Recently, AppJobs interviewed Delilah Bell who has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people find remote work, which she keeps up while working in the HR industry herself. As a hiring professional, she offers courses for those looking for employment and posts videos on remote work opportunities primarily in customer service roles. Her main focus is posting high quality leads for jobs that pay $14 or higher as well as roles that do not require higher education so those with GED (General Education Development or high school equivalency certificate) or high school diplomas qualify.

Appjobs spoke with Delilah regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic and the differences she has seen in her channel and in her work.

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How remote job market has changed after COVID- 19 outbreak?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, she has seen an influx of people on her YouTube channel looking for remote work for a variety of reasons. Not only has she seen more people looking for employment but she has also seen more job opportunities for remote work. Many of the job leads that she has found have been opportunities with decent pay and sufficient for those looking for serious employment. Many companies are hiring remote workers to comply with statewide policies on social distancing. A downside to the increase of new remote jobs, is that plenty plan to move back to office work once the coronavirus passes.

Is a remote work the new black?

Although many jobs will move back to the office, the COVID-19 pandemic is proving that remote work is doable and many jobs that were previously thought as office jobs can be done from home. Remote work may be the new black in terms of how we see. In fact,

Delilah sees this pandemic moving more people and companies towards remote work and digital employment because of the security and adaptability this type of work provides in crises. She believes that companies will build up the infrastructure necessary to support remote workers to be better prepared for any future pandemics.

For example, many services such as babysitting have moved online. Sittercity now offers opportunities for people to babysit view zoom. Many companies are finding new ways to innovate and incorporate remote work opportunities to adjust to current times. Many professions that once were office jobs are also moving more online every year from customer service roles to medical patient services.

How to find a job during COVID-19

Often looking for a job should feel like a job itself, with a routine in place to make the most of the time you are spending searching for job offers. It requires time and dedication not only finding companies but also checking into the legitimacy of the opportunities as well as the companies.

There are many resources to help anyone looking for a job such as youtube channels like Delilahs that have done the research for you. Appjobs is another company invested in helping members of our community looking for sources of income.

Lost your job due to coronavirus? Here’s what to do!

finding online job covid-19

How to spot a scam while applying for online job ?

While applying for online, remote jobs be on the lookout as more scams have been popping up. Since the pandemic and mass unemployment, Delilah has seen an increase of money schemes and fake job postings. Large call center companies such as Centrix and Conduent have received word that scammers are impersonating them asking for money for equipment or to pay for potential employment opportunities.

Some tips to spot a scam or ways to avoid scams are:

  • Remember companies will never ask for payment for tools or employment opportunities
  • Double-check the email domain as much recruiters will reach out with an email with the company’s domain in it
  • Read the job posting thoroughly and check its professionalism and accuracy
  • Research on LinkedIn or Glassdoor to see if the company has a footprint online
  • Check out other social media sites that may be related or relevant for the company to check on their legitimacy

Tips to help you be successful at remote work

Lastly, Delilah shared some helpful tips to help you be successful when working from home:

  • It is important to have structure and routine when starting a remote job for the first time
  • Remote work is not for everyone and it can have a learning curve as you adjust to working from home
  • Although you may feel as you have more time, time management is still important to stay on top of to avoid extending your work day
  • Having a separate space dedicated towards work can help you stay motivated
  • But working from the couch or in your pajamas from time to time is not bad!

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