A new trend just arrived at our job board and also to the streets of countless cities worldwide. We’re talking about a trend emerging around public transportation and urban mobility, namely the more widespread use of electric scooters. Your eyes must have caught some people standing straight on these 2-wheeled cuties heading somewhere.

Well, guess what?!

You can make money out of them. Electric scooters are not only great and, dare we say, more fun alternative to bicycles, but also an AMAZING source of profit. Hundreds of people have already joined the green revolution as scooter chargers, it’s your turn now to learn about how to make money charging scooters. Can we count you in?

collecting scooters
Stop thinking about how to make money charging scooters. Just do it!
Courtesy of Bird.

What do scooter chargers do exactly?

The short answer is:

  1. Scooter Chargers use their smartphone to locate scooters with low battery.
  2. They pick them up, and then charge them overnight.
  3. They release the scooters on the streets in the morning so that people can ride them again.

The two main players in the e-scooter market are Lime and Bird. In Stockholm and Madrid, you can see lots of Voi scooters.

collecting scooters
Courtesy of Lime. Free as a bird, just with Lime!

All three companies provide you with the opportunity to get a scooter-charging app job if you live in a city where they operate. You can easily make money by signing up for both, downloading their app and use your smartphone. Then when ready to work, just turn on the app and a map will show you where to find low battery scooters and how much money you will be paid for charging them.

Get in your car or other vehicle and go to collect them. Bring them home or wherever you have enough space to charge them, and then plug them in. Let them fully charge for a couple of hours or more, depending on their battery level. When the scooters are ready, simply take them back to the streets and place them at designated locations. Always check the platforms’ official release time! And that’s it! The best part is that you get paid the same day you release the scooters.

Different scooters will pay you different amounts, but an average pay with Lime would be around $5 per scooter. Some scooters will pay as much $15, though, so keep an eye for them. With Bird, you can locate scooters the prices of which range from $5 to $20.

How to make money picking up scooters? Find out the various ways to collect scooters!

What you must know about electric scooters is that they weigh quite a lot. You can’t just carry them in your hands, unfortunately; unless you’re the strongest person on Earth with extremely long arms. Also, trials to capture and transport as many as possible can be dangerous, and the story may end with a disaster.

However, if you know how to stack them or place them on your chosen vehicle, it becomes fairly easy to fetch a large number of them, maximise your load capacity, and then take them home. So you can forget the question ‘how to make money charging scooters’. Whatever method you choose to collect the scooters, always think about safety. Wear a visibility reflective fluorescent vest, especially during the nights, wear gloves and carry a flashlight.

Let’s check out now 9 ways to collect e-scooters!
Don’t forget that you should choose the method that works for you best. For example, if you only have 10 scooter chargers or sockets at home, don’t pick up 50 scooters.

1. Cargo Bike

As an avid cyclist, you can replace your racing or trekking bike with a cargo one, which is pretty popular among parents. Why? Because by riding them, they can simply take their children to kindergarten, school, etc. How convenient! You can also transport a few e-scooters with it.

collecting scooters

2. Bike Rack

If your plan is to fetch only a few vehicles at once, you can secure a bike rack to your car. For those who don’t want to become a part-time/full-time scooter charger only grab a few when going home from work and release them while going to work, this is a perfect method.

3. Make Space in Your Car

Does your budget not allow you to buy a bike rack? No problem. Put the scooters inside your car. You should fold down or remove the seats to create more space in your vehicle.

4. Pickup Truck or SUV

If you own a pickup truck, you can either place a rack in the bed of the vehicle and place the scooters collected there. Without a rack, you must think of another way of making sure no accident will happen on your way home. Using straps is a great idea. Depending on how large the truck’s bed, you may place 30-60 scooters there. In the case of an SUV, lay down a few e-vehicles in the back of your car.

collecting scooters

5. Build Your Own Trailer

Are you crafty and do you have some free time? Build a utility trailer! In case you need some inspiration, look at the images below. If this is not enough, ask your friends who are more experienced in DIY.

collecting scooters

6. Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Don’t have the time, energy and skill to build something from scratch? It’s perfectly fine. For example, one of our AppJobbers swears by hand trucks. She uses bike ropes to fasten the folded scooters and can carry up to five scooters. It must be mentioned, though, that she lives close to a few drop-off stations. Therefore, we would recommend this method if your home is adjacent to some Lime Hubs and Bird Nests, and you want to maximize your efficiency and productivity with the help of a compact tool.

collecting scooters

7. Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon or Garden Wagon

Have you bought a folding outdoor utility wagon or garden wagon a long time ago but you hardly use it? It’s time to give it another chance: transport scooters in it. Then again, you should live close to hubs where vehicles must be picked up or dropped off. This method is most suitable for people living in central parts of a city.

collecting scooters

8. Tie Them Behind Your Bike

No wagon, utility trailer, or hand truck stored in your garage? Buy some bike ropes, rope three scooters, and then tie them to your bicycle. Stabilize them, so you won’t lose your balance while riding your bike.

9. Don’t Have a Car?

collecting scooters

Well, in this case, you may follow the strategy some rather fearless scooter chargers have chosen. Look at the pic! However, we don’t recommend this method because it might be dangerous. Safety should come first when spotting and collecting scooters in your city.

Start collecting Scooters & Money Today!


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