At AppJobs, we are always talking about the many ways to make money using your phone. Wherever you live in the world, there are hundreds of apps that will earn you money on your own schedule. Yes, this is what we tell you. But, what does reality look like?

How is it really like to work an app job? Have you ever heard from app jobbers themselves?

In the Christmas spirit, we invited pet sitters, local guides, drivers, home cooks, and (soon-to-be) deliverers for a special event at AppJobs headquarters.

Food was provided by Gastronaut, a catering app that will pay you to cook delicious traditional food from your home country. Chef Chi, from China, is our guest. He told us all about his expat life in Sweden and how he went from Engineer to home chef in less than a year!

Also joining us were Ping and Rachele, both pet sitters with Dogbuddy. Ping started pet sitting because she wanted to find the perfect dog breed to adopt. Even after adopting her own dog, she couldn’t stop pet sitting, because she simply loves it! And Rachele is an international student who manages to pay her rent and help her family with this amazing part-time job.

Ping and Rachelle are pet sitters with Dogbuddy and Piotr wants to be a part-time deliverer with Foodora.

You will also meet Piotr, another expat student who wants to start delivering with Foodora to enjoy the outdoors. He is just missing a bike, but he already knows where to find special deals to start working!

Just like Piotr, Stephani is an adventurer. She works as a local guide in Stockholm. She uses Triple to connect with travelers, promote her tours, and get paid. In fact, business is doing great! She has bookings even for next year. Last but not least, Tharka, from Sri Lanka, told us everything about being a driver in Stockholm.

Moneymakers: Chi is a home cook with Gastronaut, Stephani is a local guide with Triple, Tharka has precious insider tips from his time as a driver.