If you are a mom, it has definitely crossed your mind that working from home would be the best solution for your family. You would be there for the kids, not feeling guilty about leaving them everyday to go to work, and still offering a valuable contribution to the household’s economy. Working from home comes indeed with perks, but that is not all to it. It is not the easiest thing to pull off, especially with kids that crave their mom’s full attention, but it is not impossible either.

Work at home jobs for moms

So, what can you do if you are a mom who wants to work from home? What are your options and where can you find them? If you visit AppJobs, you can find lots of interesting platforms that you can sign up with as a work from home mom, but let us give you an overlook.

work at home job for moms
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Depending on your skills, you could take up:

Upwork, Fiverr, Hubstaff Talent, PeoplePerHour,Freelancer and Thumbtack offer opportunities for all the above mentioned freelance jobs (apart from fashion styling). You either bid for tasks or get contacted by clients with specific projects. You get paid online and each platform offers tools that help you manage all of your work and communication with clients. With Fiverr you can also take up jobs,that don’t demand specialised knowledge or skills, like relationship advice or Tarot cards reading! Verblio is specifically for writing jobs, like blog writing or content creation and Codester specialises in coding and programming jobs. Stella & Dot. is the application to join if you are interested into fashion and want to become an online fashion stylist.

1. Online jobs for mums

Many stay at home moms try to find job solutions that they can do from home or are flexible enough to be combined with the demanding work of raising their kids. The kind of jobs to fit this description are usually online jobs, like writing with Verblio, language teaching with Lingoda, fashion styling with Stella & Dot and more.

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2. Business ideas for moms

As a stay at home mom and housewife you have developed skills that are essential for entrepreneurs and can help you build your own business. You could start your own home restaurant and cook for others with Meal Sharing, EatWith, for example

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3. Ideas for jobs for stay at home moms and dads

In the recent years, being a stay at home parent is becoming more common not only for moms but also for dads, thanks to a more established equality between the sexes. Check out opportunities and ideas on how you can take advantage of your time at home for both of you: What are the best job ideas for stay at home moms and dads?

Tips for working at home moms

1. Schedule your day and stick to your plan!
It is important to set a schedule for yourself and keep it! Try to start your day early, even though you have no office to go to and no boss to look down on you, if you are late for work. Good planning will help you make the most of every available moment and will maximize your efficiency. It is a good idea to also avoid temptations, like Facebook or other websites, chats etc. that may distract you from doing your work concentrated.

work at home job for moms
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2. Make a distinction between your mom and work roles.
Try to give each role your full concentration for a set amount of time during the day. It will help you if you set up a private office area at home and if you don’t work in your pyjamas, rather opt to put on actual clothes. Also, try not to ignore your kids when they want your attention. When you dedicate a set period of time to them, it is more likely you will win an hour or so of quietness afterwards.

3. Kids’ nap time can be the best time to work.
If your kids have regular nap times, you can prioritize to do calls or important tasks that need concentration during those hours. Without any distractions or “Mom, I am hungry” or “Mom, I am bored” lines coming your way, you will be surprised how much you can get done!

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, when you need it.
You may need some assistance everyday or occasionally. You could hire a babysitter for a few hours per day or for the times you have urgent deadlines or more complex tasks to deliver. You could also ask for help from friends, family and neighbors, or even swap playdates with other working parents! Your partner can also help greatly if he takes over when he finishes off work, so you can have some peace and quiet to finish your day’s tasks, when he comes back home.

work at home job for moms
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Need more inspiration?

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