill by doing tests.) Mila keeps a commission of 20% for each completed service performed by Friends and charges various service fees regarding work done by Pros. Also, Friends may negotiate the price with clients, but not Pros. Like other platforms, Mile sends a notification about requested jobs and first come first served.

4. Jop

If you reside in the USA, the best way to get some handyman work without much experience and/or a certificate/license is to register on Jop. Bear in mind, though, that services that require licensing or certification will be accessible only to licenced and certified professionals. That being said, you can probably earn extra income doing easy cleaning, or handyman jobs such as furniture assembly. Provide excellent service and your clients may leave you a generous tip. All payments occur online via Stripe.

Work with Jop in Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and other cities.

5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack resembles Jop and Bizzby. Anyone can create a profile for themselves, list their services and respond to leads. If you want to do some freelance work while at home with your kids, try Thumbtack. You’ll purchase cheaper and more expensive leads. The cost varies based on the type and size of the job, number of pros available and how serious the customer is. If you’re interested in a lead, you can send a proposal and wait for the customer to agree on it. Not all leads will lead to actual jobs.

Work with Thumbtack in Sacramento, San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Tucson, Denver, and other cities.

6. Lime Mechanic

Electric scooters will slowly pop up in every major city in Europe and the US. Locals and tourists who wish to become faster or more than a pedestrian pay a small amount to ride a scooter for a shorter and a longer period of time. Lime is one of the key players in the electric scooter market and their vehicles have to function properly and be in great condition. Lime Mechanics are responsible for the basic maintenance of the fleet, and earn $21 (ca €19) per hour. You don’t need any previous experience as a mechanic, but if you’ve spent some years in a warehouse, at a construction site or in the mechanical field, it will be considered a plus. You’ll work as part of a team.

Work as a Lime mechanic in Cincinnati, Omaha, Aurora, San Francisco, Sacramento, Hayward, Milwaukee, Dallas, Lexington, San Diego, Portland, Baltimore, St. Paul, Phoenix , and other cities.

7. Porch

As a beginner, the best way to get handyman work is to join the community of a platform that has just started out, some veteran handymen claim. Although Porch was founded in 2012 and has grown a lot in the past few years, trained and/or experienced handymen can still largely benefit from it, especially that Porch has partnered up with Lowe’s Home Improvement that will let their customers know where to go if they need some handyman help. Porch combines the characteristics of Thumbtack, Bizzby and Jop. With Porch’s Pay as You Go feature, you only pay for the lead if you want to contact the client. They say it’s cheaper than its competitors and provides excellent customer service for its Pros. You may be eligible to get a refund if you can’t reach the client. Vetted Pros are prioritized by Porch; it costs $360 a year to join them.

Work with Porch in Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernardino, Charlotte, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Nashville, St. Louis, El Paso, and other cities.

How to start a handyman job on these platforms?

Whereas some clear differences can be spotted between them, the sign-up process won’t differ that much. You start by creating an account (most of the time for free) and then complete your profile. Show your professionalism but a photo in which you wearing a suit may come across as too much. At the end of the day, we talk about handyman jobs. Always detail all your skills and previous experiences and state if you’re licensed. Back in the days, professionals grow their client base by word-of-mouth. Today it’s all about the reviews and ratings. Ask your former or recurring clients to write a few words about you and your services.

Getting that first review may create challenges for you, even obstacles you must overcome. If you’re not in the position to ask someone to write you a review, look around at how other handymen your local area charge their clients and set your rates a bit lower. Then work hard, prove yourself and the five stars will arrive!