Once there were simple, analogue scooters and everyone was amazed when someone wearing a suit or a dress was riding them. Today we’ve got electric scooters transforming urban mobility and soon becoming inherent in public transportation. Probably because they’re cheaper than taking a taxi and faster than an average pedestrian can ever be. And, in recent years, cities and their inhabitants worldwide could indeed experience the boom of e-scooters. Perhaps you too. You either saw some Bird or Lime scooters. You may have also heard about how some people are paid to charge scooters. If you did, you must know that that’s not all. If you want to explore other ways of how to make money with scooters, Lime has three options for you.

How to make money with Lime

1. Scooter Charger
2. Scooter Mechanic
3. Operations Specialist

how to make money with Lime
Courtesy of Lime. It’s great that you want to find out more about how to make money with Lime.

1. Scooter Charger

Lime scooter chargers are also called juicers. This is a job for you if you lack any kind of work experience and don’t mind leaving your bed early in the morning, around 6 a.m. Hopefully, your home is big enough to place a certain number of scooters in your living room, bedroom or any other room you’ve got some spare space and sockets in. This is more like a part-time / side job opportunity, and flexibility is guaranteed.

About your responsibilities as a Lime juicer
You can collect, charge and release e-scooters in Lyon, Hamburg, and Pittsburgh among other places. You’ll use a smartphone app to locate scooters with low battery. You go and pick them up, plug them in, and take them back to a location given by Lime. Depending on how far you live from those areas where most of the Lime scooters are left, you can think of transporting them by bike (we’ve seen this before, but you definitely need a few bungee cords), car, truck, van, etc. You charge them overnight, while you’re dreaming about your next trip.

When joining juicers in your hometown, you’ll be given three chargers. Later, if you decide to operate a smaller scooter-charging enterprise, you will able to buy additional chargers that come in packs of four. They usually cost $20 (ca €18). You may receive a promo code, so you can get them free of charge. You’ll be making around $5 (ca €4.5) per scooter. On average, of course. It’s more likely that you earn different sums every time you charge a scooter. Some of them are worth more than others. You’ll always see the actual amount you could make with them when scanning the map searching for vehicles to be charged.

About the requirements
It doesn’t matter where you live in your city, you can simply sign up for Lime if you meet the following requirements. Keep in mind that you may need to wait a few days to get the green light. Sometimes Lime runs out of available chargers, so that could lengthen the waiting period.

• You’re at least 18 years old.
• You have the legal right to work in your city.
• You’ve got access to a vehicle (preferably SUV, truck, van, large sedan, etc.)
• You have a valid driving licence.
• You should connect your bank account to your Lime profile.
• You’ve also got a helmet for scooter riding.
• Obviously, you need a smartphone and the Lime app.

Some tips & advice
It may have already struck you that you’ll be responsible for having your vehicle fuelled up. If you drive when working with Lime. Therefore, you should come up with a strategy for yourself – to maximize your earnings and not to waste time collecting less profitable scooters.

Lime may increase the rate in the case of scooters lying/standing on the ground at an out-of-the-way location. You should consider whether you’d get enough money collecting them after subtracting your travel expenses. What you could also do is to focus on certain areas and spot and pick up scooters in clusters. You’ll park your car somewhere, and walk around finding the scooters in the area. In that case, you may want to buy new chargers. If you manage to charge 30 e-scooters in just 15 days, you may become eligible to get some bonus that could cover the costs of your additional chargers.

Become a Scooter Juicer in your city

Find out a lime juicer opportunity in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, MunichMiami, Washington DC, Charlotte and other cities worldwide!

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2. Scooter Mechanic

The second option for you to work with Lime is to join their fleet of mechanics in Omaha, Marseille, Rotterdam, and Frankfurt, for example. Previous experience as a mechanic is not necessary but the willingness to learn is. Mechanics tend to work part-time, but you don’t have to. Accept gigs occasionally; flexible working hours are possible.

How to make money with Lime as a mechanic in YOUR city?
Instead of charging e-scooters, Lime products will be assigned to you to repair them. Your tasks will include performing basic maintenance, tightening throttles, adjusting brake levers, changing flat tyres, etc. Everything that must be fixed in order to make the scooters usable and safe for the users. You’ll be working in teams, so you should not let your communication skills become rusty. You’ll earn $21 (ca €19) per hour as a Lime Mechanic.

About the requirements
• You’re at least 18 years old.
• You have a work permit.
• You are capable of and comfortable using smartphone apps. (the Lime ones.)
• You are able to bend, stoop, and lift up to 40 pounds (ca 20kg) on a regular basis.
*Professional training and/or previous experience in warehouse, construction, mechanical fields come in handy but not a requirement.

Some tips & advice
If you’re unskilled and/or without relevant experience, learn from your colleagues. You should not imagine it as a classroom or such but a conversation filled with words such as screws, batteries, tyres, board, handlebars, brakes, etc. Pay enough attention and you’ll know the basics within days. Most of the scooters probably require just basic maintenance anyway. And, who knows, you may be the next person who accepts an apprentice.

Become a Mechanic in your city

Work with Lime as a mechanic in Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Rotterdam, Berlin, Cincinnati, Columbus, Minneapolis, Aurora and many other cities!

how to make money with Lime
Courtesy of Lime. Your work with Lime could contribute to the success of the green revolution!

3. Operations Specialist

This is the job for you **if you look for a full-time job** and you’re available during evenings and weekends. You’ve got to give proof of previous delivery, mechanical, logistics, and inventory experience, and have some experience driving a larger vehicle in city traffic. It also helps if you’re familiar with the local area and street layout. This is a more advanced but highly flexible position you can apply for in Cologne, Paris, The Hague, Atlanta, for instance.

How to make money with Lime as an operations specialist in YOUR city?
Your tasks will vary quite a lot. Sometimes you will utilize your managerial skills, sometimes you act more like mechanics. You will respond to various tasks and work with a team to operate a van to redistribute Lime products as required. An appjobber from Hamburg reported that it’s possible to make €480 (ca $540) a week, which sounds pretty average for the US as well. Also, in the USA, you could expect to make $12.00 to $15.00 per hour, with benefits.

Here come some other examples of your tasks:
• You’ll assist with bicycle and/or scooter deployment and retrieval.
• You’ll use smartphone applications to locate and operate on products.
• You’ll assemble, maintain, and repair Lime product lines as they’re assigned.

About the requirements
In both Europe and the USA, applicants have to meet the same requirements, only the units are different. We should point out that you have to be over 21 to become an operations specialist. Think about it this way. You’ll be working a few years as a mechanic, and then apply for the position of the operations specialist. This sounds like a career path, for sure.

But for now, you have to:
• have a high-school diploma or equivalent.
• have a valid driving licence, acceptable motor vehicle record (MVR).
• be active and be able to bend, stoop, and lift up to 40 pounds (20kg) on a regular basis.
• have a great attitude and ability to work well with others; teamwork is key to success as an operations specialist.
• have the ability to complete a simple report on a weekly basis.

Some tips & advice
Try to showcase your skills as a manager, a boss if you will. You’ll play a key role in the life of Lime and the green movement. Motivate your team, and your enthusiasm will be rewarded.

Become an Operation Specialist in your city

Work with Lime as an operations specialist in Munich, San Jose, Minneapolis, Rotterdam, Norfolk, Los Angeles, and other cities worldwide!

Be a part of the growing gig economy

Just by working on the side with Lime and other platforms, you’ll be joining millions of other people worldwide already earning in the gig economy. You can start a part-time job in your city with ease.

You can also join other sites displaying freelance jobs in New York City, Houston, Paris, Rotterdam, Berlin, and a large number of other cities worldwide. Visit AppJobs.com to find your worktown!

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