Student life is the best! A period full of new experiences, new friendships, when one explores the world and evolves as a person. For many it is the first time living away from home which is exciting but comes with many responsibilities! You probably have an intense schedule, many courses and assignment deadlines to catch up with and on top of that more expenses and student debt to pay off!. As a student that are probably a lot of things that you need – study at a good university in a city where lots of events and concerts happen, where monthly rent and cost of a pint is cheap, and you can find a part-time job easily, whenever you need money! If we are right, check the World’s best cities for students. But how can you earn extra money as a college student? With these 10 flexible student jobs that you can find on AppJobs!

how to make extra money as a college student

Here we go with 10 ideas on how to make extra money as a college student

  1. Become a freelancer
  2. Become a tasker
  3. Become a grocery shopper
  4. Become an online tutor
  5. Become a mystery shopper
  6. Become a pet sitter
  7. Become a cleaner
  8. Sell your photos online
  9. Become an online fashion stylist
  10. Become a mover

1. Become a freelancer

how to make extra money as a college student

Freelancing on whatever it is you are good at or are currently studying will not only give you the extra money you need, it will also give you working experience for what you potentially will do after your studies! You can take up creative writing, blog writing, web development, social media management, data analysis, designing, tech advice, programming and so many more!

With HelloTech you can offer IT and tech support to people that don’t have so much knowledge about computers, installing software, getting rid of viruses, setting up TVs or wi-fi connections.

What you need is:

  • to go through a basic skills assessment, a quick phone screen and pass a background check.

You will get paid from $30 to $90 per service.

Check out HelloTech in Jacksonville, Seattle or Los Angeles and in other US cities.

With TheONE you will be accepting video calls from people that need your advice and expertise to solve smaller or bigger issues in their everyday lives, like fixing a bike or a running tap, cooking, training for a marathon and more!

What you need is:

  • to offer knowledge in something you know well and be friendly and service-oriented.

Keep in mind:

  • there is a 10% commission and the first minute of each call does get paid.

You will get paid by the minute, not by the hour, and you can set the price anywhere between $1 and $15/minute.

Check out TheONE in Chicago, Seattle, Miami and in other US cities.

2. Become a tasker

how to make extra money as a college student
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You can take up simple tasks that need no special knowledge or skills as a tasker. No CVs, no previous experience, just some skills you have picked up along the way, like furniture assembly, easy handyman tasks, helping with lifting heavy stuff, waiting at a coffee shop or helping out at a warehouse. The perfect deal for students like you that are looking for no experience jobs!

All these kinds of gigs you can find on the website like TaskRabbit. And some of them can be even, an entertaining way of spending your free time while making money at the same time. Ideas? Attending a party on behalf of someone else or pretending to be their employee during an important meeting.

Your pay rate will depend on the reviews you get on the platform and the number of tasks you have completed in a specific category. TaskRabbit will prompt you to raise your pay rate as you perform more tasks and get more experience. An average hourly pay rate can be £24 in the UK when you start, but, with time, it can reach up to £80/hour.

Check out TaskRabbit in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Brighton.

3. Become a grocery shopper

how to make extra money as a college student
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So much stuff to do every day, so little time! Many people have busy schedules, they work many hours and then try to spend some quality family time. Sometimes they are so busy, that they don’t even have the time to do their own grocery shopping. So you could it for them! It is super easy and you can do it at flexible hours, as it suits you!

With Instacart you can choose to become a full-service shopper, who will shop and deliver the groceries or you can become a part-time in-store shopper who just shops the groceries and has them ready for pick-up at the store, where no vehicle is required. You are in total control of your working schedule and you can turn on the app on your phone to accept orders anytime!

What you will need is:

  • a car
  • a smartphone
  • a U.S. driver’s license and an auto insurance policy (if you will be using a car)
  • to be at least 21 years of age
  • the ability to carry 30 or more pounds

You could earn around $15/hour.

Check out Instacart in Seattle, Boston, New York City, Milwaukee and other US cities.

You can also try out Shipt for grocery shopping and deliveries for people that don’t have the time to do it themselves. You can accept orders on your phone wherever you might be, go to the closest store and make easy extra money as a college student!

What you will need is:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have access to reliable transportation (car year of 1997 or newer) and car insurance coverage.
  • Have a current U.S. driver’s license.
  • Have knowledge about hand-picking fresh produce.
  • Provide your own insulated cooler bag.
  • Be able to lift 40 pounds.
  • Be familiar with using an Android or iPhone.

You can earn up to $22/hr or more.

Check out Shipt in Portland, Phoenix, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago and other cities in the US.

4. Become an online tutor

As a college student that you are, a smart idea to make money is to teach offline and online. You could tutor fellow students that need help with a specific subject or set up your own online courses via a teaching platform. You can teach anything, from languages and math to cooking and knitting. It is totally up to you! And it goes without saying that you will schedule your courses at times and days of your convenience!

Lingoda gives you the opportunity to teach your native language, if it is English, French, Spanish or German. You will land numerous students from around the world, you will have access to high-quality class materials and you will be free to arrange your working schedule exactly as it suits you.

What you will need is:

  • to be a native speaker of the language you teach (no professional teaching experience is necessary)
  • a high-speed internet connection
  • a high-quality headset, microphone and camera
  • the right to work in the city you live
    You can earn up to $16 per lesson or more depending on your popularity.

Udemy offers you the opportunity to teach ANY IMAGINABLE subject: design, marketing, business, photography, web development, creative writing, SEO, you name it! You don’t have to have professional experience in teaching and you can arrange your courses as it suits you.

What you will need is:

  • a smartphone
  • an active PayPal or Payoneer account
  • expertise in what you are teaching

You will be paid around $17 per hour.

Check out Udemy in Jacksonville, Milwaukee, El Paso, Memphis and other cities in the US.

5. Become a mystery shopper

Being a mystery shopper is super easy and can make you the extra money you need as a college student. What does a mystery shopper do exactly? You visit stores, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels as an undercover client and then share your observations. Easy-peasy, with a touch of mystery – how fun is that? And it goes without saying that you can do it whenever you have free time from your busy student schedule!

how to make extra money as a college student
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With HGEM you will mostly pay visits to hotels and restaurants, spend a night or have a nice dinner – all paid for by HGEM – and then share your opinion about your overall experience.

What you will need is:

  • to be at least 18 years old.
  • to have a good level of English.
  • to have a phone with a camera, and internet access.

You will get paid from $9-100 per job.

With EasyShift you will mostly be asked to visit local supermarkets, take pictures of products, check prices, review promotions, and ask various questions to the staff around. Quite simple and you can do it on your own time. Simply turn on the app on your phone and accept gigs!

What you will need is:

  • to be a US citizen
  • to be at least 18 (21 for certain tasks).
  • to own a smartphone
  • to have a PayPal account

You will get paid around $6 per job – it may not sound too much, but it is if you consider how easy the tasks you will do are.

Check out EasyShift in Denver, Pittsburgh, Austin, Orlando and other cities in the US.

6. Become a pet sitter

Pet sitting is always a good idea for making some extra money on the side. And it comes with the benefit of stress relief when you are under a lot of pressure due to exams or deadlines. You can clear your mind taking a dog for a walk and playing fetch with it or completely relax petting a cute cat and letting it purr for you!

With PetSitter you will land on many pet sitting tasks, spanning from dog walking, cat or dog boarding to pet grooming or even dog training (though for this, you will need special knowledge). You can choose the services you will offer and the times you will work. You can even pick what pets you will take care of. Everything is up to you!

What you will need is lots of love for pets!

You will get paid around $18 per hour

Check out PetSitter in Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, El Paso, Toronto, Vancouver and other cities in the US.

With Rover you will have the freedom to choose your schedule, services, and rates and you have access to 24/7 support including vet assistance, to have ease of mind.

What you will need is to:

  • love pets
  • pass a background check

You could make around $1000 per month, depending on the hours you work.

Check out Rover in Atlanta, San Bernardino, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas and other cities in the US.

7. Become a cleaner

how to make extra money as a college student
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You will never run out of cleaning tasks! Because cleaning is a necessity for everybody. Plus it is easy and you can do it early in the morning or late in the evening before or after class or even on weekends! You could clean up homes, offices and businesses and make extra money as a college student.

With Housekeeper you can pick the cleaning gigs that suit your schedule, that are at convenient locations and you can set your own pay rate. You can also choose what kind of cleaning tasks you will perform and you might end up with regular clientele.

What you will need is:

  • to be over 18
  • to have the right to work in the US
  • to have a clean criminal record

You can earn an average $30 per hour.

Check out Housekeeper in Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando, Miami and other cities in the US.

8. Sell your photos online

how to make extra money as a college student
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Are you an Instagram fan? Do you like taking pictures all the time? Do you receive compliments and likes for them? Then don’t think twice – you could put them up for sale via an online platform and let them make money for you!

Adobe Stock
With Adobe Stock you can upload your visual content and earn royalties for years to come! And if you think about it, you just clicked once and that was it – not to mention the huge exposure your content will get on Adobe Stock, which has millions of users!

What you will need is to:

  • be over 18
  • be the sole owner of every file you upload for sale
  • own or have authorization for all the rights to the elements represented in your files (e.g. products, people, property).

You can earn between $1-20 per photo.

Check out Adobe Stock in Baltimore, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Houston and other cities in the US.

9. Become an online fashion stylist

how to make extra money as a college student
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Do your peers ask for your styling advice each time you have a night out? Or beg you to accompany them when they go shopping because they value your sense of fashion and style? Then why not put your fashion talent at work?

Stella & Dot
With Stella & Dot you become a member of a supporting women’s community who gives styling advice, suggest products to other women and offer online and offline style sessions. You will work independently and can put more or fewer hours into it depending on your schedule and personal convenience.

What you will need is to:

  • to be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • to possess a valid Social Security Number or Green Card

You could earn an average $400/month, if you work 2-5 hours per week.

Check out Stella & Dot in Charlotte, Tampa, in Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, New York City and other cities in the US.

10. Become a mover

Work as a mover in Atlanta with GoShare

If you own a suitable vehicle, you can use it to help people in your area move their stuff from location to location. Or, if you can handle the heavy lifting, you can sign up as a helper to assist people that move. It is a good job that pays well and comes with generous tips – people will appreciate your hard work.

With GoShare you can either be a driver or if you don’t have a truck you can apply to be a helper to assist with loading, unloading, and labor-only projects. You can work on your own schedule and take up the tasks that suit you.

What you will need is:

  • to be over 18 and speak English
  • to own a smartphone, iPhone or Android
  • to have a checking account to receive direct deposit
  • to own a suitable vehicle: a standard or large Pickup Truck, a Cargo Van or a Box Truck
  • to pass a background check and driving history check
  • your vehicle must be a model year 2004 or newer and pass a 21 point inspection
  • to have a valid license, registration and insurance in the state that you are driving in.

You can expect to earn $47 per hour on average, plus tips!

Check out GoShare in Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego.

Why choose an app job to make money as a college student?

  • Because you need a job that you can do from wherever you might be, whenever you are available: from the sofa of your student apartment in the evenings, from your parent’s home in the weekends, while traveling during summer to explore the world or when having a break between classes at college or university. So, flexibility is the keyword. And jobs you can do via your phone are totally flexible! Besides, who wants to miss THE party, an important lecture or a simple hang out with friends because of a shift? Online student jobs are, therefore, the best answer to the question: “How can I work as a student without giving up on my once-in-a-lifetime student life?”
  • Then, earning extra money as a college student will help you pay off your student loan more easily. According to, Americans now owe more than $1.53 trillion in student loan debt and research suggests it actually takes an average of 19.7 years for borrowers to pay off their loans. You can make that period shorter by making extra money as a college student.

how to make extra money as a college student
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  • You can combine various platforms, work with all of them depending on what is more convenient and get the maximum income from each one. Extra bonus: you will never get bored doing the same thing again and again!
  • You can take up jobs that are related to your hobbies, so you don’t even feel like you are doing a job! You could do pet sitting if you love dogs and cats or offer styling advice, if you have a passion for fashion, for example.
  • There are plenty of no experience and entry-level jobs on app-based platforms that you can do with no CVs and interviews. For example, you could use any assets you have, like a bike or car, to make deliveries or basically turn on apps on your phone whenever you have some free time and do a few easy tasks like run errands, take surveys online or mystery shopping.
  • You can take up jobs that will specifically give you experience in what you are studying, so you can earn extra money while you are already building your future career! You could join a freelance platform and take up tasks related to all kinds of fields, from design and web development to finance and accounting and finish college with some expertise in your baggage.

Convinced already? For you especially, who are digital natives and have grown up using the internet since forever, finding the ideal job will be easy-peasy. You can use AppJobs, the search website for flexible jobs, and start earning extra money as a college student with a few clicks, wherever in the world you may be studying! Just enter your city in the search field and browse through the available jobs in your area.

Ready to make extra money as a college student with an app job?

AppJobs is the student’s paradise when it comes to finding flexible work fast and easy, with no complex recruitment processes or CVs and most of the times not even any experience whatsoever! So, if you haven’t already found your perfect match, go ahead and explore all your possibilities by entering your city in the search engine of AppJobs’ website and then choosing the job category you like!