Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert is not usually relevant when it comes to how successful you are likely to be in a certain job. However, most of the time, people who are more naturally introverted tend to find themselves seeking out work that is more independent since they are less outgoing. The good news is that there are plenty of job opportunities out there that are well-suited to introverts, allowing them to use their independent skills with just the right amount of interaction with other people.

What are Introverts?

While it’s commonly believed that an introvert is somebody who is very shy and avoids social interactions as much as possible, this is really just a stereotype. Introverts do tend to be more reserved and quieter compared to extroverts, but they can still be very sociable and often have great interpersonal skills. Both introverts and extroverts can take on the same responsibilities successfully. However, introverts tend to prefer working in jobs that allow them to best use their strengths.

Great Jobs for Introverts – What to Look For

If you have an introverted personality type and are looking for a new job, there are a few things to look out for. Introverts should aim to find positions where they can work independently rather than as part of a large group. Most of the time, introverts will also do better when they work somewhere that allows them a quiet space to work in, and with open-minded people who have good listening skills.

Generally, introverts tend to do better in the workplace when they have the opportunity to focus on one task at a time rather than having to shift their attention to several different places at once. The good news is that there are many ideal jobs for introverted people out there.

The Best Jobs for Introverts That Pay Well

If you are looking for a new job and are an introvert, you might be wondering which jobs are suitable for introverts and also pay well. These jobs meet the criteria mentioned above. They tend to be more focused on working independently and have quieter work environments.

Many jobs that are good for introverts do not involve a lot of working with other people and even offer freelance opportunities where you can work from home and at your own pace.

  1. Behavioural Therapist

Behavioural therapists work with patients who are suffering from mental illnesses and disorders. They listen to their patients to find out more about their challenges and help them access the tools they need to change their behaviours.

  • Therapist

Introverts often make good therapists as they tend to have a lot of empathy and a good ability to listen to others, which is what working as a therapist is all about.

  • Actuary

An actuary is tasked with working with numbers and assessing risk for insurance companies. Most of the work is independent and done in front of a computer, making it a great, low-stress job option for introverted people.

  • Accounting Manager

An accounting manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of an accounting department. It is a good business role for introverts who want to stay away from the more social sides of the company like sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Auditor

An auditor is responsible for reviewing financial statements and records. They will often work for various clients to prepare tax statements and other documents. While it is generally a low-stress job choice for introverts, tax season can be a little busier.

  • Photographer

Working as a photographer is an ideal job for introverts who feel that they see the world differently to others, which is what working in this role is all about. Photographers often work alone or as a part of a small team which can be ideal for introverts. It’s a good job for creative people who can create lasting memories of weddings and other events.

  • Artist

Working as an artist is a good job for creative introverts. It usually involves working alone to create aesthetically pleasing art pieces for sale.

  • Filmmaker

Filmmakers often have a wide variety of tasks that they are responsible for in the creation of films. This role requires a creative person as filmmakers are in charge of the project’s vision and production.

  • Writer

Working as a writer is a fairly solitary job that often has just the right amount of social interaction for introverts. You can find work as a technical writer, which involves creating guides and manuals to help people understand programs and products better. Along with technical writing there are various other types of writing to consider including content writing, creative writing, and copywriting.

  1. Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer is an ideal choice for introverts as it often means working on designs alone and is a great option for freelancing or starting your own business. Graphic designers use a range of tools to create visuals for clients.

  1. Editor

If you have a good eye for spotting mistakes, working as an editor might be an ideal option for you. Most of the time, editors work alone to review text for spelling, grammar, and style mistakes before it is published.

  1. Landscape Designer

If you are introverted but enjoy working outdoors, a role as a landscape designer might be ideal for you. In this role you will use a combination of creativity and experience to develop plans to improve spaces like walkways, water fountains, or ponds.

  1. Translator

If you speak more than one language, you can use this skill to work as a translator, which is an ideal job role for introverts. Translators convert information from one language to another. They are needed to work in a wide variety of settings including assisting law enforcement and in court rooms, in schools, and for private clients.

  1. Librarian

Working as a librarian is often a dream job for introverts who love to read. In this role, you will help visitors find the books that they are looking for and make recommendations to people who are looking for certain materials.

  1. Archivist

An archivist is responsible for organising large amounts of information. They will often work alone without much social interaction at all. Projects tend to be very detailed and highly time consuming.

What Makes an Introvert Dissatisfied at Work?

Generally, introverts who aren’t happy at work tend to feel this way due to factors that cause them to feel frustrated and burned out. Many offices are set up in a way that is filled with lots of distractions and noise, which can get in the way of the introvert being successful at work. Working in an open plan office is one of the worst situations for many introverts, who prefer having their own quiet space to work.

Along with this, many companies tend to put a lot of emphasis on team-based work, which might not always work for everybody. While most introverts are happy to work with a team from time to time, they will usually prefer a job where they can get a balance between working with others and working alone.

What Are the Introvert’s Strengths at Work?

While many managers and team leaders unfortunately do not recognise the strengths that an introvert can bring to the table, there is no denying that introverts have lots of excellent qualities that they can offer in the workplace.

Introverts tend to be highly focused in the right work environment. They can usually be trusted to be productive in using their time at work wisely without the need for monitoring. Most people who have an introverted personality type will take the time to fully understand a work task before they rush into completing it. They are usually good at actually getting the job done rather than just talking about it.

Despite the stereotypes, introverts are not usually people who have no or little social skills. Even though they tend to prefer working alone compared to working with large groups of people, introverts often have great listening skills and tend to be highly empathetic. This makes them a valued part of the team and somebody who is able to get along with just about everybody, even if they are not always the most talkative.

Finding the Right Job as an Introvert

Picking the right job for you is important whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Just because you prefer to work alone or in a quieter environment, the good news is that this does not mean you need to choose from fewer opportunities. In fact, with the growth of remote positions these days, there are more options than ever before for introverts who would prefer to work from their own home and in their own space in a wide range of industries.

While introverts might not be as sociable as extroverts, they have many strengths to bring to the table at work, and there are many great job options available for them.