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It takes time and effort to build a career doing freelance work from home, or on location for that matter. To find the right online or on-site freelance jobs for yourself, check out our list!

A lot of kids dream of being an astronaut, a firefighter, or even president when they grow up. None of us, not even the most imaginative, could have ever imagined that our grown-up job would be sitting at the kitchen

The route to becoming a full-time freelancer will be different for every person. But if you’re going to make a success of being self-employed, it helps to do your research, set clear goals for your self-employed career and to listen

Appjobs recently spoke with Ariel to get insight into what it is like to be a freelancer who has been closely affected by the pandemic. Ariel is a New York City resident with many talents: he has driven for Uber

Are you a freelancer but finding it tough to get new clients for your business? Check out our career tips for freelancers that will help you to attract clients online. After all, the more clients, the more you get

You’ve found a job you would love to do but something is missing and/or you need some help to become more efficient. Learn about some useful freelancer tools and services that could make the life of any freelancer, self-employed person

Read about online jobs that don’t require your physical presence and allow you to work from home or remotely from other places, with just a computer and a stable Internet connection!

Are you planning to start freelancing part-time, full-time or on the side and need some advice? Read our guide to freelancing!

Thinking of going freelance? We have looked at the best cities to live in around the world and analysed a series of metrics, such as, the number of freelance jobs, number of cafes with free wifi, cost of living, average

Mystery shoppers don’t get rich overnight but earn extra income by doing what they enjoy. Read our blog post to learn about how to become a mystery shopper, what to watch out for, and how to maximize your earnings in