If you want to earn some extra money or find full-time self-employed work, delivering food is an option to consider. Food delivery drivers and riders are in high demand as more and more people decide to order food in on a regular basis. As a food delivery driver, you will usually be taking on jobs known as gigs. These will depend on the number of people who have ordered food in your area and the other drivers and riders you are in competition with.

If you have a car or bike, you will be able to get started as a food delivery driver with a range of companies including UberEATS, Doordash, and more.

What is the Best Food Delivery Company to Work For?

Finding the best food delivery company to work for will depend on several factors. Where you are located, for example, might play a part in helping you figure out the best food delivery company for you to sign up with. This is because some companies have a larger presence in some areas compared to others.

Along with this, you will also need to consider the popularity of certain food delivery companies in your area. Consider which one people tend to use the most for ordering food as this is where you are going to find the most jobs.

The Best Food Delivery App for Drivers

Food delivery jobs are usually found using an app with a simple and straightforward interface. UberEATS is one of the best food delivery apps for drivers currently since it can be integrated with various maps apps including Google Maps and Waze. This will help you make sure that you deliver food on time and to the right address.

Once you open the app as a delivery driver, you will see markers on the map that represent orders nearby. All you need to do is click on one to find out more information about it such as where the order is located and what food they want you to go and pick up for them. If you want to take an order that is available, all you need to do is select it and you can then go and collect the food to deliver it to the customer.

How to Find Food App Delivery Jobs

Finding food app delivery jobs is now easier than ever. Although you can go down the traditional route of applying for employed delivery jobs with restaurants and takeout services, the gig economy is a more popular option these days. This is because with food delivery apps, you can be in charge of where you want to work, which orders you want to fulfil, and how many orders you want to pick up. In comparison, if you get a job working for a restaurant as a delivery driver, you will usually need to work a set number of hours at set times. You will therefore not have this level of control.

What to Expect When You Work as Food Delivery Driver

There are a few things that you will need to get you started as a delivery driver. Once you have downloaded the food delivery app that you want to use, you will usually be asked to provide proof of several things. These include:

Vehicle: There might be some restrictions on the type of vehicle that you own and use to make food deliveries. Most of the time you can use a car, motorcycle, moped, or a bicycle to deliver food.

Driver’s License: You will usually need to provide proof of a valid driver’s license before you will be able to start choosing jobs and making food deliveries.

Insurance: Make sure that you are insured to make food deliveries before you get started. You will usually be required to provide proof of this to the delivery company. Bear in mind that this might be different compared to your regular auto insurance. You may need to get a separate insurance policy or an add-on to cover the transport and delivery of goods.

Reasons to Consider Food Driver Delivery Work

You have probably already heard of some of the best companies to work for as a self-employed delivery driver such as Doordash, UberEATS and Just-East. Perhaps you already have these apps on your smartphone and use them to order food for yourself. Since these food delivery apps are becoming more and more popular, they are becoming an ideal way to make money on the side or start a self-employed job where you have more flexibility.

If you want to find flexible work that allows you to choose where and when to work, becoming a food delivery driver might be a good option to consider. You can fit it around your current full-time job or do it full-time while being your own boss.

As long as you have a car, bike or other suitable vehicle and the right license and insurance, it is fairly easy to get started as a food delivery driver. Some of the main reasons to consider this type of work include:

Easy Way to Make a Side Income:

Working as a food delivery driver is one of the easiest ways to make a side income if you have a car or bike with the right insurance. All you need to do is open the app whenever you have some spare time and find deliveries in your area to pick up and deliver to customers. You will be paid per delivery, so the amount of money that you can earn depends on the amount of work that you do.

Interesting and Fun

Working as a food delivery driver can be interesting and fun. This is because you are going to be out on the roads while working as opposed to sitting at home on a computer. If you like driving and getting to know your local area, then you are going to enjoy this kind of work.

It’s Flexible

Another great reason why more and more people are deciding to work as a food delivery driver is the flexibility. With this kind of work, you can get to choose when you want to pick up orders for money. This makes it a great choice for people who prefer self-employment or for anybody who needs a flexible side hustle option.

Best Times to Make Money as a Food Delivery Driver

If you have decided to sign up with one or more of the most popular food delivery apps, then you may be wondering when the best time to make money is. Consider when you normally order food and try to log into the app and find orders to pick up during these times. While you can make money at any time of the day, some of the busiest times include lunch hours, evenings, Friday nights and weekends.

Along with logging in at optimum times, you can also increase your earnings by travelling. You are not restricted to one area with this job. Some drivers will travel out to busier cities and towns or close to universities and colleges where there is usually more work to be found.

How to Get Good Ratings

Most food delivery apps allow customers to rate their driver and leave a tip. You can improve your chances of getting tipped higher if you get good ratings for your work. The good news is that there are several simple things that you can do to get rated higher and earn more. These are:

Check the Order

When ordering food online, the last thing that anybody wants is for their order to be wrong. While customers might know that this is the fault of the restaurant rather than the driver, you can help avoid this. Checking orders before you leave a restaurant and take the food to the customer only takes a couple of seconds. But it can help you make sure that you are delivering everything on the order, leading to more satisfied customers.

Deliver On Time

Food delivery apps will provide an estimated time frame in which customers are likely to receive their orders. It is important to make sure that you deliver on time as nobody likes to wait too long for their food. Even better, try and deliver early wherever you can.

Keep Food Fresh

You will need to invest in a bag of some kind to keep your food fresh in while you are transporting it. Customers are not going to be happy if their food is cold and stale when they receive it.

Show Good Customer Service

You’re more likely to get a good rating and even a tip if you demonstrate good customer service while making deliveries. Even if you are in a rush to get to your next order, a smile and wishing the customer a nice day can make all the difference.

Food delivery driving can be an ideal way to make a self-employed income or money on the side. As long as you have a car or bike to use, you can get started with various popular food delivery apps.