Parking is one of the most dysfunctional parts of our infrastructure, and a huge contributor to CO2 emissions in city centres worldwide. According to Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of JustPark, cars that circle for a space can be responsible for up to 30% of congestion, and generate a staggering 5,000 extra miles travelled per parking space per year.

Besides, parking also impacts the economy. The total time wasted when looking for that parking lot is startling – the British Parking Association estimating this at 4 days every year for the average driver. Overall, that’s millions of hours of lost productivity, an economic impact that cannot be underestimated.
So, it makes sense why parking space renting and car sharing are important step towards a more sustainable society.

Earn money renting out your parking space


If you own a parking spot, but you’re at work or on holiday, you can rent it out, earn some pocket money for your trip, and help a driver avoid the nuisance of driving around the neighbourhood and doing more harm to the environment. Not to mention that it is an amazing source of passive income to your bank account!

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Earn money with car sharing


On the same train of thought, whenever you go travel, you can choose to carpool and offer the empty seats in your car to other travellers going the same direction. Remember: the green movement is all about reducing CO2 emissions!

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