TaskRabbit has been one of the popular platforms when it comes to providing services as a Tasker. With more than 1.1 million views, it is one of the most popular platforms among the gig community. It allows you to provide services when it comes to someone trying to get a hand in accomplishing the DIY task.

So you may be wondering how you should begin trying to work for TaskRabbit. This article will help the readers in understanding how someone can provide services as a Tasker on the TaskRabbit platform!

Start Working on TaskRabbit: Guide & Recommendations

work for TaskRabbit

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a gig platform that offers gig work for those interested in delivery, moving, mounting, shopping, cleaning and furniture assembly. This same-day service providing platform enables you to work around your schedule.

There are hundreds of gigs that you can accomplish when you work for TaskRabbit as a Tasker. However, your services as a Tasker are not just limited to lending a hand in house chores or office maintenance. As a Tasker, you can provide your services as a virtual assistant as well as an event organizer. In the end, it’s all about, signing up, selecting your niche, getting an assignment invitation and finally, ending with accomplishing the task!

This platform was established back in 2008 by Lean Busque and was acquired by IKEA in 2015. This acquisition led to the IKEA workers being hired through TaskRabbit platform on fixed wages for assembling the IKEA products. Hence, among the list of services, one can find the ‘IKEA Assembly’ as a separate and specific service. 

When you work for TaskRabbit, each person is assigned a particular role based on his/her selection. Either of the main roles that  are available for you to work for TaskRabbit includes the following:


As a Tasker, you’ll be able to provide your services on TaskRabbit under different niches. You’ll be assigned a Task for a particular duration, get it done and will end up with pre-assigned payment as well as reviews!


You can also choose to sign up as a TaskPoster on the TaskRabbit, where you can post a Task, assign it a duration, and ask for a recommendation. After that, you’ll be assigned a Tasker, you’ll get your chores done, will release the payment and give a review as well!

Mediating Platform

Between the Tasker and the TaskPoster, the TaskRabbit acts as a mediating platform and connects them together. Furthermore, it also acts as a regulatory authority and acts as a mediator in case of any disputes between the said two parties!

TaskRabbit, being a gig platform, enables you to choose a task based on the reviews, price and skills. Furthermore, the task duration and time can be scheduled by you as per convenience. Overall, it is all an in-one platform that allows you to interact with the chosen Tasker & pay them as well!

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

In the previous versions of the TaskRabbit, the TaskPosters were given a free hand. They were free to post a job and assign the price as per their convenience. As of June 2014, TaskRabbit rebuilt its model and the following amendments for issued:

  • Taskers were invited to work on a particular Task and had to comply with wearing a proper uniform.
  • Taskers must accord with using the TaskRabbit’s mobile app for all kinds of transactions and dealings.
  • Taskers must use Tasker Calendar for deciding the availability and mist respond to all assigned Tasks within 30 minutes.
  • Lastly, all the independent service providers became employees of the TaskRabbit to discard the income tax issues.

While understanding the working mechanism of the TaskRabbit, the process can be divided into 3 main blocks for a quick comprehension:

  • A TaskPoster signs up on the TaskRabbit platform and posts a Task. The platform suggests three skilled Taskers along with their hourly rate & experience level.
  • A Tasker is free to accept or decline the request based on his schedule and availability.
  • Once a Tasker accepts the project, he/she gets the thing done and receives payment, tips and reviews through the same platform. Moreover, it also charges a small service fee to carry out the whole process smoothly.

Before taking on board Taskers, TaskRabbit carefully evaluates the sign-up application. The Green Signal is awarded after a thorough evaluation and background check.

How to Work for TaskRabbit?

The business model and working requirements have altered over the two decades since the company was founded. You must be eligible to comply with a list of requirements in order to qualify as a Tasker. You’ll not only have to convince the TaskRabbit team as a valuable asset but must run the errands as an expert.

TaskRabbit Requirements

In order to qualify as Tasker for that can work for TaskRabbit, you must fulfill these requirements:

  • You must have a registered Social Security Number. It will be used to perform a background check.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. Meeting the age requirement is necessary to be able to perform the TaskRabbit’s Tasks.
  • Be able to provide services in one of the locations of your chosen country: United States, United Kingdom or Canada.
  • You must provide a complete application form for a proper background check and verification on behalf of the TaskRabbit.

Note: All of your information is securely stored & maintained on the site. Furthermore, the information security process is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  • You must have a proper checking, transactional or deposit account for verified from a financial institution.

Note: Prepaid Debit Cards, Saving Accounts, Reloadable Bank Accounts will not be accepted by the TaskRabbit team.

  • You must possess a valid Credit Card. Once the link with your bank account is established, you’ll be charged a one-time $25 fee.
  • You must own a smartphone since you’ll be required to carry out all the dealings and transactions through the TaskRabbit app.

Note: If you’ve got an Android phone, it must have a version 4.3 or higher ones. Similarly, as an iPhone user, you must have iOS 9.0 or higher versions. TaskRabbit, however, does not provide services through any web-app so far!

How to Register to Work for TaskRabbit?

In order to become a Tasker that can work for TaskRabbit, you need to follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Download the TaskRabbit mobile app.

STEP 2: Sign up and create an account on the TaskRabbit app

STEP 3: Select your location

STEP 4: Select your skills

Select your field of expertise, decide a rate, and provide details on your level of experience. 

After submitting a sign-up application, the TaskRabbit team will review your account to decide if you can begin to work for TaskRabbit. It will take around 2 business days to receive the confirmation email.

You’ll be required to click on the Action Required: TaskRabbit Identity Verification and will be redirected to the partner site to confirm your identity. But before doing so, you must comply with either of these conditions:

  • As a Safari user, you must open the link with Safari.
  • As a Laptop/PC user, you must ensure that it is equipped with a webcam.

You’ll further be asked to take a Selfie as well as a photo of the Identity Card. Finally, you’ll receive the confirmation mail as the verification process is performed by the TaskRabbit team!


1. It is best that you start offering your freelance services at low prices and as you complete more gigs, gain more experience and more reviews you can re-adjust your pay rate accordingly. TaskRabbit will, in fact, point this out and notify you when it is a good time to increase your pay rate.

2. Make sure you put together a nice looking profile. What do we mean by that? Choose a nice, smiling profile picture to create a positive vibe with potential customers. Also, clearly list your skills and what you have experience with. Talk about why you enjoy the specific tasks you are willing to take up and why people should choose you.

TaskRabbit Jobs to Consider

As a Tasker that has begun to work for TaskRabbit, you’re open to a number of oopportunities in your relevant industry. It’s all about making a solid profile and completing the task to the best of your abilities. Below are discussed a number of current Task openings under different categories which awaits your services:

Pick Up and Delivery

This is one of the most in-demand tasks on the TaskRabbit. It includes delivering groceries, party or bakery items to a particular location. Also, this task can help you earn around $20 per hour and does require you to have a mode of transportation on your own. 

Note: This Task earnings do not include any reimbursements for gas or parking.

Run Errands

When you work for TaskRabbit as a Tasker, you’ll be picking up dry cleaning, picking up prescriptions, delivering packages to doorstep/offices or even your shopping. These Tasks start at around $35 per hour and you’ll get even extra earnings if you’ve got a reliable source of transportation.

Note: The earning for Tasks may vary on the basis of the city as well as the nature of the errand.

Disinfecting Services

During this COVID’19 pandemic, a number of people are in need of disinfecting services in order to keep themselves protected against the infection. As a Tasker, you’ll have to disinfect the homeplace or office space and will earn around $30 per hour. 

Virtual Assistant

Under this COVID’19 lockdown, a number of SMEs are in need of a virtual assistant to keep the process flowing smoothly. As a Tasker, you’ll have to virtually become a Personal Assistant to an organization or a person and will get around $18 per hour.

Drop off Donations

As a Tasker, you’ll be required to drop off donations to charity organizations. Moreover, when a TaskPoster hires a Tasker to drop off donations, TaskRabbit gives away a portion of its service fee to the donations as well.

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Help at parties and events

Parties can be fun but they are also a lot of work! Many people might seek out your help via TaskRabbit to organize a party, help during events, as a bartender, waiter or caterer, help with decorations and setting up the event/party space or cleaning up the mess of the party-people when the whole thing is over.

Cleaning gigs

Other TaskRabbit jobs you can take up are cleaning gigs, which are actually in high demand on the platform. We can imagine why: cleaning is a necessity of life but not a rather enjoyable one. So you could take up all kinds of cleaning tasks to bring offices, homes or business places in top notch condition and get well paid for it. And as cleaning is a recurring necessity, you might end up with regular clientele – awesome or what?

Pet sitting

We can all agree that pet sitting can be a dream job for animal lovers. Via TaskRabbit, you could get hired to walk dogs, home board pets or hang out at pet owners’ houses for a few hours, while they are busy doing something else and don’t want to leave their bestie alone. The best part with pet sitting gigs is that you can do other things at the same time: listen to an audiobook or your favorite podcast during a walk or do some other online task on your laptop while hanging around at the pet owner’s place, for example.

Moving gigs

Last but not least, we should definitely mention the moving gigs you can work for TaskRabbit as another form of income. You could get hired to help with a move, with heavy lifting, carrying stuff up and down stairs or rearranging stuff and furniture from room to room, for example. These tasks usually last longer than an hour and they pay more at the end of the day. What is more, they don’t require the use of your own car or van, so you save up on gas and other eventual vehicle expenses.

How Does TaskRabbit Pay?

TaskRabbit has been globally termed as the 4th top-most gig working platform when it comes to determining how much the gig workers earn monthly. The average Tasker is expected to earn around $110 per month, varying for each kind of job; handyman work, moving services, house cleaning, to name a few. As a Tasker, you can choose to work as a part-time worker or a full-time worker. As a full time-worker, TaskRabbit Taskers can earn up to $2000 per week. 

TaskRabbit works on the basis of taking a percentage of commission from the payment done by the Taskposter to the Tasker. The per-hour rate mentioned against each task is inclusive of the TaskRabbit’s service fee, which amounts to 15%. The business model had witnessed a few revamps earlier as well when in 2016 the service charge was increased to 30%. But, later on, it was reverted back to 15% in 2018. Moreover, TaskRabbit also charges the TaskPoster with 7.5% Trust & Support Fee. However, this support fee does not apply to you as a Tasker!

On the TaskRabbit Platform, a Tasker can choose to decide upon his/her own rate. Moreover, most of the Taskers prefer TaskRabbit due to the ability to choose a flexible schedule. Some of the facts about TaskRabbit earnings across different countries are as follows:

  • In the United States, as a Tasker, you can earn around $35 an hour; which is 5 times the federal minimum wage.
  • In the United Kingdom, as a Tasker, you can make around £34 an hour; which is 3 times the federal minimum wage.

Hints & Tips to Earn More with TaskRabbit

When you sign up to work for TaskRabbit and begin receiving job recommendations may seem like the hardest part is over. However, the real task is to keep on escalating your profile ranking and to earn more with the passage of time. Here is how as a Tasker you can earn more when you work for TaskRabbit:

  • Exhibit Flexibility – Be more than available to tasks that may require running last-minute errands. Exhibit flexibility and provide your services at the dire-most moments to become a successful TaskRabbit’s Tasker!
  • Invest in Skills – As you’ll keep learning more about TaskRabbit, you’ll realize that most of the elite taskers are highly skilled. Upskill yourself to the rising gig-demands and be a rising earner!
  • Own Versatility – Be open to opportunities and be versatile which allows you to easily adjust and take on more work. 
  • Back the Business – As you tend to grow up as a Tasker, the best decision will be to invest in your own portfolio. It’s all about finding the right moment to back your business and taking a big leap successfully!

Taskers Reviews

Here are some of the reviews of the Elite Taskers to help you realize why you should sign up to earn money and work for TaskRabbit:

  • Idan A. – David Cordova joined TaskRabbit in 2019 and provides his services as a Furniture Assembler. He makes around $21 per hour and he takes around 2-3 hours to assemble a single piece of furniture. He loves working as a Tasker because it gives him the flexibility he desires!

  • Shana Green – Shana Green started working on TaskRabbit back in 2017 when she was $108,000 in debt. She started working as a GrubHub driver to waive off her debt. As of now, she can make about $100 for just working 3 hours straight. She loves working as a Tasker on TaskRabbit as it gives her the financial freedom she has been looking for. 

TaskRabbit Alternatives & Competitors

Though TaskRabbit is an extensive and popular platform, there is always competition. There are hundreds of other platforms that provide the same or similar services to the masses. For your convenience, we have listed a few of the notable among these as below:

  • Thumbtack – Similar to TaskRabbit, Thumbtack is also an online platform and helps people in finding help around house chores, wellness, personal trainers, DJs, tutoring, photography and other small errands. Currently, it offers 1,100 different types of services!
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for those skilled workers who can employ human intelligence to the best. It has web-presence by the name of MTurk and enables the masses to outsource their tasks to skilled workers, which computers or robots still fail to fulfill!
  • Wonolo – Unlike the aforementioned online service providers, Wonolo works on the Business-to-Buisness model. Hence, it connects businesses together to find the best match instantly, on an hourly or daily basis. It is said to be quite flexible for the underemployed workers and by leveraging technology, it surely is the blue-collar savior!
  • DesignCrowd – It is a marketplace for those who excel in the domain of designing; be it a logo design, website layout or printable flyers. It mostly takes on board Graphic Designers, Web-Designers, UI/UX Experts and Design Studios as a whole. Currently, more than 8,00,000 designers are providing their valuable services on the DesignCrowd Platform!
  • AgentAnything – This platform targets the student community to get small errands done. However, this student task force is highly skilled and can get a small task done in no time!
  • AirTasker – If you live in Australia you should definitely check out  Australia’s most popular gig jobs platform.

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TaskRabbit is one of the platforms where doing small errands and odd jobs can help you get an extra bit of cash. It can also prove to be worthy of full-time jobs when you work for TaskRabbit. It’s all about determining your skillset, setting up a proper profile, showing perseverance and commitment, exhibiting versatility and opening up arms to any opportunity coming up your way. In the end, it’s about providing services and proving yourself a worthy Tasker!