The ever-popular care industry is becoming increasingly diversified and tech-driven. By signing up to online platform and mobile apps such as Care Guide, for instance, you can choose working with pet sitting, babysitting, house sitting, cleaning, and elderly care jobs. Everything is done from your computer or mobile phone – from finding clients to negotiating earnings and payment method. It can’t be any easier, right!

Want to learn more about it? Here we go!

1. Pet sitting

If you think working with pets is the most rewarding way of earning money, you will be pleased: pet-sitting is one of the most popular ways to make money with Care Guide. Students and uncertified sitters can easily access dog walking or pet sitting jobs, while more experienced care workers can take on pet grooming, pet training, and even veterinarian services. If Care Guide is not available in your area, however, check for PetBacker or Rover in your city. You will instantly get connected with pet owners who need extra help in taking care of their pets. Simple job, easy money!

pet sitting jobs
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Check all the pet sitting jobs in Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Singapore, Johannesburg, and many other cities around the world.

2. Babysitting

Care Guide is great because it offers a wide range of jobs that never grow old. Pick babysitting, for instance, the flexible job that students and especially international students can always rely on for extra income. Online platforms and mobile apps like Sitter, Sittercity, and Yoopies will get you matched with families in need of your services, provide exposure to your client reviews, and connect you to active communities of babysitters in your working area.

Check all the babysitting jobs in Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Singapore, Johannesburg, and many other cities around the world.

3. House sitting

Did you know you could make money sitting… houses? Indeed, whenever owners go on vacation for a week or two, they need someone trustworthy to look after their homes. HouseSitter is a new platform that allows you to earn an extra income by becoming one of these trustworthy house sitters. You can choose to either move in someone’s house for a bit, or simply visit it a couple of days per week, so as to dust the furniture, let some air in, or water the plants. It’s aeasy relaxing job that can bring you the extra cash you need.

house sitting jobs

Check all the house sitting jobs in Los Angeles, Houson, Tampa, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco and many other cities around the world.

4. Cleaning and Housekeeping

Taking care of homes is just as important for Care Guide as taking care of pets. And whether we talk about a spring clean, deep cleaning, or general housekeeping, these jobs are simply timeless. Just as there will always be people too busy to take care of their homes and offices, there will always be a safe income for cleaning professionals. And there are dozens of platforms to choose from! Depending on the region you live in, other apps such as Helpling, Domestly, TidyApp, TidyMe, MerryMaids, and many others will help you find a quick job within the cleaning sector.

The joy of having a cleaning job is that you can sometimes easily pair it up with gardening, doing groceries, or helping people move. Sometimes, that is when working with Bizzby, Instacart or ServisHero. And you can even clean cars with Woshapp!

Check all cleaning jobs in Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Singapore, Johannesburg, and many other cities around the world.

5. Elderly Care

Feel like taking care of the elderly will fit you better? Demanding but rewarding at once, the elderly care sector is probably the most lucrative one in the care industry. Working with Care Guide or is quick and doesn’t require specific healthcare certifications. Still, even if not mandatory, taking a short healthcare course is definitely recommended. After all, depending on the clients you choose to work with, you will need to help them with routines related to their health. You might also assist them in everyday activities like housekeeping, groceries, cooking, and so on. So, keep in mind that you will need good references to get more clients and maximize your earnings!


Caring is only natural. So, if you feel the care industry is the right fit for you, there are so many rewarding opportunities for you to make money. Explore further companies and job offers in your city and start working now!