Being an expat is surely not easy, especially when it comes to getting a job. And if you’re not speaking the language of the place you’re living in either, well, then the troubles just keep adding up. We know what that feels like. But don’t despair – while speaking the lingo surely is an advantage, there are still jobs you can access by only speaking English.

Here is how you can overcome the language barrier and get a job anywhere around the globe!

Nanny & Babysitter Jobs

Maybe you’re a complete beginner who strives to learn the local language, or maybe you handle a few basic words that already make your life easier. Whichever the case, babysitting jobs are probably the easiest to find for students, young adults, and anyone in need of a quick job.

Many parents living in big cities seek English-speaking nannies for their children – so that they can become fluent in English at a younger age. However, you too can improve your vocabulary just by hanging around kids a few days per week. Whether you live in the US, France, Spain, South Africa or even getting a hang of the British slang, working with children is always great way to learn the local language. What’s more, you will get paid and get to play Quidditch around the living room!

Some good companies to check for babysitting jobs are Sittercity, Betreut, Urbansitter, and Care Guide. You will find similar offers in over a hundred cities all over the world.

EXTRA TIP: many of these companies also offer pet-sitting jobs. For non-native speakers, what easier job could there be than walking dogs and petting cats? They can understand you in any language!

Online Freelancing

Don’t speak the language, don’t want to put a huge effort into learning it either, but still want to work in your area of expertise? It might be a bit tricky, but it’s surely doable. In the era of digital nomads, it simply doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection. You can easily build up a freelancer profile and share your skills with the world, by simply speaking English or even your mother tongue.

Employers now seek professionals through platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, Codester,TheOne and you can do remote work from anywhere you are located in the world. Be a composer, translator, writer, editor, accountant, business analyst – you name it! Keep in mind that you need a bit of extra time to build a good profile and a strong portfolio in order to land the job you really wish for.

Check all freelancing guide jobs in your city and start working today!

Tour Guide Jobs

Learn the stories and streets of Orlando, Madrid, Rome, Johannesburg, or whichever city you live in, and you can easily land a job with Vayable or U2Guide. You don’t have to be a certified tour guide either, you simply need to be an insider, someone who can share historical facts, but also explore secret cafes with the visiting travellers. And while most tourists will speak English anyway, it is not mandatory for you to speak anything else, although some other widespread languages, such as Spanish or French will surely help. Simply come up with a funky wine tasting tour, or cafe exploring experience, and wait for the bookings to roll in.

Check all local guide jobs in your city and start working today!

Cleaning & Delivery jobs

Not too sociable? There are two more job categories that specifically require little human interaction; Whether you are a South American living in Sweden, or an Italian living in Spain, you can always choose either one of these jobs to ease your way into income. And, there is no need to be fluent in the local language either! Do you love cycling? You can deliver parcels, groceries, or restaurant food and earn money with Foodora, DoorDash, or UberEATS! Don’t mind being inside? Clean homes and offices, or be housekeeper and water plants to earn good money on your schedule!

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Although it might seem difficult at first, easing into the gig economy of a new country is not that complicated – there can be hundreds of job offers available around that you had no idea existed. But they do! Check the offers in your city and be an AppJobber anywhere in the world!