The reasons why people might need a part-time job vary. As usual, internal and external factors play a key role in the decision-making process in everyone’s life. Think about it! What would encourage you to sign up for another job and what are the best part-time jobs?

By simply examining your needs and talking to others, a few reasons can be seamlessly identified:

• Students would like to support themselves while studying full-time or part-time.
• Recent graduates searching for their dream jobs need some experience and easy money.
• Full-time employees would like to change their career path and/or need extra money.
• Retired people aim at supplementing their pensions and/or wish to remain in the labour market.
• Parents with small kids are planning their comeback or prefer to stay in the game while being at home nurturing their offspring.
• Currently unemployed people hope to re-integrate into the workforce faster and more effectively.
• Without a full-time position offered, recently relocated expats might intend to earn an income by taking up part-time gigs in their chosen countries first.
And this list could go on and on and on.

Find the best part-time jobs for you below:

best part-time jobs

1. House- & Pet Sitting

We know couples who have been traveling the world, mainly in Europe, in the past few months/years, and live in others’ homes as house-sitters. They belong to the growing group of digital nomads who can do their flexible part-time job anywhere on the planet. Of course, a strong Internet connection is an amenity in that case. Besides them, adventurous retired people and students could also be watering the plants and taking care of others’ mails in various places.

When doing house-sitting, you could undeniably maximize your earnings and forget about rental fees. Sometimes house-sitters even earn money when looking after pets in a sunny or cloudy corner of a continent. (Changing your accommodation in your city frequently might be an option, too.)

Pet-sitting jobs could provide you and many others with the possibility of creating a flexible schedule. Traditionally, this kind of part-time jobs is accessible to both less experienced and more skilled animal lovers. With Rover, a certificate earned sometimes can enhance your chances to find clients more quickly. Some even predict that the number of job seekers with an official paper will increase. No matter where you’re at in your private or professional life, taking on part-time pet-sitting jobs could pave the way to opening your own pet-care centre in the near future.

2. Online Freelancing

Do you dislike waking up early, going to the office and staring at the screen for minutes while waiting for the caffeine to kick in? We get you, so we’d also like to point out that freelancing could be beneficial to your brain and body. Browsing and then accepting easy gigs on TaskRabbit or selling your marketing services on TheONE could be your (profitable) thing that you could do whenever and wherever. You could make a great impression with a succinct but detailed profile (mentioning availability, rates, languages spoken, skills, previous experiences, etc.) – on any platform. Flexibility and freedom are guaranteed.

best part-time jobs

3. Scooter Charging

As our society is constantly warned about the consequences of climate change, companies promoting the use of electric scooters are here to take action. And someone has to collect and charge their relatively fast and convenient vehicles during the nights. Imagine, once we saw a guy carrying at least three scooters on his bike in Stockholm, Sweden!!! Our jaw actually dropped seeing his creativity and stamina. It’s certain that you have the same attitude as well. As a scooter charger, you don’t have to leave your full-time job or skip a class. You’ll take ownership of your schedule and earn extra money in an instant by plugging a few vehicles in.

4. Delivery

Some predictions have been also made regarding flexible delivery jobs. In the future, there will be an increase in ordering food via a tweet or with a virtual assistant, a smart TV or your eyes. Well, the latter might sound a bit odd, but technology has already given you so many strange gadgets, hasn’t it? By delivering food with Caviar in San Francisco or charging and delivering electric scooters in Paris, making quick and easy money following your own flexible schedule becomes a reality. The question is: Can you picture yourself working as a part-time delivery driver in your city?