If you own a pressure washer, enjoy cleaning things, and want to be a freelancer or start your own business, pressure washing could be an ideal option for you to consider. Pressure washing jobs are popular these days among people that want to be their own boss rather than working a regular nine to five job. And with plenty of success stories about people working in this industry, it’s no surprise that you might be giving it some thought. However, it’s important to know what you need to do to survive and thrive in this niche, especially as there is growing competition.

How to Bid on Pressure Washing Jobs

The first thing that you need to know is how to bid on pressure washing jobs. You can have your own website and social media for people to find and book you. However, most of the time you are going to get work from people who put out an ad requesting a pressure washing survey. Once you find an ad, you will bid on it, along with other people who also offer pressure washing.

While it might seem like the logical thing to do is to try and offer the cheapest price, this type of tactic to undercut your competitors can backfire. This is because if your prices are too low, it might put your potential clients off and make them think that you’re not going to do a quality job. Instead, offer reasonable bids that are slightly below the going market rate, especially if you are just starting out.

As you grow your reputation as a professional pressure washer, you will usually find that clients are happy to give you the work even if you cost more than others. After all, they can trust you to do a good job based on your reputation.

How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs

Pressure washing is a job that you will usually do freelance, self-employed, or as a gig worker. You can set up your own business offering professional pressure washing services and even take on employees to help you out and get more work done.

Most people head to the internet when they are looking for somebody to do pressure washing jobs for them. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have your own website, social media pages, and a Google My Business page. This will make it easier for prospective clients in your area to find you.

Make sure that your website is as informative as possible. Share photos of before and after your work, detail the services that you offer and what is included, and share any positive customer reviews that you get. Be sure to turn on reviews in Google, Facebook, and other sites. Often, reading good customer reviews can be what sways a potential client in your direction.

How to Price Pressure Washing Jobs

If you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to have a look online to see what other professional pressure washers are charging for their services. If you are new to the industry, then you will probably need to start out by offering a lower price to make up for your lack of experience and reputation. As you get better at pressure washing jobs and build a glowing reputation with your customers, you can bid higher and raise your prices.

How to price a pressure washing job will depend on a number of factors. Consider how long the job is going to take. You will probably charge a lot more for an entire day of pressure washing a driveway and a large garden compared to an hour pressure washing a small decking area.

The type of equipment that you are using might also impact the prices that you can charge. If you have expensive, top of the range pressure washing equipment then your customers are likely to be willing to pay more. A quality pressure washer is better than a basic pressure washer that they could purchase themselves from a local DIY store. You should also consider your transport costs. If you are offering pressure washing services outside of your local area then consider your gas expenses and add this to the bill.

How to Get Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs

Commercial pressure washing clients can be some of the most lucrative. Unlike residential clients who may book a professional pressure washer as a one-off when moving into a new home or preparing a property to sell, commercial clients are likely to be ongoing. It is important in most industries for a commercial building or land to be clean and tidy. Businesses often have ongoing partnerships with cleaning professionals, including pressure washing professionals in their area.

You can find commercial pressure washing jobs by searching online for ads posted. Another option is to pitch your services directly to clients. Hand out business cards or email local business owners letting them know about the services that you offer. Even if they don’t need a professional pressure washing service right now, they may know of somebody who does that they can recommend you to.

What Do You Need to Find Pressure Washing Jobs Hiring Near Me?

Most of the time, pressure washing is a service that companies need every few weeks or months. Therefore, they are unlikely to hire a full-time employee to do it. Some companies have cleaning employees who have pressure washing on their list of skills. However, most of the time they will work with a contracted pressure washing company or individual. This means that you are self-employed and will need to provide your own equipment.

Some companies may have equipment that you can use, but you should not expect this. You will need to buy or hire a jet washer or pressure washer at the very least. Bear in mind that you will want to use this for several clients and jobs, so avoid going for the cheapest option. Investing in a decent pressure washer at the start can help you save more money over time, as it’s less likely to break down and need replacing.

What Do You Need to Get Pressure Washing Jobs From Home?

Pressure washing as a freelance or self-employed job is one of the easiest to do from home. As long as you have an internet connection and somewhere to store your pressure washer safely, you can get started. If you use chemicals along with water for pressure washing, then make sure that you have somewhere secure to store these where they won’t pose a danger to kids or pets. These days you can easily run your pressure washing business from home if you have a computer and a phone.

It’s a good idea to consider setting up a home office space where you can manage your business. You can take bookings online via your website or ask prospective clients to call. You can also bid on ads for pressure washing that you find at online job boards.

Do I Need a Vehicle for Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs?

Since many pressure washers are quite lightweight and easy to carry, you might not need to have your own vehicle if you are only offering your services to people in your immediate area. However, in most cases, you will need a vehicle as a professional pressure washer.

A small van is a good choice. This will provide you with enough space to store your pressure washing equipment, rubber boots for while you are on the job, and any chemicals that you use for cleaning. You may also need to transport other tools for cleaning the site after pressure washing, such as long-handled brushes.

Do I Need Insurance to Offer Pressure Washing?

If you are offering pressure washing as a service to commercial or residential clients, then you will need general liability insurance at the very least. Operating without insurance can be very risky and many clients will want to see proof that you are insured before allowing you to pressure wash on their property.

Even if you know how to use it correctly, pressure washers can cause some damage if aimed at the wrong thing or too close to something. Accidents do happen.

General liability insurance will make sure that you are protected in the event of somebody getting hurt or property being damaged while you are carrying out a job. In addition to this, you should also get professional liability insurance. This will cover your legal costs if you are accused of doing something that causes a client to lose money.

You will also need commercial auto insurance on the vehicle you use to get to and from jobs. In addition, you should consider insuring your pressure washer and any other equipment that you use. This means you are financially covered if it breaks down or is stolen.

Pressure washing is fairly easy to learn. It is a service that is in high demand with both residential and commercial clients.