Either because of your parents/guardians or yourself, you have decided that you have to enter the workforce. However, as a student, you might feel you can’t fully use your skills because most of the student jobs you would like to have do require you to work full-time. Or the problem might be that you don’t know how to start looking for a job – a job that pays well.

For example, freelance jobs that create a safe bubble for you to pursue your dreams or explore new, uncharted territories.

  1. University Career Centers
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Online Job Boards
  4. Google Search

Let’s say you know the drill when it comes to typical jobs in retail and service shops. But you might want something different this time. Something that sounds awesome on paper and in real life. And it allows you to earn a decent income despite studying full- or part-time. Here come four ideas to help your ship, loaded with student job options, leave the harbor asap!

1. University Career Centers

The most obvious place to start your job hunt is at your school’s career center. There you can learn about both on- and off-campus employment. You could get in touch with a counselor who will obtain the information necessary to be able to give you the best pieces of advice.

In order for you to find your desired well-paid job, you must be honest and straightforward. Let this person know if you’re not interested in those typical student jobs. Explain if you want to use your next employment as a step to advance your career and/or use to gain paid experience in your field.

how to make money as a student
Photo courtesy of University of Denver. Universities and colleges must have a career center you can visit and learn about student job opportunities.

2. Facebook Groups

Social media channels are a great source of jobs as well. You can easily learn about all available, hot jobs in your city joining Facebook groups. There you could connect with employers directly. You could even talk to others to learn about their experiences and discuss different aspects of jobs.

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3. Online Job Boards

Flexible student jobs could be found on online job boards too. For example, on Google Jobs, Facebook Jobs, and, of course, AppJobs.com.

Google Jobs

You can go to Google Jobs to see a collection of jobs. The interface is user-friendly, so you’ll find the most suitable categories for you in minutes. Just click on SEE ALL TEAMS, and you can ignore the fields you have no intention to join.

Facebook Jobs

In case you still use Facebook and want to be more effective, you could forget about searching and start on their page created for jobs. Based on your data stored on the site, your timeline will be customized. To optimize your job hunt, you could add jobs types and categories.

how to make money as a student
Photo courtesy of AppJobs.com. Find your city, sign up and start working in the US!


Whether you’re searching for a summer or a part-time (fun) job, AppJobs.com can be a great start. A personalized profile could make the entire search faster and more successful. With a few clicks, you can compare several types of student jobs and see which pays more. On our website, you can also find a large number of resources regarding your earnings, work schedule, taxation as well as the requirements. Read our blog!

4. Google

To accelerate your job hunt, you can also take advantage of Google Search. Typing different keywords, you could end up on pages displaying the best-paid jobs for students.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour in the US. That amount can be also a bit higher or lower in your state. What you consider well-paid could be actually way more than 8 dollars per hour. Of course, there are laws your future employers must follow. Learn more on students’ job and minimum wages here.

how to make money as a student
Photo courtesy of Google. As you can see, you can use various keywords while searching for a student job in the USA.

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