Polls are fun, and they surround us wherever we go. For example, you must have given some feedback on your experience after getting through airport security. If not, you may have answered your friend’s Facebook or Instagram polls. Now imagine that you could do this for money.

You sign up for an online survey site and answer some simple and sometimes some slightly difficult questions. You don’t have to have a broad knowledge of anything only 5 to 20 minutes to complete a survey – online. You could do it from your home, queuing for a coffee in your favourite café, or waiting before classes at university. Taking surveys is a legit way to generate a smaller amount of income with little to no effort.

Are paid surveys worth your time?

We will be completely honest with you. You won’t be rich overnight or make a fortune while completing online surveys. Even the websites partnering up with a wide range of companies will be candid about how their payment system works. That being said, you will get paid to take surveys, just don’t expect a huge amount of money.

Can you actually make money taking surveys?

The short answer is yes, definitely. You’ll accumulate points, and then exchange them for money or (e-)gift cards. If you haven’t registered on PayPal, you should do it right now, as most of the sites transfer money through that platform. On average, you will be earning $2 to $10 completing legit paid surveys. Those are requested as part of market research a commercial brand is doing, for example. They aim to better their customer service, and they need information on how to do that. You’ll be helping them. Needless to say, beware of scams! If you feel something is fishy, Google, DuckDuckGo and AppJobs are your friends. Do a quick search and see what others say about the platform.

get paid to take surveys
Image by Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay. Legit paid surveys tend to be anonymous in case you’re worried about that.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has over three million members, which kind of shows that it’s legit. If it’s available in your country, you still have to be at least 13 years old and need a valid e-mail address to sign up for it. While you could fill the surveys on your phone, it is recommended that you should use a laptop or desktop computer.

You will collect points. One point is worth one cent. Creating an account already brings you 25 points, and you’ll get another 50 to complete your profile, 25 to confirm your e-mail address, and 5 to take an intro tour on the site. With profile surveys on various subjects, you’ll be able to obtain 10 points each. Extra points are given for participating in focus groups – both locally and virtually.

Some of the disadvantages of the platform are that you will never know the topics beforehand, and you may not qualify for all the surveys you have access to. As every survey starts by asking a few simple, rather personal questions to get to know you better (questions on your age, income level), the system assesses your profile and decide whether the survey is for you or not. Anyway, you’ll be rewarded with a few points even if you can’t go further than the first few questions. They say it’s possible to make $2 to $75 per completed survey.

Good to know: You need a PayPal account to redeem your points. When getting your rewards, you have to cash out all your points at once. So if you don’t find an e-gift card you could use, opt for transferring all your money through PayPal. Either way, you’ll get paid to take surveys.

Earn money with Survey Junkie in Lubbock, Tulsa, Virginia Beach, Austin, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and some other places. Find them on AppJobs.com.

2. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go invite people like you to complete surveys on entertainment, news, sports, politics, technology, etc. As opposed to Survey Junkie, this one runs strictly through an app, which you can download to an iPhone, iPad or Android phone. To get started on the site, you have to be 13 and set up a PayPal account.

An average user makes around $2 to $5 per completed survey. But you can gather points by completing your profile, watching and rating TV shows and films, and/or evaluating products and some shopping experiences occasionally. It’s advised to have the locations turned on. You’ll receive more suitable surveys this way. To cash out, your points have to worth at least $10.00. The money will be deposited into your PayPal account.

Briefly on the cons: You won’t be able to complete hundreds of surveys per week, only one or two. They also say that not so many high-paying surveys are available on the platform, and it’s rather difficult to be qualified for them. All in all, what we can say is that you’ll get paid to take surveys with Surveys on the Go but you must be extremely patient when it comes to redeeming your points.

Take surveys with Surveys on the Go in Los Angeles, Miami and Louisville.

3. UserTesting

UserTesting slightly differs from the two previous sites. They’re looking for people who test apps, products, websites before those are launched officially. That won’t be a problem for you since you’re more likely to spend long hours surfing the internet – without any purpose at all. (This happens, we’ve all been there. It’s like you open a door and a labyrinth is waiting for you.)

To become a user tester, you have to be 18 years old, speak understandable English (it doesn’t have to be your mother tongue), and have a PayPal account, a working microphone (a headset maybe) and a reliable/steady internet connection. The sign-up process consists of two parts: you register, and then you’ll be asked to do a test video, which takes about five minutes. It’s first come, first served, so you must be keen on working and regularly monitor the page to find gigs.

A test takes about 20 minutes to finish, and you should speak constantly. You’ll be one of the first people to ever use that app, product, website, so your user experience matters. Let them know if you miss a button, or something is confusing for you: talk about anything that discourages you to spend more time with it. You’ll be rated, and your score will influence your future as a user tester.

Unfortunately, there will be only a limited number of tests available. But you’ll get paid ca $10 for completing just one test. That’s not that bad for 20 minutes.

Work with UserTesting in Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, and in a bunch of other cities.

4. Hiving

Hiving has a lot in common with Survey Junkie and Surveys on the Go. For starters, it is also a legit paid survey site. You have to be at least 15 years old, have a reliable internet connection, and reside in a country where Hiving operates to be able to register. If you’re lucky, you can even use their website in your first language. The topics of the surveys vary from country to country. What does not change is that you need a PayPal account, of course. Whether you’ll use a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile, it’s up to you. Hiving hasn’t developed an app yet, but their website is fully optimised for mobile devices.

The platform will send you 2-3 surveys a week. By completing them, you’ll earn points. Already when signing up and completing your profile, you’ll get 300 points joining bonus. There are some other ways to accumulate points on Hiving:

• You can invite some of your friends to sign up.
• You can perform micro-tasks (checking for errors on websites, for example) through a platform called Figure Eight.
• You can try new products.
• You can participate in fun quizzes, raffles, etc.

You have to collect at least 4,000 points to cash out, and then the next stage is at 8,000 and 12,000. With Hiving, you can donate your earnings to help some causes. The major con of working with this site is the small number of surveys sent to you monthly. As mentioned above, if you don’t expect to become a millionaire in an instant but are happy about getting paid for taking surveys in general, you will be pleased with Hiving too.

Collect points on Hiving in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edmonton, Montréal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, St. Paul, Austin, Philadelphia. Look for your city on AppJobs.com if it’s not listed here.

Increase your earnings!

You should sign up on several platforms, so you could start earning on all of them. Consider also that you may not be eligible to join all of them, some have stricter requirements. What should you do now? Turn off Candy Crush, find your city here, and start using your phone to make money.

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