Modern fathers are a busy and diverse bunch. Some work full time, some are stay at home dads but they do an incredible job, even though they don’t get paid for it.

There are tons of things you do for your kids as a Father that if you did for anyone else as a job you’d be a millionaire by now. So today we are looking at the app jobs that you do for your children.

1. Driver

Why do kids keep asking “are we there yet?” if the car is still moving? I guess we will never know. As a Dad one of the extra responsibilities you have is getting your kids from A to B and to every other letter in the Alphabet.

2. Handyman

If it breaks you buy it, or fix it, or try to fix it, or break it more. As a father you’ll find yourself assembling furniture, putting up shelves or fixing everything from bicycles, toys, to broken hearts. And most of the time doing it badly

3. Cleaner

Now I’m not saying that I’m any good at this one but I try. Even though every time I do it whatever I happen to be cleaning looks worse than when I started. To be fair I wouldn’t pay me for it either.

4. Teacher

You are a teacher whether you know it or not. Everything you do will be a mini-lesson for your children. Don’t believe me think about this. Every time you tell them to do something like say thank you or sorry or clean their room the will do the opposite, the complete opposite. If you stub your toe and swear out loud see how quick they learn.

5. Space Renter

Think you own your own house now that you are a father, wrong. You’re renting it out to monsters, lovely little monsters, but the houseguests from hell. They tell you when to get up, where to sit and when they want to eat. If they were anyone else you would charge them a fortune or ask them to leave. But you don’t because you’re a good Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.