Love it or hate it, technology shapes how we live and work. Our ancestors saw this unfold during and after the Industrial Revolution, and now we’ve got the first-hand experience of how the Internet, smartphones, apps, algorithms, and automatization (can) affect all aspects of our lives. Due to digitalization and its impact on work, it’s expected to see a growth in freelance, remote and part-time jobs, for example. Of course, these can easily overlap. Some of the best part-time jobs to make money are in fact done by freelancers working remotely. However, you don’t have to freelance full-time, but can work as little or as much as you need or want to increase your monthly income, boost your savings, put aside enough money for your retirement years, or practice a new skill. Consult our list of the best side jobs in 2021 and pick your favorite! Among them, you’ll find some that were considered the best part-time jobs already in 2019. And this must indicate something…

Best side gig jobs trending in 2022

best side jobs in 2020
Creativity usually pays, you just need to find the right clients—and the best side jobs in 2021.
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1. Online Freelancing

Without digitalization, we couldn’t talk about desktop publishing that has revolutionized content creation. And the emergence and rapid growth of online freelancing has been very much linked to this particular change. While not everyone works as a full-time freelancer and their motivation tends to differ, we cannot really predict a slowdown in the creation of freelance jobs throughout industries and sectors. Nearly 50% of Millennials, more than any other social group, are involved in freelancing. What is remarkable about freelance jobs is that anyone who has some affinity for technology and possesses some skills can find something suitable. You may have heard about kids as young as 7 building websites and such! Yet not everyone is destined to become a freelancer and some may opt for something else because of some of the challenges.

With platforms such as Fiverr,, Verblio, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Hubstaff Talent, Fotolia, Byrd, and even with Jop, Jobble, and Thumbtack, you can start making money off your talent. Graphic designers, illustrators, programmers, developers, writers, voice-over artists can really say that they do some of the best side jobs in 2021.

The pros of working as a freelancer

The cons of working as a freelancer

  • You may never know how much work you get in a month, therefore, financial planning is necessary.
  • In the case of huge competition, you may need to lower your prices. (You may need to bid on projects.)
  • You must take care of your taxes and pay for healthcare and other types of social services.

Work as a freelancer while residing in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, London, Liverpool, Leeds, and other cities in the world.

2. Scooter Charging Jobs

By the time you read this, your city may have passed a law that regulates e-scooters to protect pedestrians, cyclists, and the riders themselves. However, the end of an unregulated era doesn’t mean scooter chargers will run out of jobs soon. What’s more, new companies have appeared on the horizon to challenge the current industry leaders.

As a scooter charger with Bird or Lime, your job is to locate scooters that need to be charged, take them home, plug them in, and transport them back to their hub or nest in the morning. If you live in a city where e-scooters have only started to pop up on the streets, you should act soon. If you’re familiar with some hacks, scooter charging can become quite profitable. For some, it’s one of the best part-time jobs to make money. With Lime, you may sign up to work as a mechanic, whose main task is to repair and maintain the e-vehicles.

The pros of working as a scooter charger

  • You’ll get paid maybe on the same day or a few days after the delivery of scooters.
  • You can team up with your best friend to earn more.
  • If you live in the center of a mid-sized city, you don’t necessarily need a car to collect a couple of scooters daily.
  • You don’t have to work every day.

The cons of working as a scooter charger

  • If you live far away from the city center, you need a car or something similar to transport the scooters.
  • Every e-scooter has its price, so you can’t predict how much you’ll make.
  • In major cities, there might be a competition that can decrease your chances of collecting a dozen scooters every day.
  • Working hours are not so flexible: you’ll spot scooters late in the evening and deliver them early in the morning.

Charge electric scooters for money in Detroit, Lexington, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, and numerous other cities in the world.

3. Tasker Jobs

What do you do when a friend asks you to come over and help assemble a kitchen table bought at IKEA? You grab your essentials and go, right? Well, this could be your paid job in 2022. TaskRabbit, recently bought up by the Swedish furniture giant, could give you access to a wide range of simple tasks, such as furniture assembly, delivery, TV mounting, etc. If you’re a skilled electrician, plumber, painter, you could also sign up for TaskRabbit to supplement your income, or make a living as such. How much work can you expect? It depends on the type of job you are looking for and the size of the city you live in. Does TaskRabbit not operate in your city? Register on Networx or Thumbtack, list your services, and solve someone’s problem.

Considering the global climate demonstrations in 2019, we believe more people decide to live an eco-friendly life, meaning they will also have their broken items repaired more frequently.

The pros of working as a tasker

  • As a highly skilled handyman, you can set high rates.
  • You can build your own business.
  • You can do simple tasks without any experience.
  • Own schedule.

The cons of working as a tasker

  • The number of jobs is unpredictable.
  • In the case of on-demand handyman (or cleaner) job requests, you may waste time between jobs.
  • With Thumbtack and some other sites, you need to pay for leads.

Become a tasker in Sacramento, Portland, Austin, Bristol, Leeds, Belfast, and numerous other cities in the world.

4. Delivery Jobs

Delivery driver jobs are also on our list of the best side jobs in 2022. To say that an on-demand delivery service app is launched every week might not be considered as an exaggeration. Have you checked Google Play and/or the App Store lately? This probably won’t change in the next year. Therefore, getting a part-time delivery job does not sound such a bad idea. It does matter what company you sign up for, though. You can try food delivery with goPuff, DoorDash, Stuart, Peach, Uber Eats, Jolt, and Favor, or grocery shopping and delivery with Instacart and Shipt. Via Postmates, customers can order nearly everything. In case you want to avoid food but still deliver, take a look at AxleHire or Senpex. If you drive a lot long distance, working with Roadie could be a great source of extra income. You would take packages with you and deliver them during your journey.

The pros of working as a delivery driver

  • You can just log in to the app and start accepting jobs. (Not with every platform.)
  • You can choose your own vehicle. (Not with every platform.)
  • You can combine delivery jobs with driver jobs.
  • You can simply ride your bike and exercise, and never pay for gas. (Not with every platform.)
  • Even if you may work as an independent contractor, some platforms may offer you social benefits.

The cons of working as a delivery driver

  • Living in a smaller city, you may not receive so many requests.
  • In larger cities, the competition can be huge.
  • If you deliver by car, you need to think about the wear and tear of your vehicle.
  • Depending on the company, the pay rate might not be so high.

Deliver food and other goods in Fresno, New Orleans, Mesa, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, and loads of other cities in the world.

best side jobs in 2020
What do you think the best part-time jobs are to make extra money? Delivery driving perhaps?
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5. Driver Jobs

In 2021, you may hear more about ride-hailing (such as Lyft) and ride-sharing (in other words carpooling) companies as well. On a less busy day as a delivery driver, you may turn on a driver app and earn some money taking some passengers with you. Some of the platforms you may find in your city are Lyft, Uber, Fetii, Curb, Waze, Liftshare, Wheely, etc. To give another boost to your earnings when driving, you could place some ads on your vehicle received from Wrapify, Nickelytics, ADWAY, StickerRide, etc.

The pros of working as a driver

  • With ride-hailing platforms, it’s possible to make a lot of money within a short period of time.
  • Accepting as many ride requests as one wants.
  • Carpooling allows you to cover your gas expenses by having a companionship during the way to and from work.
  • These are jobs that usually pay fast.

The cons of working as a driver

  • When it comes to gig availability, there is a difference between small and large cities.
  • In major cities, competition lowers prices.
  • You have to consider the wear and tear of your vehicle.
  • Platforms may have a strict set of requirements one must meet to become a driver.

Drive for money in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., London, Manchester, Birmingham, and loads of other cities.

6. Rental Jobs

What may have been started with Airbnb and home rentals, it has become a trend in several areas. It’s worth mentioning that Airbnb hosts can earn over $500 per month, more than others registered on other marketplaces. So, today almost anyone owning a home, a storage unit, a parking spot, a car, a boat, a motorcycle, a surfboard, a party tent, and a great variety of other things can start earning passive income by renting them out. You, too. Earning extra cash by building a type of relationship with your neighbors and others also contribute to maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. It might not have left the stage of a trend yet, but buying less seems to have gained more popularity. Therefore, it’s not so surprising that renting has ended up amongst the best side jobs in 2022.

The pros of renting out your stuff

  • Easy money.
  • Possible to earn a regular income if there is high demand.
  • Participating in the green movement.
  • Making new friends.

The cons of renting out your stuff

  • The demand may vary from city to city.
  • Regulations may hinder you from renting out everything. (Like your entire home.)
  • Several platforms charge a service fee.
  • Private insurance might be required to cover the loss and damage of your stuff.

Rent out your stuff in Chicago, Charlotte, Memphis, Eugene, London, Brighton, Reading, Sheffield, Coventry, and loads of other cities.

7. Care Jobs

One of the fastest-growing sectors is related to care jobs nowadays, and it will continue to be the case because our society is aging—especially in the USA and Europe. This is what makes it one of the best side jobs in 2022. While the demand for skilled and trained caregivers is getting higher than ever, care jobs are often underpaid. With platforms such as, CareLinxand, people with relevant work experience (and qualifications) can set their own rates and work with as many clients as they can and want. A chronically ill elderly patient certainly requires more attention, so caretakers are likely to decide to focus on one person at a time.

The pros of working as a carer

  • If you want, you can look for live-in jobs and reduce your monthly expenses.
  • You can avoid overtime by scheduling your shifts as you wish.
  • Some platforms have developed apps that help caretakers in their everyday job.

The cons of working as a carer

  • The rates might be still low in certain areas.
  • It can be a demanding job—both mentally and physically.

Get paid for your hard work as a care provider in Phoenix, Charlotte, Detroit, Tacoma, Baton Rouge, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and many other cities.

8. Pet Sitter Jobs

You may have noticed by now that it’s no longer enough to just love animals to get a pet sitting job. While you may still be hired without tons of experience, pet parents have started to look for more qualified sitters. Getting insured and bonded as a pet sitter can increase anyone’s chances to get employed. Also, there are more resources available for sitters than ever, so you can benefit from taking online courses and learning about canine equipment, pet diets, diseases, breeds, etc. We’d add that pet sitting and house sitting are two of the best part-time jobs to make money in 2022. House sitters don’t pay rent and get paid to look after pets. Read about Rover,, Sittercity and other platforms here.

The pros of working as a pet sitter

  • Work will be fun with your preferred breeds.
  • Setting your own rates is possible.
  • Launching a pet sitter business can become lucrative.

The cons of working as a pet sitter

  • It’s getting harder and harder to get started as a beginner pet sitter.
  • Getting insured and bonded costs some money.
  • The availability of jobs varies in places.

Make money by looking after pets in Baltimore, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Leeds, Liverpool, and many other cities.

9. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you a well-organized person who would love to work remotely and work flexible hours? That’s good because welcoming remote members to on-site teams happens more often. As we’ve already touched upon this, research indicates the growth of remote and flexible jobs. As a virtual assistant with Fancy Hands, your tasks may include bookkeeping, database management, online research, managing calendars, admin work, booking flights and venues, etc.

The pros of working as a virtual assistant

The cons of working as a virtual assistant

Earn money as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home in Las Vegas, Tucson, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Phoenix, San Antonio, and many other cities.

best side jobs in 2020
Do you think virtual assistant jobs should qualify as one of the best side jobs in 2022?
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