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Easy jobs to make money with apps in South Africa It might sound too good to be true, but it really is possible to make money with apps in South Africa. Making some extra cash is a great way to supplement

There are many benefits of having a flexible cleaner or housekeeper job, but what about the earnings? Read our blog post in which we answer the question: How much do housekeepers make in 2019?

The global market for cleaning services is expected to garner an impressive amount of $74,299 million by 2022. Here is how to join this ever-growing wave of job offers!

There is actually more than meets the eye with cleaning jobs. Check these tips to maximize your earnings!

App-based jobs provide new opportunities for locals who seek work and on-demand employment.

Do you need some help to get smoothly started as a cleaner? Read our step-by-step guide and learn about the main steps that could lead you to a paid cleaning job in your city! Finding a cleaning job shouldn’t be