Are you a stay-at-home mom who needs some inspiration on how to make money to help the household’s economy? Look no further! We have gathered here 6 stay-at-home mom YouTubers that can offer ideas, insiders’ information, tips and insights about how you can make money as a stay at home mom.

Use their valuable, first-hand input to find out what would suit you to work with and how you can make the most out of it to feel like you are contributing financially to your family!

How to make money as a stay at home mom?

1. Delivery jobs with The Soltrop Six

A mamma vlogger & blogger with two sets of twins – 10-year-old girls and 2-year-old boy-girl twins. On her channel, you will find all kinds of interesting content like, product reviews, gift ideas, unboxings and all about her life with two sets of twins (crazy, huh?). She also vlogs about working with Shipt, a company you can deliver groceries and make good money with.

A little info on Shipt:
You can use Shipt on your phone to accept grocery delivery requests, whenever you have the time to do so! You could even combine it with your own grocery shopping for your family. You can earn up to $22/hr or more and the basic requirement is that you own reliable transportation (the car year of 1997 or newer) and car insurance coverage, as well as a valid driver’s license. You should also have knowledge about hand-picking fresh produce, which, as a mom, we assume you are an expert at!

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2. Home rental and babysitting with Stormy Harris

Stormy is a stay at home mom and through her YouTube channel, you can learn what her everyday mom life is like, how to save money or how to make money with side hustles that will fit your busy mom schedule. Some of her suggestions include renting out a spare room with Airbnb or taking up babysitting jobs.

Airbnb is an excellent opportunity to earn a passive income. You can earn from $30 to $50 per night for a room and you have nothing to worry about, as Airbnb is a trustworthy platform that verifies all users and uses two-way reviews to build a reliable community. Moreover, you enjoy customer service 24/7 and a Host Guarantee!

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3. Writing with Story of five

Melanie is a busy wife and mama to three children who makes money by blogging. On her YouTube channel and blog, you will follow her family at their travels, you will get useful everyday tips, like how to declutter your space, and you will get tips about how you can make money as a stay at home mom by writing!

Writing: If you enjoy writing, there are plenty of ways to make money out of it: not only by blogging but also by copywriting, creating content for social media, ghostwriting or doing academic writing, always from the comfort of your home and at your own pace and schedule. You can find many platforms on AppJobs that offer opportunities for writers.

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4. Take pictures with Six Figure Mastermind

Marianne considers herself a mentor. Follow her channel if you are the creative type who would love to start making money with a photography business from home! She started her own 20 years ago and has a lot to share, not only for photography but also for other kinds of businesses.

Check out the photography platform Fotolia: Fotolia ia a platform where you can sell your photographs, videos, vectors, and illustrations. They will be published on both Fotolia & Adobe Stock Photo and you can earn royalties for years to come! Your work can be sold from $1 to $20 a piece and you could become an established artist!

5. Become a virtual assistant with Lauren Golden

Lauren is the founder of The Free Mama Movement. She helps moms prepare to leave their jobs to work from home on their own terms and live a totally awesome, guilt-free life! On her channel you can learn how to start a virtual assistant business, and get virtual assistant tips that will help you make money from home online!

Virtual assistance: You can, too, become a virtual assistant and help all kinds of businesses or individuals with your services. You could do data entry, customer service, social media posts or offer personal assistance, to name a few tasks.

6. Online selling and freelancing with MamaFurFur

Jennifer is a Scottish working mom of two young boys, a step-mama to 3 boys and an entrepreneur. Her channel is about budgeting, managing to do savings, achieving financial independency and many other similar subjects. She herself, has tried to make money as a stay at home mom in different ways and can give you some very useful insights! Some of her ideas include selling online via Etsy and doing freelance tasks via Fiverr.

About Etsy: If you are crafty and like to make handmade items, you can create your own shop online avoiding the big costs of a physical store and start selling your art online. You could sell soap, knits, jewelry, clothes, shoes, wallets, decorations, paintings, children’s toys and so many more to earn from $15 to $100 per item or more, depending on the object.

About Fiverr: Fiverr is the platform to join to offer freelance services for simple or more complex tasks. You could be a web developer, a designer, a web analyst, a writer, a journalist, a video editor or even an astrologer or relationship expert. You can earn from $5 for simple, easy services or much more for tasks that require more time and knowledge. It goes without saying that you can work in a flexible way that matches your mom busy reality.

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