How much do cleaners and housekeepers get paid?

There are many benefits of being an on-demand cleaner or housekeeper, such as the hassle-free tasks, unnecessary CVs, and flexible working hours. But the burning question everybody wants an answer for is: How much do housekeepers make around the world? Unfortunately, there is no simple and universal answer to this question. Several factors have to be taken into account when a cleaner or a housekeeper determines their rates, thinking about both hourly and fixed prices.

how much do housekeepers make
How much do housekeepers make? Let’s find out together!

1. United States

Housekeepers/cleaners in the US, and elsewhere too, provide their services in several industries and sectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, cleaning service providers make around $8.72-$17.40 per hour. You can think of the factors listed above to explain why someone makes more than others.

As a housekeeper registered on, you could charge your clients $30 per hour on average. With this company, you will be generally asked to look after a house for at least a day. You can choose to be a live-in housekeeper, only come during weekends, or on certain days.

If you want to earn as a cleaner and have zero previous experience, a good platform to work with is or Thumbtack. The clients on both portals are usually really nice and agree with the prices you yourself set for the cleaning. To set a competitive rate, take a look at how much others currently working with and Thumbtack earn on an hourly or daily basis in your area.

How much do housekeepers make in our state?
The following sums show how much you would earn by doing general cleaning chores 10 hours a week.

• New York: $15.00/hour
• Ohio: $12.50/hour
• California: $15.00/hour
• Texas: $14.75/hour
• Tennessee: $14.00/hour
• Alabama: $12.25/hour

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2. Canada

In Canada, an average cleaner makes CAD 15 per hour. This price increases or decreases based on the individual’s experience, home address, and due to the other factors mentioned in the introduction. With Bizzby, you can actually work as a cleaner and learn to be an electrician at the same time. The payment depends on how complicated the task or the cleaning is, but you can expect an average of CAD 25 per hour with Bizzby. As a cleaner/housekeeper with and, you will earn an average income of CAD 24 per hour.

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how much do housekeepers make
Are you okay with washing the dishes? Your clients might not have a dishwasher.

3. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, cleaners/housekeepers make £6.72-£10.38 an hour. To get started as a cleaner/housekeeper, you can sign up for Helpling. It’s probably the most popular platform you can find, and the earnings will be around £11 per hour on average. But as always, you’ll determine your own prices. You can also find cleaning gigs on TaskRabbit. It must be noted that in case you’re accepted as a tasker, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable $25 (ca £20) registration fee. Since you’ll come up with your own prices, you can charge a bit more when doing your first tasks to get this amount back. Be reasonable and take into consideration the factors mentioned in the intro. You can learn more about the hourly rates cleaners work with in the UK here.

To give you an idea on the average hourly rate for cleaners:
London: £8.45/per hour
Edinburgh: £7.45/per hour
Cardiff: £8.17/per hour

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4. Europe

Spain & Italy: Both in Spain and Italy, the average income for a cleaner or housekeeper is between €8 and €11 per hour. In these warmer European countries, you can choose to work with Clintu, Yoopies or Yougenio. With these platforms, you will have the option to switch between cleaning, pet-sitting, and even babysitting. In the end, not getting bored with your job is essential.

In Sweden, TidyApp is a popular platform for professional cleaners who earn an average of 100-120 SEK per hour when working in central areas. In Stockholm, for example, the majority of TidyApp’s clients live in Östermalm, Södermalm, Kungsholmen and Vasastan. Could you ask for nicer locations to work at? Keep in mind that you’ll receive your salary through Cool Company that charges a service fee. If you prefer washing cars, you can do that with Woshapp; you will receive a 5,000 SEK bonus after your 200th wash.

Netherlands: If you live in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or anywhere around, you can provide cleaning and housekeeping services with You will earn around €11 per hour, and you will have the freedom to pick different tasks at ease – as a cleaner, maid, nanny, even pet sitter. As for a platform dedicated to cleaning specifically, you can earn €12 per hour and design your own flexible cleaning schedule with Helpling.

France: If you’re based in Paris, Lyon or another French city, your average hourly wage would be €10. With TaskRabbit, that sum could be €24 per hour, though. Remember: you’ll be charged a non-refundable $25 (ca £20) registration fee when accepted as a cleaner/tasker.

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5. Australia

There are so many opportunities for cleaners in Australia. On average, cleaners earn somewhere between AUD 21.26 and AUD 25.53 per hour. Working with Whizz and TidyMe will bring in an average income of AUD 50 per hour. Besides an incredibly flexible schedule, easy tasks and secure payment, Whizz will also pay you at the end of the week. So there’s no need to wait a whole month to have your money. However, if you choose to work with TidyMe, the benefit is that you won’t need to buy or carry cleaning equipment with you anywhere; the clients are obliged to provide them for you. Tired of cleaning homes? Clean cars with WipeHero! You will receive AUD 60 per car wash. Put your earphones in, blast your favourite music, and clean while having a good time and getting good money.

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how much do housekeepers make

List your services, and then set your price.

Set your own price – things to consider

Location: every city in every country may have different standard hourly/fixed rates.
Distances between addresses: if cleaners need to travel long distances to get to work, that is usually reflected in their rates.
Level of experience: the more experience a cleaner or a housekeeper has, the higher rates they can set.
Type of place: whether a one-bedroom apartment, an office, or a three-storey building is cleaned, the price will be set accordingly.
The frequency of work: whether the service is requested once a week, twice a month, etc. Long-term clients may be charged less for an hour.
People sharing the place: the rates will be based on the number of people (and pets) occupying the place. More of them means more things to do. (More cleaners working at the same time could potentially mean the money is divided.)
Specific requests: the owner might ask cleaners/housekeepers to do extra tasks that are not included in the usual chores. Those will have a special price.
Additional fees: when working for/through a platform, some administrative fees must be paid – and, of course, taxes and insurance.

Other locations?

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